Normal Tank Takedown Guilds Recruiting Players


  • MikeSkyWalker
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    Darkened Stars

    48/50 Members

    25-27k Raid Tickets per day

    Can 7 Star certain Guild Activities

    23 Territory Battle Stars (will be 25 crystal payout by next TB)

    46/48 Members on Discord

    24 Hour no damage Rancor rule

    Regular AAT but working towards Haat

    Roughly 40k Galactic Power

    Extremely organized, friendly and helpful. Very giving in the donations department.

    Members from all over the world but English speaking.

    If you are stuck in a dead-end guild, and are thinking about jumping ship, join us! You won't regret it. Your progress with speed up enormously.

    Looking for members who are level 80 and above.

    Mike Skywalker 635-969-644

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    Negative 8 is a very active guild looking to recruit at least 1 new active player at the moment, and possibly replace a few more that are not participating to our level of expectations. We would like players level 70 or higher but participation & communication are more important to us than strength as we know active players will strengthen quickly.

    Our guild is a group of active players that understands that real life is a priority. With that said, we have four requirements right now and will be pushing to include Territory Battle participation as a fifth.

    Guild Name: Negative 8

    Galactic Power: ~ 52.5 million

    Timezone: CST. Guild activities reset @ 730PM (mostly American players)

    Current Requirements:

    1 – Join us on Discord

    2 - SWGOH.GG account (for player & guild information as well as HAAT planning)

    3 – do your best to spend 600 energy per day but if you can't or are out of town just let us know

    4 – Rancor raid 24 hour 0 damage rule as a registration window

    5 – Territory Battle participation

    In Discord we have a channel dedicated to Territory Battles. We would ask that you follow our current strategy to help maximize the number of stars we get. There's a lot of coordination that goes into allocating our resources efficiently.

    Communication is HUGE for building a better guild! If you plan on going on vacation, working overtime, or anything else life throws at us, please let us know through in-game chat & Discord. We have a channel dedicated to 'Away From Game' situations.

    Negative 8 runs Heroic Rancor typically 4 times a week and normal AAT about 3 times a week. We are currently working towards building teams with the realistic goal of launching HAAT in the next 2 months.

    Heroic Rancor starts at 7PM CST

    We have a lot of fun in Negative 8. We strongly encourage in-game chat and have a good time talking with each other about life as well as conversation focused on the game. Discord is a must! Our channel is packed full of useful information!

    If you are interested in becoming a part of our family please drop me a PM on Discord, email me, or send me an ally request. Thanks & keep gaming!

    Discord ID: KovacJack#4548

    Email: [email protected]

    Ally Code: 911-226-837
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  • We are looking for 3 more active members to round out our guild. We are looking for members level 80+ who have at least 15 characters at 7* or higher so that they’ll be able to participate in heroic raids with full squads. We are not looking to add any whales and most of us have been in the guild from early on when it was started. We do not have a ticket requirement but are looking for very active players who will contribute to guild tickets, gear exchange and participate in raids and Territory Battles. If you are not active or violate the 24 hour zero damage rancor or tank rules you will be removed (which is why we’re looking for new members). We currently have a group LINE chat going with 40 members on it. We use it because it is easier to communicate on, share strategy, send screenshots of the game, and use it to coordinate raids and Territory Battles.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 8:30 AM, 4:30 PM and 12:30 AM (all times Pacific U.S.). This allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them since we have members throughout the world. Our normal tanks are also 24 hour zero damage and lasts less than 24 hours (usually lasts around 16 hours). The guild currently has 6 Zylos and a 3 Zavages so we will be okay in phase 1 when we make the jump to heroic tank. The guild members are currently working on their heroic tank teams for phase 2 and are acquiring either Zavage or a Teebotine/Chirpatine team so that we’re able to get through P3. We will be attempting HAAT by the end of October.

    If interested you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild. My ally code is 977-185-135 so you can find the guild that way if you’re interested in joining us.

    Oh yeah, an added bonus is that we have a few members with Commander Luke Skywalker so if you join feel free to ally request them to ‘borrow’ CLS for battles. My CLS is already double zeta and G12 so he could be of use to you in completing or 3* some hard light stages or cantina battles.

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    Tôp sėcret rėbels

    New guild looking for active players. We are a English speaking guild. Hoping to start haat raids asap.

    Guild is open to level 82 players, who are ok with the following:

    Please follow all leader/officer messages, on here & the in-game chat.

    Raids (heroic) will operate a '24 hour rule'.

    Raids will generally be launched around 6-7pm UTC (GMT)

    No rules for getting 600 daily raid tickets (just do what you can)

    Discord: dnewman#0101
    Ally code: 148-786-632
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  • Guild Name: Amroth Hereos

    GP: 59 mil

    Heroic Rancor: 0 damage first 24 hrs then ffa usually 3 times per week

    AAT: ffa usually done within 24 hrs should be on HAAT very soon

    Req: Lv80+ GP >1 mil

    Communication: Game chat and discord

    Apply or contact me on discord Evolution#1437

    We are a mature guild who have fun and stay active looking to get better.

    Guild Leader
    Guild Amroth Hereos (Yes, I can't spell, lol)
    Ally Code - 242-158-853
  • Hello! Ja'meethus here from Til Valhalla
    GP is 37,982,948
    Interested players must be at least 500k GP

    We are an EST based guild, but we are also open to working with people from other time zones.

    We HPit raid MWF at 4PM EST and enforce a strict 24 hour zero-damage rule (raid launches at 4PM Monday, people post zero damage until 4PM Tuesday then it's free for all)

    We encourage members to spend as much energy as possible, but do not currently have any regulations or minimum requirements.

    As of territory battles, we have been slowly migrating to using Discord to communicate and coordinate. It is strongly encouraged that new members looking to join us are willing to also join our discord channel.

    Doing our best to work towards HAAT but currently we do not have an estimated arrival date of our HAAT readiness.

    If I can think to add anything else I will and if anyone has questions, feel free to contact me.

    All applications/questions can be posted either as a message to me here on this forum or to my discord: budsta95#9627
    May the Force be with you.
  • Papa Palpatines just earned 25 TB stars and we have 2 spots open! We are close to haat so if you want to join and help us get General Kenobi send me a PM on this site.

  • Hiya!! We are recruiting all players!!

    Low level players for Rancor raids and high level players for AAT raids.

    15 members so far.
    35 places.

    Guild: Noob Gear Raids
    TIME zone : Worldwide (GMT)
    Rules: be happy
    Third party chat apps: (future) line and discord

    Tier of The Pit raid you are currently raiding:
    - Rancor 5 or 6
    - AAT normal

  • OFB
    Differences of opinion have caused openings in OFB. We are a guild that has cleared HAAT in the past so we know the how to make it happen. We have experience in farming the correct teams and need to fill only a few spots to make it happen again.

    Our guild values the needs of the many over the desires of the few. That perspective caused us to lose players who were heavy hitters as they sought “greener” pastures. That being said we understand that not everyone will share the main guilds attitude. However, if you enjoy consistent play but want a less cut throat environment and prefer friendship connection over the fast path to that next character level than we want you to join the BBQ.

    There are approximately 4 spots and we are looking for level 85 players who have developed at least one team for HAAT raid or players that have solid rosters that are willing to learn strategy and fill in where we have a need.

    Here are the basics:

    TIMEZONE: CST (but raiding schedule is handled by PST players and runs multiple time zone coverage)

    RAID RULES: Basic 24 hr zero HP on both PIT and NAAT for consistency. We alternate and run back to back rancor when the cash allots it. We like to ensure we have an active raid going every day to keep currency flowing.

    COMMUNICATION: We are a LINE app guild. We don't require chat (it's encouraged) but we do require you HAVE the app and are in the announcement group to receive updates or changes regarding guild plans effectively.

    ATTITUDE: We are here to forge lasting relationships and interactions. I can happily say I have become friends with the majority of my guild mates. If that environment sounds fun then you are who we want to have a part of our group.

    Pm or post here if u have questions.
  • Sworn Brothers is looking for new members!
    Guild timezone: GMT +8 Australia/Asia (we have players from around the world)
    Territory Battles: 18 stars
    Heroic Pit Raid: 24h zero damage
    Normal Tank Raid: FFA. Working towards HAAT.
    Line app for communications.
    Line ID: atomchaoshk
    Join us for ROLO shards! ;)
  • Iron Dogs Looking For Players (HRancor, NAAT, 600 encouraged but not enforced, no GP requirements)

    "Iron Dogs" are a relaxed but semi-ambitious HRancor guild rebuilding around a competent core. For this, we're looking for fresh blood to fill up our ranks, which gives lower level players a chance at Raid Han shards, and significant amounts of guild currency.

    We have long time players who will be happy to help with advice and share their SWGoH wisdom to get your momentum going. Overall we're a reasonably mature bunch looking to expand our circle.

    We have only very few rules:
    • discord is mandatory for communication
    • each member must sync their profile and post in the #swgoh_gg channel upon entry. If you are not on yet, go check it out, it's really useful!
    • 600 daily raid tickets is highly encouraged so that we can raid often, but it is not enforced. All we ask is that you do your best, and that's it. Really.
    • Zero damage on Heroic Rancor raids is mandatory for the first 24 hours when the raid is activated at 8:00pm GMT; anyone who posts damage during the 24 hour zero rule, will be removed and invited back into the guild missing their raid rewards. This rule is the one most strictly enforced. We want everybody to have a chance to participate and get rewards from raids.
    • Tank Raids are free for all on activation at 7:30pm GMT
    • Don't be a d**k towards your guildmates. Communication is key. Try to be civil, and if you're going to be gone for a vacation, please let us know.

    If you're interested, hop on our discord, and be welcomed in our #landing-zone by our protocol droid who will help you with the next onboarding steps. Link:

    Notice: we have been getting several "offers" trying to grab our top ten active players and have them join their guild. We are not interested in fracturing the guild like that. We want to build.
  • Sentinels of the Force is looking to bring in 10-15 new members to round out our guild. We are currently running T4-T5 Rancor and Normal AAT to get gear for members of all levels. We also run a 24 hour no damage rule. We have the capability to run higher rancor pit but we care more about everyone being able to participate.

    Looking for members of any level, just want you to be active and get close to 500 raid tickets a day (most members get 600). We're dedicated to helping the entire guild develop and we have a fun group of people with a lot of knowledge to help make you the best player you can be. DM me on here or reach out via one of the methods of communication below and we can talk!

    Discord: EZC69#8988
    Line: easyc00

    I appreciate you considering us!
  • e9dfdf51b136b83347478f39986739d5.jpg

    Holocron Legends
    Member Count : 47
    Current GP : 36.8 Million
    Territory Battles : 19*
    Time Zone/s : CST and GMT
    Current Level Restriction : 65
    Rules : We have a 17 hours 30 minutes no damage rules to our Rancor Event. This ensures that both CST and GMT members have a comfortable time to join the event.
    Third Party Programs : We are currently utilizing discord as our main form of communication and then also as a tool for maximising our player’s efficiency and their character potential.
    We are currently doing Heroic Rancor with the goal of doing Hard AAT in the near future.
    Rancor is normally launched at 19:30 CST / 02:30 GMT and is ready at 12:00 CST / 19:00 GMT.
    For more information contact us on Discord :
    • steven28#9708 CST Time Zone
    • jeffrey35#0904 CST Time Zone
    • DukEMorne#1499 GMT Time Zone
    • CobraMelt#2405 GMT Time Zone
    About us:
    We prefer active members who can give 600 energy or as close to it as possible.
    We are from multiple countries and welcome everyone into our guild.
    We try to encourage our members to assist with gear donations wherever possible.
    We use Discord to organize all our events. Just to make sure we get the best results we can.
    The biggest thing we encourage, is to have fun.
    Become a member, stay as our family.
  • Rikus
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    The Mudblood Wookies is looking to add members or merge with a group of up to 7 people to fill out.

    About us:
    Guild GP: 53mil +
    Raids: Heroic Rancor 2-3 a week @ 9pm EST
    HAAT: We're into phase 4 and expect to complete it within a month when Thrawn comes back
    TB: 23* on the last run, expecting 24-25 with no additions on the next one
    Rules: 24-0dmg on raids, 600k cap on Rancor to allow folks to have fun otherwise half the guild can solo him
    Donations: We have over 26k+ pieces of gear donated so we are a very helpful guild
    Chat: We like to chat in-game primarily, we do use Line but it isn't required. My id is Rikus11 or msg me here

    About you & your group:
    You and any group members you wish to bring are expected to be active in game. Have fun, leave the drama at home, chat, donate, have a good time and make connections. That's what this game, and the Mudblood Wookies are about. We expect you to work to build a HAAT team, and contribute in TB. We understand that life happens but as long as you are making a good faith effort to get your 600 we're happy.
    Minimum Req: Level 80, 500k GP
  • DILLIGAFF Rebels is recruiting!
    We are a Heroic Pit, Normal Tank raid guild with a good mix of experienced players and those looking to level up. We don't have specific requirements but do want players to contribute regularly.
    We are UK based, with raids typically starting at 8PM local time.
    Please get in touch with us on discord at
  • Relatively new guild (1 month) looking for active players level 75 & up to join us. Currently we have 31 members with a GP of 28 million and range of 290k-2.4 million.
    Approx 25-27 of us have been together 2+ years but our old guild leader went AWOL & so we started over. Currently 2-3 Pit Heroic per week, NAAT about 5 every 2 weeks.

    Guild Name: Team Sinister (public)
    EST timezone
    Raid rules: Zero damage/Sacrifice on Pit for 24hrs. No AAT rules needed yet, 3 days to complete currently.
    Current Player mix: 20 lvl 85, 3 lvl 84, 3 lvl 77, 1 each of lvl 75,78,79,80, & 81.
    Chat: Very active in game, do not use 3rd party app.

    We are a mix of P2P & F2P players that don't judge either type. Very respectful of each other & great with gear donations & helping each other with questions. If you know will be inactive for a few days let us know on chat is all we ask.

    If you want a guild you can grow with and is close to reaching HAAT (with 50 members we likely could), we may be the right Guild for you. If you have any questions please PM me.
  • Driven is looking for more players level 70+ who are active daily to build up our numbers for TB and willing to put in the grind to get teams HAAT ready.

    We do Zero Damage for 24 hours on both AAT and Heroic Rancor Raids.

    We are mostly PST but have several international and east coast members. Raids are usually started at 7:30 PM Pacific Time.

    We use Line app for coordination.

    We currently have room for 5 players.

    Find Driven in game or contact me here on the forum.
    Line ID: SentiaDementia
    or send an ally request and I can invite you to join Driven.

    Sentia Dementia
    Ally Code: 874-385-234
  • Roguesofcoruscant is looking for new members. We have 44 active players right now and are running t7 raids and normal aat at the moment . Any level is welcome so even if you are lower come by and build up with us! We ask that you remain active and though we don't look for 600 Energy spent daily we do ask that you spend what u have... If we see you at 0 regularly you will be booted... We also ask you participate in raids... If you don't then you will also be booted as well as if you are gone more than 3 days... If you are just let us know. We know stuff happens. We do not use line or discord either. If this sounds like the guild for you look me up at 363-448-974. Hope to see you soon!!!
  • Fun and Friendly Guild - T7 Rancor - T6 Tank - 15 TB Stars

    Dr Evazan Cosmetic Surgery is recruiting!

    If you addicted the game this is the place for you. We are looking for people who play daily and do the daily guild ticket contributions. We do tier 7 Rancor, tier 6 Tank, and 15+ stars on Territory Battles.

    Rancor Rules:
    - We have a rotation for members to clear the pigs right away.
    - The first 24 hours everyone can do up to 300k damage to rancor.
    - At the 24 hour mark Rancor is free for anyone to attack.

    Tank Rules:
    - Free for all. Do as much damage as you can.

    Territory Battles:
    - Follow guild chat instructions on where to hit and which platoons to donate to.

    My IGN is MasterJediSkywalker, send me an ally invite and once I accept I can invite you to guild.
    My ally code is 273-468-789
    My SWGOH.GG page.
    Our Facebook page.
    Our Discord channel.

    Happy Hunting!
  • Plekumat Bölüğü
    We need you for Haat
    85 level
    Dailly 500 ticket
    Discord: kodname47#3393
  • We lost the Boss

    Wir sind eine deutsche Gilde mit aktuell 40 Spielern und einer GM von 34 Mio. Es gibt regelmäßig den Rancor als 7* Menü und zu besonderen Anlässen fahren wir auch mal den AAT hochglanzpoliert auf 6* vor.

    Der Kern der Gruppe spielt schon gefühlt eine halbe Ewigkeit zusammen, sodass von einer familiären Atmosphäre gesprochen werden kann. Wir wollen langsam den Schritt in Richtung hAAT wagen, da bereits einige Mitglieder dafür bereit sind. Unter anderem dafür benötigen wir noch etwas Verstärkung.

    Wir bringen ebenfalls ein großes Know-How-Set mit, um beim Aufbau von Teams oder dem Entwickeln von Strategien helfen zu können. Solltest du interessiert sein am Aufbau deines Teams und um die gesamte Gilde einen Schritt weiter nach vorne zu bringen, dann freuen wir uns auf Dich.

    PM an mich oder auch per Discord airwolf#2772

  • Starwolf is an active guild. We currently have 45/50 members after cleaning out some inactive, and you could round out our squad nicely! We are running about 33M GP right now but that's been boosted by more than 8M in the last three weeks alone! We got 13 stars in TB the first week and 16 on the last two, but the inactives cost us at least 2 stars. You can help us get even more!

    We raid often. Currently, we have Heroic Rancor on farm (24 hour no damage period) and are getting close to HAAT. We just need one or two more HAAT ready members to throw us over the top. We strongly encourage 600 tickets a day but we know life happens. The only reason you could be kicked is if you aren't active for longer than 7 days in a row, or you break the 24 hour rule for raids. We raid at 9:30 PM EST whenever we get enough tickets to launch.

    Join us for a fun loving guild trying to get better! You can make a difference! We welcome all players level 75 and above! Having chat strongly encouraged and discord is encouraged as well.

    Search Starwolf
  • Omega Macro Alliance
    Over 20 guilds working together
    Normal and heroic tank, TB conscious
    Will work with you personally, to match you with a group that best fits your needs
    Msg me on LINE
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • Hey Folks,
    I am currently looking to fill the remaining 7, spots of our guild - The Legends of J E D I.
    Our Guild GP is currently at GP 43.7m
    TB - we get 20* and has improved each time since start
    HPIT - v regularly - 0 hit for first 12hrs then free for all
    NAAT - as often as possible, allowing lower level peeps to get good gear etc...
    HAAT - We are actively working towards this we need help and support to accomplish it.
    550/600 daily tickets.
    We have removed all inactive +1 day players and have therefore only 7 spare places left.
    We are basically looking for someone or some people who are lvl 80 - 85, sociable and can share any experience they have with us and work with us to continue progressing.
    Please help us fill our empty spaces - PM me if interested - ally code - 282-739-378
  • Hello Holotable Heroes!

    The Doomsday Inquisitors are recruiting for active players today! Come check us out, you won't be disappointed!

    Who were looking for:
    - Daily active players that contribute to the guild raid tickets, daily activities, raids, and Territory Battles.
    - We're looking for a minimum of 450 raid tickets a day, plus daily participation in activities for maximum guild currency payouts!
    - We have a discord server to coordinate our efforts in the cantina, and you'll be required to join and participate!

    We are a friendly, active guild that is currently running Heroic Rancor and Normal AAT raids. We are close to pushing Heroic AAT, and are looking for players who want to help us get there! We have rotating times for our raids, and our reset time is 9AM EDT, so we welcome anyone on the planet to join us. Our main objective is to grow our active player base to increase our raid frequency, and success in Territory Battles.

    Reach out to me via PM today, or request to join by searching for us and let's conquer the Holotables together today!
  • 25/50 guild in need of new members. Looking to do heroic rancors soon but need more members. Have some decent players but need new blood to bolster. All are welcome

    Guild is The sons of malachor
  • Liebe SWGOH-Gemeinde,

    die "Garde der alten Republik" (über 40 Mio G) sucht verstärkung für TB und (H)AAT

    wir bestehen im Kern aus vielen alten Hasen, ein fester Haufen, der schon lange zusammen spielt.

    Wir haben zwar diverse Discord Channel, eine Discordpflicht besteht jedoch nicht.
    Du solltest mind 2.000 RTs in der Woche machen, die meisten machen aber deutlich mehr.
    4 passende Teams für den (H)AAT bereits dein Eigen nennen und um die 1 Mio GM haben.

    Für schwächere Bewerber haben wir eine Partnergilde:
    Dort kann sich wirklich jeder Spieler, egal welcher Stufe, in Ruhe vorbereiten.

    Kontakt per PN an mich bzw. über mein Discord: Karvenh#7206 bzw. line: Karvenh

    Möge die Macht mit euch sein!

  • Hey

    Thanks for reading. This will be a rare chance to join one of the Zylos Vendetta guilds.

    We need the following asap:

    Zylos Vendetta: Needs 3 members. lvl. 80-85. GP >800k
    The guild does HC Rancor and Tank

    Zylos Vendetta 2: Needs 2 members. lvl. 65-85. GP>150k
    The guild does all Rancor raids and Normal Tank. NEXT HC RANCOR IN 30 MINUTES!!!!

    Zylos Vendetta 3: Needs members of any level! Join up!

    Very friendly and cooperative guilds. We use discord, and have a nice server, with lots of info.

    Contact me for further info on either of the guilds.

    Falen Lacer, 885-328-198, Zylos Vendetta
    Lukas NH, 564-465-354, Zylos Vendetta 2
    Sioux, 768-235-194, Zylos Vendetta 3
  • Hello there,

    Bounty Hunters Alliance:
    # We are an old Heroic Rancor / nAAT guild and we are working on HAAT very soon we ll start Heroic AAT.
    # Territory Battles: 17-18* for now
    # English speaking guild + very friendly and cool people :)
    # 95% of the guild is lvl 85
    # There is only one rule : 0 dmg for the pit in the first 24 hours to give enough time for everyone to participate...
    # Recently we have to remove some active players who doesnt like to wait for 24hrs..

    So currently we are recruiting and have 40-42 players...

    We are looking for lvl 80-85 active players or small group of players...

    Feel free to contact with private msg via forums or discord...

    Guild is open for joining right now...


    Ally code:
    Discord : Aurras#7911
  • The House of B1ack and Whit3 wants you!

    We are recruiting now to become stronger. We have a good amount of guys who can donate, contribute to activities and most importantly do high damage in raids.

    We are looking for mature and active players to join and help us grow so we can take on heroic raids and become even stronger. If you are interested in joining a growing guild we ask that you fall under these simple requirements.

    Be mature, Be active, Be able to attack 5 times a day in pit and tank raids(minimum tier 6) and Contribute in daily guild activities

    Please reply to this or PM with your friend ID
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