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  • I also really like my guild in terms of supportiveness and I’m not sure if I’d like to leave. Part of the what makes the game fun for me thing.

    Then stay with your guild. It only takes one player getting SLKR or JMK before they can solo the raid and everyone else can get the extra currency. A good, supportive guild that increases your fun is worth a lot.
  • 9na1yiur10mi.jpeg

    With Master Seedy recommendation, I tried Palpatine with some other left over Rebels.
    I was able to unlock him 7 Star.

    It is a huge success!
    I am very happy I got the win

    However, I have to admit, it was ugly win. lol
    The Palpatine unlock was a lot harder vs. Yoda.
    It took me 6 tries to win and I won with only 1 star.

    I wasn’t planning to try it multiple times, but it was very weird.
    The battles were close enough for me to win and keeping me with hope.

    1st battle - I killed both Guards, but I didn’t target Vader or Emperor and they ended up winning.
    I felt like I could win so I wanted to try again.

    2nd battle - I was planning to kill Vader first, but my whole team got stunned by Palpatine 3 times in row.
    I didn’t kill anyone and got stun locked and crushed crazy fast.
    I was in shock and thought maybe I’m not strong enough to win.
    But I decided to try again because previously I felt like I came close to winning.

    3rd battle - I didn’t get stunned and I killed both Vader + 2 Guards, but lost at very end to solo Palpatine.
    At this point, I’m thinking I’m close to winning so I tried again.

    4th battle - Palpatine stun only 2 of my players. Than each royal guard stunned another player causing 4 of 5 heroes to be stun lock. Which caused me to lose similar to other 2nd battle.

    This is how the battles played out.
    It was very weird.

    Some fights would have no or very low stuns.
    I felt like I was making winning, but made few mistakes which cost me the win.

    Than other fights I was completely stun locked. Lol
    It didn’t feel hopeless though.
    I was stun locked, but I still managed to get kill in or 2.

    The fight had an RNG Stunning element.
    I was little lucky because my Kanan had Tenacity so he wasn’t getting stunned hardly at all.
    My Ackbar had cleanse, but sometimes he was stun so couldn’t do it.

    The team didn’t have tons of synergy.
    The full Phoenix team might of been a lot better, but at the same time I want to try.

    I had nothing to really lose and I felt if I couldn’t win.
    I had full Phoenix team later on in my back pocket.

    It just so happens that I did win with my mish mash rebel set up.
    So I am happy.

    The requirement I had in order to win was exactly the same as Yoda.
    3 of my heroes had no MODS
    3 of my heroes had only lvl 5 skills
    Only Ezra & Kanan had MODS + lvl 7 skills.

    There is definitely improvement which could of been done.
    Maybe, Tenacity MODS on the 3 characters not running any?

    Again, I just tried running bare minimum like I did vs. Yoda to see what would happen.
    I did win, but took few tries due to RNG element.


    Now that my Tier 1 Journey Character are finished.
    I moved on to my Tier 2 Journey Characters.

    Palpatine + Vader are 2 of my favorite Star Wars characters so I decided to make them fancy with yellow gear.
    I will probably run the above team vs. R2D2.

    I think I will skip BB8 for now.
    I have team which might beat BB8, but I don’t want to 7 star them right now.
    I have other interest.
  • PlayerJ wrote: »

    I want to share my above picture with the OP + other new players who may be watching.
    I have just scored a major victory for my account.
    I have fully unlocked Grand Master Yoda 7 stars with the above team.

    Originally, I created a list of teams I am hoping could win.
    The list was just a theoretical list, but I am happy to report the Yoda team on my list did the job!

    I won the fight on 1st try.
    - 5 of the Characters are gear 8.
    - 3 of the Characters are skills level up to 5
    - 2 of the Characters are skills level up to 7 (Ezra & Kanan)

    Only 2 Characters have MODS (Ezra & Kanan)
    The rest of team is blank.

    My Quin is lvl 85, but truthfully I think he could of been lvl 80.
    I don’t think the extra lvls played any role in fight.

    The team was very smooth.
    I didn’t feel like I was in any danger.
    I lost my Protection a few times on Yoda’s attacks, but my Health Bar was never Yellow or Red.

    I did target Yoda right off bat!
    Targeting Yoda first could of been key strategy I used to win.

    Yoda was doing some damage.
    I didn’t want to let him stay around for long.

    So now people know what to do in order to win.
    A person might be able to win with less levels or less gear.
    I’m not sure.

    I didn’t want to take the risk.
    It was my 1st - 7 star Journey Battle.
    I wanted Yoda very bad

    I probably over killed it, but I wasn’t taking any chances.
    I used purple gears which seems normal.
    I used the cheaper skill ups.

    I came in battle completely pumped with guns blazing and I came home with the “W”
    Massive Win!

    Last thing I want to say is:
    I manually played the battle and I rotated the taunts.

    I let Kanan taunt.
    Than when his expired

    I let Old Ben taunt.
    I sort of bounced back and forth to help.

    My Ezra was taking some big hits.
    My Kanan & Old Ben were just brushing the hits off.
    So that is important to know as well
    Don’t let the AI attack your squishy heroes only the tanks.


    After this hard fought victory, I am planning on trying Palpatine with my other Sample team next.
    I am just waiting for them to be 7 Star.

    No rush!
    Now that I know how difficult GMY was I can sort of gauge what to do vs. Palpatine.
    I feel like I could probably beat it if my heroes were 7 Star so I am just going to focus on leveling.

    for me i had like g 4 everyone and a g12 ashoka. i just taunted with everyone else and let them die while ashoka dispelled yodas protection and beat him to a pulp. if you want that route, it is an option, and probably at the same expense or less of the other.
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