Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
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    Guild informations
    • Guild name: Legion of Bahamut I
    • GP: 135M
    • Members: 49/50
    • Raids: Rancor (Heroic), Tank (Heroic), Sith (Heroic)
    • TW: Light (39/45), Dark (40/48)
    • TB: 36 Win, 2 Lose, 0 Draw
    • Time zone: UTC+8 (Taiwan)
    • Language: Chinese 中文 (mainly)

    • 1.5M+ GP
    • 500+ tickets/day
    • Follow raid/TB/TW instructions

    Since members in our guild communicate in Chinese, we prefer recruiting guys can read Chinese. Commander can give instructions or help translate messages from other guildies in English. So, if you can't read Chinese but are okay not chatting with others directly, it will be fine.

    It's okay if you don't have toons for hSR.

    You can message me on discord Revenge Kill (Legion of Bahamut)#5969 to have a talk.


    Revenge Kill (guild leader)
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    38⭐️ Galactic Security (GP 105M)

    Looking for 2M+ players to bolster our roster for more ⭐️s in territory battles and deepen our territory wars arsenal!

    Guild Reset 9:30 pm Eastern
    Raid start times: 8:30 pm Eastern.
    24 hour zero damage rule for raids.

    Requirements for acceptance:

    * Min Galactic Power 2 million

    * CLS unlocked, JTR preferred

    * Discord and mandatory

    PM me on discord with any questions at:
    Mol Eli NP#8173

    Thanks for checking us out!
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    HanYoloooooo (~90M GP)

    Looking to round out our guild with higher level players trying to start heroic sith raids or that need to farm GK.

    -American guild over all time zones (EST/PST/AK)
    -Raid times rotate to accommodate all time zones (Usually 9am/9pm EST)
    -Farming Han and GK (most have both 7* and let others take top spots for extra shards), Tier 5 Sith (farming Heroic squads)
    -30+ stars in TB. 8 for last 10 TWs

    Just ask for max tickets everyday and active in events (raid, TW, etc). We're pretty laid back and have basic raid rules. We aren't cutthroat and help each other out. We should be open to join, if you can't find us PM me. Thanks.

    Discord: @Gen Bonesworth#6304
    Ally: 731-665-956
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    Looking to become a transition guild for guilds looking to become more competitive. Meaning you have players that are not the GP you need, or as active as you like but you don't want to be mean about kicking them out. Reach out to us. We don't micromanage, laid back, and we are running both HPit and HAAT.

    We are not looking to join an alliance, or merging into another guild. Though you are more than welcome to merge with us :)

    Currently 18 members
    17 million GP
    13/14 Stars TB
    7k+ tickets per day. (Pretty active, averaging 400 ticket per player)
    Can complete both Hpit and HAAT, and T3 Sith(5Days) - 0/24 rule except for sith raid.
    400/600 per day if possible

    US West Coast Guild
    We run HAAT/HPIT raids at 7:30pm PST

    This is our core group:

    Discord ID: CaptainAwesome#1567
    Ally Code: 631-971-322

    Discord ID: rowgar#7607
    Ally Code: 798-273-256
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    FTB The Knights of Cydonia - 98M GP - International Heroic Raid Guild is Recruiting!

    Are you looking to join a fun and friendly guild that is very organised and quite chilled out?

    We understand players have a life beyond the game. Work, Friends and family come first. Our Guild runs 5 Heroic Raids a week on a fixed schedule, and takes a slightly more relaxed approach with Territory Battles and Territory Wars. Despite this we are still having great success in both events.

    Minimum requirements: We are looking for:
    • Active players, who can generate 600 tickets per day
    • Level 85 with ideally 1.8 million+ Galactic Power
    • Ideally have the required Hoth characters for Territory Battles
    • It is essential all players join our chat groups using the app called ‘LINE’
    • You are working on your Heroic Sith Raid teams

    What we can offer you:
    • Heroic Raid Attack Times: 11:00am EST (4:00pm GMT)
    • 3 Heroic Rancors, 2 HAAT per week (12 Hours 0 Damage)
    • Access to our huge network of SWGOH players for free advice, support and friendly chat.
    • FREE Raid Han Solo, General Kenobi, ROLO and IPD Shards.
    • Territory Battle Prizes 32 stars minimum.
    • Not all our players are Heroic Sith Raid ready so we're currently running Tier 4 so everyone can enjoy the raid and test their teams without the grind.

    If you are interested in joining our Heroic team, please:
    • Chat with our recruitment team in LINE:
    • Send me a message here, or
    • via LINE app (ID: fuchungku), or
    • Discord ID: Phooey#4554, or
    • Search for and join ‘FTB The Knights of Cydonia’ in game

    Small print: We remove inactive players who do not meet the minimum requirements on a regular basis as we need tickets to run Heroic Raids, and improve our rank as a team. Slackers, you've been warned! :P

    Vacancies: We currently have 2 open spots.
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    Lifetime Power is an heroic guild with 105mil GP. We are currently looking to fill 2 open spots. From two of our longtime members that recently quit playing swgoh altogether

    We are very active and do Heroic Rancor 3 times per week every Monday, Wed, and Friday at set times. We also have HAAT on farm 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays at set times. We do not have Sith on a set schedule yet but are running them as soon as we finish one and have tickets available. We are an EST guild but we have members for many time zones.
    1. GP around 1.5 mil
    2. required to contribute 600 tickets daily however we do understand that real life takes priority we just ask that you inform us if there is a good reason you can't meet that sometimes.
    3. must sign up on website and have profile setup to sync and public
    4. must communicate. we don't expect you to be a super chatter box but must keep up with info and follow instructions posted in discord.

    We are pretty laid back in general but we are active and want members who are actively pursuing this game and trying to always improve. If interested or you have any questions please feel free to join our recruitment channel on discord where one of our officers will be happy to help you.

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    Hi im the leader of Galactic RePUGlic.

    Ive started a guild with just me so far but ive made this guild with an alt and my requirments are as follows.

    Be nice, helpful, friendly, very active, contribute tickets just so we all reap the benefits of raids and you can be a newbie or an alt.

    If you want to then feel free to join if not dont post any nasty replies just carry on about your business.

    First 5 in will be officers.
    49 spaces available
    5 office5rs available
    Feel free to message me
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    Guild: UltraEndurance
    Guild GP: 106 million
    Light Side TB: 37
    Dark Side TB: 34
    Heroic Pit: Yes
    Heroic Tank: Yes
    Language: English
    -0 damage first 24 hours on both raids
    -Prefer to have 1.5 Million GP
    We are currently looking for 2 active players to help contribute to TW and TB. We are also working towards heroic sith raid. The 600 tickets daily is not required as we do realize real life comes first. We are a relaxed guild and donate often.
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    WeShootF1rst (GP 106.000.000M ) are recruiting:
    We are looking for:
    1-2 active players
    Level 85, active daily (600) , at least 1.600.000 GP(with few exceptions*)
    *Top 100 Arena
    JTR and CLS unlocked (preferred but not necessary), Hoth Rebel brothers, ROLO, CHOLO, Gen V and Col Starck and Bounty Hunters
    Discord and mandatory
    Some staff about us:
    WeShootF1rst is an international Guild, with members from Europe and US.
    Our officers have specialization in the field that everyone has undertaken and they can help you and provide you guidance in whatever you might need (pvp field arena,pvp field ships, modding, raids, TW,TB).
    Currently we are 50/50 but one (or more) spot will be open for limited time.

    We average 28-30k tickets a day and score 35-37* on TB.
    Heroic Rancor Raids:
    Whenever we have the required tickets. 3 raids per week.
    EU friendly hour
    USA friendly hour
    HAAT Raids:
    Whenever we have the required tickets.2-3 raids per week.
    EU friendly hour
    USA friendly hour
    Sith Triumvirate Raids:
    Whenever we have the required tickets.1 raid per week.
    EU friendly hour
    USA friendly hour
    Territory Battles:
    Officers are constantly informing the members for each phase and each battle where to deploy and which team to use.
    Territory Wars:
    there is no second place for us! only 1st place here!
    Officers are constantly informing the members where to deploy defenses and which team to use.same for attack phase.
    Discord chat:
    Access to Discord chat is mandatory, and it's **highly** encouraged that all members use it regularly. This is for your own service and further development as we provide guidance on strategy on the raids and lots of useful information for gearing chars .
    Raid & Activity rules:
    Rancor (HEROIC):
    0 (zero) damage for the first 24hrs. free for all after
    0 (zero) damage for the first 24hrs. free for all after
    currently running T5-T6 minimum damage particiaption per member 4M.
    600/600 Tickets per day is a must. By not contributing raid tickets or not participating on TB or TW is a cause to be kicked off.
    Participation in ALL raids is Mandatory.

    Contact us with private message here or on Discord if you're interested.
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    entrocrests needs 3 more members...

    98 million GP guild.

    Running heroic Pit and Tank multiple times a week. Tier V Sith.

    35 stars in last TBs. Great TW record, coming off two more wins.

    We have 24 hour zero damage on Pit and Tank, raid at 9 PM Eastern.

    Ask for 350 tickets daily.

    We also use Discord.

    We are laid back but serious. We totally understand real life issues. We just all want to enjoy the game and make each better.

    Reach out on here if interested.
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    ImperialWalkerTexasRanger looking for 5 solid/active members to join us!

    Guild GP 76M+
    Members: 46/50

    Raids: 3 Heroic Rancor/ 2Heroic AAT / 2 tier 4-5 Sith raids per week.
    -Competitive in Territory Wars and Territory Battles
    - Must be active and produce 600 tix a day
    - Must join discord server
    Message me for details!!
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    The Old Folk Home wants you to retire with us!!!
    And we have a few spots open ... We are a Mature bunch (hence the name) who have recently formed a break away guild from what could be considered a mega guild. We have heaps of experience, with a very good understanding of how to win. You gotta be 18+ because we speak our mind. We are respectful though, and you gotta be too. Currently we are 47 peeps with a GP of 100mill so we need you so we can start getting the better TB and TW rewards! We walked over our last opposition again. 600 tickets a must and you need to have been playing for at least a year.

    Our Raids are run as follows: Australian time zone: HPit damage phase will open at 6:30pm (guild reset) HAAT damage phase open 7:00pm (30min after reset)

    US time zone: Hpit damage phase will open at 12pm AEST (7pm pacific) HAAT damage phase will open at 12:30pm AEST (30mins later) Both raids will be launched on the same day and have a 24hr "zero damage" period.

    Discord Sp3c1alK#2730

    Were using discord and have bots setup to help with game coordination, so DM me if you want in Chur!
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    We have recently let several members go who did not wish to obtain Jedi Training Rey in order to pursue Traya shards by completing Heroic STR. We currently have 14 JTRs and after the next event we expect to double this number and be ready to complete Heroic STR

    We are focused on achieving Heroic STR but we try to run a fun and relaxed guild.

    Our guild stats:
    Members 42
    GP 104M+
    Dark = 36 ⭐️
    Light = 37 ⭐️
    HPit: 3-4 times a week, 24 hours no damage rule applies
    HAAT: 2-3 times a week, 24 hours no damage rule applies
    HSTR: 2-3 times a week, tier 4-5

    What we expect of you:
    Line is Required registration
    TB/TW participation compulsory (within reason).
    GP > 2m but negotiable depending on your toons/teams.
    600 tickets (daily)
    Have JTR or actively working towards her

    We also have an academy feeder guild

    If you're interested please contact us on Line: darthobi1701 or dubiousodious
    Or PM me in here
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    We were born in the Team Skunk community as an absolute beginner guild. Through blood sweat and tears we have built our way here over the course of a year through hard work and making each other better every day. We now reside in the Exiled community and are one of the top performing guilds there. We are US based but house members from all over the world.
    The Exiled Knights of Kit consider ourselves family. We are very competitive, but we still have fun playing this game. If you are looking to test another guild to see if we meet your lofty standards just to put us on your long list of not good enough guilds, then we aren't the right fit for you. If you want to feel like you belong, have fun playing this game, and get to know your fellow guild mates, then look no further than here. Even if we don't have a spot for you, chances are we could fit you in somewhere amidst our vast Exiled community of guilds.
    Join our Discord here
    and may the force be with you
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    Hi hi. We re from Knights of Vitiate. We re recruiting for the empty spots in our guild.

    Guild info:
    - GP: 5 mil
    - Members: 20
    - TZ: GMT +5

    - T4 rancor
    - T6 naat
    - Sith raid is on T1 =_=

    If ya got questions do ask O_O

    Thank you :3
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    The icons 74m GP
    2spots open

    Raids 2x 9pm est and one at 9am est
    Tickets +23,000 daily

    Heroic pit every 3 days 24/0 damage, 23:59 free for all ( if you have raid Han at 7* do the theme pit ( example just use Hans and chewies, fleet commanders)

    Haat every 4 days 24h/0 damage

    sith raid t4-5

    Daily activities 7:30 pm est

    No mandatory 600 tickets 400-600 is good
    we don't expect you to spend money


    Be active and we grow as a team
    Our website.
    My ally code is 349 879 784. /////. Officer 751-458-388
    Do is all we know. Do not is out of the question.
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    Guild Name: Space Time Elite
    Time Zone: UK UTC + 1

    No Gp requirements, no level requirements.
    There is only one requirement: DAILY ACTIVITY. Contribute at least 500 raid tickets per day

    What we have to offer

    Heroic Rancor and Heroic AAT. We help new players to get quickly Raid Han Solo and General Kenobi.
    We also run T3 Sith that not to waste tickets and do it as quick as possible, but we prepering to start doing T4.
    We win almost everyone TWs and we get an average of 20 stars in TBs.

    Do not waste your chance. Join us as long as you have the opportunity. The number of places is limited

    How to join?

    PM me , DISCORD: ricksanchez#9433, send me ally request in game (my ally code is: 695 217 739)

    Lord of Siths Darth Rick Sanchez

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    Zona Leste Unida is looking for active members.
    Cansado de guildas tirânicas que ficam colocando metas de atividades e ameaçando membros? Pois sejam bem-vindos!
    Guild GP = 19,5M
    ten LVL 85' players
    Heoric Rancor and tier 4 or 5 for low lvl players
    Sith Raid tier 2-4
    Welcoming guild, no lvl restiction. We only ask to be active an be a good teammate
    Ally code of the leader 351-214-491. Send us a request through the game and no guild´s players will be invited. Or join through the search option, no guild requirements!
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    Are you looking to join a competitive guild that has the Rancor and HAAT on farm and is pushing toward 40 stars in Territory Battles? If so Collective of Shadow is looking for 2 new members. We have a great group of players and work very well as a team. We have several members that take first in their arena and are happy to share advice and strategy. We are mostly US based but try to move raid times around to accommodate all of our members.
    We are actively building towards completing the new Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid.
    Guild GP: 111M with 48 members
    Contact: We use LINE for guild chat. If you have questions or are interested in joining message betapi1618. I am also on discord Vestara’s Dad#8779
    Communication: We use LINE to coordinate raids, Territory Battle Deployments and Territory War strategy.
    Weekly Raids: Heroic Pit we do 2x-3x per week. We have a 24 hour zero damage rule and the officers manage groups to rotate top ten finishes. Raids alternate between 11:30 AM and 7:00 PM Central
    HAAT we do 2x per week with a 24 hour zero damage rule that start at 11:30 central.
    Territory Battles: We have gotten 37 stars in the last light side (80 ROLO shards) and dark side territory battle (12 IPD shards). We were very close to additional stars in both. One of the officer directs deployment via LINE and in game instructions to those that have time to hold deployments. Can you put us over the top?
    Territory Wars: We have been on a solid winning streak winning our last 5 Territory Wars, putting our record at 17 wins and 6 losses. We have an officer in charge of territory war who analyzes the guild rosters and recommends what defense teams to set. The board is then marked with clear instructions on what to deploy where. On offense we use LINE to coordinate attacks and call for members with stronger teams.
    Participation and Policies: All we ask is that people follow the zero damage rule, join LINE chat and participate to the extent that real life allows. We are a friendly guild and love to share advice and help newer players improve.
    We average 28k tickets per day and do not have a daily ticket requirement. We just ask that you try your best to participate and improve.
    Guild Name: Collective of Shadow
    SWGOH.GG Page:
    Guild Reset Time: 7:30 PM Central
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    Shifty Rebels,

    is a casual guild who welcomes players from all corners of the globe. The guild leadership hails from Perth Australia.

    We currently have 37 active members ranging from L73 to L85, and are looking for some new members to bring us to full strength.

    we currently do the following raids:

    Heroic Rancor: Monday and Friday 1830 perth time. 1030 UTC (24 hour zero damage)

    Heroic Tank: will be Saturday 1830 perth time. 1030 UTC (12 hour zero damage once guild gets stronger. currently ran when heavy hitters are available which is atleast weekly depending on raid tickets.

    We encourage max participation with all territory wars and battles and our current Stars are around 16 due to some recent inactivity.
    If you are interested you can join via the guild search or reach us in game or on discords, the details are below.


    Hit up one of our recruiting officers in game chat : 622-571-556
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    Outer Rim Raiders' Haven is looking to add 1 more member. Minimum GP is 1.8 Mil and must be actively farming toons for Sith Raid and have a SWGOH.GG account. Our current GP is 108mil+.

    H-Rancor & HAAT are both on farm and we launch at 9PM EST/8PM CST.

    DM me if you have any questions and/or are interested in joining our guild. MY DISCORD ID IS: alaskanseminole#2416

    We're looking for one final player to round out our guild. You should check us out.
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    HanYoloooooo (90M GP)

    Looking to round out our guild with higher level players (1.8M+) trying to start heroic sith raids and may need to farm GK.

    -American guild over all time zones (EST/PST/AK) -Raid times rotate to accommodate all time zones (Usually 9am/9pm EST) -Farming Han and GK (most have both 7* and let others take top spots for extra shards), Tier 5 Sith (farming Heroic squads) -30ish stars in TB. 8 for last 10 TWs

    Just ask for max tickets everyday and active in events (raid, TW, etc). We're pretty laid back and have basic raid rules. We aren't cutthroat and help each other out. We should be open to join, if you can't find us PM me. Thanks.

    Discord: @Gen Bonesworth#6304
    Ally: 731-665-956
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    Darkened Stars

    91M GP

    20-5 TW

    Solid TB stars

    T4 and T5 STR (no tickets burned)

    Max HAAT and Pit per week (Alternating Times for all regions)

    We have grown 40M GP in 6 months this is a solid tight group with little turnover. We are currently building teams for HSTR and will get there soon enough

    Discord is the only real rule (along with standard 24hr rule on pit/haat.

    Minimum GP to join is negotiable... you can have a low GP if your roster is small but amazing.

    Come join a group that rocks TW, Rocks raids, come join the family at Darkened Stars

    Just message me here to get the ball rolling.
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    Guild: Inglorious Nerfhearders

    Galactic Power : 96 million
    Members : 40/50
    Leader : NDIRISHFAN
    Ally code : 877.774.558

    Communication: LINE APP (Required) (add me on Line)

    Guild Reset Time : 6:30pm cst. USA

    Minimum Required: 1.5 mil Galactic Power and above

    Guild Rules: Daily 600, Stay Active, Follow Raid Rules, Communicate. That's it.

    SITH RAID: We currently complete Tier 6 (5days)
    We need help in this department. We are progressing to Heroic, we just need to replace our inactives with JTR teams and we can start doing Heroic. Be part of the first completion of Heroic.

    HEROIC PIT: (Launch when tickets become available)
    Day 1: Sacrifice a character, no damage.
    Day 2 : (after guild reset) FFA.

    HEROIC TANK: (Launch when tickets are available)
    Day 1: Sacrifice a character.. No Damage. Attack a side droid
    Day 2: (After Guild Reset) FFA

    TERRITORY WAR- 21 wins
    TERRITORY Battles - Average 35-37 stars (1000 stars total)
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    We are attempting HSTR on June 1st, come join us! We are looking for players with solid sith raid teams, especially JTR and nightsisters!

    Us: We're a great independent and casual but hard-working guild. We've got >123mil GP and 38/41* in LS/DSTB with 2 openings. We have a great group of players from all over the world and are trying to enjoy the game and working hard to get to the next level. Our current goal is doing what it takes to complete HSTR. We are very organized and focused on improving the group, not just individuals.

    You: 2mil+ GP, team player, active daily (600), use Discord, ROLO/IPD ready.

    Guild Name: Ab Alquwa

    Activity Reset: 10:30 PM EST (US)

    Raids: Our raids alternate start 10AM / 9PM EST with HPit M/W/Sat, HAAT Tues/F, Sith as often as possible.

    Discord required, contact me. My ID: Emil Garind#4825

    My Ally Code: 298-246-134


    Contact me for more info if you're interested. We hope to hear from you!
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    A guilda Herdeiros de Alderan está aceitando novos Jogadores!

    Somos todos Herdeiros de Alderan, uma Guilda BR nova, com jogadores experientes de outra guilda que se separou!

    Nome da Guilda: Herdeiros de Alderan
    Guild GP: 11.844,660
    Players: 13/50
    Guild Reset Time: 18:30 (UTC -3:00)

    - Comunicação é fundamental, temos grupo no whatsapp.

    Interessados adicionem o Recruiter(forum User): SirSteil
    My Ally Code: 463-422-982

    Temos players com times para completar:
    The Pit HEROIC (Rancor)
    Sith Tier 3

    Procuramos jogares ativos, com 600 bilhetes diarios, independente do nivel do jogador que queiram crescer e se divertir com o jogo.
    Venha crescer com a gente!
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