2024 SWGoals



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    I might just whale on BO

    *searches store*

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    I play about a year and start to collect general Skywalker, made my first step on this journey. Want to finish Chimera.

    ...and I want to see this boy as a playable character not depends of his side would be

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    Relic older characters; Chirrut, Zaalbar, Geo's or even IPD
    Hoard some crystals so I have a stack of it before the next annoucement of a new capital ship (this will be hard, crystals are meant to be spend)
    Prepare to get Bo-Katann Mandalore third time she comes around
    Oh and Climb in GAC and fight one of the content creators
  • Nagz
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    - Get Dark Trooper Moff Gideon (either spend Crystal/Conq Currency or just wait for "free" 25 shards)
    - Ignore the DC sham (ez pz)
    - Avoid having a GL (been clean for 4 years)
    - Keep being the sole Imperial Trooper user/abuser in my guild

    - Slowly farm Bo Queen reqs (maybe even unlock her this year unless CG removes her event out of rotation for a oddly long period of time to give )

    Gotta say, all are pretty reachable. Only the bonus one is the iffy one due to things that are out of my control.
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    Finish off JMK's Reqs and get his Ult, then probably start towards Starkiller and JKL
    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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    I also need advice. After I get jml, should I grow my fleets out or go for the newest GL that comes this year? I have executor, JMK, SEE, Rey, SLKR, and then soon JML as well as starkiller and gas.
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    Saving enough credits for the eventual level cap increase.
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    MoBlaq wrote: »
    Saving enough credits for the eventual level cap increase.

    I don't see a level cap increase coming, just more relic levels.
    We needed Cobb Vanth shards for Krayt Dragon raid, Endor Gear Luke shards for Speeder Bike raid and Anakin Skywalker shards for Battle for Naboo raid?
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    MoBlaq wrote: »
    Saving enough credits for the eventual level cap increase.

    you will need at least 1.5 billion but it's not gonna happen. The level modifiers would make them too powerful so they moved to relics where they can control the power creep better.
    Yes, I am THE Warrior.
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