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If you are a player looking for a guild, post here. It might be helpful to include your vital stats: ally code, level, how active, what characters you have, what kind of guild u r looking for(casual, super active).

***Guilds, do not advertise here please. Only players.***

All communication between players is to be done in private messages.

See this thread to read how to send private message:

***Do not post anything other than your player info (no: "i sent you a pm" or similar things)
This includes not telling people not to post there.(PM the player or PM me)***

Third party chat app id:
Link to
(If no account, it would be helpful to list who your gear 10 and gear 11 characters are, or if you have a lot, say how many)
Galactic Power:
Character/Ship GP:
Player Level:
Number of 7*:
Number of 6*:
Number of 5*:
Average Arena Rank:
Type of Play: F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale
May the force be with you. It shall free you.
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  • timsky
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    Found one
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  • Drekulviin
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    Found one thank you
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  • I'm a level 74 almost 75 very active player. I play at least 5 days a week and always complete the daily and guild activities.
    Looking for an active guild.
    Have at least 15 7 star toons.
    My id is TheDarthTaral my code is 231-948-744. Intrestedin joining a large top tear guild.
    Message me if interested
  • macgerahty
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    Lvl 75 player, player name is macgerahty, player ID is 247-783-942, active daily and complete all dailies. Several 5*, a few 6*, completing more 6*, and one 7*. A fair mix of light and dark, been focused mostly on Jedi so that I can 7-star Yoda. 24k arena power and consistently in the top 700-800. Just want an active guild where fun and chill is as important as success.
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  • Player Name: DarthG
    Ally Code: 931-211-165
    F2P Level 76, complete all daily activities every day. Have five 7* toons, and a handful of other 6*, some of which are almost at 7*.

    Looking for an almost full guild of 70+ level players chasing high tier gear. PM me if interested.
  • DWolf79
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  • Level 76
    Player name: RyPacca
    Allie code: 624-335-453
    Top 100 arena
    Nine 7* toons
    Seventeen 5+* toons
    Active everyday
    Looking for a top tier guild
  • MakoShark2008
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    I'm looking for a competitive guild, I love this game and really enjoy it but need to find a good team to work with. I really want to progress to the upper tier level raids IOT increase my PVP team's capabilities.

    LVL 75
    Top 10 daily on PVP, often top 5 battling for 1st to the last minute, literally....
    Player Name: MakoShark2008
    Ally Code: 351-393-216
    PVP Squad: (L)HK47, Poggle, IG86, IG88, RG
    5 LVL 7's, 2 LVL 6's, 16 Tier 7+ gear
    I play everyday and would like to find an active guild with at least some communications. I'd like to learn to more tactics, strats, etc.

    Hey everyone, I got picked up by a guild but really appreciate all of the responses and invites, you guys are awesome. See you on the 'field'!

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  • Username is MidgieSWAG, Im level 76, have 8 7*s a few other 5*s and 6*s which are pretty well geared, looking for guilds that are doing tier 5 and 6 in the raids.
    I play everyday and get my 600 guild contribution, I also rank in the top of my guild but theres too many lower level players in it for me to go any further.
    Player ID: 271239796
  • Pathos
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    All sorted now. Cheers for all the kind invites! [raises FTB banner and spins out of frame with a slow mo cape swirl]
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  • Eonns
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  • Hello, I'm looking for an active guild that does raids regularly.

    Level 75
    ID: RevanGrath
    Ally code: 992-939-941
    Several 7*
    Daily active
    Finish top 200-300 in arena
  • illis
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    Looking for a Guild that uses Line App and doing tier 3+ raids

    Level 55
    Code: 891-392-358

    Wouldn't mind joining a mid level guild and growing with the guild. Finish top 5 area daily. Hit me up, thanks.
  • A7MD
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    Level 76
    Player name: A7MD
    Allie code: 539-215-474
    Top 50 arena
    Active everyday
    Looking for a top tier guild
  • Level 76 and a Level 77

    player name: Tanmcmahon

    Ally Code: 885-957-328

    Active everyday and my Level 77 is active everyday

    Looking for an active guild. hopefully top tier
  • PN: Nico DiTo
    Level: 69 (a day away from 70)
    Active Daily
    Pay 2 Play
    Mostly 5* and up and gear level 7 and up toons (got a beastly Leia!)
    PvP ranking around 500, trending upward
    Ally code 194-259-863
  • Player name: Joseph kinzer
    Ally code: 151-233-781
    Play daily, have not missed a personal 600 since guilds started. Lvl 77.5, mostly ftp, but will spend occasionally. Routinely finish in top 100 on my server. Currently in a guild but 20% are not active and want to jump.

    Line acct: jkinzer1123 , message to coordinate a move.
  • LordZoltan
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    Found a guild. Thanks!
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  • Name: The Cleaner
    Level: 41
    Ally Code:619-385-713
    Arena Rank #333
    Activity Level: Daily
    Toons: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    Would like a crew that uses Line App
    Line Id: minhdad

    I'm new to this game but I enjoy it and would like to be in a more active coordinated squad. I'm not a wallet warrior, but spent, less than the price of taking the family to the movies, to get rolling. Have experience with Line app, squad management (I recruit for my team of squads), and forums through Star Wars Commander.
    Member Panickin' Bananakin Level 41, 17 toons, Ally code 619-385-713 line id minhdad
  • Player name: zzzgibbs
    Level: 60
    Arena Rank: 60-90

    Haven't had any trouble completing GW, daily or guild energy activities. I do a couple refreshes daily
    I am F2P mostly, but will spend occasionally when it's worth it.

    Looking for a casual guild but one where everyone is active and contributing to boosting the daily rewards.

    Ally code: 795-118-425
  • Satchel_Paige
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    Found a clan. Thanks!
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  • Sinister_Skott
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    Thanks to all.
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  • Eonns
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  • Cero Kurn
    Level 78
    17 7*
    Regularly lead my guild (yahtzee party) in raid points.
    Free agent looking to help raid for han shards. Active multiple times per day. Let's do this.
  • amirhuman
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  • jukeboxhero10
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    Lvl 77 very active, and i spend the 600 every day. Looking for very active guild that does tier 5+ raids. pm here or just send ingame invite. code is 181-435-894
  • darth_ani
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    Found one thanks
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  • TIMdotM
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    This page intentionally left blank...
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  • Aldrake
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    We have landed in our new home. Thanks to everyone that expressed interest!
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  • you guys still looking for a guild?

    are any of you on discord?
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