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    Aluxendr wrote: »
    This thread is pointless, and most of you are ****.


    1. If you are newer to the game and attempting to push for a 7* character, IF you win GW you receive 1200 Tokens. Shipments refresh every 6 hours last I checked and there's 24 hours in a day. "I don't want to constantly have to check in to get shipments". Guess you're too lazy to open an app on your phone then.

    2. If you are not new to the game, and want 7* shards and have a stockpile, chances are good you have Lumi and Phasma, at a minimum. That's 40 shards a day, if you're like me and have 4 characters maxed, 80 shards a day. Free, usable alternative income.

    3. Want a full character day 1? Buy some Chromium packs. Don't expect whale-like benefits if you aren't a whale.

    It isn't a cash grab, it's a way for them to limit people from dumping for shards. IF you had paid attention to the initial post in the forum and read "characters already at 7*" you could have dumped your shards.

    I didn't, because I didn't care. Also, the price to refresh with tokens goes up very rapidly, for those of you complaining and saying it was always just 10 tokens. YOU CLEARLY NEVER USED THE REFRESH.

    This. I think you got 2 at 10 then it went to 50 or 100. I wanted to finish off lumi so I blasted out several a bit ago.

    I do find it humorous that people are complaining about this but then snub others for complaining about qgj. Kinda hypocritical imo. Though the last three "game ending" "game changing" updates (gw shipments refresh, qgj, gw retreat) haven't changed anything for me.
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    The low price packs and subs won me over, and despite never paying for IAP previously, I enjoyed the game enough to support it.

    The $100 TFA bundle made me think twice about the direction of the game. The increased price of crystal sub made me wince.

    This obvious cash grab makes me vow to not spend again. My few dollars won't be missed, but I can't bring myself to support obvious greed.

    I recently watched another game go down this exact same road. That one has a cache of invested whales, and a continuos turnover of players attracted by the franchise, lured by the game mechanics into purchases, and eventually leaving the game.

    I'd hoped that Disney wouldn't allow such predatory practices, but understand the licensing isn't continually approved. If there isn't a gigantic mea culpa from the developers over this, I take it as a sign that the game is destined for the same result, despite being a much more established franchise.

    Minus a sign that the developers really are going to try to be more player friendly, I think I'm not just done with purchases, but these kinds of franchise games entirely.

    The freemium franchise based game model is horribly broken in general, but is just a quagmire of purposeful opportunistic questionable ethics.

    Hopefully, the industry will mature eventually...but it won't be while the "get them invested and then squeeze" business model is still lucrative. If you object, you have to take a stand and take your money away.

    The other game you described sounds a lot like Scopely's Walking Dead game. Of course a lot of these games do the same exact thing so it could be any of them.
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