• Hello,

    I am level 27 and will be saving up energy before I reach level 28. I am looking for a guild that can carry me through tier 4 or lower raids so I can stash up rewards before going to level 28. After that I will skyrocket in level. Please let me know how often you will do a tier 4 or lower raid. I am very active, logging on many times a day.

    Ally-Code: 849-885-922
    Link to
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Mountain (usa)
  • Looking to join a guild once current TB is over -

    Ally-Code: 334-114-763
    Third party chat app id: Discord - Chocco87 [SIGMΔ]#4776
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 975,829
    Character/Ship GP: 587,675 / 388,154
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 32
    Number of 6*: 12
    Number of 5*: 21
    Average Arena Rank: 450
    Type of Play: mainly F2P but the odd pack/crystal purchase
    Time-zone: GMT
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  • I'm a level 85 player: DarthEconomist.
    GP is 883,581.
    I have 24 7*, 22 to lvl 85. 6 6*.
    Vader and Palp gear 11, 3 gear 9, 10 at gear 8.
    Vader and Nihilus zeta, with resources for another.
    Current focus is getting toons needed to complete CLS next run.
    I'm a F2P that plays daily.
    Looking for a guild welcoming a player ready for heroic raids (Rancor for sure, doing 3 million damage now). Prefer a guild with an active chat to help answer questions and talk strategy.
  • Stu: No 652-436-151. Level 60 (after tonight’s activities). Only playing 2 weeks and joined a guild but with only *6 not able to do anything. I play every day, get the 600 pts every day, and looking for an active guild where someone at my level can participate meaningfully and learn the finer points of the game. On PST and free most nights from 8 pm - midnight. I’ve put some $ into the game to try and level 5 rebel’s for EP event. 1 *6, most Char in use are *5, have just over half available chars. Top 100 in arena now and finish GW every day. Willing to take suggestions on how to improve my squad and will pay for upgrades when necessary. Also willing to install IM or whatever. Thanks.
  • Ally-Code: 774-348-939
    Third party chat app id: none
    Link to

    Looking for a laid back guild that's looking for F2P people. Raids are nice but not looking to do heroic raids on a "do it now" type schedule. I play to have fun, not to make this a job. I already have a job :)
  • Hey, I am looking for one of the best guilds in SWGOH. (which can make heroic AAT easy , same for the TB etc ...)

    -> I play every single day , 600 energy / day ! :)

    -> Ally-Code: 513-242-118

    -> Available for Discord or Link or whatever...

    -> Link to

    -> Galactic Power: 1,460,531

    -> Player Level: 85

    -> Number of 7*: 52

    -> Average Arena Rank: 400-180

    -> Type of Play: F2P

    -> Time-zone: GTM +1
  • Ally-Code: 489-794-628
    Third party chat app id: Discord Cletus#1122
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,853,186
    Character/Ship GP: 1,205,532 / 647,654
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 79
    Number of 6*: 14
    Number of 5*: 15
    Average Arena Rank: 46
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

    I am a serious player. Quit my guild because it was only 70% serious players. I need a guild that enforces TB mission completion in a time frame, same as 600 daily Tickets and 0 Raid Damage. Players that fail to meet the standard need to go and someone has to carry a razor. It's time to separate the men from the boys.
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    Found a guild, thanks for all of the messages

    May be in the free agency for a new guild after the next TB and was curious and looking to see who could use my services and can help me grow to an even bigger and better player.
    Looking for a guild that gets 35*+ in TB
    I use line for comms mostly but I do have discord, just have not used that much yet.
    I can solo the rancor and phase 1 of haat easily and I'm currently working on my Phoenix, resistance, and clone teams
    I get around 16 million points in TB
    129 characters
    70 7*
    13 6*
    1 gear 12 CLS, 8 gear 11, and 9 gear 10
    45.92 collection score
    I get my 600 a day
    Mostly f2p and login at least 5 times per day
    Message me here please if you have questions or think I could be a good fit for your guild

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    Found guild. Thank you all
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  • ally code: 499-957-378
    galactic power: 567,687
    player level:85
    Number of 7: 30
    Average arena rank:300-500
    Time zone:Pacific

    I have taken multiple breaks from this game, and I'm trying to get back to it. I will be active, will do my best to produce 600 raid tickets. Im looking for a guild thats doing NAAT and Heroic Rancor. Im not ready for HAAT yet, may be a couple months. Thanks
  • ally code: 866-429-267
    galactic power: 1.930.000
    player level:85
    Number of 7: 78
    Average arena rank: 10-30
    Swgoh profile:
    Time zone: Argentina
    I'm looking for a guild who make 38* or more in tb. Actually im focus on rogue one team and new yoda. Active, 600 daily. 0 damage in others raids. Always.
  • Hi im looking for a guild that is doing T4 and above on Rancor. I'm an experienced player that has had to start over due to losing my old account. Looking for a guild that is active, doing T4 and above Rancor, nAAT, and at least trying in TB. PM me here if you'd like but id prefer on DIscord.
    Ally-Code: 352-334-882
    Third party chat app id: Discord- Dread#0614
    Link to //
    Galactic Power: 36,712
    Character/Ship GP: 36,712/9,370
    Player Level: 43
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: 0
    Average Arena Rank: 2500
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CST
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