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  • GuntherBovine
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    I have two accounts that I've parked that I will accept any Ally invitations sent to them:
    Level 63 - 886-641-819
    Level 64 - 391-618-918
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  • Dirk_Brightblade
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    I recently shared my ally code to help new players in the belief that I was receiving ally currency as well when people used my toons.

    It appears that the devs have removed that feature and I no longer have an incentive to help newer players.

    Until this changes back and I get something from the deal as well then it is not something I shall continue to do.
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    Heres mine. Level 51. Loving the game

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    I'm a complete nub so would devo need your help

    My code: 589-436-268
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    Very new to the game, enjoying it, plan to stick around for a while.
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    623-123-469 Kind of new, still learning.
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    If someone wants to borrow a maxed Bossk here’s my ally code.

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    I just did some summer cleaning and I’m looking for 7 new allies to add to my list.

    GP, Rosters, Level, etc isn’t important to me I actually rather prefer newer players in the hopes that I can help them beat the higher nodes.
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    Level 66, need allies.
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    Lvl 50 need alies - 463 592 414
  • MFGM
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    Level 83 willing to help newer and mid game players below level 65
    Edit:I will be deleting unactive players and will refresh once a month
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    Im a very active Player
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    Very active player. Add me...

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    New player very active. I am trying to make up for playing for a week doing what ever. Finally came to the fourms and relized what i need to foucus on so any help would be great
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    New player who plays daily with refreshes. Looking for allies to help on both LS and DS.

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    Everyday active player, please add me :)
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    Active lvl 65 everyday player looking to borrow high lvl heros.
  • BAMFer
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    It's tough getting started. Having friends in high places helps a lot.
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  • Seekins
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    BAMFer wrote: »
    It's tough getting started. Having friends in high places helps a lot. I've got a very strong roster and want to help some youngling allies. If you are under level 60 and need a friend add my ally code. I've got about 20 spots available.

    Thank you for letting me borrow your awesome hero’s. Definitely makes a huge difference in the Mod battles!
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  • Ajrieder27
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    My Ally Code 153-964-725
    Level 85
    Total power 800,000
    Looking for help to finish level 9 light and dark side.
    In an active guild, hoping to have a hand from higher power players.
    If you have a spot open and can give me a hand please send me an invite.
    I am happy to help several lower level players as well.
    Thanks in advance.
    Amanda aka CTHREEPO
    (Edit) I still have space available to help and would like help. Cheers 22-09-2018
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  • WitnessedJarl
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    I've got some spots available atm you can add me
    CLS on LS
    traya on DS
    rjt on cantina

    full atm
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    Ally code 848-221-486

    Only been playing a week but level 40 already. Could use some friends, also willing to help other new players lower than I am.
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    Active Daily
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    859-732-662 new player, need high level players for mission
    Thank you...
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    Hey! What's up? I'm a new player looking for some high level players to help with challenges and other things.

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    level 62, active daily
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    New player. Add me please. Thanks!
  • Slainete
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    9 Nov - full now.
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