Feedback for TW 28/01 Announcement

Crumb's announcement regarding the next TW here: asks for feedback on how often we would like a vanilla/normal TW.

However, the feedback link takes us to a closed thread with links to two different active threads. Which are we supposed to comment on? Can we not just have a new megathread for this specific feedback request? Surely that would make everyone's life easier.


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    Yeah, was just wondering this, maybe they didn't notice it was closed :D
  • Repost feom one of the other threads:

    More 'Vanilla' than anything else, for me.

    No more banning toons.

    We seem to have 2 or 3 TW in between TB. I'd enjoy 1 TW with buffs, and 2 normal.

    Oh, and check bugs before they go live... ;)
  • If there are typically 4 TWs a month make 3 of them "vanilla". If you must inject "fun and playfulness" limit it to once a month. I also don't like the connotation that vanilla is bad either, it's the most popular ice cream flavor in the world.
  • Disagree with most above. More bonuses over banning though. It’s great to see new things in TW to keep it fresh. Faction or single toon buffs is fine with me, also forces people to work on toons they wouldn’t touch meaning more GP balance in GA.
  • No "Community TW" ever ever again.
    Vanilla TW once a week
    Bonus TW twice a month

  • I kind of liked the buffed factions (especially underrated ones), but I'm not much for not being able to use characters I worked hard to farm and gear up!
  • I vote for vanilla TW always.
    Please no bans and no bonuses..
  • I'm very happy to see a regular TW on the schedule. I'm tired of the gimmicks. The stuff in November was fun, but you guys are like my kids telling jokes. Always crossing the line and taking it too far. No bans. No crazy buffs that make a G7 Jawa squad be able to beat G12 BH squads. Even while the Mace stuff was fun, it is still ridiculous in its own right. We build teams and invest in them based on how their kits are written and how they perform. To make those investments moot is a little bit insulting IMHO.
  • I would like to have character bonus, vanilla, faction bonus, vanilla, rinse and repeat. No bans!!!
  • Assuming we have two groupings of two TW a month, as has been the typical practice, I would say one grouping of plain, no bonuses, TW, and one grouping of something different, whether it's a 3v3, faction buffs, individual character bonuses, whatever. But whatever changes should be announced at least a week in advance and should apply to both TW in that group. I think the changes can be fun, but adapting strategies/getting everyone on the same page can be a lot of work for officers, so I would like to see sufficient notice combined with the effort being good for back-to-back TWs instead of just one and then a whole different change for the other.
  • I switched guilds and didn't participate, but the set up sounds awful and extremely restrictive. I think half of my roster was sidelined, so if I could participate, it would be like I didn't join anyway.
  • Awesome 😁
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    I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 "tweaked" events a month, as long as we never get the stupid bans again.

    Buffs let you dust off outdated squads and require strategizing. Fun.

    Bans just hamstring you for no reason. Not fun.
  • Agree with the OP. Not sure why the announcement is linked to a dead thread....which has then since added 2 different links to mega-threads complaining about the bans.

    A simple "Feedback on New TW Models" thread would have been much simpler for us, and likely the developers to read (if they actually do read feedback threads....).

    That said, I agree with the sentiment of most in THIS thread. Which is mostly vanilla, occasional (1 or 2 a month) with bumps is fine. Never, ever ban again. And never call bans a "community" idea again.
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  • I think that the best idea is to have half and half, half vanilla, half fun bonuses. But I think we should try to do one bonus type per month.
  • I'm more of the Vanilla type, but I wouldn't mind a "buff" version for every 2 vanilla TWs.

    But keep the buffs at a "realistic" level. Even with a faction buff, undergeared Jawas shouldn't be able to take out a full g12 team in 30 seconds.
  • I'd like to go back to the schedule of every other week being a TW or a TB week. While GA does slightly increase the amount of game time needed, I'm pretty sure it could be run on TB weeks. So, what I'd like to see is a TW week and then a TB/GA week and then a TW week...

    As far as buffs/bans, I see positives and negatives to them. I care less about their frequency of them than the frequency of the changes. We run TWs in sets of 2. We shouldn't have one TW run under one set of rules and have a different set of rules for the other. Both TWs should have the same buffs/bans.

    To appease everyone, I would recommend that one set of TWs (2) in a month be "Vanilla" and the other set be buff/ban.
  • I like vanilla, as ice cream, as a snack, as a dessert, with a movie, with a hot girlfriend or at a restaurant. AND definitely on my Territory Game mode!
  • Vanilla forever !!

    No bans

    Maybe some slight buff for minor faction
  • Personally I like the bonuses/buffs. I would like it if 50% of the TWs are standard without bonuses or special rules. This would give us the chance to still see how we compare to other guilds.
    In the 50% that is not standard, I would like to see some cool bonuses/buffs. I think it would also be fun to have a TW where some zones are 5v5, some are 3v3 and some are 1v1. Maybe even a 6v6 zone with 2 leadership slots and to make it even more interesting, make it so 1 player has to set a team of 5 while another guild member has to go in and set the 6th character (2nd leader)

    I would also like to see a GA event that has 2 zones for fleet. It would add another component to strategy.

    TW and GA are my absolute favourite game modes right now. I was considering leaving the game until I found a guild that is TW focused and then GA was launched. It’s made this game fun again for me.

    P.S. no more character bans. The only “ban” that would possibly be acceptable to me would be if after a matchup is decided, each guild can pick 1 character from our opponents that would be blocked from being used on defense. The catch is that the character can still be used for offense but it adds another layer of strategy.
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    arbennian wrote: »
    I want to vote we refer to them as "Standard" and "Experimental". Please stop with this "vanilla" nonsense.

    preach !
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  • I would like the concept of variation with every 2nd or 3rd TW being a "vanilla" one. Other variations can be fun, but bans and buffed factions should really have a context! For example, 'Sith are buffed with this special abilities because they found a powerful Holocron', or are 'banned from this war because they have a fight somewhere else going on'... give the whole thing a little bit of story, please.
  • When tw arrives after tb have 1 with bonuses and 1 without. Simple solution
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