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  • I discovered this game 12/24 at 3pm. I had already downloaded it but just let it sit there because I thought I would not like it. So when I started playing, the game had already started saving money and crystals and stuff for me (for at least a month's worth). So in the two days that I have been actually playing I have earned 3.32m credits, with me about to achieve a reward when I hit 5million...
  • DedrickRogue the Challenges have up til now been too hard for me, they kicked me out and laughed. But now that I can pick my own squad, heheheh
  • I don't believe it! I just won my first Daily Challenge ever, and won Four MKIII's!
  • Colonel Dooku may have a goofy name, but that dude is Unstoppable! he and Kylo Ren and the Jedi Consular as my Jedi Healer make up a Dream Team of Kick Butt!
  • I see something here about adding FaceBook friends. The ones it is showing me are "Not allied", whatever that means. Are they the ones that I should be adding?
  • Kylo is a very good character, and fully geared he is a great raid option for late-game content. You got a good starting roster.

    As far as the Facebook stuff, I'm not on any social media so I can't help you there, but I'm sure someone can chime in on that.
  • I love the "choose a hero to borrow" function. It enables you to see how units function that you would otherwise not get to see for a long time. Right now I see two things that I have got to have. The Magna Trooper and the First Order Tie Pilot.
  • lol congrats!
    My 2cent on what's worth it and what's less worth it. To help you investing too much on less effective offerings.

    1. Ability Material Mk 1. Mk 2. Mk 3.
    First of all Mk1, Mk2 ability mats (green and blue) become so abundant soon. not worth it.

    Mk3 on the other hand is a bit rarer but not too scarce. You get 5~6 from daily changes(3*3=9 times a week, so 45~54 purple mats a week) So not worth it soon.

    Omega Ability materials(Yellow, usable from level 80) You get one a day from daily mission completion(you know, stuffs like train one of your character, play 3 light side battles, play 2 challenges) and a little more from occasional events and cantina stage 8 battles and occasional drops from Galactic war battle no.12 and ability mat challenge. Still scarce, but not crazy scarce. Worth it, but I personally don't spend money or crystal for omega.

    Zeta Ability materials (Dark purple, X-shape, usable from 82, earnable from 78) These are extremely rare. These are definitely worth it but can't buy with a couple thousand crystal or 100 bucks. Regularly you earn it from ship ability material challenge (from lvl 60) tier 3 (from lvl 78), twice a day, 3 days a week. with a chance to get 0-2 zetas per battle. so 2*3=6 chances a week, probability of getting 0~12 zetas a week. I would definitely buy zeta pack if there is, but there isn't.
    Alternative sources of zeta is fleet arena shop ( unlocks at lvl60, but zeta appears from lvl 81, 2000 currency for each zeta) And some events (Endor Escalation Tier 2, Defense of Dathomir Tier2). But these events are accessible for only those who have 7 star wicket or 7 star Mother Talzin, respectively.

    But the thing is Talzin and Wicket both are by far the most exclusive characters! They are much more harder to get then even the flashiest legendary event characters like, Commander Luke Skywalker, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jedi Training Rey, R2D2 and so on.
    For Free to play method, the only way to get wicket and talzin shard is this. First you get 5 ewok characters upto 4 stars. (with all Gear 11 at least). Use that team to beat Endor Escalation tier 1, when the event comes around. Earn 10 wicket shard for each battle. This event comes once or twice every months, so it takes a couple of years to make a 7star wicket this way! But there is no other way, except for buying chromium packs and praying for good wicket drops. Talzin is the same. Build a team of 5 nightsisters, all 5stars minimum, G11 at least. do Defense of Dathomir tier 1 to earn 10 talzin shards. Repeat it for 33 times but this event comes once every months so yeah another 2 year farm.

    So the 'realistic way' to get maxed out talzin and wicket and get extra zetas from those two events, is just buying a ton of chromium packs.

    So if I had enough disposable fortune, I would definitely buy out 7star Mother Talzin, and Wicket. from Chomium packs. (Probably costs several thousand bucks for 7starring both of them, it all depends on your luck, but you will get a ton of shards of other characters too, such as Baze, Chirrut, Nihilus, Shoretrooper, Krennic, all farmable in the long run but definitely takes a long time in free to play ways.
  • Actually I got on FaceBook in the first place because of the games there. But as they began to generally suck, because they were always asking for money, I stayed because of the great friends that I made there (from playing all those games, where they ask you to invite people). I now have over 5 thousand FaceBook "friends", Lol... What I like is that these people are all over the world, from Houston to Sri Lanka, more friends than I Ever could have made in "Real Life", and they are all cool people, because, well you know...They are all Gamers! Heheheh....
  • But Kivrin, I cannot believe you have never been tempted...
  • Social media is just Everywhere now a days..
  • Oh, Anakin_Skywalker, I refreshed the page and you post just Appeared, Lol. apparently, it has been there the whole time while I have been just posting around it, isn't that strange. So okay just give me some time to read it all, and thanks in advance for taking the time to write all of that...
  • amaze122 wrote: »
    But Kivrin, I cannot believe you have never been tempted...

    Oh, don't get me wrong; I used to have a Facebook profile, but I deleted it years ago. I never used it all that much anyway, but I get what you're saying about connecting with people all over the world.
  • Well, Anakin_Skywalker first of all, you must Really Like this game, LoL... Reading your words is like reading a diary written by someone from the future; you are writing of stuff and events that I have no knowledge of whatsoever, I do not even know what a Nightsister is yet, and you are talking of ships and fleets! But apparently there is a lot of fun to be had in this game, and I am saving your post to a Word document, so that I can use it as a guide to how to get there. Thanks!
  • So Kivrin, are you a Major gamer, like playing MMORPG's online and stuff?
  • Anakin is that you, I see someone trying to write me something; it appears to the left of my screen and then disappears. It says you are having some trouble getting your post into the forum. Maybe because I was typing at the time? I dunno... I hope you are able to solve the problem. One thing I found out the hard way, was do Not edit your post! That causes the spam filter to engage and it will be trashed. Then you will have to get a moderator to retrieve it for you, like I did!
  • Just wanted to pop in and mention that emulators are not officially supported by EA/CG. The game is meant to be played on actual device and may not work correctly when played on an emulator. I don't think that was the case here as it seems you've resolved your issues but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

    I don't think there's actually any rule against playing via an emulator so I don't think you need to worry about getting banned or anything like that but please be aware that your experience with the game may not be what EA/CG intended and Customer Support isn't equipped to troubleshoot issues resulting from emulators. If you find you are having technical issues with the game, you may want to consider playing on a compatible device, if possible.
  • Sunnie1978
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    Welcome to the forums @amaze122 ! There are a lot of resources for new players in the Guides and Resources section of the forums:

    The Academy:

    Your resource for Moderator information, a beginner's guide to ships, and Borrow a Hero threads where people are willing to let you borrow their maxed out characters such as Thrawn, Commander Luke Skywalker or General Obi Wan Kenobi as your ally toon for Light side, Dark side or Cantina battles

    The Academy Archives:
    Older information that used to be in the Academy, such as guides, strategies and recommendations. Some information may be old and out of date

    Forum user made guides for a variety of topics of interest to players both old and new, including guides for starting accounts, what to farm, etc, such as this Guide:

    If you have any questions or have suggestions for what type of information you would like to see included n forums for beginner players, just let me know and I will try to get it for you.

    Happy playing!
  • Okay phroxenphyre, thanks for telling me that. And thanks for the message from Anakin. It Still does not appear in the forum but I made a quick snapshot of it when it appeared on the left of my screen and so got it that way. It looks as though you forwarded it to me.....
  • Yes it was me Amaze 122, I sent you a direct message instead. do you see it?
  • Okay since I only just joined the forum I was not expecting that, LoL So That explains why the message appeared out to the left of my screen but not on the forum. Something similar happens in Facebook when someone makes a post on your page, it appears out to the left of your screen first, like a notification to let you know it is there, then disappears and goes to your page. Okay I am going to my inbox now...
  • Oh and thank you, Sunnie 1978, that information will be priceless for me, especially the Borrow a Hero thread link!
  • yeah in mobile, when you go to the main homepage of forum and scroll down to the bottom, a black menubar appears in the bottom. inbox is in the left corner
  • Regarding Facebook friends, you must have connected your account to your Facebook account. They are just showing you the list of Facebook friends of yours who play the same game. You can add them as an ally, that will help building a guild together, or just you can use their character as an ally in lightside/darkside/cantina nodes. nothing biggie. adding them or not won't make huge difference either way
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    This has made me smile so hard. I'm so proud of the way everybody helped and I hope this wasn't a troll cause the op sounds genuinely happy I have not seen that in awhile. Here's to your beginning journey amaze122 may it stay as happy as it is now.
  • Thank you Shaolin...
  • Well I didn't intend to write that long about ability mats but it happened.
    Other resources are gears, character shards, mods, credit, training droid, ship credit, ship training droids.

    the training droids are not worth it, either for ship or character.
    the credit, they are scarce but not too scarce due to credit heist that happens about every week. earn you 5 million on average. plus you earn 1 million every day from Galactuc war, and other daily things.

    character shards, they are scarce, but all are farmable except for very few characters like wicket or talzin, so if i had very limited assets to spend, character shard is not no.1 priority for me.

    gears, they are very scarce, but still you earn those from raids*, lightside darkside battles, occasionally from guild shop*, shardshop, and even from shipment(using crystal)
    Plus you don't need 100 G12 characters to compete in arena, so theses gears are not no.1 either, but gears(purple and gold gears only) certainly are more valuable than character shards.

    Mods. Now this is crazy part. You need a huge amount of cantina energy spent just for farming mods from mod challenges. The aim is simple. getting mods with better speeds. I'll not talk too much about it, it's a very long story, you should do your own research on it, to compete in arena later on. But these are worth to spend real money. there are mod packs at a cost of 999 crystals, giving 7 mods of a mod set. More often than not, none of the 7 mods will even have a speed stat on it. but if you buy it a lot, yoh do get some good mods and save unimaginable amout of time multi simming mod challlenges (I'm talking about 1 year at least, could be 2 years, or 3 years to get good mods just for arena characters, these days due to territory battle and territory war you need even more good mods than just 30 mods for your arena team(each character can be granted 6 mods so 5 characters will need 30 mods)
  • amaze122 wrote: »
    So Kivrin, are you a Major gamer, like playing MMORPG's online and stuff?

    I wouldn't call myself a major gamer, but I know my way around a set of dice or a deck of cards. I played mostly tabletop RPGs and board games back in the day, along with Magic: the Gathering, but my video game habits are now mostly limited to just playing this one, although I'm occasionally on Steam. I am looking forward to seeing Borderlands 3 released, whenever that happens - love that wacky franchise!

    Anakin's posts have been giving you lots to think about, and like Shaolin said, it's so great to see everyone helping out! There are also lots of videos on youtube that you can check out for gameplay and squad composition, and if you haven't done so already, link your profile over at for extra info. Check out sites like and soak up all the info you can. For being a fun little mobile game, Galaxy of Heroes can be very complex at times!

    As soon as you're able to (level 30? I forget), join a guild to start raiding and collecting guild currency. It's a ways down the road for you, but when you unlock ships, try to focus on your Dark Side ships because they'll eventually let you unlock zeta mats. I wish I'd focused on mine sooner than I did for just that reason.
  • Watch this and do what it says -
  • Kivrin I too loved Borderlands and Borderlands 2; they raised the bar definitely on what games could do and be. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, however, did not grab me and I left after playing about a week and have not been back; somehow it did not quite capture the spirit of the first two. Believe it or not, I have a ship already and I am a level 29 now, a hair away from being level thirty (this game goes quickly sometimes) heheh..

    Thanks for the links, gonna check those out. I checked out The Academy, but is there like a bulletin board somewhere, where I can post my ID number (378-155-313) as sort of an open invitation for allies?

    As for Guilds, there are so many to choose from, and once you have joined one you are stuck with it, right? So going to be Really hard to choose....
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