Need a little newbie help here

First of all, I am playing this game on BlueStacks, and so I got No instructions, I am having to figure everything out on my own. After playing this game for Hours, for two complete days (I am retired since November, thank goodness) I discovered that buying the Colonel Starck pack for $9.99 would give me dozens of the "Ability Materials", in other words the MKI, MKII, and MKIII units that I had been Struggling to win through fighting, thereby enabling me to quickly get some upgrades done that would help me in the arena with the best prizes, The Cantina Battles. The Light Side Battles and the Dark Side Battles are great, but they don't have any MK prizes, so what is the point there?

So the problem is, the pack supposedly included this Colonel Starck, but in the character inventory screen he is grayed out and has a lock on him. Also, Using the now upgraded characters, I won items enabling me to obtain other heroes, Count Dooku, and Admiral Ackbar, who are both high ranking characters.

Problem is how do I input them into my team selection? Every time I start a fight, in any of those three arenas that I mentioned, they send me in there with the same team every time, the one that I started the game with! Of course, since I signed into FaceBook there is an option to "borrow a hero", which usually works out Very well, but that is it....

How do I input my newer, much better characters into my game?


  • The game is divided Light Side Dark Side. If you are playing the central table only the faction light or dark can be on those teams.

    Cantina, Galactic Wars Arena and other places will open as you level and you can put whomever you like into your squads.

    When the team page opens before combat, you will see all your characters for the fight. At the bottom is clear Squad. And on the left is your roster. Scroll through and add who you want being cognizant of leader ability characters being in the very first slot only.

    Also in this forum, check out the academy. Everything you need to know and learn is there.
  • Have you activated him in your character inventory?
  • Hey how ya doing and welcome to the game. First starck needs a total of 80 shards to unlock. You purchased a pack that only gave 40. The rest are available through the guild store, which I would imagine you aren't high enough level to be in a guild. Which is fine you will reach that point pretty fast. Next for character selection, it depends on which table you're playing. Light side is light side chars, dark side is dark side, cantina is open roster. When you want to change characters you just press the picture of the character you want to replace on the squad, it will remove character and you choose a different one from your list
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    The Starck pack only gives 40 shards for Starck. You need 80 shards to unlock him. Other than the crystal packs, the way to farm him is in the guild store. You may not have access to this yet if you haven't had the chance to join a guild yet.
  • I wouldn’t buy a pack only for ability materials
  • There are many different factions in the game and when you form a squad make sure the first character you choose has a leader ability. When you first start playing you just get different kinds of characters with little synergy between them. Once you've been playing a while you'll slowly acquire the factions I.e. first order, rogue, Phoenix, empire, sith, rebels, jedi, bounty hunters, scoundrels etc. This game is extremely fun and highly addictive. you'll get the hang of it pretty fast. I hope you enjoy your gaming experience
  • Oh and the rewards are random, so get prepared to be frustrated at grinding for gear, character shards, mk and any other items you have to spend energy on lol. The only thing guaranteed to get are items in the stores you can either purchase from gems, the store currency you earn by( spending energy, winning in arena, guild activities, etc.) or just outright cash. This game loves the random number generator " rng". So here's hoping lady luck smiles upon your account
  • Dark side and light side are for farming character shards and gear pieces. They are really your bread and butter in most cases.

    I would focus on farming Phoenix really early (that is garazeb from galactic war store, chopper from cantina store, her and Ezra from cantina nodes, and kanan jarrus from squad store) and scoundrels for credit heist... If you go bounty hunters is gives you dark side, scoundrels, and bounty hunters (down side, more difficult to farm early, up-side REALLY REALLY useful if you do), but since it may be harder you may be better going for easy scoundrels early on so you have a team ready for credit heists and stuff.

    Once you have been playing a while you will undoubtedly have enough chars that you will be able to choose factions you like. The Phoenix will let you get palpatine (for empire or sith) and thrawn (for empire), so those options will become viable later on.
  • We started a training guild yesterday 12/25/17 I am leader look up Emerald Society 2 I'd be happy to help in anyway I can
  • ChickenFett139, that is not what happens when I start a Cantina Battle. since every one of those 7 little circles on the top of the table represents a battle that I have already won, when I choose to play a Cantina Battle the game takes me to one of those circles, where a figure representing Holotable Battle 1-A thru 1-F is waiting.

    And my team, as I said is already chosen for me....
  • Thank everyone for the info on Colonel Starck, I checked and that is correct, I am 40 shards short...
  • Try the clear squad tab underneath your squad, it should be there and should empty your slots. You then can form a new squad, but make sure you choose a leader first
  • Is there some way that I can send a jpeg image of what I am talking about, because that "clear squad" option simply is not there....
  • There is no picture of my squad, just the holotable on my left, with a figure on it, awaiting battle, and on my right a screen with "Possible Enemies, "Possible Rewards", and beneath that two buttons; "Multi-Sim", "Battle", and "Redeem, "Redeem, being for your Cantina Battle Tokens"...
  • amaze122 wrote: »
    There is no picture of my squad, just the holotable on my left, with a figure on it, awaiting battle, and on my right a screen with "Possible Enemies, "Possible Rewards", and beneath that two buttons; "Multi-Sim", "Battle", and "Redeem, "Redeem, being for your Cantina Battle Tokens"...

    So after you click battle it takes you to a screen with your five members chosen. That's where the clear button under your squad is.
  • No after I click battle it takes me to a screen that says "borrow a hero", and below that are the various heroes that I can choose from, and that it all that you can do on that screen. After I do so, it takes me directly to the battle...
  • Wait a minute! After I click choose a hero the screen of my squad Does appear! I just usually go right past it; I cannot BELIEVE that I did not See that!
  • I have contacted customer support in the past and mentioned I has used bluestacks before. Only for a couple days that is. The agent seemed kind of on edge and he told me that we arent supposed to use bluestacks and that hr couldn't help me.

    If you contact customer support, don't mention you used bluestacks
  • Goodbye Wookie and Ewok squad members, hello Colonel Dooku and Captain Ackbar! Yeeeees!
  • You have to host the photo on a shared web page like photobucket and then share url for us to see it here
  • Hmmn...I have just fought four battles (they go faster now, heheh), but even though I appreciate my new found kick a$$ abilities being added into the mix, I just realized something. I have fought many many Cantina battles because of the chance to win MK units and only won about....two! Must be something that I am missing...
  • All drops are NOT guaranteed. It's just showing you what is POSSIBLE.
    Drop rate on certain items such as Omega materials are notoriously low.
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    You may quickly come to love/hate the RNG in the game, sometimes it's fickle.

    amaze122, what's your ally code? I will add you (if you don't mind).
  • I do not know. In the game there is a number 23 next to my name, could that be it?
  • MK and Omega drops from Cantina nodes are pretty low percentage. The challenges are where you will get most of your mats.

    Make sure you are completing all daily challenges, this is your biggest source of credits/experience in the early game until you can clear GW and do max tier Heists. Also find a guild with at least 20 active members who are raiding at a level you can participate in the second you gain the ability to do so.
  • That is probably your level. On the main screen toward the top left you should see your game name; click on it, and the next screen will show you your basic stats. Under your name on that screen is a nine-digit number, that's your ally code and you can use it to add friends to your list of allies.
  • Ow wait maybe this is it. 378-155-313..
  • That's it! I sent you a friend request. It will help you to progress through the battles.
  • Wow according to this screen I have won 178 normal battles already, and 40 hard ones. So That is where all the time has gone! I have become addicted to this thing!
  • It's a fun game and it can be quite a time sink! Glad you are enjoying it, and welcome to the community.
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