SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


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    Geez great time for this event from EU perspective :S
    Anyway I have one single question/request: Why for the love of god Bronzium pack is the LAST on the list in the store. Move it to the first place, I believe it is not technologically hard to do, isnt?
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    Sathorn wrote: »
    Geez great time for this event from EU perspective :S
    Anyway I have one single question/request: Why for the love of god Bronzium pack is the LAST on the list in the store. Move it to the first place, I believe it is not technologically hard to do, isnt?

    Oh, thats to scroll down the myriad of exciting offers to tempt you to buying them.
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    My guild has 132M GP and we don't like 35 defensive teams in TW per territory. Same level guilds also complain about this. Wasn't 35 teams intended for guilds in the highest GP rank - 160M+ ? We want to get 25 teams back plase!

    We have 137m and 34 teams. But I totally agree, that's insane. I always wondered why nobody is complaining about that. Everything deleted I guess. :D

    My god

    I hate when i got deleted every single time

    "Community" "forum guidelines"

    Just for speaking the real state of the game/broken stuff etc

    No wonder mcmole got kicked

    I thought mcmole was kicked for leaking information. If thats true thats pretty serious.
  • Sathorn
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    swgohfan29 wrote: »
    Oh, thats to scroll down the myriad of exciting offers to tempt you to buying them.
    Yeah I know how it works and I am aware it is intentional. But it annoys everyone... they want to listen to community? Here it is.

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    CG_Carrie wrote: »
    [QUESTION: Kifaru12] Can we please have a practice mode for PVP?
    [NR] At the moment we have no plans to build a practice mode for PvP.
    -Carrie, Erik, Nick
    Shame. Could you at least make it so those who chose to can have a level of difficulty for GW similar to what it used to be?

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    Hello CG Team,

    Can the developers please stop changing/nerfing characters? I think the answer will be no. So that leads me to the next question. Can the developers leave toons that are operating as their kit explains alone for a guaranteed time period?
    Reason: we spends hundreds or even thousands on this game. We purchase the characters based off their advertised package or even launched package. The new game modes arrives, zetas, omegas, credits, time, and engergy all are spent trying to gear and level these characters. Then you need the character at beast mode level to do anything in arena or raids. This is 100% a bait and switch tactic that leave the pay to play player base very unhappy. I think if a know we were guaranteed a minimum time like 6 month with sion or JTR or even ST Han in the new game mode, I think the player base would be much more happy and continue to spend money maybe even more money on this game. A measly 500 crystals is not enough compensation for the changes made to your roaster based off launched kits and game modes. What do you think?
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    even though the Q&A is over i just want to add that i appreciate that you have done it.
    a lot of questions i have asked myself were answered more or less :)
    thank you for that and have a nice day
  • JacenRoe
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for GW simming, 100% mod drops, and for making cuffs, and holo projectors reasonably priced in the guild store.

    Can we please stop getting challenge gear (except for mk 3 carbantis) as rewards from raids, and get more mk 3 carbantis from raids/challenges/etc? The only thing more frustrating than doing a raid, and getting all absolute useless garbage (challenge gear) several raids in a row, is looking at the gear table of a marginally useful character, and seeing that he requires 11 full mk 3 carbantis (Scarif Rebel Pathfinder). The new gear 12 gear is drastically more even, and well thought out. And some of the older gear wall has been eased as the new one has been implemented. But giving us garbage challenge gear while starving us for carbantis is still not enjoyable. Will this be addressed?

    (Please, please, please rework Mace Windu. Please)
  • scuba
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    [QUESTION: scuba] *Why does it take so long to get any information or traction on bugs for old characters?* The new "non-free" characters seem to have bugs fixed right away however if a bug shows up on an older character it just seems to get ignored and linger. As a player I just want my characters to work as advertised be it they are 1 day old or 2 years old.

    [CVG] We hear that perception in the posts from time to time, but if you look at the release notes over time, you'll see there have been a wide variety of bug fixes for characters across the spectrum of newer characters to older characters. If there are still outstanding bugs for existing characters, please log them in the Answers HQ and we'll do our best to get them fixed as soon as we can.
    NOTE: Sorry scuba, we see that you posted links to Answers HQ, which we didn't catch when we copied the questions over to be answered. We will follow up on those tickets, thank you for writing them.

    @CG_Carrie. Thanks for the answer and for looking into it. I would like to add it is not just a perception thing, it is how things have been going.
    If the players want a character bug fixed it needs to be found while there are still packs for sale (first 2 months) or it just lingers. All the ones I have posted and many more were reported prior to the bug with sion zeta and visas Marr issues. Guess which one's were fixed right away?
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    Can we get a specific sub-forum for AI suggestions? For example, First Order Officer starts the battle using pinning shot instead of marching orders which is more optimal. What specials should AI prefer? And if possible, targeting preferences? Don't want Darth Nihilus using Annhilate on NS Zombie when other NS toons are available and zombie is not taunting etc.
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    Are there any plans to do a major Shard Shuffle in either the shops or even in some of the battles? A lot of players are running out or are tired of the same characters in the shops and I feel that switching it up could provide a fresh feel to the game.
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    I have msg this before with no direct response. It is very annoying and makes Tide Battles Platoons pointless when a new toon is released. As soon as our guild collects enough of the toons to fill platoons, new toons are thrown in. This is the definition of insanity. Yes you all removed the new toons from first three phases but again the last three are tough and the only way to complete platoons is to have 5 or 6 people in your guild drop thousands just to star toons. So my question is. Will this be changing and if not why?
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    Dear CG
    Thank you for making this great game (and for stealing all my spare time for the last 2½ years B) ). You do a lot of great design and are brave enough to make unpopular - but in hindsight often correct - decisions.
    There are 3 aspects I don't think you do as well at though: prizing/panic farm, in depth information about the game design and your choices and the lack of community involvement.
    The fist part has been talked about forever on these forums, I have nothing new to offer (but it needs to be mentioned).
    I know you try to improve upon the information part, but there is still a loong way to go. Look at a game like Magic The gathering* and how they have tons of content about the game, the design and (this will be most important for this game) why they do what they do. It wont please everyone (you never can), but will remove the frustrations a lot have about things that looks like bad/random design - often because we do not know what you know. Give us the perspective we lack. Sometimes it seems like you still consider this "just another mobile game" - which it clearly isn't. You need to affect the opinions and act - not just react (when everyone is mad).
    * I know MtG isn't a fair comparison for a lot of reasons, one of them being they know ½-1 year ahead exactly what is going to happen in the game. But it could be a great example to be inspired from.
    The last part is the flipside of the coin, getting something [constructive] back from the community. Why not make initiatives that encourages us to give something back to this game we love?
    A few ideas:
    1. The STH/Sith Raid-gate. You messed up a bit, and you acknowledged it. Fine. But why didn't you reach out to the community and say "We want to stop the STH exploit and think RJT teams are to good. Help us find solutions"? That could have given the changes (changes I agree with btw) a whole lot more support and credibility.
    2. Arena. everybody hates the way Arena works, the refreshes to find the optimal opponent, we cannot see if we or others are "locked" etc. Ask us, please!
    3. GW. I don't know were the pool of opponents in GW comes from, but I refuse to believe they are arena teams from other players (lvl 85 gear 12 toon without synergy or a leader ability). Let us make suggestions for teams to enter the pool. that would be fun (for us) and lead to more enjoyable matches with a lot more variations (and not just old, old,old teams like Jedi consular (l), Dooku, QGJ, Luminara and Geonesian Soldier
    4. Competitions
    5. User made content
    6. "What toons do you want to see added to the game?"
    7. "Is July going to be Seperatist or Tusken month? Vote now"
    8. ...
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    Would be a plus if we could close off platoons individually. For instance if we can only fill 1,2, 5, 6. We could close off 3,4... easier coordination.
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    When do you think a new character will be added to the arena store?
  • Sewpot
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    Obligatory August
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    According to that mass developer Q and A they weren't planning on adding to those stores soon
  • Peempo
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    Not to be rude but, why a 2 hour q&a on a drinking holiday, in between 2 hours of the prime time of said holiday? Try again Monday?
  • NicWester
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    Very happy to hear @CG_Kozispoon escaped Sacramento! Good for you, hope you didn't just get shunted to some suburb like Roseville or Lincoln and managed to faaar away from that city :P
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • kmilky
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    I have a question about the nature of the original JTR Mythic Event communication and release. I spent months defending CG and its practices to that point. I felt that people like me who, while we don't spend much money, have loyally played the game since launch had consistently and fairly been given opportunities to earn new toons through f2p methods.

    My experience with the JTR event was very different and highly disappointing. The specific decision that was disappointing was putting both Veteran toons in stage 8 of the Cantina. The small window of time they were placed combined with the cost of the node meant that few people could farm these toons from their post-marquee status to a full 7 stars before the Mythic event ended. The only people were able to get her at that time were (a) people who spent a decent amount of money (50$ USD or more), or (b) those who believed the long-standing rumors that the vets would be required and opted to use arena earnings for months to partially farm the vets.

    The cause for my frustration is that I felt this node placement was unfair to people who would not spend money and would not buy into rumors (with good reason; see the Revan mania a couple months ago that was debunked). I felt very jaded after this happened, considering you did very well (IMO) to ensure the f2p player base had every opportunity to at least unlock Thrawn (phoenix were farmable and in friendly locations), and you were very fair with CLS (every toon except R2 has been f2p since game launch, and the R2 event made two appearances prior to the first CLS Mythic event). I also felt that my efforts to defend CG fell flat, as this was the first (and only, really) time I felt like a major protagonist in the Star Wars universe was paywalled.

    I wondered if you can elaborate on why you specifically chose to put both toons in Stage 8 Cantina versus putting one of the two in the GW or Cantina stores? Or compared to even putting one of them on a cheaper cantina node? Additionally, when you see rumors that you (presumably) know to be true floating around months before release (like the Vets being required), why would you choose not to confirm those rumors the same way you debunk the false ones? I feel like the moment you confirm it, even if you don't make the toons farmable, at least f2p have an informed decision to make about where they spend their resources.

    Thanks for your time and transparency!
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    as someone who has been playing for 2+ years and has been feeling more frustration then enjoyment with this game over the last couple months i just have to say thank you for the q and a last night that is exactly the kind of communication i have been hoping for since i started playing this game
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    Guild system, any improvements coming? Color choice for officers names in chat and the ability to disallow players to enter any raid for "x" amount of time (preset time outs, or let us choose) and a guild rules screen would be sooooo helpful.
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    What are your feelings about players asking for refunds after money was spent on nerfed characters?
  • Jookaa
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    Thank you to the team @CG_Carrie and the rest capital games for setting up this q/a session between the producers and the community. I think this helps increase the transparency between the concerns/issues of both groups. An inability to find formal documented responses to the community’s burning questions was a massive issue.
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  • Goodgil
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    Just read through everything here... Really appreciate the effort made here. I just hope that for future sessions like this, we'll get more advance notice, so that more people can participate.
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    @CG_Carrie Nick, and Erik, AWESOME job with this Q&A!!! My only regret is that I was sleeping, and didn't get a chance to ask about Clone Helmets :)
    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
  • CaptainRex
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    @CG_Carrie Just an fyi...
    [QUESTION: Darth_Ouchilus] Why can we not change/edit/move Defense squads in TW during the setup phase?
    [CVG] Matchmaking is done after setup to ensure your guild is accurately matched up against another guild. If you can change your defensive squads after moving into the offense phase, then it would be optimal to pull all your mods off characters and not level characters up and only do it after the attack phase has started. That encourages a different type of play, one based around faking out your opponent, and while we certainly want to offer different game experiences, it is not the intent of Territory Wars at this time.
    He wasn't talking about changing mods or anything like that. He was talking about when I order my guild to place Team A in section B, and someone places their team in Section C, to give me the option to remove his team from Section C so it can be correctly placed in Section B.

    Also, in regards to the question about a sandbox mode, there's a difference between required content, and voluntary content. Arena, GW, etc are all required content. You have to do these things to progress in the game (dailies, etc). For this reason, I was in full support of simming GW. It cuts down on the amount of time for required content. A sandbox mode, however, is voluntary content. Sometimes, I just want to mess around. I want to see how Character A matches up in a 1 on 1 match vs Character B, or whatever (endless possibilities of ship/toon matchups). A sandbox mode would simply be fun!
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    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
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    Words cannot describe how excited I am for them to fix arena refresh. I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to hit 8 from 13, and got so mad when I skipped over it.
    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
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    So you tell us that you are going to provide actual cadence and schedule for legendary, and heroes journeys and cadence for F2P character releases. This is two days after springing JTR return on us with two days notice. Is this a joke on the community or what? It’s just disrespectful to the players and guild to use these last minute announcement tactics to attempt to push us to panic farm. The Sith Raid is supposed to hard, fine. Then at least make the rewards commensurate. Most guilds are basically in a continuous loop having to constantly have the sith raid going and we basically get garbage for rewards. How is that meant to enhance the game experience? Community and guild morale is at an all time low because of the way CG has been handling the game lately, what is it going to take for things to change?
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