Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Vasudan
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    LazerFaces is recruiting. Current GP 30 million.

    We are currently 49/50 and have a very good win ratio on TW. LS/DS TB ~13 stars.

    Heroic Pits are started Tuesday 8pm(EST) for join period and active Wednesday 8pm(EST). One is also open for join 4pm(EST) Saturday and active 4pm(EST) Sunday. If you are under level 80 and do not have a full squad of 7* characters you are welcome to do damage during the join phase.
    AAT is run as often as we have tickets and Ethan, our guild leader, thinks we will be HAAT ready by end of June. Sith raids are currently tier 4, tier 5 soon, and are run as soon as the last one ends.

    Minimum level 75, no GP requirement. You should have at least one 7* character in order to receive rewards from Heroic Pit. Must participate in TW/TB. If you will be unavailable please let an officer know or post on our discord server. Also, if you are going on vacation or are going to be gone for 7 days or more please let us know or you may be removed from the guild. We ask that you push for 600 tickets a day, but do not require it. Please try to participate as much as possible in daily guild activities. We ask that you setup a account if you do not already have one but this is also not required. We have a discord server for longer conversations, helpful links and TW/Raid strategy if you wish to join the more talkative members.

    We are a helpful and relaxed group of people.

    If you have any questions, please send me a message on discord - Vasudan#9526. You can also join our discord server to ask questions. If you would like to join up, just search for “LazerFaces” and drop on in!

  • Shatean
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    Guild: 'Lotus Order'
    We are friendly guild focusing on being active players, and giving everyone a chance to participate and get loot from raids.

    Guild GP: 69m

    We are doing HRancor and HAAT (both 24h zero dmg) to allow all a participation in loot.
    Sith T4

    We are very recently moved to Discord:

    Timezone: CET (but we also have a few people from US timezones).
    Raiding times: 13CET, but subject to change after recruitment completed.

    If you wish a pleasent environment, focus on having fun (playing with active, friendly people is fun), mutual respect. Please feel write to find Lotus Order or PM me first with questions.
    We are also open to accomodate groups.

    Currently we have around +-30 active members. Looking to replace our inactives and go for HeroSith with time.

    your GP is secondary to activity.

    Best Regards
    my ingame nick: Shatean
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  • Armatores
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    Utd Reds is a fast-growing and highly active 74 million GP guild. We offer a family-style, relaxed environment in our guild where we share our love for the game. Our players GP range is between 2,7-550k GP. We have some uniqe guild features (Like Guild Core, Guild Goals, Golden Membership and others) that helps us constantly developing. For more info, check our account -
    Join us , if you interested in -
    UK time based guild
    Friendly atmosphere without hard pushing and kicking players for every mistake
    If you want help in developing wisely your roster
    If you tired of losing more TW than you won
    If you want be in guild that have strong inner structure and developing plan
    No strange rules, just common raid ones and some TW guidance
    Here is more detailed info:
    - Raids - We currently run HPit (24 hour no damage rule), HAAT (24 hour for P3 and P4 no damage rule) and Tier 4 of the Sith Triumvirate raid.
    - Territory Battles - In TB we achieve 25-26 stars for LS and DS. We capable of farm 50 ROLO shards per LS TB.
    - Territory Wars - For TW, we have a comprehensive defensive structure and specific attack strategy which has given positive win/lose ratio. Our biggest winning streak is 4 wins at row atm. After each TW we making analisys of battle with players rank system, to help everyone evaluate thier performance.
    - Guild Reset is at 6:30 pm GMT so all raids are launched then. Character refresh is at 12:00am GMT.
    - Criteria for joining: Any GP above 1m is perfect as we aim to help players as they are developing and nurture them with expert advice from seasoned players. To achieve this you must communicate on discord. If you have 5 star CHS and HRsoldier that's great but if not you'll just have to get on and farm them as soon as you join. Participation is required in all aspects of the game even if it just means scoring 0 on raids or deploying entire roster on TB.
    Feel free to contact me @Armatores (624-975-176) or join our discord server lobby to discuss anything you might ask:
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    We are GhostsOfSparta - 95+mil GP looking for 1 (possibly 2) strong players to join us.
    We run around 3 Hpits per week and 2 Haats per week. Averaging around 31-32* on LS/DS territory battles. We don't lose many TW's (only a handful so far). The Sith Raid is going at V for now until we increase our GP.
    I don't want to give false expectations here, we are no where near ready for HSith farming. But In time we will be.
    Now for what we are looking for...
    At this point we are wanting 2-3 strong players, 2 mill+ to add to our ranks. We are a fun group who have mostly been together since the beginning. Any questioned hit me up on here or on discord Don Pedro X#5134
    P.S. Discord is a must.

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    OMEGA ΩRDER is a new guild seeking members to fill it’s roster. We are a mix of newish players and alts of veteran hardcore players from top 50 guilds.
    We are:
    • T3-T4 Sith
    • An active guild
    • 600 per day preferred
    • 12m GP with 19 members
    • North American based with worldwide members
    • 12 Star Tb
    • Discord users
    • Heavily experienced core
    • NOT interested in merging into your guild
    • An independent guild

    This guild is an excellent opportunity for newer players AND experienced. We are a mature group who enjoy helping others succeed and are drama free. So if you are new to the game, want some great knowledge from our veteran players then please send me a message and I’ll get you in the OMEGA ΩRDER! Contact DarkVision#2965 through Discord or add me as an ally 829-364-936
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    86M GP and growing
    47/50 Members
    6-7 raids per week = 2-3x HPIT, 2x HAAT (24-hour zero damage on both heroics), & 1-2x Sith T4
    Raid times vary to accommodate different schedules, reasonable start time requests are usually honored

    Requirements you should meet:
    We have no player GP minimums, we just ask for activity
    All official communications are made in-game.
    Able to contribute regularly to TB & TW.
    Able to follow rules ....especially the 24 hour zero-damage on raids!
    Don't disappear for more than a week, unless you've talked to an officer about the absence.

    About us:
    We are transitioning from a casual guild to an active guild, but the bar has been kept pretty low. All we ask is that you help out in the events where success depends on guild participation, such TB & TW. We want the game to be fun for you, and are happy to help out with any questions.
    Our officers are all in USA, with a EST-CST-PST spread.
    There's about a dozen of us on SWGOH.GG (optional) if you want to snoop:

    We're strict on enfocing intentional violation of the 24 hour zero-damage on raids, as this rule is intended to help the guild as a whole, we can't have players getting greedy. We also realize that accidents happen, so we won't boot you for an accidental AOE hit, or spacing out and hitting "auto", as long as it's not habitual.

    Territory Battles are running around 26-28 stars....we want to do better, with your help.

    We use LINE for chat, but it's optional. It's just an additional place to hang out, and much easier to share links/pics/etc than in-game.

    Guild search "Blue Harvest" in-game, if you can get the **** guild search tool to return a reasonable result though, you're better than I am

    You can contact me directly:
    In-game: Send an ally invite to 773-259-687
    LINE ID: imyourstinkypete (display name "WookieOfTheYear")
    EA forum: StinkyPete
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    The Harbingers of Darkness are seeking 7 more players levels 65-85. Got a Flawless Victory on our last TW!!

    Guild reset: Paris Time Zone

    Sith Raid- we currently are doing T2 for guildstore currency, complete every 2-3 days.

    HPIT- 24 hour 0 damage rule
    T6 AAT(allied guild helps with HAAT occasionally)

    7 day inactivity= kick(unless given prior notice)

    Discord and Swgoh account required
    TB/TW participation is required for 65+

    Come chat with us on our server:
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    Want to join an active of group of players with an awesome discord chat? If so, come join the Alliance.

    We are looking for community oriented active gamers. You don't have to have an amazing roster or be hAAT and TB ready to join the academy. We want to find players who fit in with our community and hopefully play this game with us for a long time. We are looking for people who want to run as many heroic raids as possible and help our alliance grow even stronger. You can be a whale, dolphin or F2P. The important this is you are active, community oriented, a team first player and want to get better.

    We'll help you with suggestions, resources and allow you to ally with members who have gear 12 level 85 fully maxed characters. You can ally with our members and use our characters to help you complete hard light, dark and neutral battles.

    We're promoting a tight knit community or family type atmosphere. We love to have fun and joke around. We're always open to feedback, questions or concerns and will do what's best for the guilds as a whole. We are really proud of our guilds and feel like its a second family.

    We are in the process of reshuffing our guilds and will have:

    A heroic sith raid guild
    Two sith raid prep guilds
    A Casual HAAT guild
    A development guild that takes all active players regardless of level or ability.

    All guilds are equal and we do not employ a feeder guild model. Players are also given first chance to move around within the Alliance if space becomes available. We help each other by sharing knowledge, developing each others players and sharing common tasks such as recruiting.

    What do you get?
    1) Play at your pace.
    2) Player development. You will be part of our shared discord server. A great repository of game knowledge and a vehicle for you to interact with our players, some of which have been playing since the game began and have top ranks in fleet and squad arena. We also have participants in ultra level guilds that have Heroic Sith raid on farm.
    3) Lots of fun:

    We also welcome guilds who want to merger and push toward a common cause.

    You can contact me via PM on this board or on discord CaliRogue One#7234. You can also join our discord server
  • Ohtay92
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    Black Saber Tavern looking for players looking to take their game to the next level. A small group may also be accommodated.

    About us:

    84 million GP
    PST with set raid times
    Winning tw ratio
    34 stars in TB
    T4/5 Sith raid

    Looking for players wanting to work towards Heroic Sith, but may be missing some characters.
    High GP and arena ranks preferable, not entirely mandatory.

    Jump into our recruitment server today:

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    The Corellian Refugees, an independent guild, has room for 1 new member! We're a relaxed, yet dedicated group, and are very helpful with game strategy. You'll find that we're more about community than we are compliance - rules are simple, and we succeed as a team. Intent is to keep the game fun. It is a game, after all... ;)

    GP is over 97M and rising by 1M/week. 34 stars in both LS & DS TBs, which increases each time. Players who join stick around - average lifetime raid tix = 120K.

    600 raid tix per day is appreciated, and most hit that mark, but try for at least the 540 free ones - the more tix we earn the more often we raid. We all have days when we miss it. Hit it the next!

    Guild activities reset at 7:30 PM US central time, and we launch raids at that time. hRancor & hAAT have a 24 hour zero damage limit so all can get in on the loot. Running constant T4 Sith raids now, FFA from the start, with T5 right around the corner now that we can get through it before our tix max out. Heroic is only a couple months away...

    Discord is our official communication channel (keithereal#8467). PM me here or there for more details, providing or ally code, or visit Hope to have you join us!
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    we are a 25 mil Gp guild with several 85 level players at 2 mil+. We need 10-14 players. We run heroic rancor, aat level 6 and sith level 3-5. We are a casual guild with 1 rule, 0 dmg for 24 hour on heroic rancor. Guild name is Savage Oppress.
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    TGY Academy is the latest Endeavor of the TGY Clan, a GMT based group of experienced veteran players with a solid community and high level of coordination.

    In an attempt to slowly move my secondary account into retirement I accidentally found an awesome group of low level players who have been languishing in a half dead guild. talking to them reinvigorated my love for this game, and I decided to make it my mission to help them progress and hit all those old milestones I'd long forgotten the joy of.

    We share an extensive discord server between both guilds and all the older players are more than willing to talk your ear off over any facet of the game, or anything in general really.

    The goal of TGY Academy is to help guide new and returning players of any level to streamline their progress, but have fun doing it!

    We have no strict rules at present other than join us on discord and be willing to grow with us and help where you can.

    We're just starting out currently at 12/50 and working on getting everyone onto discord and so plenty of space, and we'll never turn away anyone who's wanting to learn :)

    Activity reset is at 19:30 GMT

    If this sounds like the place for you please hit me up on discord dudemk3#1751 or the TGY recruiter Cuzzins#4474
  • Majolnirg23
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    The Nghtsisters with Attitude is looking to fill the last spots to fill the guild. We started out with 4 a few months ago and most players that have joined have been newer players and the odd player running an alt account, so we have experience to help anyone progress. We are getting ready to do TW so ideally we are looking for lvl 65+ who are looking for TW for the first time, our officer who will be coordinating is very experienced and is looking forward to the challenge of taking our guild into its first battle when the time comes.
    As the guild is fairly young our gp is only 10.3m but is growing rapidly with players that have good squads.

    In order to help players lvl up we runT5 pit (soon to be T6), AAT and low lvl sith and we do 22k tickets so raids are run as soon as one is finished but we do have a zero damage time period on pit.

    So if you are up for a challenge or want to join a guild to help you grow then send me an ally invite to 471-413-535 and I will guild invite you.

    We do have a discord server but its not mandatory to join, if you are on and want to have a chat send me a pm majolnirg23#1170


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  • Cyaz1d3
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    xxRoguesxx Prime

    135m GP Guild down one guy and looking for someone who is HSith ready! Must have JTR team and at least have NS and Chex mix team or Imperial Troopers If you are that person and cand do your 600 and participate in all guild events Add me on discord - OPTIMUS [PRIME]#4596 or our GL-drachen#1629
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    Games of Clones - 88M GOC COBRA KAI Looking for Active Member 1.5GP for eventually HSTR

    Guild roster:

    Hi there,We're looking for 1.5+ GP (flexible) to join our guild.
    We are Eastern time, we do HPIT 9PM (post scores at 9:20pm), HATT 8PM we expect you to be active daily 600 tickets, and in TB/TW and do your best for SITH, we are currently doing Tier 5 for easy fast farm for mats but looking to T6 very soon.

    We hope you have JTR now or at least working towards to unlocking her next event.

    You must have discord and be responsive!
    Come reach me @ in the recruitment channel asks for pantera
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    level 85 player wanted.
    +1.5M galactic power.
    USA Pacific time zone preferred.

    "Scruffy Nerfed Herders"
    We are an original guild formed on day 1 of guilds. No conglomerates. Just us 50.

    Currently 118M GP.
    Running T5 Sith raids & HAAT.
    38 star LS/DS TBs.
    Not focused on TWs.

    Guild Information and Policies:
    or friend me any time @Maestro#7373

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    Okay everyone I’m gonna keep this short and simple. We are looking to add 4 good quality players to our family. We are looking for players who have nice or decent Sith ready roster with atleast 2 mill GP but that’s not mandatory just would be nice so we can continue to improve our TB stars. MUST be active in all phases of the game.

    115 million guild
    40-41* on both TBs
    29,500 daily ticket average
    T6 Sith Raid
    Mostly UK based raid time is 8 PM Uk time

    If interested please contact me on here.
    Discord: Sharkbait#0690
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    Brand new guild - Fry Days, where every day is Friday! Level 60 requirement, frequent raids.
    Participation is optional but appreciated. Casual, laid back environment.
  • srajdb
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    srajdb wrote: »
    Brand new guild - Fry Days, where every day is Friday! Level 60 requirement, frequent raids (Rancor)
    Participation is optional but appreciated. Casual, laid back environment.

  • KCrocks1
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    The Outer Rim - RECRUITING NOW!

    We are a family of 16 guilds ranging from beginner guilds to 125mil+ Heroic Sith Raid focused guilds. A large online community of over 600 members, access to a variety of game resources, and a veteran leadership team hell-bent on providing an optimal gaming experience for every level of player! Each guild creates its own destiny, with the support of a dedicated family community to help each member succeed at any level! We have an eclectic mix of US and EU members, with Raid Times, Guild Resets, and Specific Guild Requirements that vary per Guild. Literally, something for everyone!!!

    Family Requirements :
    - Discord
    - A synced and public profile
    - A love for the game and the drive to succeed!!!

    Stop by for a visit, a chat, a beer, or just to say hello! Our recruitment team is available 24/7. We currently have openings at all levels, so now is the time!

    You know you’ve always wondered what life was like in the Outer Rim - JOIN NOW!!!!

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    Guild name-SUH WE LIT FAM
    Leader and also me-Kam Exiil
    Guild GP-7M
    Raid tickets-max in all

    Hello everyone looking for new people to join the guild, had it going for two years straight and everyone disbanded it’s only me and another guy right now both lvl 85 I have 7 Star everyone so please come and help! I am active everyday and since like I said it’s pretty much a new guild so let’s start a new one but with max tickets thank you!


    Kam Exiil
  • GenBonesworth
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    HanYoloooooo (~90M GP)

    Looking to round out our guild with higher level players trying to start heroic sith raids or that need to farm GK.

    -American guild over all time zones (EST/PST/AK)
    -Raid times rotate to accommodate all time zones (Usually 9am/9pm EST)
    -Farming Han and GK (most have both 7* and let others take top spots for extra shards), Tier 5 Sith (farming Heroic squads)
    -30ish stars in TB. 8 for last 10 TWs

    Just ask for max tickets everyday and active in events (raid, TW, etc). We're pretty laid back and have basic raid rules. We aren't cutthroat and help each other out. We should be open to join, if you can't find us PM me. Thanks.

    Discord: @Gen Bonesworth#6304
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    Click Here to join our Discord server to see if we are a good fit!

    We are a friendly and driven f2p guild sitting at 47 members currently

    Current stats:

    103m GP, making avg gp ~2.2mil

    34 stars LSTB

    34 stars DSTB

    HAAT on Farm

    T4 STR pushing towards T5

    Looking for new members with:

    Discord and accounts

    1.8m GP, or good STR raid teams (Nightsisters, JTR or with Veterans for her return, etc.)

    500+ Daily Tickets

    We are also members of the Kyber Corps Alliance, which houses 6 total guilds of varying GP including a leveling and level 85 casual guild. Feel free to join our discord and have a look around!
  • Mayishka
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    We are Ewokkin Among Tombstones.
    Fun, determined, yet semi casual guild. Life comes first, owning SWGOH comes second. Looking for about 10 players to fill our ranks,currently at 80mil GP with 40 players.
    No real restrictions to join. Except maybe level 85 and try to get at least 500 tickets a day, but hey life comes first so it happens! Hit me up on Discord or message me here if interested!
    Discord: Mayishka#1765
  • Krovax33
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    That Guild With a Name,
    Is looking to add several players to grow with us.
    Casual yet dedicated guild striving to improve our current GP (50 million)
    Regularly completing heroic rancor and very near ready for haat
    Raids have restrictions to ensure rewards for all
    Raid start time is 12 AM EST
    Inactives removed after 3 days but participation in guild events is expected (exceptions granted with advance notice)
    Discord recommended but optional

    Looking for players with 1+ million GP that are similarly dedicated and usually play every day.
    Less than 10 spaces available

    Discord: Krovax #4185
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  • GoldenSavior
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    Hello there,

    We are the Guild "F I N A L B O S S K".

    • 5M GP and growing further each day
    • 8/50 Members
    • HPIT, with 0 dmg/24 hours / Tank Raid with 0 dmg/24 hours / Sith Raid 3* Open
    • 8:30 pm CET (UTC+1) Raid Time
    • 6:30pm CET (UTC+1) Guild Refresh
    • 10* TB LS / 10* TB DS
    • We cannot currently do TW (Reasons we want you!)

    Requirements you should meet:
    • 150,000 GP (ideally even more because we need a strong player to support our guild)
    • ACTIVE
    • LvL 65 is obvious
    • Discord is mandatory, because we discuss tactics a.s.o. there
    • SWGOH.GG Account so we can give you pointers :)
    • Able to contribute regularly to raids, TB, TW.
    • Able to contribute approx. 600 tickets daily
    • Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
    • You enjoy the game

    Bonus Requirements (more chance to get the last spot):
    • Decent squad (toons with synergies and a purpose)
    • Looking to further your GP
    • Ideally you have some of the characters we miss!
    Things we can offer
    • Raid Han Shards

    About us:

    We are a group of players that left our last Guild due to an inactive leader.
    We want to build a group of players that is solid and active. Looking to grow and become a great guild who in the near future can do Heroic Tank Raid!!

    Discord server:

    You can also contact me directly:
    • Per direct message =
    • Discord = GoldenSavior#3354

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Look forward to talking~
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    Wir, die Gilde „Clashers“, suchen Verstärkung!

    Wir bestehen seit Einführung der Gildenfunktion und haben uns seitdem stetig weiterentwickelt. Um weiterhin zu wachsen, suchen wir neue Mitspieler, die sich den aktuellen und kommenden Herausforderungen mit uns zusammen stellen wollen. Der Spaß am Spiel steht bei uns im Vordergrund und wir verlangen von niemandem, Farmziele einzuhalten oder Geld zu investieren. Auch ist es bei uns unproblematisch, sich für eine gewisse Zeit inaktiv zu melden – es ist und bleibt ein Spiel.
    Unser Gildenprofil:

    Wir bieten:
    Gilden-GM 100 Mio
    Regelmäßige Raids mit Registrierungsphasen (Heroic Rancor , HAAT sowie Sith-Raid T5)
    Startzeiten (CET) Raids: Rancor 20h, HAAT 19h, SithRaid (sobald genug Tickets vorhanden)
    37 Sterne im LS TB und 38 Sterne im DS TB
    21 Siege in den Territory Wars
    Hilfestellung/Beratung zu allen möglichen Aspekten des Spiels (Arena, Raids etc.)
    Freundliche Mitglieder und guter Mix aus neuen und erfahrenen Spielern

    Was wir erwarten:
    Anmeldung bei sowie Discord6
    600 Tickets am Tag
    Regelmäßige Teilnahme an Raids, TBs und TWs

    Falls du interessiert sein solltest, melde dich doch einfach auf unserem Discord-Server bei uns. Die URL lautet:
  • frtpskn
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    -49/50 active members
    -28 k tickets
    -GP 71 mil
    -All Raids have 24 zero damage period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -Sith Raid- still working towards higher tiers. currently tier 3 and tier 4 rotate
    -TB 27*
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Using Line for outside guild chat and territory battle organisation
    -Line id: frtpskn
    What we are looking for: is must
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -GP over 1mil (may make exceptions if close to this)
    -Minimum 500 tickets daily
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
  • Dreadnok45
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    Position has been filled.
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