Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • AhchTo Guardians is recruiting

    We are an active Guild, that are casual. We remove inactive players after 15 days.

    38.9M. 48/50 players.

    We are looking for lvl 75+ that are active in TW.

    We do Rancor 7, Sith 4 going to 5 soon. Tank Takedown 6.

    Players are not required to download discord or other chat.

    So if you’re looking to level and play without drama or constant notifications to participate we welcome you.

    If we hit 50, send me an ally so we can add you as soon as possible.

  • 3524pxx.png

    Are You ready to become Free? To Discard Your Masters? To be a able to do as you wish? Become one of The Rōnin Knights.

    With Japanese traditions of the Rōnin, Our 55 Mil GP strong and fast growing guild are moving with lightening speed towards the feared Sith Triumviate. We have strong allies like General Kenobi and Han Solo if Your looking to add them to your roster with regular conquests of Both Heroic Rancor And Heroic Tank.

    With Two Alliances holding our back, and a Number of Content Creators On Our Server; We have a clear path to the future, and a clear path to success. EST Based, But Samurai Sabers From All Over The Globe.

    So what are You waiting for?

    Contact Me On Here or Discord @ VengefulCruelty#9264
  • BlackLotus
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    [43/50]We are The Black Knights of Rebelllion

    We're an Independent guild who had been here well over a year Looking for active players yet not too power hungry.

    Don't stray off the game without telling us for more than 4 days or to a week, we are scared of ghosts we just boot em.
    Please do tell us(There are rumours many players have an actual life outside the game, IKR)

    Our guild is looking for level 84-85 players(above 1Mil GP, yet exceptions are made occasionally, we take padwans too sometimes)

    We do several HPITs(7.30pm IST) and HAATs a week, we are a laid back guild yet committed.

    Players need to actively communicate in game or Discord(Discord is preferred) and a Daily (500+/600)

    We're slowly doing a cleanup where we can manage everyone through Discord and a account.

    Our Guild GP is over 66Mil, we complete Territory Battles with 22-24 Stars
    -we're currently doing sith raids of tier IV

    Those interested can PM me through discord, discord ID Blacklotus#2254. You can check out our guild by following me through my *Ally code* 849-246-839

    Don't let the fact that we wanna have fun fool you. We are looking to add up to 15 players who are active (being obsessed is not a requirement, but we'll take fanatics too). Our GP is just shy of 30mil and we want to move up together.

    Come have fun with a decent group of folks

    Discord: vandalbacon#5896

    We have cookies for your wookies
  • •Our guild name : OMU’SATA ( FRENCH ONLY SPEAKING )
    Time Zone: Europe , 00:00 PM Reset
    •Daily Login: Alert officers when more than 2 days away are expected
    •Raid Tickets: Contribute at least 500 raid tickets per day
    •Territory War/Battle: Follow direction and participate in guild events (wars and battles)
    •Be Kind: Be respectful to other members
    •Have Fun: It is what the game is for.O4 While striving to advance it is also critical to have fun while doing so.
    •Looking for minimum of level 83.
    •Use discord for communication, to be able to communicate clearly.
    We are running Heroic Rancor nonstop. AAT is run as soon as we get tickets, takes a day and we also run Tier 3 Sith right now. We get great participation in all territory events (9 and 2 in TW so far) averaging 15 stars in TBs.
    Meet us first in Discord:
  • Krath Dominion looking for 2 players. 54 million gp guild. Heroic Pitt and AAT, tier 4 sith.
    6pm east coast usa raid start times. 7:30 pm guild refresh. PM if interested.
    Don't let the fact that we wanna have fun fool you. We are looking to add up to 15 players who are active (being obsessed is not a requirement, but we'll take fanatics too). Our GP is just shy of 30mil and we want to move up together.
    Come have fun with a decent group of folks
    Discord: vandalbacon#5896
    We have cookies for your wookies
    We don't have level requirements as long as you're active.
  • Thrawn
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    LeadersThatDontLeave (124M+ GP) is a relaxed and dedicated guild looking for two players with 2.8M+ GP and HSR-ready squads.

    Guild reset is 7:30pm Eastern.

    Raid start alternates between 1:00pm Eastern and 7:30pm Eastern.

    SWGOH.GG profile and LINE app for guild communication is required.

    If you're interested, message your SWGOH.GG profile to Stagger Lee:



    Ally Code:
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
  • Love this guild. Great group of players.
  • New guild looking for players. Guild is XJ96.

    Casual guild, moderate participation in raids is expected. Fun, friendly group looking to add members at all levels.
  • Semi-casual Australian HAAT guild (45M), Imperial Pixel Squad wants you!


    Imperial Pixel Squad is looking for new members.

    Who are we?

    Imperial Pixel Squad in an Australian based guild with members from across the Asia-Pacific region.

    Check out our website for an overview of what we are about, currently working on, and a plethora of other resources.

    We are a semi-casual guild with a large group of players (always 45+) who are committed, yet with the perspective that this is just a game and life happens. The guiding philosophy is that everyone has fun and achieves what they want in the game. No drama or stress, and if you don't want to play a certain aspect of the game, that's fine. Of course, we encourage people to get involved!

    What are we looking for?
    There are some minimum activity requirements, although this is just to avoid inactive players sitting on the roster and is approached in a no-stress manner.

    We are looking for active daily players and are very happy for you to grow with us. No need to be concerned if you aren't at cap or 'HAAT ready'.

    We support our players, providing guidance in events so we optimise our performance, and are happy to offer strategy advice where helpful.

    • Level 75
    • GP 750k
    • Active daily (300 Raid Tickets on average)

    Current performance
    • 16+ stars in Territory Battles (improving all the time)
    • Completing Heroic AAT Raids (HAAT)
    • Winning zetas in the Territory Wars

    Other details
    Australian, mostly: GMT +10-11 (reset at 13.00 GMT)

    In-game chat with specific topic rooms.

    Raids at 8 pm local time
    • HPit - 24 h join, priority to those w/o 7☆Raid Han
    • HAAT - 24 h join, FFA
    • T3 STR - FFA (these tend to run end-to-end)

    Contact Info
    View our page

    Message Lord Votifex in-game: 767-685-256, or just look us up/join.

    If you do join us, say hi in chat and let us know how you found us.
  • goat13
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    Join the Notorious Separatists!!!!
    500k GP minimum.
    If you’re looking for a solid community that can help you in all areas of the game, this is it. We can help you focus and grow your roster by maximizing your rewards.
    We get 29-32 stars each TB and get a zeta or 2 each TWars.
    Haat and Hpit, Tier 4/5 Sith Raid.
    We do require Discord( a free app ) for communication, a profile in
    600 daily tickets and participation in all guild events.
    Our reset time is PST based but we’ve got members across North America and in Europe as well.
    We’ve got a total of 78 million GP right now and 45 members.
    A sister guild needing guidance would be welcomed on our server.

  • Guild Name: Tattooines Fight Club
    GP: 113 million.
    Open Positions: 2
    Prereqs :
    Min 2 Mio GM
    Jtr/NS Team gern gesehen aber nicht Voraussetzung
    Raids: Heroic Pit (in 20 mins); Heroic Tank (eine stunde) , HSTR
    Our rules are:
    0 damage im Heroic Rancor raid für 24H
    0 damage inm Heroic Tank raid fü 24h
    Verpflichtene Teilnahme am TW und TB
    Inaktive Spieler werden nach ein paar Wochen entfernt
    600 Tickets am Tag sind nicht verpflichtend aber gern gesehen.
    Join us via Discord : Contact our Leads Pennywise#0755 or Ambush#6117
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  • Hallo liebe SWGoH-Gemeinde,

    „Achtung, Achtung, dies ist eine Sithtemfehlermeldung!“

    Unsere Gilde Sithtemfehler Eins sucht Verstärkung, um gemeinsam mit einem gesunden Maß an Spaß und Ehrgeiz weitere Erfolge (und Sithtemfehler) zu feiern.

    Wir sind eine gut funktionierende, eingespielte Gruppe und freuen uns über weitere Sithtemfehler-Mitglieder! Wir sind momentan 47 Mitglieder und wir bräuchten noch 3 aktive, motivierte Spieler.

    Wir waren gemeinsam sehr lange in der Gilde || The Chosen Ones ||, haben uns aufgrund eines inaktiven Anführers dann versammelt und schließlich Ende April 2018 unsere agile Gilde Sithtemfehler Eins gegründet und sind somit geschlossen mit 25 Leuten gewechselt. Danach fusionierten wir Anfang Mai mit der Gilde Seite des Dunkels und wurden 30 Mitglieder. Schließlich fand Mitte Mai die ehrenwerte Gilde Stählerne Bruderschaft mit 17 Mitgliedern zu uns ihren Weg und nach freudigem Kennenlernen fusionierten wir ein zweites Mal zu aller Zufriedenheit. Gemeinsam sind wir ein vereintes Team geworden und haben den HAAT innerhalb kürzester Zeit geschafft und nun beim letzten LSTB 25* und beim letzten DSTB 24* erlangt. Das alles seit April/Mai bis heute. Nun suchen wir aktiv nach neuer Verstärkung, die Lust und Spaß hat mit uns strukturiert erfolgreicher im Spiel zu werden.

    Wir bieten:
    - gutes Teamplay mit Engagement
    - freundliches Miteinander mit Hilfsbereitschaft
    - 66 Mio Gilden-GM
    - regelmäßige Raids:
    * HRancor 20 Uhr / HAAT 19 Uhr (mit 0dmg/24h-Regelung)
    * t3-t4 STR
    - aktive Teilnahme an 25* LSTB / 24* DSTB und TW (17Siege/9N ; also ca. 66% gewonnen)
    - strukturierte Absprachen bei Discord

    Wir suchen:

    - aktive, freundliche Spieler mit ca. 1 Mio GM/1,5 Mio GM
    - 500-600 Tickets/Tag
    (bei Abmeldung kein Problem, denn Real Life geht vor)
    - aktive Beteiligung an TB/TW und Raids erwünscht

    Somit rufen wir nochmal abschließend nach drei neuen Mitgliedern, die auch unser sithtemfehlerhaftes Schicksal ereilt hat oder nach solchen, die diesen und weitere Sithtemfehler vermeiden möchten bzw. ausfindig machen und ausmerzen wollen. Nach dem Motto:
    1. ein Schicksal, ein Team!
    2. Sithtemfehler ausmerzen
    3. den Verlassenen ein neues Zuhause geben
    4. eine aktive, immer handlungsfähige, freudig-lebendige Gilde sein.

    Bei Interesse oder Fragen,
    schreibt einfach im Discord Server

    oder per PN an:
    Discord PN ->
    Kal Rekiz (Sithtemfehler Eins)#0724

    EA SWGOH Forum -> Kal_Rekiz

    Wir freuen uns auf euch!

    Beste sithliche Grüße,
    Kal Rekiz
  • Steevo's Falcons (128M gp)

    Reset - 7:30pm CT (UTC -5, 8:30pm ET)

    Raid Schedules:
    Rancor (4:00pm CT Tue/Thu, 10:00am CT Sat)
    Tank (varies for EU & Brazil players)
    STR - we are planning to go heroic in July, no set schedule for those yet

    40+* LSTB/DSTB

    600 tickets per day please
    Active participation
    Chex Mix or NS would be helpful
    Line or Discord for communication

    1.5M GP minimum (negotiable)

    We are a friendly established guild with no alliances. We would love to add 2 members to our group. PM me or DM our guild leader Steevo (Steevo Falcon#3479) on Discord with any questions. Thanks!
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  • Hello there! TAF is looking to replace 3 people who are low on participation to boost us closer to being Heroic ready in the STR.

    We will be making our first attempt at Heroic after DS TB.

    A little about us
    - Our raid times are Hpit 7pm CST / HAAT 8pm CST / STR T4-T6 depending on the tickets (HPit and HAAT are auto launched when we have tickets)
    - LSTB 39* / DSTB 38*
    - Discord and a profile are required
    - TW...i think we just about break even.

    We prefer a minimum of 2.4 mil GP (that’s our average), but if the roster looks good i will consider slightly less.

    Don’t have RJT? Still have a decent roster and can contribute with other toons in the STR (Chex Mix, Nightsisters, FO under KRU, etc...) and kill it in other parts of the game (TW, TB, etc)? That works for us too! We are all actively working on teams for the HSTR and to improve our TB and TW teams.

    We are currently at 122 Million GP with 50/50 members. If you think you or your small group fit the bill, hit me up on discord CHO YANG#5784 or stop by the 0otini family discord server and ask for CHO YANG.
  • Hello
    Growing guild looking to fill our spots

    We recently grew from a GP of 11M+to a GP of 18M+. Our star earning potential in Territory Battles has increased from 13 stars and will continue to increase as more players join up. If you are looking for a daily active laidback guild here is your chance!

    We are seeking daily active players to fill our guild. We have room to accommodate a large group if needed.

    Our group is active daily and deploys in each phase of Territory Battles and we are looking for daily players that will do the same.

    Although we are a small group, we have earned up to 13 stars in Territory battles ( roughly about 3,100 special events’ shop currency ).

    This is enough to buy a good amount of gear or Hermit Yoda shards/ Wampa shards!

    As a matter of fact, we recently had our very first Wampa and Hermit Yoda unlocked by two of our members!

    So, YES! Even smaller groups can accomplish great things when working together!

    Of course, our star earning potential will increase once we have more members join up, as we will continue to deploy daily and battle as much as possible.

    Being a daily active player has its perks!

    We are a laidback guild and we get it!

    —It’s the reason why we don’t require daily guild activities, but we might encourage them every now and then....

    —We don’t require nor encourage discord, line or any third party app....We communicate by using the in game chat without a problem.

    —We will never dictate your rosters or turn you away for having a small inventory or GP...

    As one of my members put it......"It’s a nice balance of understanding between having a life outside the game and wanting to contribute in every way we can“....or something along those lines
  • c4z7pd5m2n5s.png
  • Guild Name: Tattooines Fight Club
    GP: 118 million.
    Open Positions: 2
    Prereqs :
    Min 2 Mio GM
    Jtr/NS Team gern gesehen aber nicht Voraussetzung
    Raids: Heroic Pit (in 20 mins); Heroic Tank (eine stunde) , HSTR
    Our rules are:
    0 damage im Heroic Rancor raid für 24H
    0 damage inm Heroic Tank raid fü 24h
    Verpflichtene Teilnahme am TW und TB
    Inaktive Spieler werden nach ein paar Wochen entfernt
    600 Tickets am Tag sind nicht verpflichtend aber gern gesehen.
    Weitere Infos über uns...
    Join us via Discord : Contact our Leads Pennywise#0755 or Ambush#6117
  • zx87qdpi1be1.jpg

    We are Revans New 0rder. - 67 mil gp-
    We just got done with a merge, but we are looking for 2 more strong active players to join us to fill us up.
    We are very organized in all of our guild events.
    We offer squad building and mod help.
    If you think you'd be a good fit message me.
    My info is on the bottom of the flyer, and here's our Discord-

    Have a great night.
  • TK_421
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    We are looking for 3 more very dedicated players interested in working towards Heroic Sith Raid who are between 1.8-2.5M GP to bring us back to a full 50/50. We’d accept lower GP members if they have JTR or a solid KRU/FO, zzzzPhoenix, Kenobi Swamp, or Chex Mix squad. We are looking for active daily players who will contribute a minimum of 500 guild tickets/day and participate every day in Territory Battles (required) & Territory Wars (preferred but but not mandatory). Although we only require 500/day the majority of us hit 600/day and we average around 575/member/day. We use Discord to communicate on.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 3:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM (Pacific U.S. time). We have members all over the world and this allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them. Rancor is gone in 10 minutes (we wait 10 minutes to post damage to be sure that everyone was able to enter the raid).

    We also do 24 hour zero damage HAAT and alternate times between 4:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific. We really don’t care if you don’t have a HAAT squad since we blow through it and are focussed on Sith Raid.
    We are doing tier 6 Sith Raids and knock them out in 3 days. Sith Raid is currently the guild’s #1 priority so if the new raid doesn’t interest you then we will not be a good match for you. We’ll attempt heroic Sith Raid in a few weeks to get a feel on how close we are.

    Our guild is at 99M GP. When full 50, we get 34 in ls TB and 36 in ds TB. We have a clear plan every day so that everyone is on the same page, doesn’t have to spend time thinking about what they should do, and so that we can maximize our rewards. We will continue to work on and fine tune our Territory Battle plan as we continue to improve and grow as a guild.

    We are now somewhere in the area of 24-8 in Territory Wars.

    If interested you can message me with any questions you may have about our guild via Discord at TK-421#3856 or send me a DM here. You can also message me in the game chat, my ally code is 977-185-135

  • 4mu1yt9ubtge.jpg


    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    GP 118m, (49/50) HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, Daily refresh is at 1am, Arena payout at 7pm, Ship Arena payout 8pm. All times BST (GMT+1).
    Both raids begin with 24hr registration period. After that HAAT is free for all, but Rancor is limited to one attack per player and we ask that those able to solo the raid allow 15 minutes from raid start before registering their score. Rancor starts at 7pm, HAAT at 8pm BST.

    Just had our first attempt at HSTR, made it to about 75% of phase 1 but need to strengthen our JTR teams a little to progress. Will be running T5-6 with Heroic attempts every couple of weeks until we beat it.

    TB DS 40 stars, LS 38 stars.

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part fully in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 1.5m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are very active and improving fast. JTR ready to go would be a bonus. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me, add me on Discord at; kobeshaitz#6001 or join our recruitment server at:

    Greetings kobeshaitz#6001
  • We're a bunch of misfits, trolls, jokers and drunks that focuses on having fun and helping our fellow slugs

    **Intergalactic Space Slugs:** 48/50
    135M GP
    We are a top guild that is self made with absolutely no outside help or merging, We have built it all on integrity and team spirit.
    Leader: Ztyle ```Markdown
    * HSR ready team(s)
    * 2.7M GP Minimum
    * Level 85
    * 600 tickets a day
    * HP and HAAT, HSTR
    * Discord required
    * account required ```
  • We are the 633 Squadron

    We are a guild with 45 players with a range of player levels so we are happy to take any player of any level as long as they are willing to put the time into the game to level up.

    You need to be able to earn 400-600 raid tickets daily
    Enter all guild event where applicable
    We are currently running:
    Rancor Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Twice a week
    HAAT Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Once a week
    Sith Raid Tier 3 - FFA - 2 times a week
    Territory Battles currently earning 12/14 stars per battle
    Territory Wars - 100% win rate
    We are a Guild with 29 mil GP but we hit hard to get the raids done
    We help each other out with gear exchanges and help in the game

    We have an experienced Leader at has been in guilds with high GP but created this guild as he likes to help build players up

    Leader Ally code is: 179-479-948

    Most of all you need to enjoy the game and have fun.

    If you are interested please message to discuss more.
  • Easy going but competitive guild just over 25 members, 22m gp, run hpit, not quite able to run haac yet, need more players for TW, friendly & helpful members
    Guild name
    sn0ke and mirrors
  • Holdstrong Guild is recruiting!

    We accept players above level 40 and are a regular playing guild, minimum sign in every 7 days for players under level 75, 14 days for players over 75.

    It’s relaxed and fun, with some great level 85 players, who can be your allies and help you level up.

    We do regular raids at a variety of tiers to give everyone a chance to get the gear they need.

  • Arkham Knights of Republic : Looking for active members (5) to help us get past tier 5 of Sith. We do 2 Pits a week and usually 2 HAAT raids (24 hour rule) our TB is around d 30 stars on both but we're getting better. We're around .500 on TW but still trying to figure out our strategy.

    At least 1.5 million GP
    Must communicate through chats
    Contribute 600 Daily
    Compete in All ( Sith Raids, TB, & TW)
    Lastly, if your gonna be on vacation or something...just let myself or officers know.
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    Necromangers is a mostly F2P guild. We are friendly, casual yet serious guild and the core of us have been in the guild since guilds were released. We are at 95mil gp. 47/50. We are currently working on our hstr teams.
    Currently 3 spots open can make more room if need.

    -login daily, able to get 500+ Tix, willing to participate in raids TB and TW
    -prefer 2 mil min gp ( can make exceptions)

    -HAAT and rancor 24hr join period 7pm CST start
    -Run teir 4 of the sith raid (getting everyone practice and comfortable with mechanics)

    Do not have a ton of rules just ask you obey the raid rules and are friendly and helpful to guildmates. We are all here to have fun and get some good rewards.

    Most of us use discord for chat to coordinate territory battles but we do still have a couple people that don't use it but are active.

    You can message me on the forums or in discord @spart#4775
    My is
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