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  • Kaleesi_Malkari
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    edited February 2017
    Amazon is having a major S3 outage affecting many sites and apps. Gonna take some time to get back up and running. Be patient all...
  • Current Server Status: UP
    Services appear to be restored, but the team is awaiting the all clear to ensure there are no lingering issues

  • It's back up
  • iMainGSG9 wrote: »
    Every game I like has the worst server experience. If I miss my daily login Im going to quit playing this game.

    LOL...and how many outages have you experience in this, the worst server experience of your life?
  • GoldieJames
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    Hello all, like EVERYONE else I couldn't log in earlier, then 10 mins ago I got to log in and collect my rewards outstanding, but then I try to log in 5 mins after that and again it tells me my internet connection is broken when I'm fully aware that it is NOT! Here's a radical idea for @EA & @CG ..why not change the wording of the claim that our internet isn't working to "sorry folks, we are working on improvements to the game that will benefit the whole community" ? Or something like that, now I get a notification to say I got energy to collect, should I even bother trying.
  • Aaarrgghhh! So frustrating, cant log in...
  • Just got in now. 1:00 pst in Vancouver the fix seems to be working in different places gradually
  • Not up for me. Force closed app several times and same issues.
  • five2zero wrote: »
    anybody else have this?

    I have the same issue!

    They updated it now, it on again.
  • I'm up too, but lost mid-day rewards, etc.... very frustrating... might be time to seek a new fix somewhere else
  • Yogi
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    Working on the east coast USA.
  • Some people, it seems, still can't log in.

    I just did to see if I can.
    CLONE HELMETS!! Now let's get Sabine her epic helmet.
  • Thanks, I can log in now.

    But I have to spend 100 crystals to reach my daily 600 tickets for raids.
  • Aaand we're back... just in time for the free cantina energy to expire. LOL
  • dLow
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    For those claiming they are going to quit.. just do it already and stop spamming the forums with useless information about what you are going to do.
  • The whole world and entire internet knows that it's Amazon (just google "Amazon server problems"), but someone has to come long and insists otherwise because it's having the problem on two devices on three networks. Two devices and three networks that all have to connect to Amazon servers to log in to the game. Right.
  • Back in and missed 1 GW set of 12 battles saving for the daily...thx i guess :(
  • Back missed energy
  • Got in 15 minutes ago..can't now.
  • Back in and missed 1 GW set of 12 battles saving for the daily...thx i guess :(

    What time zone are you in? I still have like 9 hours to complete my GW
  • Working for me... but there must be some mistake?...

    Chewie Shards aren't in my inbox...
  • @CG_Kozispoon The outage prevented me from getting my daily refresh for both energies.
  • Yogi
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    @CG_Kozispoon The outage prevented me from getting my daily refresh for both energies.

    And your point?
  • First world problems.... :)
  • Thysk wrote: »
    Crayons wrote: »
    A reasonable expectation for compensation would be for me to get two 18 year old Slovakian, brunette, althletic twins.


    I second this.... or, if twins initially... um...... I quadruple this statement?!?!

    Quadruple of 2 is 8. So 8 minus the original you want 6?

    Lukas & Miroslav ready and waiting
  • DatBoi
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  • Yogi wrote: »
    And your point?

  • Yogi wrote: »
    @CG_Kozispoon The outage prevented me from getting my daily refresh for both energies.

    And your point?

    The outage prevented me from getting any work done at the office today. I had to keep updating the forum to see how many people cried about the server being down. Almost as bad as people threatening to quit because their power index numbers dropped
  • People this is service provider issue. They haven't even explained the incident to all their customers yet. 11 9's is incredible for a monthly uptime guarantee but for an annual it's so-so but still above par. Let's hope CG gets a free month of service so we can see trickle down courtesy inbox "gifts".

    Just posting to suggest not hate on CG. No service provider can guarantee 100% uptime w/o losing revenue.
  • PGDEAD wrote: »
    It's not att or google. It's EA I play on two different devices across three different networks. None of them will allow me to get past the checking for update screen. Get with it EA or your going to be doing some refunds.
    Even if this was CG/EA's fault (and it looks like it's not), sheesh! Refunds, really?! Game goes down for a few hours and the entitlement marching band tunes up.

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