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  • TheFirst0rder

    Supreme Leader Snoke commands you to join TheFirst0rder! There are currently 2 openings for new members who want to be part of a committed and ambitious guild with casual rules.
    We estimate that we'll be attempting HAAT raids soon after the next Thrawn event (possibly October) and we want your help getting there quicker and making it successful.

    Entry requirements: Ideally at least five gear 10 characters but it's negotiable e.g. if you're not at max level and can't meet this yet.

    Guild info:
    Heroic Rancor raids are every 2-3 days and normal AAT raids are every 3-4 days.

    Raid times rotate:
    Heroic Rancor open for damage: 8:30am, 4:30pm, 12:30am Eastern time (12:30pm, 8:30pm, 5:30am UTC), zero damage during the 12 hours prior.
    Normal AAT raids are FFA from the start: 8:30pm, 4:30am, 12:30pm Eastern time (12:30am, 8:30am, 4:30pm UTC).

    Guild reset time zone is USA EST.

    Apart from the zero damage period in the Rancor we have no strict rules but we do regularly replace the least active members to keep raid ticket production up.

    You are encouraged to join our LINE group where we discuss the game, help each other improve and organise the guild in preparation for HAAT and Territory Battles! We are a very friendly bunch of players from all around the world, mainly USA and Europe.

    If you're interested in joining send me a private message with your ally code / account link or add me on LINE and we'll talk there.

    Stevie Rage
    LINE: stevie_rage
  • Yite
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    The "Order of the honey badger" are looking for a few more daily players to fill our ranks.

    We are a T6 Rancor/NAAT guild and are looking for players in the 70-80 level range.
    • Guild tickets/tokens payout is at 12:30PM EST (17:30 GMT). Character refresh for raids is at 6:00PM EST (23:00 GMT).
    • Raids will be started at payout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    • Territory battles start at 08:00 EST (14:00 GMT)
    • Any member who will be absent for more than 48 hours should notify the guild in the extended absences channel. Those who fail to do so will be removed from the guild but may rejoin if they come back to the game.
    • All members who make gear requests in the guild exchange should donate gear in return.

    We use discord to communicate, code: 2MAxxpK, drop in to have a chat or add me Yite#4149. My Ally Code: 143-873-312
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  • The Empire is a growing collection of some of the most active, sociable, knowledgeable
    SWGOH gamers that together run four raiding teams under The Empire umbrella. Kashyyyk
    was a member of the Republic since its inception. However, as time passed and Kashyyyk's period in the Republic began to fade, it was time for a new power to rise to bring peace and stability to the galaxy and so, from the ashes of the Republic, the Empire was born. We are all about family, unity and working together to overcome any obstacle/new content the game can throw at us.
    Almost all members are level 85 and
    members are primarily based in the US, and Ava and Nihilus, the Empire leaders, are in the
    eastern time zone.
    Empire Hoth has a casual environment, but would like to see motivated individuals who would like to raid and help others, donate, and constantly strive to 600. We promote hard working raiders to our HAAT guilds. Empire Hoth is currently is raiding at 4pm US Eastern.
    Key Questions:

    What is the most important thing to know about being in The Empire?
    We believe that communication is important from both the guild leadership and the guild
    members. We've set up a Charter for all prospective members with additional guild information,
    which is available to view here: >>>
    0/edit"]Empire Charter[/url]<<<. Our goal with the charter is to help set expectations and reduce
    confusion/uncertainty. Thus, we have information on the Imperial Community at large, raid
    times, and more within our charter. We created a concise and
    user-friendly document as our mission, and as always, is to help others grow in a fun and
    welcoming environment. Also, we really like blowing up tanks and decapitating rancors. So
    check out the charter and let us know if you have questions or would like more information.
    Now what are the Empire Hoth's requirements you ask? Pretty simple;
    * Be on Discord
    * Be a positive influence in the community (and donate ~1 pieceof gear/day)
    * Have fun
    Feel free to contact our Imperial leaders through any of the below means:
    Visit us on Discord >>>HERE<<< and let us
  • Brain Dead Gamers is looking for more active members to round out our guild in our new home. We recently split off from our prior guild in hopes of getting a little more serious in the game and as such, we have plenty of spots open for new members (37/50).
    -We primarily set up raids with Eastern time zone in mind, usually starting after our guild activity reset at 7:30pm EDT
    -Our rules are pretty simple, try to spend 600 energy every day and have fun doing it. We are also an online gaming community and are "noob" friendly, we have tons of resources at your disposal, if you are unsure about anything in the game, just ASK, we are here to help!
    -We communicate and coordinate raids and activities through guild chat, facebook and discord.
    -We've killed the normal AAT plenty of times so far, have been farming Heroic Pit for 2 months and are preparing to enter Heroic AAT next month.
    -If interested add my ally code: 364-756-822 or add me on discord: Ragrot#8987
  • mingtheinsatiable
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    Our guild, Edge of the Void, is looking for a few recruits.

    Guild Name: Edge of the Void

    About Our Guild: Our guild has been around for about a year now. We currently have 45/50 members, having purged a couple players who couldn't comply with raid rules or went inactive. All but one of our members are level 85. We've got a good mix of high-end players along with a number who are developing their teams. Everybody gets along. We've got a lot of generous donators, and our crew is great with roster-building advice and battle-strategy. We're looking to fill out the rest of our guild with active, impactful players. Our members average approximately 29 7-stars each, and over 900,000 Galactic Power per member. Total Galactic Power is just over 40 million. The daily refresh is 6:30 p.m. pacific.

    Rancor Raid: We currently run Heroic Rancor Raids exclusively. We typically rotate starting times of 10:00 a.m. (pacific) and 6:30 p.m. (pacific). For Rancor Raids, our only raid rules are: (1) Mandatory 24-hour Zero Damage period on Rancor Raids, followed by free for all; and (2) players with a full 7-star Raid Han must stay out of a top 3 finish to allow everyone to acquire Han.

    Tank Raid: For AAT, we typically run normal AAT (and finish in less than 48 hours, closer to 24 hours). We have also occasionally dipped our toes into HAAT and completed with some assistance. No restrictions on AAT raid.

    Roster Requirements: We don't have super-strict requirements, but we do want to make sure that anyone joining is a good fit for our guild, and that our guild is a good fit for each new recruit. To that end, we ask that any new recruits have a minimum of 10 7-star characters and a minimum of 650,000 total Galactic Power.

    Activity Requirements: We're looking for players that play no less than daily. We don't have a strict raid ticket requirement (we understand that life happens), but do evaluate each player's contribution on a weekly basis and ask that people generate a minimum of 400 tickets/day. Raid contribution is highly encouraged. Territory Battle (when that rolls out) contribution will be mandatory, as rewards are based on each player's contribution. Players who are inactive for more than 2 days without notifying the guild are booted.

    Mol Eliza Policy: Our final rule is: no Mol Eliza's. We are sick of seeing that name and find that people who don't take the time to make a unique name usually don't participate socially or follow rules. If you are currently a "Mol Eliza" and want to join, think up a cool name and change it.

    Third party chat: We use Discord for offline chat. Discord is not mandatory but it is highly encouraged.
    If you're interested in joining up, message me through the forums or on Discord or shoot me an ally invite through the game:

    Ming the Insatiable
    Ally Code: 182-733-465
    Discord ID: MingtheInsatiable#9687
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  • Are you looking to grow into a Heroic content player? Glint Guild wants you! We are an N AAT/T7 farm guild looking for new, active members who are interested in getting ready for H AAT. We are also affiliated with an H AAT farm guild (Galactic Security), so if you prove yourself you can quickly earn an opportunity to Heroic raid. We also have now added a merc run of H AAT - date each week will be determined by timing of Territory Battles.

    If you want to grow and progress, we would be glad to bring you in. We have a very modest ticket per day minimum (but you grow faster the more energy you spend); we also have no problem with people taking vacations or brief time off (as long as they give us a heads up).

    Our chat is always helpful, and we offer tips and advice on how to maximize your game enjoyment. We use Discord for game discussion and raid scheduling/coordination; it is encouraged you join to ensure all members follow fairness rules.

    Our time zone is EDT (GMT-4), with reset at 730pm EDT. Most of our members are US, but we have members from around the world.

    If this sounds right for you, please send me a pm. You can also shoot me an Ally request at 622-522-376, or reach me on discord at Mef1428#2087.

    Good hunting!

  • Greetings to Defeat was yesterday!
    We are a family of players where most of our guild has been together since last year some longer.
    We are constantly improving and currently do Heroic Rancor on a bindaily basis, and AAT every 2 to 3 days we want to start improving on this and create a more dynamic team.
    Guild Name'. - Defeat was Yesterday
    Time Zone- UK
    Player Base- Mainly U.K. Both f2p and p2p
    Chat app- Line
    Pit level- Heroic(T7)
    - Raid Rules: Sacrifice with FFA 24 hours later
    Guild Rules- Currently min 300 energy but ideally 600 energy, join our Line chat, and have fun!

    If you want to chat about joining my Line ID is m30rdo
    Team defeat was yesterday
    In game Id- 228-854-772

    Everyone welcome
  • Hello there,

    DILLIGAFF Rebels is a UK-based guild looking for members. We are mostly level 85 but don't have strict requirements, just ask that members are active and contribute in-game and on discord.
    We currently do the heroic pit raid and normal AAT, raids typically start at 8pm.

    Just search to join, or to find out more hit us up on discord at
  • ***Just had one new spot open!***

    Guild Name: OB 1 More Round
    Members: 49/50 USA, Canada, Asia & Mexico
    Levels: 60-85 Welcome!
    Timezone: EST
    Normal tank Raid (Twice a week)
    Heroic Rancor (3 times a week)
    Top 2000 Guild!
    Guild GP: 31 Million
    Last Inactive Member: Less than 1 Day

    Why Hello There!
    Looking for a friendly low stress guild that gets you those Han Solo shards 3 times a week? Want to throw a few drinks back while working on your HAAT team? Well look no further! OB 1 More Round is a US EST reset guild, but all nations are welcomed!
    We are looking to take the leap to HAAT raids and could use your help! And if we don't make it, we can always drink to forget about it;)
    We can beat normal tank in 1 day (heroic rancor no problem) and open to growing with any level members, we have even have a few padawan level 40's we have incubating;).
    We just attempted HAAT for the second time and got 70% through phase 2 so I am sure we will complete it within a month or 2.
    We have a 1 day delay on beating the rancor so everyone can get credit and rewards. We know there are other obligations in life (like drinking) so we just ask to try to play when you can and have fun on the chat!
    Message me if interested (we only have spot open) we use both the in game and line app
    May the Buzz be with you!
    Ally code: 898224215
    Line ID: hendrix9
  • MikeSkyWalker
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    49/50 members producing 26k raid tix per day. Can also tier 7 daily guild activity. We need one more member who is level 80+, will get their 600 daily raid tix, and is willing to join discord. We have a whole forum in their with our rules.

    Very chatty and friendly guild. About 2 weeks away from starting Haat.

    Message me on here to get in. Only 1 spot left!


    635-969-644. If I see a friend request, from someone without a guild, I will know it is someone from here wanting into the guild.
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  • Box
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    Two Sun

    Guild of 28, almost all at level 85

    GP of 27m

    We are not a Haat guild because we don't have the members yet. So we are looking for fun, active players.

    We do run hpit and naat as often as possible. Hpit is 24 hour zero damage, naat is ffa.

    Only requirement at this point is Line app. Eventually I do see a min daily ticket requirement taking effect. We all want to get to haat so that will only happen with everyone participating.

    We have different chat groups, some for game talk and some for fun. Chat as much or as little as you like but we are here to support you. Line is required to organize raids and TB.

    Hit me up here or on Line.
    Box - ally code 715-313-458
    Line ID box8773

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  • Jurek_Yeroc
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    Outdated info deleted.
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  • G_Man
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    #And the watch has ended#

    22 Million GP guild with plenty of spots open for TB. Currently only 30 members. Dont join a 49/50 guild if their GP is low.

    Looking for players who need AAT and HPit still (on farm takes less very little time) with HAAT on the Horizon. With the primary focus to get to P3 and beyond on TB.

    British mainly guild with raid times of 20.00 GMT and 24 hour rule but only on HPit. Must use discord for chat.
    Discord: G Man#8366

    TB starting soon dont miss out. If you are a small guild we can also discuss movement on mass.


  • Join the Plekumat Bölüğü

    75 level or higher
    Daily 500+ ticket  mandatory.

    Time Zone : Gmt +3
    Reset Time: 19:30 (GMT +3)
    Heroic Rancor The "24h no damage" rule is mandatory. (FFA attack is at 21.30 )
    Normal AAT raid (FFA once started)

    We need you for Haat and Territory Battle

    500+ daily contribution is REQUIRED (more energy means more raids and thus more gear/shards/credits).
    A focussed and positive mindset.
    Motivation to work toward Heroic AAT.

    If you are interested, send me an ally invite and I'll send you a Guild invite.

    Players please add me ( kodname 47) in game (466-587-381), message me here.

    Officer ally code : 466-587-381
    Officer ally code : 839-655-465
    Officer ally code : 134-645-935
    Officer ally code : 659-814-169

    Discord : kodname47#3393
    Line : kodname47
    Discord: cemfidan03#3467
  • The Corellian Refugees have room for 1 new member before Territory Battles begin!

    We're a helpful, relaxed, & fun-loving yet dedicated guild. We're mostly US, with a few in Europe & Australia, and player levels from 70 to 85.

    600 highly encouraged, not required, but the more tix we earn the more often we raid, so most try to hit that mark. Guild activities reset at 7:30 PM US central time, and we launch raids at that time. Current raid tiers and rules: AAT is normal & FFA, & Rancor is heroic with 24 hour zero damage so all can get in on the loot & Han shards. :)

    Out of game chat and strategizing in Discord (keithereal#8467). PM me here or there for more details, or add me using ally code 581-332-129. Hope to have you join us!
  • Ragrot
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    Brain Dead Gamers is looking for more active members to round out our guild in our new home. We recently split off from our prior guild in hopes of getting a little more serious in the game and as such, we have plenty of spots open for new members (37/50).
    -We primarily set up raids with Eastern time zone in mind, usually starting after our guild activity reset at 7:30pm EDT
    -Our rules are pretty simple, try to spend 600 energy every day and have fun doing it. We are also an online gaming community and are "noob" friendly, we have tons of resources at your disposal, if you are unsure about anything in the game, just ASK, we are here to help!
    -We communicate and coordinate raids and activities through guild chat, facebook and discord.
    -We've killed the normal AAT plenty of times so far, have been farming Heroic Pit for 2 months and are preparing to enter Heroic AAT next month.
    -If interested add my ally code: 364-756-822 or add me on discord: Ragrot#8987

  • Men in Black II is Recruiting!
    As you can see from our guild name, we are a pretty laid back bunch of guys!
    We all love this game and we love to have fun with it, which is why our requirements minimal.
    Here at Men in Black II we are very active and have a good time!
    We are looking for new members to help us work towards Heroic HAAT
    We currently run Heroic Rancor 3-4 times per week, (Raid Han Solo shards for everyone!)
    We also clear AAT raid 2-3 times per week at 6 star
    The requirements to join are as follows:
    Level ANY
    Be active and friendly
    Contribute in raids
    And thats it!
    If you are new to raiding I am more than happy to personally take you under my wing and help you to start farming the Rancor raid at 7* Heroic and put teams together for 6* AAT
    If you are interested to join, or would just like some more information then please do comment below!

    Once we are at 50/50 we will run heroic AAT. Galactic Power is 28 Mil
  • kanzounisimiru 2 is recruiting for normal AAT raiding with the view of all pulling together to get to Heroic by the end of the year.
    Guild Name - kanzounisimiru 2
    Timezone - Japan ST guild reset (mix of Asian and American players)
    Rules - Rancor raid has a 24 hour 0 dmg rule and then FFA. Tank is FFA
    - Try to do 600 energy each day
    - Have fun
    We raid T7 Heroics occasionally and are trying to restock our roster as some of our membership recently split off to form a new guild.
    If you are interested in joining please drop me a message on here.
  • Force Ghost Rejects is looking for players over level 80 who would like to do normal tank raids for now and gradually work up to HAAT raids. Add me if you want in! 247-147-214
  • Jayius
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    XxXNerf HerdersXxX Seeks you!

    Are you looking for communicative, fun group of players, and some Han Solo shards to boot? Are you a self-described stuck up... half-witted... scruffy-looking... Nerf-herder? We are actively recruiting 5 or 6 members who can immediately hit a heroic rancor, which we kill in 15-20 mins 3x per week. Our chat is active, and our Discord channel even more so.

    Guild Policies:
    1. Earn raid tickets daily
    2. Be active (8 day maximum inactive period)
    3. Communicate with guild leadership if reality is interfering with 1 or 2.
    4. Follow raid instructions
    5. Don't be a ****

    The boring stuff but what you need to know:
    • Current guild power: 31,847,644
    • Current progress in TB: 2 star phase 1
    • Daily ticket average: 20,000
    • Time to kill Heroic Pit: 15-20 mins
    • Time to kill NAAT: 24 hours
    • Guild raid times: 10 EST, 9 CST, 8 MST, 7 PST

    To join, message me here, or ally request one of our officers:

    Let's grow together!

  • Guild: Pinoy Legends (looking for new members preferably with a decent HAAT Teams)
    Alliance Guild: PadajuansPH
    Zone Time: GMT +8
    Reset Time: 18:30 (GMT +8)
    Raids: Heroic Rancor 3-4x per week (0 damage registration, then on the next day at 12 Noon FFA finish in 15 mins or less)
    Normal AAT raid (FFA once started)
    Heroic AAT (made it to half of p3)
    1. Level 80 - 85
    2. Very Active player
    3. Raid tickets contribution: highly recommended to complete 600 tickets but not mandatory.
    4. Zone time: preferably GMT +8 but if you can manage your time, it is up to you.
    5. Must have discord for communication.
    6. Must have an account in database.
    7. Be able to communicate and follow guild rules (they're simple and straightforward)
    If interested, you may message our recruitment officer through discord: ScruffySailor#7124

    Yours Truly,
    Recruitment Officer :)
  • Order of Reapers is looking for good players to help fill our ranks. We use Line please contact me there if you are interested.

    Min level of 50
    500 points daily:
    5pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Ally code: 548-433-529
  • "Why, you stuck up... half-witted... scruffy-looking... Nerf-herder!"

    If your answer is "Who's scruffy looking?" Or think that Luke and Leia had the original Cersei / Jamie thing going on, search no further.

    We run 3x Heroic Pits a week and ask you be ready to jump into the fray with at least one heroic pit team. We are active in chat, and very active in Discord(we ask that you download & join)

    Guild expectations:
    • Earn raid tickets daily
    • Be active (8 day maximum inactive period)
    • Communicate with guild leadership if reality is interfering with 1 or 2.
    • Follow raid instructions
    • Don't be a ****

    The boring things:
    • Heroic Pit: cleared in 15 - 20 mins (24 hour 0 damage rule)
    • NAAT: 24 hour clear
    • Tix produced daily: 20,000+
    • 31 million GP (currently 2 star in TB Phase 1)

    For immediate consideration, message me here or Ally one of our leaders (I am Akilo Eimi in game):
    • JoeyBussan 947-827-918
    • JerryEarlesJr 693-479-677
    • Blackjak07 328-177-835
    • fritz0242 323-996-559
    • Akilo Eimi 921-399-571

    For more information, you can also check our our guild website.
  • Hi there,

    Active Players Wanted and Needed !

    We are Lazer Blades, most of us are lvl 85, some big hitters, some not so big. Not many daily requirements, but we appreciate if 600 dailies are met.
    We raid as much as we can , Heroic Rancor (2-3 per week), and nAAT (1-2 per week), working hard towards HAAT. Rancor is restricted to 500k damage, so everyone gets rewarded. No limits on nAAT.
    Although, those rules might change a bit in the future.

    Most of us are also quite generous in the Exchange, but if you take, you should also give.

    We are currently sitting at 45 of 50, but can definitely make room for about 10-15 players. As long as they're active and have great attitude.

    Currently, our GP is around 32 mil.

    Line app is not mandatory, but it sure helps us communicate.

    My player ID is 792-993-748
    Our leader ID is 675-781-256

    Message if interested.
  • BALKAN EXPRESS V2 traži nove clanove, svi aktivni igraci su dobro dosli
    moj ally code je 864-766-473
  • Flicky92
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    Funksink are currently recruiting for players to do normal mode raids and help with territory battles.

    We accept players of all levels but preferably would like 60+ with a wide range of characters to use. Players must play daily with 600 out of 600 per day for raid energy and have the ambition to grow and help the guild to become bigger and better.

    If your interested get in touch.

    We look forward to seeing you by our side on the battlefield.
  • A_aron
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    'Exia Darkest Matter' is looking for players or a small guild to merge into ours!
    We are an active guild of about 30 players. Our guild galactic power is ~25,000,000. We clear Heroic Pit in under an hour and Normal AAT in about a day usually. We are close to ready to Heroic AAT, but we need some extra fire power to ensure we are pushed over the edge. We have a large set of characters and strength for Territory Battles, but we are in need of more players in order to increase our guild power to acquire more stars.
    Our guild reset is at 10:30 PST, but our players are from all over the world.
    We rotate our raid start times to ensure that it is fair to all of our players. We have a 'less than 10k damage for first 24 hours' rule on the pit to ensure everyone gets a chance to get contributions.
    The only thing we are currently requesting from you is your daily 600 gp. We will not immediately kick you for missing it, but if it becomes consistent, you will be kicked.
    We have a facebook page we sometimes use for communication, we have recently started using our own discord server, and we frequently chat in game.
    Feel free to contact me on discord 'Pumpk1nz#5451', or just search for our guild with the new search feature and come join.

    We look forward to meeting you!
  • Hello everyone, 117th Legion are currently looking for some active players to help our fast growing guild achieve even greater accomplishments
    About us:
    We are a casual and friendly group, making strong progress. We use a Zero Damage 24 hours rule on heroic rancor, just to give everyone a chance to hit the raid before it drops. We have experienced players ready to advice on raid tactics to help improve your overall output. We have players of all levels but have a strong core of 80-85 players and are finding heroic rancor very easy in general, perfect time to join if you want Han Solo!
    Heroic Rancor Raid: >30 mins to drop. 0 Damage rule for the first 24 hours.
    Normal Tank Raid: Open season for all trying to take it down as fast as possible.
    Heroic Tank Raid: We are building teams for this raid, Join today and work with us towards this goal that will be achieved.
    Ideally looking for anyone as long as they are active and willing to put in the work to improve themselves and the guild. Activity is encouraged, but we know this is a game and real life takes priority.
    The main rule is to be respectable and friendly to each other, we wont tolerate people just being generally horrible human beings.
    Damaging the Heroic rancor during the 0 damage time will award the player with a strike, three strikes and your out.
    PhenomEncarnate: Our leader (494-911-373)
    Macadoo: Officer (861-892-566)
    Lienidus: Officer (899-797-414)
    Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions.
    Many thanks and I hope to hear from you all very soon!
    Ally Code: 861-892-566
    Guild: 117th Legion
  • Han Lives is looking to fill 5-10 slots with a small guild or group of people that are looking for a new guild. We are a mix of f2p and p2p and are on the brink of HAAT (but would be easy with a few more recruits). We are US based with Heroic Rancor and T6 AAT raids starting Wednesday and Sunday around 630 PST. We are a friendly guild and super laid back, no obligation to send screenshots of 600 raid tickets or a mandatory 3rd party chat option, but we do have a kik channel if you want to chat outside of the restrictive in-game chat. The only rules we have are a 24 hr 0 damage phase for all rancor raids, and to treat everyone else in the guild with respect.
    Add me (Cking) with ally code 954-199-478 or search for our guild Han Lives
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