SWGoH Ultimate Wishlist! / QOL suggestions [MERGE]


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    McBee wrote: »
    Make credit heists weekly on a certain day. This whole "maybe it'll be 4 days or 13 days" isn't clever or witty or fun. It's dumb. The tons of new characters and content, with no reliable way to actually gain the necessary credit resources to develop them, is extremely annoying.

    Add another tier to cresit heist. But then adjust the requirements to 7* LS scoundrels only.
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    Mod presets/sandbox mode.
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    Make darkside relevant again
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    Sim fleet battles!
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    Make the announcement of the guild statement be shown permanently somewhere on the guild area.

    I'm from a relative small guild with 35m gp and most members don't read the chatbox at all so it's hard to get their attention to read some essential messages when raids or TB happens.
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    The gap between the fish and the whales is widening. Address that!
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    I'll try my best to not repeat previous ideas.

    - Rules page - You can only explain the 24-hour rule so many times before it gets slightly maddening. Please help. I hear so many voices. They tell me to murder.
    - Rank clarification - Literally just a little (L) for the leader and (O) for officers next to their names in chat would be so helpful.
    - Raid Scheduler - If the Leader could set it so that the raid opens at a specific time on the day that the guild builds enough tickets for it, that'd be helpful. I don't know about other guilds, but mine always tries to start the raid at 9pm GMT as soon as we're able, but the officers aren't always on to start it. This ain't extremely important, just helpful.

    - Farm Beacon - Put one of these on a character and have the game ping your phone when/if they turn up in shipments or something.
    - Clone Helmets - Please.
    - Mod Sets - There are a whole lot of characters who I want to be speedy and have lots of crit. Having sets of mods that I can move in bulk between them would save time.
    - Character Screen Sorting - Having them arranged in order of power is great and all, but I'd quite like to be able to pick them up and move them around myself. Personally, I'd arrange my usual teams into vertical lines at the top, then have all the rabble held below for visual clarity.
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    You might also want to read this recent QOL thread, which has some suggestions similar to some that were later suggested here. Also has a bunch of other ideas.


    Additional QOL suggestion.
    When preparing for a battle and the system automatically populates the squad with the top 5 characters, it should automatically put somebody with a leader ability in the leader slot (if any of them have a leader ability). Concrete example - in the TB battle requiring Phoenix, it put Ezra in the lead slot, and Hera in one of the others. That is just silly, makes us do extra busy work and increases chance of error.
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    Daily login needs a serious rework. 3 level 3 droid callers? Thanks..
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    The gear needed for the higher levels is asinine. 30 toons require the same piece of gear and yet I have THOUSANDS of unused gear at ALL levels.

    GW needs fixing. Node 12 is ALWAYS Thrawn, Com.Luke, Gen.Obi, chase, fully geared, full omega, awesome speed mods. Since the latest update, nodes 9, 10, 11, and 12 are almost all the same for me. It's not fun at all anymore and I've stopped doing it. On the bright side, I have more time to do everything else in my life.

    Oh yeah, and that often repeated, never addressed, stupid thing about buying only one bronzium pack at a time.
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    My suggestions probably a few repeats:

    - Remove challenge gear from the rewards... It sucks that on 6* and 7* raid you get gear that you already have 1000's of. If the worry is giving us too many good things at a time will reduce spending then drop the numbers a bit, i'd rather get 5 stungun salvage than some purple salvage i already have 1500 of as a raid reward (not that i want them to reduce salvage numbers on the good gear it already drops).
    - I really dislike the competitive element of the old raids... Probably too late to do anything about it but i'd rather they jack the health right up and give everyone fair rewards than the current system that's really hard to manage (24hr registrations etc)

    - Some more management/search functionality would be nice. The ability to move mods between characters is nice but the method of doing it is awful. Give us a 'remove all' (not delete all) button or even a 'transfer to' button that moves all the mods from a toon into storage or direct to the new toon for a fee.

    - Sim all at once or at least no time delay between sims, it has zero purpose anymore.

    - Keep the new 5 daily limit.

    Galactic War
    - I hate it it really do... Everyone hates it yet its the best source of credits outside the credit heist.

    - multiple Bronzium sim, you know we want it... You know we do.

    That probably about it, lots of other good ideas in this thread but i feel its a real kick in the teeth when on a heroic raid you get common gear thats farmed 15 times a week as a reward.
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    My QOL requests:

    Buy X 10 button in the store

    Be able to search or scroll through your assigned mods, not just the unassigned ones

    Use a visual indicator for level 15 mods that is different than level 14.

    Add Next/Prev Character buttons to the mod editing screen

    Add a leader-chosen time lock when creating raids.

    Display the effective start time on raids so Lizsen and Mol users (who don't have chat) don't have to guess wrong and get kicked out of their guild.

    Add a Tag button to raids or automatically tag with zero damage just by logging in.

    Allow everyone to use at least one team on raids, as long as they arrive within a two hour window.

    Add a Reject button on the Defeat/Victory screen of raids and GW that basically allows you to retreat after the battle is over. This would allow users to Auto more often since a screw-up could be undone.

    Display the Team Total Speed of PvP opponents

    Allow users who registered as a child to change their age without losing progress. I thought my daughter would play more than me, so I put age 7 when I registered. I've spent a year and a half building my team and she rarely plays. But guild chat is becoming more important. I never realized I was locking myself out of ever using it.

    Not really QOL, but it would be nice if a random node of GW was ships so I could have a chance to try out my weaker ships against weaker opponents.
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    Donheiser wrote: »
    My QOL requests:

    Add a leader-chosen time lock when creating raids.

    Display the effective start time on raids so Lizsen and Mol users (who don't have chat) don't have to guess wrong and get kicked out of their guild.

    Add a Tag button to raids or automatically tag with zero damage just by logging in.

    Allow everyone to use at least one team on raids, as long as they arrive within a two hour window.

    Thing is none of this would be needed if they fixed the old raids, the moment they became even single phase soloable made them essentially broken.
    While still a fun challenge for lower guilds the incentive isn't there if players can just join guilds that already complete it in hours.
    The only benefit of having ranked rewards was it helped thin a few of the top players out who wanted to be top 3 in a smaller guild over being a small fish in big guild. TB has changed that and all the top players will club together again, making the rancor an AAT relevant and a team effort will at least even up the rewards for everyone.
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    de-/buffs below target-portrait or stacking with counter
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    kalidor wrote: »
    In terms of time-saving QoL improvements:
    • I'd love for the Challenges to lose that silly timer between attempts. No reason for it anymore, there are enough reasons to log in multiple times a day. Just make it like Heists.
    • Speed up (or remove) the transitions when doing a battle in Auto on 4x. They now take more time that the actual battles themselves. Hate using a sim for 6e battles, but the transitions are killer.
    • Arena and Fleet Arena scrolled list of targets, refreshing and getting the same 3 five times in a row is maddening
    • Multiple bronzium open button (20, 10, 1) - whatever fits on the screen. This is pretty embarrassing as-is.

    2-3 of these should be able to be easily addressed. I would love to see all of these QoL changes
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    First & foremost they need to fix the daily ticket counter. It's been broken for months. This is how my guild decides who stays & who isn't contributing. We've had to use other methods, which are time consuming & a pain.
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    1. Free charge when changing mods
    Why I have to spend credit to change mods? This should be free.

    2. Raid starting timer
    Whenever there are enough tickets to start the raid, it automatically starts... some like this.

    3. Daily 600 indicator
    Just mark up the name of members who did not contribute 600. This would help a lot.
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    Lerxst_CFU wrote: »
    kalidor wrote: »
    Arena and Fleet Arena scrolled list of targets, refreshing and getting the same 3 five times in a row is maddening


    So much this.
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    Add Total Guild Points, Character Guild Points, Ship Guild Points to be sorted and viewed in the Guild Page list members.

    I have tons of others wants but ill post what I haven't seen
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    My number one wish is to have one of either - ability to define mod sets or ability to take mods from one character and stick them on another character as a full set.
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    A lot of great ideas in here that I agree with. Here's one that's been thrown around in a couple of different posts.
    Different ways to farm a toon or exclusive toons to certain areas. There has been a thread on only a bronzium toon. - I would add to this -said toons gear should only be the ones we/most have 1000s of.

    Another idea I had was unlocking a toon in through guild donations. Like a c3po- his shards would be attached to the achievements for donations over 500,1000,2000 etc. Not anything arena worthy but a full support no damage required. Etc etc.

    I think some of the most pressing things - arena time, mod sets, gear bottlenecks.
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    Personally i need more binoculars neuro-saav mk 8, i only have 1800 of it and i'm always happy to get even more of it after a tedious haat. I'm really the collector kind of player.
    I also need more similar unbeatable G12 teams in all of my GWs cause fun isn't much important in such game.
    I need my arena to end at a specific time once a day so i'm sure only players who can play before it ends get the best rewards.
    I need to compete with my guildmates and be sure i get better rewards than them, i hate them anyway.
    I need a really low drop chance of almost anything to be sure i'll still be playing the game in three of four years, this is enough to get a cuff i guess.
    I need less toons shard per day cause no one should unlock a new character in less than three full months (something related to seasons or moon cycles i guess)
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    Here are some obvious ones:

    1. Move payout times to a time when everyone is not eating dinner or spending time with their family. This has frequently caused me to have arguments with my wife and is seriously tempting me to quit the game.

    2. Reduce galactic wars down to twice per week and increase rewards to compensate. GW is just a grind now and not at all enjoyable for me and many folks I've spoken to. TB makes up for this by giving players something else to do every day.

    3. Just let us do daily challenges 3 or 5 at a time. It's completely unnecessary to require 5 separate "visits" to do that. Just mundane effort and not fun.

    Thank you.

    This. I used to be top 10 arena and got tired of the grind during dinner time and quit to game for a year. Now I'm 130 in arena and spend nothing and feel better off
    Thank God between the time I was gone and came back the 24h rule for raid happened since grinding raids during dinner time was just as bad.
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    complain 1 : cmon give us content i'm bored
    complain 2 : jeez make the game less time consuming...
    complain 3 : give us new challenges!!
    complain 4 : are you crazy? it is impossible to beat!
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    -Arena based on highest position over 24 hrs (even if rewards are lowered) or even better over 7 days (and then raise rewards by 7x or 4x or whatever). Especially for ship arena, as few bother with it. (Even better would be a live arena ladder, but in the meantime this will do.)

    -Bronzium multi-open or make Bronziums more expensive but better

    -Get rid of Flash events (they are the definition of anti-QOL).

    -Don't keep adding shops, there are enough of them- reduce the currency if anything.

    -Make the bonus energy periods 6-12 hrs instead of 2 hrs each.

    -Galactic War: Replace it with a mode where there are only 3 battles instead of 12. For players with several G11-12 characters, the final node will always be a super hard meta team, the middle node will be a near-maxed or maxed interesting team, and only the first will be an easy auto. This mode can be replayed as often as wanted. The first play per day will yield most of the rewards of the current GW, and subsequent plays will give very small rewards- it's mainly just a play anytime mode.
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    Release Beru and Owen Lars!
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    Boo wrote: »
    @CG_Kozispoon - We need another Quality of Life update.

    The recent TB has proved that the game has become long again and the amount of time to do everything (especially for the f2p player) is limited.

    even if whales have pumped more money in the game, they don´t have more lifetime than f2p...so this is valid for EVERY player, not especially for f2!

    The sound of a TIE Fighter engine was created by combining an elephant bellow and a car driving on wet pavement.
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    SharkMilkk wrote: »
    Daily login needs a serious rework. 3 level 3 droid callers? Thanks..

    This so much.

    I come back to the game every day because of everything else in the game. The daily login for almost every other freemium game is designed to get you coming back every day. The only thing worthwhile is the 300 total crystals, but even this in the scheme of things is a terrible percentage of what you earn if you do all the dailies every day.
    A picture says it all really.
  • Revi
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    "shorten" the amount of game time per day sounds like nonsense...as for the Arena time.. its fine how it is.. it really rare even with GK, Rex, zBarris, Chaze etc that it ends in draws
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