Normal Tank Takedown Guilds Recruiting Players


  • We have an active friendly core group. We are looking for active players that complete their daily activities and their daily 600 raid tickets. All new members must use Discord for communication for guild activities. We currently run Heroic Pit Raid weekly ( 24 hrs and no damage ( strict ) )and AAT working towards HAAT. Running on an eastern time zone we have players from coast to coast in NA. Looking for members who are committed, dedicated and willing to grow with us.

    Ally code: 495-931-537
    Discord: goat13#0149

  • Knights Of The Fallen Empire

    We are a very motivated but casual guild looking for just a couple more daily players to fill out our roster. We are a mixture of F2P and P2P players so no requirements are placed on members to farm specific characters, ships or gear. Our core group of 45 players are very active with most playing daily. We have another 2 or three that are more casual and will be replaced by more active players as they are recruited.

    We believe in keeping things fun so rules and regulations will remain minimal and leadership will not micro-manage. We make investing in our players a priority and our top players are happy to help whenever available. We have a collection of resources on Line including documents and spreadsheets covering raid strategy, buff/debuff details and mod specification/placement. Our 'Education & Development' officer holds regular 'Jedi Academies' that cover one or two topics in detail and allows players to ask any questions they have in an interactive setting. We have an active Line channel that all members must join and we encourage everyone to join us on our Discord server as well. Friendly chat is encouraged but not required, the Line app is required to coordinate heroic raids and territory battles.

    If you're more interested in enjoying the game with a community of fun and supportive players than you are big alliances and the leaderboard this is the guild for you. Don't miss this opportunity to join a great group of people committed to growing not only as players but also as a community.

    If you're already an accomplished player with a roster to brag about and the skills to back it up (Lvl 85, 30+ 7 star, 10+ Gear 11, haat ready team(s)) this is a fantastic opportunity to get in, help us reach hAAT and earn your place in the top of the guild. Two members of this caliber would help complete our transition to hAAT.

    We are running T7 'Heroic' Pit raids regularly but will occasionally run lower tier raids if lower level players need it. We haven't done one in several months so it is a rare occurrence and will be phased out completely soon. We are currently very focused on hAAT preparation and of course Territory Battles. We recently attempted our first hAAT and couldn't quite make it but we learned a great deal and with your help we can conquer it soon. We have few rules but they are listed below with the rest of our pertinent information:

    Guild Name - Knights 0f The Fallen Empire Profile -
    Guild Leader - Uriah (contact info below)
    Timezone - Central Standard Time (CST)/GMT-6; Central Daylight Time (CDT)/GMT-5 (Summer)
    Guild Reset - 07:30pm CDT
    Language - English
    Playerbase - F2P and P2P
    Game Communications - Line (mandatory) and Discord
    Galactic Power - 35 - 40 million

    Raid Information - Running Tier 7 Pit raids 2-3 times a week; nAAT every 3-4 days; all raids have a mandatory 24hr no damage registration period to allow everyone an opportunity to get on the scoreboard; frequency of raids is limited by raid ticket generation only, two - three active daily players would increase frequency tremendously; we will have hAAT on farm in the very near future.

    New Member Requirements - players level 80 - 85; minimum of five 7 star toons; install Line application and join guild channel; generate 600/600 raid tickets at least 80% of the time; participate in raids and territory battles; maintain a profile (if needed we will help you with this during the recruiting process); inactivity limit of 7 days without prior notice; minimum galactic power of 1 million; ideal candidates will have at least 1 hAAT ready team and preferably do not have General Kenobi yet; above all treat all members with respect and enjoy yourself

    If interested we prefer you use the link below to join our 'Recruiting' channel on Line but you can also PM '@shakeybob' here on the forum or contact us on Line using the link and contact information below:

    The link below will allow you to join our Recruiting channel on the Line application:

    If you prefer to contact someone directly the information to do do follows:

    Recruiting Staff - Shakeybob
    Ally Code - 462-662-911
    Line ID - Shakeybob

    Guild Leader - Uriah
    Ally Code - 653-564-845
    Line ID - og_uri

    Come help us conquer the galaxy and have fun doing it. Hope to hear from you soon, you won't regret it.
  • Wanna join a friendly, active and casual Guild? Are you a smaller guild that struggles with getting good rewards to evolve? Or an inactive guild leader? We can help you - we have a great managment team and super helpfull players.

    We have room for 10 new players, we use Groupme (third party chat) This is mandatory, to join! We need all players to pay attention on what we do together in the raids and in Territory Battles.

    We have players from the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Holland, Myanmar etc.

    Guild GP: 34M

    We do Heroic Pit Raids and normal Tank raids. We are at central european time CET.

    Raid rules! 12 Hours of 0damage in the Pit Raids, after that 1 attempt each. We start the Pit raids at 07:00 or 19:00 CET. No rules in the Tank raids.

    We hope to see players that play daily and do their best to bring in the raid tickets. All levels can join but most of us are 85.

    Guild name: CookieGalaxy
    My ally code, Igarka 545-947-127
  • Hi

    We're a friendly guild looking for our last couple of members, we have 48 at the moment. The majority of us are level 80-85 with a few padawans making their way up. Our guild GP is arpund 42mil. We do rancor raids on heroic, tank on normal. Lots of donations and lots of chat. No major rules or strict guidelines but must be playing on a regular basis and contributing where you can. We communicate via line too.

    Our rancor raids take about 20 mins, tank can be done without a refresh. We have a rule on rancor raids that we have no damage for 24hrs, just to give eneryone the opportunity to get on the board with a zero score as we get through it relatively quickly

    My ally code is 949 699 318

    If you're interested or have any questions, drop me a message
  • BHG Freelancers are Recruiting!!!

    Hey You!

    Want to join one of the strongest guilds in the game? Are you a serious FTP or on the way to being a top player in the game and want a way into Bounty Hunters Guild? Come join the Freelancers!

    About BHG

    Comprising of 1 casual guild (hey, thats us!) and 12 fully heroic guilds, one of which being the strongest guild in the game, BHG is always looking for new recruits to join our great community. We have raid patterns and schedules to suit all needs and guilds communicate using either LINE or Discord. If you're looking to place yourself in the right place come the arrival of Territory Battles then this is the place for you.

    What are we looking for from a BHG FL Guild member:
    • Playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Duh!
    • Be able to communicate through either the in game guild chat, through Line App (Preferred), or Discord.
    • 600 tickets daily is preferred
    • Participation in the Territory Battles
    • Players to register their accounts on SWGOH GG.
    • Team players, and those thirsty to compete at a high level.

    #LINE Guilds | Raid Times:

    **BHG Freelancers** (Casual Division) | 17:00 (EST)
    Heroic Rancor and AAT

    Please contact me if interested. On Line my ID is jjs717.

    {BHG FL-L} JJSkywalker

  • Moin,
    wir, die Gilde "Invictus reloaded German" suchen nach punktueller Verstärkung - für die "Territory Battles" und besonders für den sich in Planung befindlichen HAAT (P1 solo down).
    Wir sind derzeit ca. 40 aktive Gamer, davon 35 Veteranen, die schon lange zusammen spielen und Erfolge feiern. Viele Spieler bei uns sind 30+. Wir raiden auf "Farmstatus" T7 Rancor (heroic) dreimal und AAT mindestens zweimal die Woche - jeweils mit 24h/0dmg Regel.
    Wenn Ihr (wir haben Platz für circa 10) für uns eine Verstärkung darstellt (ab lvl 75 und/oder um die 300.000 GM oder besonders ambitioniert, wir unterstützen gerne aktive und kommunikative Spieler), so addet mich in discord Karok#0917! Alternativ stellen wir allen Interessierten eine Eingangshalle auf unserem Discordserver zur Verfügung:
    Was wir bieten:
    T7 Raids auf Farmstatus, Freundlichkeit und Hilfsbereitschaft und einfach ein angenehmes Gildenklima. Erfahrungen und Tipps von Veteranen, eigenes Gildenforum und einen gut strukturierten Discordserver. Wir benutzen zu 95% die deutsche Sprache. Wir haben aber z. B. auch Spanier und Franzosen bei uns, die mit uns ihre Deutschkenntnisse erweitern wollen. In der letzten Runde "Territory Battles" haben wir 16 Sterne erreicht - für die nächste sind 19 geplant.
    Was wir von Euch erwarten:
    Aktivität. Tägliche 600 daily tickets sollten die Regel sein, sind aber keine absolute Pflicht. Einhalten der gemachten Raid- und TB-Regeln. Höflichkeit. Discord als chattool!
    Viele Grüße
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    Hello everyone,

    We are looking for 5 new guild members, currently doing Normal Tank Takedown but we are working towards HAAT. We are also doing Heroic Pit.

    Guild name: Condiments

    Ally code: 571-773-931

    Guild rules:

    1. 24h 0 damage rule for Heroic raids
    2. Guild GP is currently 32.071.788
    3. Discord and are mandatory for coordination
    4. 500+ tickets per day

    Fell free to contact me here or on Discord (JJ13#4046).

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  • Guild name- Bad Bulls
    Time Zone- GMT (EU based)
    Discord required.
    Minimum of 500,000KGP required to join as well.

    Bad Bulls suffered some heavy losses recently after the then leader and officers decided to leave taking with them some of our higher rated GP players. The guild is now in a rebuilding phase, and has a new leader and officers.
    Currently, we have low numbers but that is because we are trying to implement new rules and, hopefully, get everyone using discord. This will allow for better communications and strategizing and a better understanding and following of the rules.

    We want to build a new active group of members, who can all try their best and complete daily guild activities to the max.
    We have, in the past, completed Heroic Rancor Raids many times, but as numbers are low it is not possible. With a small boost in members that will quickly change. AAT currently is just regular but with plans to go to HAAT as soon as possible.
    Once we are back on Heroic Rancor we shall be following the 24hr-zero damage rule, so all can have an attack. These rules shall be adapted when more members join, such as preloading damage but not submitting it straight away.
    Territorial Battles, the more the merrier. We only hit low stars scores but we want to max that as soon as possible. feel free to drop by and meet us.

  • Hey Folks,
    I am currently looking to fill the remaining 6 spots of our guild The Legends of J E D I.
    Our Guild GP is currently at GP 42.5m
    TB - we get 20* and has improved each time since start
    HPIT - v regularly - 0 hit for first 12hrs then free for all
    NAAT - as often as possible, allowing lower level peeps to get good gear etc...
    HAAT - We are actively working towards this we need help and support to accomplish it.
    550/600 daily tickets.
    Time Zone - EST ( We have a number European players as well, such as me, and the guild works well for all time zones).
    We have removed all inactive +1 day players and have therefore only 6 spare places left.
    We are basically looking for someone or some people who are lvl 80 - 85, sociable and can share any experience they have with us and work with us to continue progressing.
    Please help us fill our empty spaces - PM me if interested.
  • IRON DOGS are a raiding guild and we currently Clear weekly the Rancor and ATT raids. We are looking for fresh eager players to join us and participate in these raids and build their squads to help us take on the Heroic HAAT and help us advance in Territory battles.

    We have 35 members and around 20 million GP. We are a UK guild with UK players and we have a strong friendly and supporting community. We have our own established discord channel and we welcome players with a minimum of 250K GP

    All we ask is that players complete at least 500+ Raid tickets per day and that they download and join us on Discord. For those not familiar with Discord It is a chat app, that guilds use that’s more advanced then in game guild chat.

    Download the app, and input this link to join our channel and come talk to us if your keen to join. Or message me directly. If your wanting a supportive, nurturing friendly guild and your growing as a player then we can help you get the best out of this game!


    Recruitment Officer
    Skystalker – Iron Dogs
    Discord _skystalker - Iron Dogs#6293

  • Tôp sėcret rėbels

    New guild looking for active players. We are a English speaking guild. Hoping to start haat raids asap.

    Guild is open to level 85 players, who are ok with the following:

    Please follow all leader/officer messages, on here & the in-game chat.

    Raids (heroic) will operate a '24 hour rule'.

    Raids will generally be launched around 6-7pm UTC (GMT)

    No rules for getting 600 daily raid tickets (just do what you can)

    Discord: dnewman#0101
    Ally code: 148-786-632
  • Galaxy of The FM Sithlords recruiting! We are actively looking for new members with the hopes of running Heroic AAT raids and members who enjoy the game, invested upon becoming better and can participate in all our Guild events. Our goal is moving up to Heroic tanks raids as soon as possible. Right now we can clear 2 HAAT phases with our current 15 members, but we need more! All raids will have a 24 hour period where everyone does 1 attack for 0 damage (send in 1 weak toon to die) so that everyone is guaranteed rewards. After 24 hrs raids will be free-for-all. Guild owner and officers are located in CST USA.

    Guild Name: Galaxy of The FM Sithlords
    Ally code: 786-368-548
    My GP 1.9 million
    We communicate thru discord!
  • Hey everyone! My guild KnightsWhoSayNihilus is looking to replace about 10 inactive/weak players who aren't progressing. We are made up of the most active players from old dying guilds, with inactive leaders. As such, we are very talkative, help people with squad advice, donations, etc., and have a lot of experience.
    Our guild has 53M GP at the moment (26* TB). We run raids about 3 times per week- 7pm mountain time, 24 hour no damage rule on both raids (we finish NAAT in about an hour). We don't have a strict 600/day rule, but we expect people to get close (but understand life happens).
    We are mostly looking for active players 1.2M+ GP, but if a group of you join and you aren't all there, that'll be alright as long as you're close and everyone is active (and close to 1 mill GP). We really want to get to HAAT level- Last time we tried was during the CLS event and we stalled out in P3. Since then we've gotten discord to organize attacks, many have CLS geared to 11 or 12, and we've been building HAAT teams. If we can replace these inactive people, I think we could finish an HAAT.
    If you think 10 spots is enough, message me back and we can chat. Discord IS REQUIRED.
    My ally code is 914-412-996
  • We are looking for 2 more active members to round out our guild. We are looking for members level 80+ who have at least 15 characters at 7* or higher so that they’ll be able to participate in heroic raids with full squads. We are not looking to add any whales and most of us have been in the guild from early on when it was started. We do not have a ticket requirement but are looking for very active players who will contribute to guild tickets, gear exchange and participate in raids and Territory Battles. If you are not active or violate the 24 hour zero damage rancor or tank rules you will be removed (which is why we’re looking for another active member). We currently have a group LINE chat going with 40 members on it. We use it because it is easier to communicate on, share strategy, send screenshots of the game, and use it to coordinate raids and Territory Battles. In the future it will probably be a requirement so that we can coordinate TB better and maximize our rewards. We’re asking members to get a swgoh account (not required) because one of our guild member has created a spreadsheet that auto populates that we will use in the future to find how to best fill platoons in Territory Battles.

    There are a couple of very experienced members in our guild who are able to guide you along the way or answer questions that you may have. Our guild has members from all over the world so we know how to balance raid times so that everyone is happy.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 8:30 AM, 4:30 PM and 12:30 AM (all times Pacific U.S.). We do this because we have members throughout the world and want to make sure that we have a convenient raid time for everyone.

    Our normal tanks are also 24 hour zero damage and lasts less than 24 hours (usually lasts around 18 hours). The guild currently has 6 Zylos and a 3 Zavages so we will be okay in phase 1 when we make the jump to heroic tank. The guild members are currently working on their heroic tank teams for phase 2 and are acquiring either Zavage or a Teebotine/Chirpatine team so that we’re able to get through P3. We will be attempting HAAT in the beginning of October.

    If interested add me at ally code 977-185-135 and I’ll send you a guild invite or you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild.

    Oh yeah, an added bonus is that we have a few members with Commander Luke Skywalker so if you join feel free to ally request them to ‘borrow’ CLS for battles. My CLS is already double zeta and G12 so he could be of use to you in completing or 3* some hard light stages or cantina battles.

  • Sworn Brothers is looking for new members!
    Guild timezone: GMT +8 Australia/Asia (we have players from around the world)
    Territory Battles: 16 stars
    Heroic Pit Raid: 24h zero damage
    Normal Tank Raid: FFA. Working towards HAAT.
    Line app for communications.
    Line ID: atomchaoshk
    Join us for ROLO shards! ;)
  • Hey Folks,
    I am currently looking to fill the remaining 6 spots of our guild The Legends of J E D I.
    Our Guild GP is currently at GP 42.5m
    TB - we get 20* and has improved each time since start
    HPIT - v regularly - 0 hit for first 12hrs then free for all
    NAAT - as often as possible, allowing lower level peeps to get good gear etc...
    HAAT - We are actively working towards this we need help and support to accomplish it.
    550/600 daily tickets.
    We have removed all inactive +1 day players and have therefore only 6 spare places left.
    We are basically looking for someone or some people who are lvl 80 - 85, sociable and can share any experience they have with us and work with us to continue progressing.
    Please help us fill our empty spaces - PM me if interested - ally code - 282-739-378
  • Wir arbeiten gerade daran unsere Gilde für den HAAT fit zu machen und suchen deshalb ambitionierte Mitglieder die mit uns auf dieses Ziel hin arbeiten möchten.
    Gerne auch Gruppen bis 6 Spieler die ein nettes Zuhause suchen.
    Wer sind wir und was bieten wir:
    Momentan sind wir,wie der Name vermuten,lässt überwiegend Österreicher, doch ist bei uns deutschsprachige Verstärkung aus aller Welt willkommen.
    Austausch und Hilfe über Discord und Ingame Chat.
    Wir Starten unsere Raids an fixen Tagen jeweils um 21:00
    Rancor Heroisch Start: Montag und Donnerstag
    Tank Normal Start: Mittwoch
    Sowohl beim Rancor als auch dem Tank gilt bei uns eine 24 Stunden Anmeldephase.
    Überschüssige Tickets werden an Wochenenden für Bonus oder Übungsraids verwendet.
    Was du mitbringen solltest:
    Level 85 /GM 900K+
    Motivation und Spaß am Spiel.
    Gezielt deine Teams für den Haat aufbauen.Hilfe in diesem Bereich wird geboten.
    Regelmäßige Aktivität (da immer etwas dazwischen kommen kann,ist längere Abwesenheit kein Problem, solange man Bescheid gibt)
    Raidtickets sammeln 400+
    Bereit sein Discord zu nutzen.
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen könnt ihr:
    Hier antworten, eine PM schicken,
    oder ihr erreicht mich über Discord unter:
  • Redback Legion, an Australian/NZ guild, is looking for a small guild to merge into us, there are 15-20 spots available.
    We are looking for active members at decent levels, don't need to be the highest level but we would like the new members to be able to help us complete HAAT. We feel we are close and just need some more good players to help out the top rosters and get the damage required.
    We currently raid heroic rancor 2-3 times a week, and NAAT 2 times a week, close to HAAT.
    We use line for most communication but also use in game chat for those that haven't joined line.
    We do a zero damage for the first 24h of HRancor.
    We are looking for players who are keen to progress and grow your rosters with the rest of us as we start farming HAAT and get those stars in TB. Need to be active at least once everyday to do dailies and contribute to TB.

    PM me on here or send me a message on Line: NathanKUT
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    Liebe SWGOH-Gemeinde,

    bei der Suche nach einer passenden Gilde sind Freunde nur auf "tote" Gilden gestoßen!

    Daher der Aufruf für Spieler jeden Levels: Schließt euch ihnen an!
    Sie haben Neulinge und sehr erfahrene Spieler, die sie beraten, aber in anderen Gilden sind (so wie ich).
    Es geht nur um Spaß am Spiel!
    Keine Pflicht von WhatsApp, Line oder Discord!
    Keine Mindestanzahl von Tickets!

    Bündniscodes: 116-568-923 oder 964-698-137

    Oder per PN an mich bzw. über mein Discord: Karvenh#7206 bzw. line: Karvenh - ich vermittel gern :) Profil der Gilde:

    und der Lead:
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  • Winged Pigs is now Recruiting.

    Currently doing 6 Star Tank/Rancor. Looking for active players to help us take the raids down faster and also help accrue tickets faster.

    My Friend code: 371-419-719

    Guild Page:

    We currently have 12 open spots. Looking for active dedicated people to help us all gear up quicker. Thanks for reading!

  • Join the Griffintown Scoundrels!!!

    We are a friendly guild that has aspirations of something greater. We're looking for players that do their best to help the guild achieve our goals. We run Heroic Pit and AAT and use Discord for communication. If you're a small guild or a single player looking for a place to call home you should stop by, have a beer and a chat. Hope to talk to you soon.

    Ally code: 495-931-537
    Discord: goat13#0149
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    1 Spot Left!!!

    Guild Name: OB 1 More Round
    Members: 49/50 USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Mexico
    Levels: 60-85 Welcome!
    Timezone: EST
    Territory Battles: 15 Stars
    Normal tank Raid (Twice a week)
    Heroic Rancor (3 times a week)
    Top 2000 Guild!
    Guild GP: 32 Million
    Last Inactive: Everyone less than a day except for that one dude..


    1. We have a 1 day delay on beating the rancor so everyone can get credit and rewards.
    2. Steal Underwear
    3. ????
    4. Profit!!!

    Why Hello There!

    Looking for a friendly low stress guild that gets you those Han Solo shards 3 times a week? Want to throw a few drinks back while working on your HAAT team? Well look no further! OB 1 More Round is a US EST reset guild, but all nations are welcomed!

    We are looking to take the leap to HAAT raids and could use your help! And if we don't make it, we can always drink to forget about it;)

    We can beat normal tank in 1 day (heroic rancor no problem) and open to growing with lower level members.
    Our last HAAT attempt we got 70% through phase 2 so I am sure we will complete it within a month or 2. (next attempt is this week!)

    We know there are other obligations in life (like drinking) so we just ask to try to play when you can and have fun on the chat!

    Message me if interested (we only have 1 spot open)

    Line app is required, but we have both a strategy and casual thread so revel in attack plans or get schnockered in the Keg party that is the Casual Lounge!

    May the Buzz be with you!

    Ally code: 898224215
    Line ID: hendrix9
  • ATOTASO is recruiting for normal AAT raiding with the view of all pulling together to get to Heroic by the end of the year.

    Guild Name - ATOTASO
    Timezone - AEST (Australian eastern time) with members from all over the globe
    Rules - Rancor raid has a 24 hour 0 dmg rule and then FFA.
    - Try to do 600 energy each day
    - Have fun

    We use Discord to communicate and if you are interested please add me and we can discuss further. trumpz#8424

    We raid T7 Heroics at 8pm AEST.

    If you are interested in joining please drop me a message on here or Discord. Thanks
  • Legends of Light is a friendly guild recruiting a few more members for HAAT and TB push. Friendly members, and no strict ticket requirement, but most of us get 600.

    Guild reset is at 1030PM EST. Raid times rotate on weekday and weekend.

    Send us your Ally Code via Discord (expires after 10 hits):
    or message me here.

    The general raid rules are
    Rancor Heroic - 0 damage first 24 hours. Cleared in minutes.
    NAAT - FFA. Cleared in one refresh.
    HAAT - if you are developing a HAAT team, help us make the push!

    Hope to see you on our leaderboard!
    M Exibil
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    Been debating leaving your dud guild? You should. Do not waste any more of your time falling behind in an inactive guild. Please feel free to finish this Territory Battle to get your rewards. Then join up with us!

    We are a guild that has 49/50 members producing 26-27k raid tix per day!!! We can also tier 7 daily guild activity.

    We need 1 more member who is level 80+, will get their 600 daily raid tix, and is willing to join discord for guild communication. 46 of our 49 members are in our Discord group.

    We have a 24 hour no damage Rancor Rule so that everyone can get rewards.

    We have members from all over the world! Because of this, we rotate our raid start times. The start times are posted in 4 different timezones on Discord and in game chat.

    Very chatty and friendly guild. We work together as a team EXTREMELY well!

    Because we have so many active members on Discord, we average 20 TB stars. We do NOT waste attacks on the wrong territories. Our officer in charge of that area is extremely good at coordinating the guild.

    Many of us are in the process of specializing teams for a Haat attempt. But, for now, we run Aat.

    Message me on here to get in. Only 1 spot left! Could make room for 4 or 4 more if need be. Just a couple holdout members not on Discord that might lose their spots.


    635-969-644. If I see an ally request in the game, from someone without a guild, I will know it is someone from here wanting into the guild. I'll promptly send a guild invite.

    Don't worry, I am not the most powerful member in the guild. Mumtiple players with higher Galatic Power than myself :smiley:

    I promise you that you will NOT regret joining our extremely active guild. So much valuable information in our Discord group. Very smart members who know a TON about the game.
  • Join Mandalorian4 [19/50]

    We are a friendly and ambitious guild running Pit raids and Normal Tank raids with the target of soon moving up to Heroic.

    Guild is on UTC +3 time zone and players are from all around world.

    Our only requirement is that members contribute at least 300 guild coins per day and participate regularly in the daily guild activities. In practice most members provide the maximum guild coins daily.

    We just use in game chat.(You don't need to download or use anything else)

    If this sounds good to you and you have a reasonable 5* roster then we would love to have you join us.

    My ally code is 331-256-232 or PM me.

  • Starwolf is an active guild. We currently have 46/50 members and you could round out our squad nicely! We are running about 30M GP right now but that's been boosted by more than 8M in the last two weeks alone! We got 13 stars in TB the first week and 19 last week. You can help us get even more!

    We raid often. Currently, we have Heroic Rancor on farm (24 hour no damage period) and are getting close to HAAT. We strongly encourage 600 tickets a day but we know life happens. The only reason you could be kicked is if you aren't active for longer than 7 days in a row, or you break the 24 hour rule for raids. We raid at 9:30 PM EST whenever we get enough tickets to launch.

    Join us for a fun loving guild trying to get better! You can make a difference! We welcome all players!

    Search Starwolf
  • frtpskn wrote: »
    Join Mandalorian4 [19/50]

    We are a friendly and ambitious guild running Pit raids and Normal Tank raids with the target of soon moving up to Heroic.

    Guild is on UTC +3 time zone and players are from all around world.

    Our only requirement is that members contribute at least 300 guild coins per day and participate regularly in the daily guild activities. In practice most members provide the maximum guild coins daily.

    We just use in game chat.(You don't need to download or use anything else)

    If this sounds good to you and you have a reasonable 5* roster then we would love to have you join us.

    My ally code is 331-256-232 or PM me.


    Sent you a pm
  • Looking for a few more players to fill us up. We are extremely laid back. Mostly FTP people from all over that just enjoy star wars and having fun. None of this 600 ticket or corporate guild mumbo jumbo. Life comes first, and we understand it. If this sounds like you, hit me up on here or on LINE.

    Guild name: Jedeye with Redis

    What we offer:
    GP: 32mil+
    Over 40 active players averaging 20k Raid tickets per day, including 9 members with 1mil+ GP and many others close.
    Heroic Pit - 24 hours zero damage rule since many members can solo it. We don't have set start times, but offer advanced notice before launching and don't have set times.
    HAAT - preparing but we still have a bit of work to do! Will do NAAT approx 1x per week
    Guild activities reset at 9:30PM EST

    We have LINE and recommend it, but don't require it.
    Add me on line -

    Ally code in game - 515596447
    SWGOH.GG profile -
  • Hello there,

    I am Dash Rendar. I am an officer for the Dirty Scoundrels. We are a friendly guild that is looking to increase active membership so that we may eventually take on the Heroic AAT. We are a good mix of experienced players and some newer ones.The majority of our members are level 85. We have been removing inactive members to make way for new ones. And that could be you! We like to have fun and are looking forward to the challenge of the conquering the HAAT one day!

    Level minimum: 70

    Current Membership: 44/50

    Time Zone: Eastern

    Raids: 2 Heroic Rancor a week (Monday and Thursday) and 1 Normal AAT (Saturday).

    Communication via Discord.

    Participation in guild activities encouraged, very active guild donations, no daily energy/character requirements, and a 0 damage window on the rancor so everyone can reap the rewards.

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining us on our adventures, please contact me or send me an ally request. We would be happy to have you.

    My ally code is 876-514-682. My user name on Discord is Dash Rendar #5162

    May the Force be with you.
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