2024 SWGoals


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    I am going to finish my rey ( relic 7) I don't really get gls higher. Though I would like to. But I also want to unlock GL Leia before the year is over.

    Side goals:
    Unlock and level up Hyena Bomber.
    Level up first order ships and get Finalizer unlocked.
    Get B1 to 7 stars.
    Get 7 star Cal
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    7* Porkins and Red 6
  • LordDirt
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    Whatelse73 wrote: »
    7* Porkins and Red 6

    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    This year for my account, I hope 3) to unlock all conquest characters within three or four conquests.

    Oh, this is a good one.

    I hope to some day unlock a Conquest Character in the 6 conquests they are there as shard rewards.
    Since I can't say as I've ever done that.
    Because, conquest sucks, it drains the life from me playing it.
    But I'm putting on a happy smile & really pushing it this time around!!
    Goal for next 3 months is 5/6 Crate, 6/7 Crate, & 7-Crate

    Aside from "Play more Conquest".

    My goals are.... (Sooooo much waiting & simming sig data, see below)

    1. Patiently wait for Cal event to arrive again.

    2. Finish farming up 400+ of each signal data so I can relic Scout, Drogan, Leia, & JK Cal once I have them open.

    3. After the above, I have other Relics to do, Cere for Zef mission.

    4. Taking a bunch of R1 side projects to R5 (Traya, Juhani, Visas, DDK, B2, Sana etc etc)

    5. I'm sure I'm missing something.

    6. Then maybe work on Dr.A event.
  • Sazerac
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    It will be a busy year. Im currently farming ticket for GL Rey. Ill r7 , maybe r8 her. Next will be r7 both kylo ren to start tickets on GL slkr. R7 for him

    From there, I will either work on getting a r5 cls squad, which ive been delaying for way too long.
    Or start to relic and gear up the req of JMK. They are all 7 stars ready. I ll prob work on cls as i dont have yet enough r8 mats. I might have enough after the Slkr grind, we ll see.

    After that, leviathan. By then, malgus will be unlocked and omicroned x3. Not quite sure for his ship.
  • Monel
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    Spend more time on the forums. I have missed this place.
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    Just hoard stuff... and unlock stuff when I can I guess...
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    Relic 7 a couple of troopers for the raid to make it to 13M so I'm doing my part for the next level of reward box. Iden and Shore, I think.

    R7 a nightsisters team for secrets and shadows, and the TB special mission. Haven't seen an ideal team for the TB mission yet, so not sure who the 5th will be, but Talzin, Dakka, Merrin, Assaj, I think are a safe start.

    R8 smugglers for TB specials. Just Qi-ra required right now, but I think I might do more of them. Considering r9 if my guild starts going to that sector.

    Bo, once her requirements are farmable.

    Maybe I'll get around to LV sometime.
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    I guess I’m looking to finish getting my Sith empire, and old republic characters to relic levels, maybe get Dr. Aphra and Starkiller if I can, and if I’m really feeling like it, I’ll probably think about getting Jabba.
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    I just Got SLKR, and I am on my JKL and JML farm. I am not sure if I should go for leia after, due to the fear of a hard counter coming right when I get her. Any suggestions?
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    LordDirt wrote: »
    Whatelse73 wrote: »
    7* Porkins and Red 6


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    Do as much journey guide crap as possible
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    Currently trying to round out reqs for Jefi Cal, Leviathan and GL Leia. But have a ton of toons needing relic mats to upgrade to make more useful.
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    Engathi kungahamba kahle konke kulonyaka
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    Im close to leia, from there its inquisitors then probably finally getting around to finishing up rey / slkr from lsb
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    1) Unlock Starkiller, Jedi Knight Luke, and then Jedi Master Luke (In this exact order)
    2) 7-Star Finalizer
    3) Begin working on Executor requirements
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    I'd also like to get through fleets in GAC without the AI taking more assists and bonus turns than my profundity fleet and not see the AI dodge 3, 5, 7, 10 times in a row because of the cheating piece of garbage it is.

    Perhaps my goal should be to see one of my ships dodge 10 times in a row like the AI has done to me? That'd really be fun if you could set that up, though getting the fleet AI to stop cheating would be better.
  • TVF
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    Lol the AI does not cheat

    Also not even close to the point of this thread
    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
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    For 2024, I’d like to see my account get compensated for the Jabba Ult bug of 2023. Thanks!
  • Ontouralldaynz
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    For 2024 I'd like my account topped up with all the crystals I was scammed out for LS tokens when the event crashed 6x for me all reported to in game help whose answer 3 days later was "btw do you have a screen shot" lol.

    I'd like to unlock Ben Solo - perhaps not a popular choice but a personal fav,
    I'd also like to finish and unlock Jedi knight Cal and perhaps dark saber Bo.
    I'd Like to 7* Gen Sky (Update I just did that!)

    I'd like to see some new chars on the tables like Jet pack Obi wan, Porkins, Nine Nuub, B3EMO, NED-B and Tala added.
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    hoard Omi's and relic 8-9 material for new characters. Rest is done.
    Yes, I am THE Warrior.
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    Invent a time machine so no matter what life throws at me. I can still spend all the time in game as needed.
    That’s my 2024 goal.
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    I need to unlock my LV (almost there), then I'm debating on aphra or Leia.
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    I'll hit 85 and enter ULTIMATE GRIND MODE.
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    Still be alive when they actually bring back Jedi Knight Cal's journey event.
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    Bo Katan Mandalore. And, hope for Darth Zannah.
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    Still be alive when they actually bring back Jedi Knight Cal's journey event.

    Make a wish! I too hope to live to see the day.
    Wampa Wampa!
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  • Shinypants4242
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    I'm hoping that the Zann Consortium faction from Star Wars Empire at War makes an appearance, it would be nice to have Tyber Zann and his ship, Urai Fen, Silri, and any basic units from that faction. The question is, how would they work in game?
  • Artimus
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    My goal is to unlock Aphra. No more than that, at least for the moment. I’m on t3 and will probably be there when I die lol.
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