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I am a fairly new player. It is fun and I am managing fine so far, but I feel like I am struggling to find synergy between characters on my team. In the arena I am sometimes defeated by lower level characters whose abilities are better combined.

So, both for light, dark and mixed, are there any characters I should start investing in? Characters I should try going for next?

Thanks for the help in advance.


  • You're absolutely asking at the right time.

    A week earlier wouldn't have been amiss, but this is still great.

    The first thing to know is that right now the stakes are still LOW. Losing in Arena right now costs you very little. You should totally be willing to suffer through some losses now while you execute a long term plan to get ahead.

    The first thing on the to-do list and the second-most important thing overall is you should plan now to jump on Fleet Arena the moment it opens. Fleet Arena is going to be your big source of crystals for a while, and crystals allow you to refresh energy so you can farm more characters faster.

    The most important thing overall is to remember that it's a game, and you should have fun. Many people here are absolutely fantastic folks with deep knowledge of the game. We can give you great advice (even if sometimes we disagree) about how to quickly grow the power of your account.

    What we can't do is tell you what is going to be most fun for you. You have to figure out why you play, what makes you happy, and remember that even when someone's giving you solid advice, when you have a choice between doing what is fun and doing something that feels like work, ALWAYS choose the fun.

    If you make SWGOH into work you'll hate it and quit, and you'll never reach the end goal of that efficient path to power anyway.

    Got all that? Okay. Let's talk a fleet plan in the next comment.

  • Now these are in order of priority but ONLY a tentative order of priority. There's a lot that can be switched around, but the point here is to make a plan and stick to it. Know which ships are more valuable to you and why.

    IN the priority chart, you'll be doing 3-4 ships per day with regular energy. Do NOT refresh nodes for LS battles, DS battles, or Fleet battles. Rushing a unit is for people who don't plan ahead and/or endgame players. You don't want to be the first and it's going to take some time to get you to the endgame.

    Right now and for the foreseeable future, your extra crystals are going into energy refreshes, not purchasing shards, blueprints, or gear. Again, that's for rushing things, and is only for endgame players and those who don't plan ahead.

    On days when you have extra energy, you can do more nodes, not an extra 5 attempts at the same node, okay?

    Now many of these units aren't available to you yet. That's fine. Just work down the list of the ones that are available to you, and when you hit a new level and gain access to a new unit's node, go ahead and do that one instead of another one IF that unit is listed higher in priority.

    For instance, you'll probably be done with Ghost and Hera by the time you hit level 74, but you might still be working on the Umbaran Straighter or on IG-2000. Hound's Tooth and Xanadu's Blood will both be higher priority as soon as you have access, so when you hit level 74 you'll be doing them. And if IG-2000 drops to 4th or 5th place for a while, that's okay. Remember you'll be doing about 3-4 ships a day with regular energy. I think you should do 4, but this is your game and you have to make your own decisions on this. I also recommend one energy refresh per day on Cantina energy. I do not recommend refreshing Fleet Energy at first, though later this is a possibility.

    Anyway, he's a suggested priority list. You can switch things up if you want, or we can talk about what factions you like best and I can help you switch it up.

    You'll need to make a separate priority list for Characters, though obviously they sometimes overlap (like with Ghost and Hera on LS 2-F). You'll be using regular energy for several characters each day as well. (You will have enough to do 3-4 characters on top of your 3-4 ships.)

    What to farm with Regular Energy:
    LS 8-D (Hard) Provides: Hound's Tooth and Jango Fett --- Requires Level 74
    LS 2-F (Hard) Provides: Ghost and Hera
    LS 4-D (Hard) Provides: Vulture Droid and Iden Versio
    DS 5-A (Hard) Provides: TIE Bomber and Kuill --- Requires Level 49
    DS 5-D (Hard) Provides: Rey's Falcon and Scavenger Rey --- Requires Level 49
    LS 8-B (Hard) Provides: Xanadu's Blood and Droideka --- Requires Level 74
    DS 9-D (Hard) Provides: Phantom II --- Requires Level 85
    DS 8-B (Hard) Provides: Hyena Bomber and Jedi Consular's Starfighter --- Requires Level 76
    DS 2-D (Hard) Provides: Umbaran Starfighter and CT-5555 "Fives"
    LS 6-C (Hard) Provides: IG-2000 and Eighth Brother --- Requires Level 54
    LS 7-C (Hard) Provides: BTL-B Y-Wing and Wrecker --- Requires Level 63
    DS 7-D (Hard) Provides: Emperor's Shuttle --- Requires Level 67
    LS 9-B (Hard) Provides: TIE Reaper and ShoreTrooper --- Requires Level 82
    LS 9-A (Hard) Provides: Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle and Sion --- Requires Level 82

    What to farm with Cantina Energy
    3-F Provides: TIE Silencer and Kylo Ren Unmasked
    7-F Provides: Plo Koon and Nightsister Spirit --- Requires Level 77

    What to farm with Fleet Energy:
    2-B Provides: Slave 1 --- Requires Level 65
    1-B Provides: Anakin's Starfighter --- Requires Level 60
    1-A Provides: Clone Sergeant's ARC-170 --- Requires Level 60
    3-C Provides: Outrider --- Requires Level 72
    4-C Provides: Rebel Y-wing --- Requires Level 78
    3-B Provides: TIE Defender --- Requires Level 72
    3-D Provides: Scimitar --- Requires Level 72
    2-E Provides: Raven's Claw --- Requires Level 65
    3-A Provides: Poe's X-wing --- Requires Level 72
    2-D Provides: MG-100 StarFortress --- Requires Level 65
    4-E Provides: TIE Echelon --- Requires Level 78
    3-E Provides: Sith Fighter --- Requires Level 72
    1-D Provides: Lando's Millennium Falcom and Young Lando --- Requires Level 60

  • @MasterSeedy

    Wow, this is incredibly extensive. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, this is super helpful and will help me get going for a while.

    I will find a way to enjoy the game for sure! Usually I enjoy my games by putting at least one of my favorite characters on my teams, and I at least plan on using Boba for now.

    Do you have any advice for the composition itself? Like any specific combos that are good to go forward with for now?
  • There are several that can work for you at lower levels. Again, your focus shouldn't be on winning Squad Arena right now -- the rewards are very low compared to Fleet Arena and even compared to Galactic War. So you'll want to get yourself set up well for those.

    Making sure you get a jump on everyone else with respect to ships is part of that, but you'll need pilots and toons for GW. Your best GW options early are going to be Phoenix, Jedi, Nightsisters, and Imperial Troopers under a Tarkin lead. These three groups have high healing potential and you'll want all of them eventually, but you're best off picking one and sticking with it until all the toons are at least 5 stars, maybe 6. (All the early toons have passive sources of income, so you can take them to 6 stars and let them slowly finish themselves from Bronziums, etc.) You won't be able to take anyone to g12 until you're level 85, which means you don't need anyone to be 7* until you're level 85.

    Likewise, you'll also want a Bounty Hunter squad. There are many resource events that are limited to scoundrels (all BH are also Scoundrels) or just to BH. You'll need a squad to tackle those events.

    This is a lot of toons! Fortunately some will overlap, but there's so much to do that there's plenty of room to schedule it to make it best for you. There are lots of good (or at least useful) toons that you could go for first.

    So what sounds like fun to you? Skipping straight to Bounty Hunters? Working on your Jedi/Phoenix core (Old Ben + Ezra & Kanan)? Something else? Rebels aren't the best early squad, but as I said, you gotta keep the fun, so if you want you could go straight for the original trilogy heroes like Princess Leia, Biggs, Wedge, Lando, Farmboy Luke, etc.

    What would you like? I can help make up the priority list depending on what seems most fun.

    If it all seems fun, I would do Jedi/Phoenix + Pilots.

    Whatever you do, you have to start Darth Vader as soon as you get ships because he's a long farm.
  • Some good advice there from MasterSeeedy, but to answer your synergy question.


    You can see the green symbol to indicate that someone has a leader ability


    And here you can see if the character benefits from the leadership ability. In this case, jedi and clones gain all benefits from JKA lead (full circle on green symbol) and other light side allies gain half of the benefits (half circle on green symbol)
  • Oooh, awesome tip, @ScoundrelRui . I totally spaced on that.
  • @MasterSeedy

    Sorry for the belated reply. I have worked on several of the recommended nodes so far.

    Jedi/Phoenix sounds excellent. My interest lies more with the Jedi characters but if I can work on both I will be content. Definitely would like to get to Bounty Hunters sometime too, but if prioritizing them puts me at a disadvantage I am happy to focus on other categories. Same for Imp. Troopers under Tarkin lead.

    Also, with pilots I am guessing you meant the nodes you recommended in your earlier post?

    Once again, thank you for the help. A priority list would be greatly appreciated :}

    And also thank you to @ScoundrelRui for the clarification!
  • You'll want to use Veers lead for Imperial Troopers, with Piett, Starck, Gideon and Dark Trooper. Veers, Piett and Starck are requirements for Sith Eternal Emperor.
  • @ScoundrelRui
    I was thinking that at low levels Tarkin lead is better. But it's actually a bit iffy. It depends on whether you have a full squad of IT ready to go, and the OP does not. Veers lead becomes superior at level 80 when you can apply the Omega and/or when they have a full 5 troopers. OP is only in the mid-40s right now and doesn't have a full squad. I expect them to be only using 3 troopers + TFP for a bit, then 4 troopers, then later they'll have the full squad.

    The question really is how soon can they get 5 trooper levelled without hurting progress of their fleet commander and TFP.
  • Jedi/Phoenix sounds excellent. My interest lies more with the Jedi characters but if I can work on both I will be content.

    I list them together because you need both and you can make good progress on both at the same time by going for Old Ben, Ezra, and Kanan. 2 of those are Rebels, Phoenix AND Jedi, and the first is Rebel and Jedi. This is very efficient since you'll need 5 rebels to get Emperor Palpatine (who is your next Empire/DS leader) and 5 Jedi to get Grand Master Yoda, and those 3 toons count for both.

    You already have Ahsoka as a 4th Jedi, and you need Bastila Shan as a Jedi leader, so that gives you your 5.

    Meanwhile, you'll have 2xPhoenix and Hera you're going to get whether you want her or not b/c she's an additional toon on one of your ship farm nodes. You'll need 2 more Phoenix eventually to get Thrown, but we can map that out later. Chopper is easy to get. I forget who is your easiest 5th, but I think it's Zeb.

    In this way you're making good (but not perfect) progress on 3 quests at a time, rather than making perfect progress on only one quest.

    Okay, with a goal squad now I can start formulating a farming plan for you.
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    If you like bounty hunters, you could throw Greef Karga on a squad and it would be pretty good for GW. He has a good heal for bounty hunters. Maybe try a Boba lead, greef, IG-88, cad bane, and mando to start off. i believe they are all farmable on low level nodes. eventually you will def want bossk. also you could switch on a of the names characters for dengar if that suits you well. Boba, IG, and Cad all have ships that will help you eventually get millennium falcon and Executor. Mando can eventually lead you to the unlock of beskar armor mando (BAM) which will lead you to the razor crest, one of the best in the game.

    Also, on another note, when it comes to buffs and debuffs (idk how often your characters are applying them) they are very important. At least for me, when i was a younger player I would only worry about damaging and healing. Don’t lock in too much on those. they are important, but putting buffs on your team can give you the edge. again, putting debuffs on the enemy team will weaken them, whether it lowers their offense, defense, or even just makes them unable to hit an attack (blind). There are more buffs/debuffs than i mentioned just so you know. Also, if any debuffs are applied on your team, try to use an ability that dispels them. Good luck and as Master Seedy said, Have Fun!
  • @MasterSeedy

    Great! I have loosely set my sights on those you mentioned as well as leveling up my main characters' armor classes.

    Was just wondering, is Cantina node 4B worth grinding on? I saw there is a TIE fighter ship there as well.

    Also managed to get DV who I set out to get when I started playing, so if I can work on optimizing alongside the things I'm already doing I'd say I am having plenty of fun :}


    Ohh great! I will look into those. I was thinking about going for Mando earlier since I also like his character a lot. And thanks for the tip!
  • >> is Cantina node 4B worth grinding on?

    Until TIE Fighter Pilot hits 5 stars, probably yes. But you get a lot of free shards of TFP from various sources. The difference between 5 stars and 7stars isn't that much at your levels. Obviously at level 85 7 stars lets you to continue gearing up to g12, but below level 75 5 stars is fine, and below level 85 six stars is fine.

    So with toons that get lots of free shards from GW and Bronziums and such (toons like SnowTrooper, for instance, who is good in an Imperial Trooper squad) you probably shouldn't farm them past 5*. The rest of the shards will happen on their own while you focus on things that are harder to get.
  • @MasterSeedy

    Sorry to bother again. I’ve been grinding out the recommended slots for a while now and I have a lot more shards. Question is, I only have about 1.5M in currency right now. Is it worth leveling/promoting all the phoenix characters right now? Or should I wait?
  • Honestly, Ahnald has a great video on what to farm and why:
  • @MasterSeedy

    Sorry to bother again. I’ve been grinding out the recommended slots for a while now and I have a lot more shards. Question is, I only have about 1.5M in currency right now. Is it worth leveling/promoting all the phoenix characters right now? Or should I wait?


    Phoenix isn't the best team long term, but pre-80 its so useful for G-War & for early Rebel Fleet.
    The good news is, Phoenix can all stay around G8 for their events except for Ezra & Hera that can be higher geared (Ezra is best character & good early Jedi while Hera is needed some day for Profundity at Relic-5 so no gear is wasted on her)

    The big thing is don't be "leveling" more than 10 toons at your level.

    Get 5 good DS into a team & 5 good LS into a team.
    Then keep those 10 up to top levels.
    The rest of the roster you won't be able to support as your in the middle of the early "Credit Crunch"
    Eventually you'll expand that 10 into about 20, but really, 20 is the most you should need pre-L85 when you really start to push into many different teams.

    Early LS teams are likely Phoenix & Jedi.
    Early DS teams are likely Empire & Bounty Hunters &/or First Order.

    I'd like to amend Seedy's Cantina list to focus on the most important nodes.

    Cantina Battles:
    2-B Ezra Bridger
    3-F Kylo Ren (Unmasked) & TIE Silencer

    1-A Geonosian Soldier
    4-D Geonosian Spy

    1-C Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
    4-B TIE Fighter Pilot

    These 6 in this order are probably the best 6 nodes to focus on for Cantina.

    Ezra opens up Thrawn, Palpatine, & GM-Yoda.
    KRU + Silencer is a great tank & is a Pilot & Ship all in one.
    Soldier/Spy are pilots for 2 of the better early DS Fleet Ships.
    ObiWan opens up Palp, GM-Yoda, & CLS
    TIE Fighter is an Ok early DS Ship & is a Req long term for Executor.

    Till those 6 nodes are all 7*, I would not move onto any other nodes in Cantina.
  • Schwartz is giving you good advice. You should def listen!
  • Schwartz is giving you good advice. You should def listen!

    for sure. may the schwartz be with you
  • Your toons are looking great, even since you started this thread they are much better.

    My ally code is 557-725-742.

    Gosh u know u play too much when u have your ally code memorized.
  • So I gave Cantina Battles Nodes priorities, but, I thought I'd add a couple other things to focus on by location


    #1 - G-War Store

    Pre-Level 60 & Fleet Slots opening up its all about ZEB ZEB ZEB
    Get him to 7* as fast as possible.
    He's the last Phoenix you start farming, but the first one to reach 7*.

    Outside of Zeb your next 3 goals are the 3 Geo-Starfighters that will show up in the 3 fleet slots at Level 60.

    Zeb & 3 Geo Starfighters.



    #2 - Cantina Store

    A - Chopper
    B - Boba Fett
    C - Ahsoka Tano
    Get these 3 to 7* before you move on.

    D - Qui-Gon
    E - First Order Officer
    F - Old Daka

    These 6 will keep you busy for a while & set you up for several early teams.


    #3 - Guild Tokens Store

    Characters in this store that can be farmed elsewhere, should be farmed elsewhere.
    Bank your tokens for when you see rare spawn characters you need & the occasional gear purchase.

    Priority Characters Order...

    A - Dengar
    B - Logray
    C - Jyn Erso
    D - Col. Stark
  • @Schwartzring

    Super sick, thanks so much for the guide. It’s super helpful. Admittedly got Maul in the guild store first because I wanted him on my shelf like a collectible lol, but now I got actual things to work towards. Anything in the arena store I should focus on?
  • i believe kannan is there so that would be good. then maybe savage if you want to eventually get his omi, but i’m not sure of others.
  • Doh, I actually forgot that store above, my bad, I was tired.

    Yep, #1 is Kanan

    #2 is Tarkin (He should be your first Cap Ship that you invest in.
    Do the events for the 2 LS Cap Ships if you can but don't level them or invest ability mats till Tarkin is maxed out.

    Lets see, after that some good choices.

    #3 - Princess Leia for CLS.
    #4 - IG88 for Mil Falcon Event, Chewie Event, & eventually Executor Event.

    #5 Admiral Ackbar for 2nd Fleet.

    After those, there are several you'll want but it will depend on you for the order, based on what teams you want first, etc etc.

    Mace for GMY if you need a Jedi, also 3rd Cap ship, finally GL-Kenobi
    Greedo is a REQ for Jabba
    Asajj for Nightsisters
    Savage Opress for his Omicron in GAC.
    HK47 for D.Revan
    Sidious for GL-SEE
    Nute for GL-LordVader.
    Cassian for Profundity

    Stuff that you have 0 use for...
    Ugnaught, CUP, EethKoth
  • wait u don’t use cup on your slkr team? was i doing something wrong? i thought i was getting 2 gls for the price of one!
  • @Schwartzring Thanks again, these are very helpful. Question tho. How crucial is it to max out Tarkin first? I was under the impression I should invest in Ackbar so that’s who I’ve spent my resources on so far.
  • Schwartzring
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    The Executor Executrix Event is what Opens up Zetas Materials
    It is FAR more important than either of the LS Cap Ships.

    Even more critical than the Cap Ship however is the Fighters.
    You need 7? DS Fighters w/ near max abilities to push through that event ASAP.

    If you don't have the Mats to max Exec abilities you'll survive, but the important part is the Stars & passing the levels.

    Rebels is a solid fleet but you need Falcon to really make them shine. So don't push it early.
    Your first fleet should be DarkSide under Tarkin to open up Zetas & qualify for the Falcon event.

    Focus on DS Fighters over all LS Fighters or even the Cap Ships.
    The Fighters need to stay alive to finish the events.
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  • I believe they mean executrix, not executor. you don’t have to wait that long
  • Other than that, though, Schwarts has been the hero of this thread.
  • Rest assured you’re all heroes of this thread. Helped me on my way significantly! Got me feeling like a Padawan :p I really grew to love this game with your guidance
  • I believe they mean executrix, not executor. you don’t have to wait that long
    Correct, my bad, fixed above.

    And that is the 2nd reason why Executor was a bad idea for the game.

    1. SSD in charge of BH ??? whhhaatt???
    2. Confusion w/ similar named ship. Who thought this was a good idea?

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