Live Q&A w/Dev Team - 4/6/18


  • Is Porkins coming to the tables?
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    3. While you are designing the Fleet-PvE ... is there a Plan for getting Charakter shards through the fleet PvE ? And will it use his own energy?
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    What can we expect as reward/gear from Fleet PvE?
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    First of all, let me start by saying I love this have and have been playing daily since 2015. I've spent hours upon hours on this, Wich is the point of my question(s).
    Between events, TB, TW, two arenas, and 3 raids, the amount of time needed to play this game send to always be increasing. What are your plans on this subject? Are you planning to keep increasing this over time, or are there balancing methods being worked on?
    How are you making decisions on this? Is this open to community feedback? How often does this get discussed at all?
  • Hello, dear CG people in the sky. My question will be a bit direct, so answer is possible: there was a mention in the ships department for new content. Can we expect that before the Solo release or is that reserved for after it?
  • Do you have any plans to make either of the two characters in the Guild Event Store (Hermit Yoda or Wampa) available elsewhere in the future?
  • Can we get Rogue One as a sortable faction since they certain missions are restricted to them in light side TB?
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  • It would be nice to have the ability to sort enemy squads by their total power level in a section in TW, would def make it easier to find the squad you want to fight. Is this something we can expect in the future?
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  • Please keep to one question per person :)
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    Thanks for the opportunity, here is my question:
    What is your policy concerning Legends/Expanded universe characters? Obviously, KOTOR is an acceptable source of new content, but what about the older novels and all the other stuff that is outside the official canon? People here are asking for characters from all over the place, so could you provide some clarification on what is reasonable to expect?
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • Are there any plans to alleviate the gear crunch problem? I mean, make g8 and g9 easier to achieve, especially MK3 Carbantis and MK5 Stun Guns. G8 and G9 won't give people an advantage, and it won't leave people with nothing to farm because there still will be g10, 11 and 12 to get.
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    Can we get Rogue One as a sortable faction since they certain missions are restricted to them in light side TB?

    This is currently a selectable option it was added in one of the last few content updates
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    Have you guys thought about rotating bonuses for the TW table? Giving various factions defensive or offensive bonuses to keep things fresh?
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    Is there a plan in the works to "sunset" the older raids for veteran players to reduce time spent? The issue is we still need that gear somehow. Many can auto the rancor raid, or knock out 35M damage on the tank (if they want to spend 45 minutes), but they are no longer a challenge.
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    Two Questions:

    Q1)Can you please release a public API so that we can build other community tools around the game?

    Q2)With a ships update coming soon, are you intending to re-balance the difficulty on the Tier V ackbar challenge? What is actually needed is substantially more difficult than the recommended levels and even with substantially better toons the challenge is still reportedly extremely RNG dependent and is even significantly more difficult than the Tier VI monthly event for Ackbar's capital ship
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    varkesh wrote: »
    This is currently a selectable option it was added in one of the last few content updates

    Thanks, I hadn't noticed!
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    "I suggest a new strategy, R2: let the wookiee win." -- C-3PO
  • What happens when there is an odd number of guilds participating in TW?
  • Alright, it's quite hard to narrow it doubt to one question--and even then I cannot quite help the temptation to make it a two part question--but here we go:

    Are there any plans to add a review period to Territory Battles and/or any other tools to help guild officers stay organized and track activity?
  • With the way that the sith raid is as of right now it is no fun to play. Particularly p1 and p4. The stacking tinacity and protection regenerating elements are by far the most frustrating. If those where done away with it would be more fun.

    My question is, how does the development team feel about this and have they even played their own game to know what we are talking about?
  • With some of the game changers also getting into Marvel Strike Force game, can CG do something positive in regard to secondaries of speed being made decent and having an increased chance to roll? Long live McMole2 for pure honesty.

    It seems now (for whatever reason) that the Devs finally are giving us some stuff we have requested for two years in some cases, I did play Marvel Strike Force and it was really good, prettier on the eye than SWGOH for a start.

    Will any drop rates be properly disclosed that are bought with real currency or crystals (which everyone knows more crystals can be gained with real currency) , so win win , erm.

    Some of the packs are clearly a joke unless you’re the recipient of a portion of the funds, the 5-300 shard con, I beseech you to remove it.
  • With the rework of the Bounty Hunter faction can we expect more Bounty Hunters from canon and legends? In particular, I'd like to see the Gand Findsman Zuckus from Empire Strikes Back who was a force tracker.
  • A. Do you guys have plans to take anymore inspiration from SWTOR?

    B. why do two of the pest pilots from the movies not have ships? (Anakin and Luke)
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    Can we get a general idea of what hardware abilities are meant to be? I'm not asking for specifics (since that might change in any minute until you decide to launch them) or a release date (even if you have one planned, you won't post it now), but just a general idea of what we can expect when you do decide to launch them.
    And if that's a scratched idea, it'll be good to get official confirmation and having it removed from the game... It's just taunting us at this point

  • Dr_Alan_Grant: Is there any thought about having a players highest rank throughout the day count for their payout?
    [NR] The answer is no. This sort of system ultimately doesn't reward the play pattern we believe drives competition, which is players should battle for the top spot at a specific payout time. This also likely facilitates collusion behavior that we think is detrimental to the game.


    Are you aware of what many consider "Arena Mafias" that basically kill competition at the top 50 and people outside of those groups to be specifically targeted and excluded, forcing them to waste more crystals than they should due to their skill level just because a group of people want the easy way of getting those rewards? If so what are you doing to fix it?
  • Now that GW can be simmed, is there any plan to either revert the difficulty, or to offer a "hard mode" for those who want the challenge back?
  • Any plans on slightly increasing the amount of Omegas that drop from the Omega Battles? I'd be happy with 2-3 per battle.
  • Hello,
    Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. My question is rather a proposition.
    You mentioned previously that you would not add "new" characters into the Galactic War, Cantina and Squad stores so it could serve a source of Shard store currency - truly appreciated - but would you perhaps consider refreshing farming spots for certain characters?
    To make myself clear, let me give you an example:
    URoRRuR'R'R is only available in two hard nodes. You could remove him from one or both and make his shards available in one of the "retired" stores. It would also free up those nodes for something else while allowing older and new players to farm that character which has been in-game since the beginning.
    Mace Windu was added to the Arena Store with the release of Fleets, making him an alternative farm to the Cantina node in which is initially and still is available.
    Thank you.
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    1) While I know there are a great many characters people want, I’m a big fan of some of the recent comics for Star Wars and wanted to know what the prospects for characters originating from the comics might be (Terex, Aphra, Sana, etc)? Is this something generally off the table, or are the characters too niche to get greenlit? I’m also concerned that with an infinite influx of new Star Wars material, that these characters may never be given the bandwidth to make it into the game.

    2) I would like to know how the designers view the massive peripheral impact of speed secondaries on the game’s balance. I know we will be getting 6 dot mods in the foreseeable future (and eventually 7 dot) and worry about the cancerous impact that even higher speed secondaries might create. It is my belief that what people dread the most about higher tier mods is exactly this. I personally believe it would be best if 6/7 dot mods did not have speed secondaries at all (forcing a choice between 5 dot speed and powerful new bonuses on 6/7 dot mods, but also beneficially not creating an infinite mountain to climb attempting to upgrade speed secondaries until the sun explodes).

    3) With the general format of Legendary events (5 characters of a faction face off against the opposing faction to earn a character from the opposing faction) the possible Legendary lineups are starting to close off. Traditionally, Legendaries have focused on a faction people haven’t built up extensively in order to encourage direction. I feel like as the older players graduate into the late stage of the game this becomes progressively harder to design. Additionally, most major factions have already been targeted with the possible exception of a Separatist Legendary to acquire Padme or a Bounty Hunter Legendary to acquire Jango Fett. Are there any plans for a new Legendary format to introduce key characters that doesn’t rely explicitly on team composition?

    4) I’d like to know if we could motivate a change to how platoons are built. I understand the thinking behind randomized platoons, but the way it works now (paywall toons immediately enter platoons) is nearly universally reviled. It robs guilds of progress they have made each time a new toon enters the platoon set and forces players who do buy toons to commit them to the platoons instead of actually using them. Will there ever be any restrictions on how characters enter platoon requirements? I had thought curated platoons across all phases would just be the best, but as it stands there is no reason to try and build a character to guarantee platoon completions because you will backslide as soon as the next character is released. There are so many alternative mechanics that could exist here.
  • Are there any plans for more Last Jedi characters, and more specifically for "meta defining" First Order characters?
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    With the BH rework down the pipeline, do you have any plans to show some other factions some love? (Jedi, Separatists, Clones?)
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