SWGoH Ultimate Wishlist! / QOL suggestions [MERGE]


  • Also, could we have a feature where we can convert useless low grade gear into higher tier lvls of gear? Ie 50x mk 3 stun cuffs = 1x mk 4 stun cuff
  • Im highly confused why that thread is paid so little attention to...
  • Because this is a good advice and not just a complain so it's Boring.
  • +1 to everything, even though nothing is gonna change and we will continue to get ignored.
  • Change arena payout let us choose. I'll pay 1000 crystals
  • Some things I would like to see. 1) Post win/loss record in Arena and Ships. 24 hour period, weekly, or since last log in. Even cooler would be a screen of who battled you, and who won. 2) Another favorite button or screen somwhere that tells me I am working on a piece of gear for that toon. 3) Leader designation on select filter on character screen. Or a small L below the yellow favorites tag.
  • Make it so Snow trooper doesn't need 8 stun cuffs........
    I'd love to work on an Imperial trooper squad but once I see his gear requirements I keep on putting it off.
  • Only QoL I want is a General Grevious reworking...... xD
  • So let me get this straight... you expect CG to pitch to their bosses at EA that they need to come up with a way to make it so that players spend LESS time with their product?
  • Let’s go ahead and push this through...we have thousands of the same garbage pieces gear salvage and need literally thousands of carbantis and cuffs. Let’s do this.
  • Can we get an option to swap mods from one character to another, same slots. Waste too much time doing this every day.
  • Yeah it’s already there, you just have to pay to remove the mod with credits and then put it on your new toon
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  • JaggedJ
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    Make mods other than just speed secondaries viable. The speed rush is what's killing a lot of modes like GW just as much as gear if not more.
  • Nikoms565
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    Bauer wrote: »
    Not sure if this has been said cause I didn't read all the comments but please take challenge gear out of raid rewards! Nothing is more frustrating then receiving gear that I have thousands of already

    I like many things on the list.....but if they just did this, I would dance for joy.
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  • Reduced time commitments is critical. TB is already the new galactic chore.... without removing the OLD galactic chore.

    Speaking of the Old GC... I mean GW - clearly only few nodes are a challenge, the rest is time wasting filler, let us just sim past them.
  • Please make acquisition of gear a little easier. Due to Hoth, we have to gear up multiple teams in order to be successful. It takes forever to fully gear up a team. I have seen a lot of people quitting the game due to this. I totally understand their frustrations and some days on bad gear pulls I feel like quitting too. :neutral:
  • I need about 200 carbantis right now, which includes the individual ones and the ones crafted into stun guns and thermal detonators.
  • I need about 200 carbantis right now, which includes the individual ones and the ones crafted into stun guns and thermal detonators.

    Only 200? You're lucky.
  • Galoopa wrote: »
    I need about 200 carbantis right now, which includes the individual ones and the ones crafted into stun guns and thermal detonators.

    Only 200? You're lucky.

    Yeah, I had about 450 saved up just in preparation for unlocking GK
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  • Galoopa wrote: »
    I need about 200 carbantis right now, which includes the individual ones and the ones crafted into stun guns and thermal detonators.

    Only 200? You're lucky.

    Hahaha 200 FULLY CRAFTED carbantis. No just 4 fully crafted ones. Salvage? Yeah...I need 10'000 salvage.
  • When will they stop this arena blocking?
  • Austin09370
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    I've been a player since the first few weeks of launch, have an inventory of almost 2.2 million and in a guild that gets 41 stars in TB. However, due to the time needed to complete each mode of the game daily I'm going to retire from this game tomorrow after TBs for the foreseeable future.

    Sure, I don't have to play everything, but as someone who likes to do their best at everything it's an all or nothing decision for me. Without additional quality of life improvements I can't justify the time needed to stay competitive and progress at the level I'd like. I guess the silver lining is that I'll get 15+ hours of my week back!

    Also, I see the time constraint getting worse before getting better with the new game modes on the horizon...
  • Mod management. That's all I ask. .
  • Tamonizer wrote: »
    Mod management. That's all I ask. .
    Two concrete suggestions that are very simple to implement and would help me a lot.
    1) Swiping in the mods screen should go to the next character instead of having to back out and go back in.
    2) Find mods should work to find EXISTING mods, allow you to select them and replace the one you're working on. One easy way to do this would be to have find open the existing character select screen. I assume you can see how many users currently use that feature, I'll bet it's close to 0. Back/escape should close the new screen.
  • Faroer
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    So many of the comments on this thread are very true. Many parts of the game are stuck in early 2016 design while the game has grown a lot heading into 2018.

    GW originally existed to be a place to use your whole collection. Now TB has replaced that role so GW is just a tedious time suck. GW can be consolidated into 3 hard nodes that together pay out the same prizes as current GW

    Challenges were put on timers to help keep players logging in multiple times per day. Ship challenges were added on top of regular challenges. Now with 2 arenas, 2 raids, TB, normal node farming, plus whatever rotating event is on, and soon GvG, there are many many built in time deadlines that will incentivize multiple sign ins per day. Challenge timers are an anachronism whose purpose has been replaced by other parts of the game. Remove challenge timers and allow simming all rounds of all 3-starred challenges at once is a good next step

    Arena matching - again arena matching shows the highest person you can attack based on RNG instead of a slider simply as a way to force game engagement. Back when there was only 1 arena and only challenges to keep you signing in, this was a cheap way to achieve the goal. But now with 2 arenas, and everything else listed above, it is more like a slap in the face re how much CG wants to waste time rather than an understandable feature. Arena matching also should show all possible battles and remove the rng element. This will actually reduce server load and is in CGs interest as well now that other forms of the game make it irrelevant.

    Pack opening - this should be a batch, not single process. use a slider to select the number of packs to open then open them all. Also reduces server load for CG, also the right move heading in to 2018

    The game is growing in good ways with new content. But that growth is only hampered by not re tuning other older parts of the game when their purposes are replaced by new content. The time suck is real. CG has the power to fix it. They should.
  • Svo
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    Increase drop rates for all
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  • How about reducing the amount of time it takes to manage the game. Daily tickets, where is the fix?
  • Tamonizer wrote: »
    Mod management. That's all I ask. .

    The ability to designate a set of six mods to a set so you can easily transfer them between characters as needed.
  • All I want for Christmas is a sliding bar of people to attack in arena. Get rid of the refresh button. No one enjoys smashing th button a dozen times only to hit it one extra time when the right rank hits and doing it all over again.
  • BrtStlnd
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    Svo wrote: »
    My suggestion on drop rates are this, keep drop rates where they are for dolphins and whales and improve them for f2p. Here's how you do it once a person spends over a certain amount in the game his account gets the whale drop rate and until a person spends over that amount he gets the better drop rate. It takes a long time to get to the top as a f2p so they have to put the time in anyway that's their payment. As a whale I can afford to spend what I need to get the gear so I don't mind a lower drop rate because I get the stuff quicker...we need the f2p players otherwise the game becomes a fight among the whales and that's boring, and if the f2p players start quiting because of the drop rate then the game eventually dies off, because they are the majority of players.....and for me a game loses intrest when not many people are playing....this could,all be written into the basic mechanics of the game and it would make more people want to play and the whales shouldn't care because nothing changes for them......anyway just a thought....

    This is by far the worst suggestion I’ve heard in a QOL thread.
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