Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Hi all.
    Jedis Unite are looking for 4 players to join.
    Requirements are - 2.3mil+ gp with jtr and must participate in all guild events and raids. We are 118mil gp at the moment. Raiding Heroic rancor/tank and t6 str 35-37 stars currently on ltb/dtb. Tw is win some lose some. If interested msg me ingame heres my ally code. 257-168-376.
    Guild has been active since day one of guilds and continues grow more and more. All i ask is that u participate in everyfing.
    Jedis Unite leader

    Vaexqua grupen
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  • Guild Name - CantinaARG

    Time zone: UTC but new leader runs on BST


    Raid Participation: Participate in all raids, Auto if not much time to play
    Raid Tickets: At least 500 tickets so we can keep raiding
    TW/TB: Participite if possible plus wait for Leader/Officers directions
    Respect fellow members
    Discord for commuication with guild -

    We are a friendly of guild of diffent languages, our guild leader quit
    the game due work, new leader name GingerNut (me). We also lost a few members
    wanting to move on so we are looking to build the numbers back up.
    For more information Messgae me on discord @GingerNut#4471
    or message me in game ally code 469-359-797
  • Falcon Force Ascended
    68mil GP -

    More than 28k Tickets Daily

    Come join our recruiting server and meet some of our officers

    We are looking for someone who wants to be in an active guild that farms HPIT and HAAT.pbh094grzirr.jpeg

    Currently running T4 Sith Triumvirate Raid

    - Hoping to have Han Solo and General Kenobi shards
    - We raid @ 8pm EST (3x Pit & 2x Tank / week)

    Now what are the requirements for Falcon Force you ask

    Well...they're pretty simple:

    1. Have a minimum GP rating of 750k (if you’re close or very active please contact me)
    2. Have a public account
    3. Get your 600 daily raid tix so you & the guild can maximize territory battles & raiding opportunities (400 is the minimum amount allowed)
    4. Be active on Discord
    5. Be a positive influence in the community
    6. Have fun

    If this sounds like a guild you want to be a part of, and thrive in, Please join our Recruiting Discord Server and introduce yourself.

    Or .. you can find me on discord @ docbrown#7820
  • About us:

    Mutiners without fears

    1 space

    83.5mil gp

    Hpit Haat

    t4 sith

    7.30pm uk raid time on heroics

    600 ticket not essential but be as active as possible

    Line optional, no discord

    My ally code 949 699 318
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  • Hello, prospective! The 217th Legion is looking for a few more active members interested in dominating the Holotables.
    We were founded as a free to play guild centered around casual play, but have evolved into a more serious guild wishing to maximize profits through increased communication. Using Discord, we require only 1 channel to be un-muted despite having multiple channels dedicated to specific areas of the game. We want you to join us and rise to the top of your shard.


    -46/50 Members at the moment.
    ~78,500,000 Galactic Power.
    -Multiple Rey (Jedi Training)
    -Multiple Imperial Troopers
    -Heroic Rancor multiple times a week
    -Heroic AAT multiple times a week
    -Tier 5 Sith Raid
    ~26 Stars on Territory Battles
    -Coordinated Territory Wars

    Rules & Requirements:
    -Level 85
    -Discord is MANDATORY
    -Cannot be inactive for 7+ Days
    -Cannot be named “Mol Eliza”
    -Must register with SWGOH.GG
    -Must register for every Territory Wars
    -24 Hour Zero Damage Phase for all Heroic Tier Raids.
    -Cannot Mute rules-announcements Discord channel

    We can guarantee shards for: General Kenobi, Raid Han, Leia Organa, and Imperial Probe Droid
    Please join the Discord here:
    Otherwise contact CaptainPatrick#1309 or Painfuldisco#9043
  • Guild Name: Masters of Force; 88M GP

    Forum/Discord User Name: SithGod Saint; SithGod Saint #2845 (message me on discord for application)

    Discord Link: >

    Guild Reset Time: UTC 5:00, most people in CT

    Raid Tiers: Heroic Rancor (2-3 times a week) - HAAT (1-2 week) - Sith T5 (Looking to move to heroic ASAP)

    TB: Currently around 30 stars in both DS and LS. Looking to increase this with more active recruits

    Participation Requirements: 400 Raid Tickets/Day, TB 20 Wave Min., Must hit Sith Raid

    Player GP: 2M is preferred. JTR preferred, but not required
  • UK Based Guild - British Rebellion:

    Current GP 50 + million, wishing to recruit new active players.

    H PIT & HAAT, Sith Raid L4 (finish in 4 to 5 days)

    We help and encourage our members with Toon advice, team suggestions, gear/mods etc...

    Looking at getting more JTR teams for Sith Raid.

    If you can get those 600 raid tickets, help in Raids, TW & TB and build up your rosta, join us!

    Contact via or just head over and join up.

    Cheers, Tmel65.
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  • Zona Leste Unida is looking for active members.
    Cansado de guildas tirânicas que ficam colocando metas de atividades e ameaçando membros? Pois sejam bem-vindos!
    Guild GP = 26,7M
    sixteen LVL 85's players
    Heoric Rancor and tier 4 or 5 for low lvl players
    Sith Raid tier 2-4
    Welcoming guild, no lvl restiction. We only ask to be active an be a good teammate
    Ally code of the leader 351-214-491. Send us a request through the game and no guild´s players will be invited. Or join through the search option, no guild requirements!
  • Guild Name: Til Valhalla
    Reset time: EST
    Raids: HAAT, HPit, T2-5 STR
    TB: 25ish stars per
    TW: 50/50
    Minimum player level: 1M GP
    We are fun active organized guild looking for 5 new members to max us out at 50/50. Only requirments are Discord and account for syncing.
    PM me here or in game: 964-634-672
  • Guardians Of Ahnk Morpork is recruiting !

    We Currently have 36/50 slots filled , around 27m GP .

    We were progressing really well until this last week. We lost a dozen warriors to the Wampa flesh eating bacteria outbreak. Alas, We continue on.

    Most of us are near or above 1million individual gp.

    No problems Killing Rancors and Giant tanks with squads of endless droids here.

    We are working towards Sith tier 4.

    There are guidelines we enforce to ensure everyone gets a chance at free loot.

    We want people that at the very least, can complete all the free daily objectives, and participate in all TW and Raids.

    We can teach you how to be efficient, and get things done quick.

    contact Deebs Of Aion and start your journey towards easy loot and good times!
  • 《《The Remaining Knights of Ren》》

    Few spots available for the right candidates

    98M GP

    Only ever lost 3 TW with 20+ wins

    Casual long term players looking to grow our family and add long term players who can follow rules but have fun all at the same time.

    -> discord (must be active)
    -> lvl 85
    -> 2.5M gp minimum
    -> active for TB and TW
    -> 500 tickets (600 preferred)

    Usual 24hr 0 dam on heroic raids
    All raids scheduled @ 9pm GMT+1
    HPIT 3 times a week
    HAAT 2 times a week
    STR restarts as long as there's tickets
    Guild reset @ 7pm GMT+1

    Message me on discord with a link to your if you're interested in becoming something great @ Deadhearth#3421

    Or join our recruitment server
    In-game name: Deadhearth profile:
  • Guild Name: Tattooines Fight Club
    GP: 113 million.
    Open Positions: 2
    Prereqs :
    Min 2 Mio GM
    Jtr/NS Team gern gesehen aber nicht Voraussetzung
    Raids: Heroic Pit (in 20 mins); Heroic Tank (eine stunde) , Sith tier 6 ( Priority Team Build T7 )
    Our rules are:
    0 damage im Heroic Rancor raid für 24H
    0 damage inm Heroic Tank raid fü 24h
    Verpflichtene Teilnahme am TW und TB
    Inaktive Spieler werden nach ein paar Wochen entfernt
    600 Tickets am Tag sind nicht verpflichtend aber gern gesehen.
    Join us via Discord : Contact our Leads Pennywise#0755 or Ambush#6117
  • kotd_updated.png

    Independent 107 MIL GP guild looking for more players, discord required. Running HPIT raids 3 times a week, HAAT 2 times a week.

    We have completed HSITH once before with the help of some friends. We are striving towards being able to complete the raid independently.
    Therefore we are looking for members with strong HSITH rosters.

    Guild Name: Knights of the Dragon

    All raids starts 4pm GMT, 11am CT, 11pm SGT.

    Rules and requirements:

    1) 600 tickets per day.

    2) Must have discord.

    3) 2M+ GP.

    4) HSITH teams required.

    Further information about rules and how to apply can be found on our website:

    Discord Contacts: Ravendock#8713 Rhevis[KoTD]#7178
  • Aurora Guard is Recruiting! Well established 70 million GP guild with a core of great players!

    Following a merge we have lost some of our best hitters, but this gives a great opportunity for mid-game players to jump in and grow with us..

    1 million+ GP players wanted, preferably players with experience and a solid core of levelled characters, but all will be considered. We have 12 spaces available, so feel free to bring friends!

    We run legendary tank and rancor raids, tier 4/5 Triumvate (working on this..) and we have daily raid activities to keep you busy! Also currently 3 territory wars unbeaten (we rarely lose!) :)

    We use discord for communication Alternatively, add me for more info (dustipher#1317).

    PM me on here or join the discord if you are interested and we'll get you into our guild in no time.

    Peace out and may the force be with you,
  • mjd2192
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    Looking for active Level 85 players
    - We are at 95 mil GP
    - A solid GP is just as important as the Toons that make that GP.
    - Looking For Deeper Roster That Can Help Contribute For TBs and TWs
    - HRancor on farm in under 15 minutes after 24 hour 0 damage registration.
    - HAAT on Farm in under 1.5 hours after 24 hour 0 damage registration.
    - Running Tier 5 Sith Raid
    - 33* LSTB
    - 62 Rolo Shards Last Time
    - 35* DSTB
    - 24 IPD Shards Last Time
    - TW 8-6 with Guaranteed zeta mats.
    - Guild Refresh is 6:30pm EST
    - Raid Times are 9:00pm EST
    - We use discord and have a VERY friendly player base.
    - we pull 27-28k tickets a day
    - Looking for people to pull their weight. Meaning 600, proper TB & TW deployments. (With understanding that real life happens.)
    Any questions message me.
    Ally Code 429-767-997
  • OGA49
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    Hallo ihr Holotablehelden auf der Suche nach uns ;)

    Wir sind die Legion Westfalen, eine deutschsprachige Gilde mit aktuell 48 Mitgliedern und 66 Mio GM.
    Wenn ihr Level 85, 1 Mio GM und Bock auf witzige Leute mit Ehrgeiz mitbringt, seid ihr bei uns genau richtig.

    Den heroischen Rancor spielen wir 3 Mal pro Woche, den HAAT 2 Mal. Shitraid (nee, kein Tippfehler) spielen wir so oft wir halt durchkommen auf Tier 5.

    LSTB 24 Sterne
    DSTB 23 Sterne
    TKs ca. 60% gewonnen

    Wir kommunizieren hauptsächlich über Whatsapp, unterhalten aber auch einen Discordserver:

    Seid herzlich willkommen, um mal frische Luft zu schnuppern. Westfälische Herkunft spielt im Übrigen keine Rolle
  • Nail Scarred Hands (Recruiting)

    *We are a new Guild (7/18)
    *No level requirements
    *Eastern Time
    *Newbie Build Plan (F2P)

    Add me 613-248-796
  • ViciousG1 wrote: »

    We are Aunt Beru's BBQ Hut!!!
    128+ Million GP Guild looking for ONE member after this TW.
    That's at least 2 zetas each TW, win or lose, guaranteed!
    Going for Heroic raid this week, are you ready??

    We have one space available. We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    We are a laid back group, we truly are family because a lot of us have been gaming together for years. We have the experience in getting things done, we work well together and we just have FUN first! We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you.

    Click here to join:
  • Join The Galactic Vanguards!

    We are a newly formed guild looking for active players to join us in building a strong guild from the ground up. We're friendly, helpful and easy-going, with a strong core of 17 active players from level 75 up and 9.1m GP. No drama, no strict requirements, just good people and good craic :)

    We currently do:
    - Tier VI/Heroic Pit
    - Normal ATT
    - Tier III/IV Sith Triumvirate

    and we will switch these up as we grow. We already get 10/11 stars in TB with limited players, but again this is just for starters. We need more players to do TW, so we're looking for active players level 65 (or close) and up.

    Most of us play daily - we all try to participate in raids and get daily tickets - but we're not strict and having fun is the priority. Once you're reasonably active and available for TW you'll fit in well.

    We have an active in-game chat to plan, chat and help each other out, so we don't require Discord or any other extra apps. If you're interested, message me or add me in-game (ally code 342-731-333) - we look forward to welcoming you!
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  • Krath Dominion looking for 2 players that are active daily and participate in TW and TB. 54 million gp guild. Heroic Pitt and AAT, tier 4 sith. PM me if your are interested.
  • HanYolooooooo is looking for active players to crush some rebel scum.
    We currently have a guild GP of 82,000,000 across our 38 members.

    1.5million GP minimum required to join. We may consider a player who is close to that threshhold.
    Discord not required, but many of the guild use it.
    600 raid tickets daily not a must right now, but we want competitive players
    Heroic Rancor and Heroic AAT on Farm. Come get Solo & General Kenobi shards

    Very good and fun group of players.
    Guild leadership is a good group and let lower level players eat too.
    We have solid strategies for Territory Wars.
    Send a request though the game. We are on consistantly, so you will be let in reasonably quickly.
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    Join the Notorious Separatists!!!!
    500k GP minimum.
    If you’re looking for a solid community that can help you in all areas of the game, this is it. We can help you focus and grow your roster by maximizing your rewards.
    We get 29-32 stars each TB and get a zeta or 2 each TWars.
    Haat and Hpit, Tier 4/5 Sith Raid.
    We do require Discord( a free app ) for communication, a profile in
    600 daily tickets and participation in all guild events.
    Our reset time is PST based but we’ve got members across North America and in Europe as well.
    We’ve got a total of 78million GP right now and 46 members.
    A sister guild needing guidance would be welcomed.

  • ****Force Corrupted Zombies****

    We recently lost members to the Traya STR rush. Looking for active daily players or a small guild to merge with us.

    We are EST zone and 65+mil GP.
    H pit. HAAT. Tier 4 STR

    Fun and great group of dedicated daily players. We never tell you how to play your game. Just participate with some competitive, mostly casual daily players.
    Discord required for communication, news, updates, and fun chats.

    Check us out on

    Don't let the fact that we wanna have fun fool you. We are looking to add up to 15 players who are active (being obsessed is not a requirement, but we'll take fanatics too). Our GP is just shy of 30mil and we want to move up together.

    Come have fun with a decent group of folks

    Discord: vandalbacon#5896
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  • Guild Name: Tattooines Fight Club
    GP: 113 million.
    Open Positions: 2
    Prereqs :
    Min 2 Mio GM
    Jtr/NS Team gern gesehen aber nicht Voraussetzung
    Raids: Heroic Pit (in 20 mins); Heroic Tank (eine stunde) , HSTR
    Our rules are:
    0 damage im Heroic Rancor raid für 24H
    0 damage inm Heroic Tank raid fü 24h
    Verpflichtene Teilnahme am TW und TB
    Inaktive Spieler werden nach ein paar Wochen entfernt
    600 Tickets am Tag sind nicht verpflichtend aber gern gesehen.
    Join us via Discord : Contact our Leads Pennywise#0755 or Ambush#6117
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