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I am new to this game (I love it, btw), and I feel stuck. I am a level 56 with Luke Skywalker (farmboy), Admiral Ackbar, Obi-Wan Kenobi (old ben), Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, and Lando Calrissian, all 5*. I didn't get any of the phoenix group when I first started. I have Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, and Darth Vader at 4*. I decided to farm based on some of my favorite characters instead of using some strategy. Any advice from anyone? Or maybe I am right where I should be? I am trying to unlock Emperor Palpatine, but I am struggling. I want to start unlocking characters in the solo journeys! Any advice will help!


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    I think I used Phoenix to unlock Emperor Palpatine. However, these are not strong characters later on so if you use these check a video to see min requirement needed and save your resources. Levelling up some prequel rebels as you are is good progress, maybe these could be used to unlock palpatine instead.

    Also, check out journey guide for Commander Luke Skywalker, Farm Boy Luke, Leia, Old Ben, ST Han and R2 rebels will help unlock CLS. His rebel squad is very useful even later in the game and is reasonable to get early on, slowest to get will be Han from the raid. He also leads to Jedi Knight Luke.

    In the long term the characters you seem to enjoy collecting can lead down longer routes to good Galactic legends, SEE more empire dark side or JML more rebel light side. This game has some long paths so it is never too early to decide which path you will lean towards and build your early projects around those requirements.
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    This is an almost identical topic:

    The problem is Luke Skywalker (farmboy), Admiral Ackbar, Obi-Wan Kenobi (old ben), Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, and Lando Calrissian is a pretty bad team. It would never have been great, but now it's very very old and falling farther and farther down the pecking order.

    For example you could have these characters at high relics and 140,000 and they probably wouldn't beat a g10 80,000 geonosian or bad batch team.

    However, there's no harm done. All 6 of these characters you need for something or other. Potentially all apart from farm boy can be end game characters too.

    As for your Sith. Again you'll need all 3 of those at some point. Sidious is pretty trash though. Vader is by far your best character, but it's not straight forward to get him to 7 stars. For most characters in this game getting them to 7 stars is a necessity. There aren't many characters that are super viable below 7 stars.

    6 months ago, I'm not sure I would have even bothered with Palpatine. He like a lot of the original trilogy was aging badly. However, a new character Mara Jade has made him extremely viable again. (Oh and she is a character that's very viable below 7 stars!) I guess for a new player he makes a good team leader..........but without Mara he's a poor legendary.

    I guess it depends on how you want to continue. Do you want to continue to collect the movie characters you love, or become a tough player. Once you reach level 85 you'll enter Grand Arena Championship and become a gold fish entering the Ocean. Can you want to grow teeth or not?

    So there are a lot of positives and negatives for farming Phoenix.


    You can unlock Palpatine and Thrawn
    A very good early game team
    Really helpful in galatic war


    The team has a very low ceiling
    You'll probably stop using it once you reach 2...3....4 million
    You don't really want to be gearing up the characters past getting Thrawn and Palpatine.

    Another thing to consider is how viable and necessary are Palpatine (and Thrawn if you go the Phoenix route). Sure you have to get them both eventually, but there are a lot of newer very very powerful non-legendary teams out there. You probably should work on legendaries though. As pointed out Commander Luke Skywalker is one of the best and not too difficult to get.
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    aussie24 wrote: »
    I decided to farm based on some of my favorite characters instead of using some strategy. Any advice from anyone?

    That's the way to play! I wouldn't worry about any specific advice too much pre-level 85. It sounds like you love the original trilogy, so I would level up your rebel characters until you can unlock Emperor Palpatine. Get him and a few other Empire characters going to unlock R2-D2, then use R2 and your other rebels to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker (aka "CLS"). CLS, Han Solo (you'll get him through the rancor raid eventually), Chewbacca (you'll need bounty hunters to unlock him), C-3PO (you'll need ewoks) and "Threepio & Chewie" (funny enough different than the last two characters i mentioned) are an INCREDIBLE team that will be useful forever, so unlocking that team should be your first long-term goal.

    All of that being said, this game is as much about long term resource management as it is about strategy in battle. Patience and focus are keys to success, so make sure you keep that mindset. People who don't stay focused on long term goals and jump all over the place, trying to do different things all the time, aren't very successful in this game. If you find long-term resource management and long-term payoffs rewarding, you'll go far. To give a good example, I wouldn't even think about leveling up, gearing up, or applying ability materials to characters that don't go towards your current goal. Working on Emperor Palpatine? ONLY spend resources on the characters you need to unlock him. Let the rest of your resources save up until you start on your next goal, then ONLY spend your resources on that new goal. Trying to keep EVERY character you own leveled up and geared up equally will end with you having no adequate characters and you being sad and frustrated.
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    I wonder how much quicker it is to get the optimum CLS team up and running, over going straight for a GL?

    I really don't know what time differences are, but my hunch is there's not much in it.
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