Follow up Update on Sith Raid Rewards - 4/12/18 [MEGA]


  • I'll take the second one, thanks. I don't have any of that gear, so I could really use all of them!
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    I'll take the second one, thanks. I don't have any of that gear, so I could really use all of them!

    Then I am sorry to tell: you still have a lot to learn about the gear required at higher levels...
  • How was anyone mislead? If they remove the challenge gear and reduce the amount of full pieces, but increase the overall amount of gear types one can receive, while gaining more currency, why that's EXACTLY WHAT they said they would do. What's the problem here?
  • Let me try to use a comparison.
    We asked for one thing: remove challenge gear. Instead, we got Soviet communism: everyone gets the same portion, but that portion is hella small.
  • And they said they were going to do this! No one lied, you guys just don't like it. Personally, I hope they fix it, because no one should anger this many people and not make it right, but most of the people here need to CHILL
  • My guild has not run a heroic sith raid. I don't even have a rancor solo team . I just play because it is a fun game
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    To follow on from @Abysmal_Void screenshots above. One of my old guild mates Rancor rewards vs my heroic Sith


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    @Maegor It didn't take long for me to find you. I sent you an invite (#4935)

    Sorry got distracted. Accepted the request.
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    My guild has not run a heroic sith raid. I don't even have a rancor solo team . I just play because it is a fun game

    Great, Another non competitive player trying to lecture us competitive players about the purpose of the game.

    People want to be the best they can, deal with it! It's like buying an expensive car, some people buy it to show off their money, cruise around and enjoy it while driving slow. Someone people want to take it to the track and race it. There's no right and wrong, there's only what each individual wants. Just because you like to play the game casually it doesn't matter that everyone else should too...
  • @CG_SaIera @CG_JohnSalera @CG_Carrie
    Not sure who can answer this question. With the proposed heroic reward changes and how ties are broken in raids, what is the expected impact of having 30+ players doing the maximum amount of damage? There's all of these factors like stepping more drastically that would make for unfairness at a whole new level with the chances that people could always get the least while someone with the same score could consistently get the best.

    Is there such a thing as too much RNG?
    Still waiting on that edit forum profile setting so I can change my name...
  • Before I say this I'm in a heroic sith guild and completed quite a few of them.

    So this was a short term "fix" so players can "master" the raid? What about those not quite there yet? Are they going to see the pre-nerfed rewards for a few times after they complete the heroic tier? Otherwise all you've done is made the top end even stronger and now lower end guilds are going to struggle even more.

    My rewards for the heroic sith was a full mk3 and 1 slot of 8 g12 salvage. How is that supposed to help guilds "master" the raid? The full mk3 carbanti can also drop in a bronzium. Really end game stuff.
  • what were the sample sizes for new boxes per rank?
  • "We communicate change to the community and we listen" Instead we get a slap in the face not correctly documented or communicated change and not even a COMPLETE ROLLBACK until this has been addressed correctly.

    This alone has destroyed all of the great PR (trust) and community work I have seen done in the last two weeks which was awesome. This Death Star maneuver after all of the effort heroic sith guilds have put in for specific teams really really has disappointed me. We can auto a rancor for the same rewards minus the character shards is that what you are aiming for ?
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    Apologies are useless if you don't revert what you did. Now reward sucks, that's a fact and i can't understand how you can say it is benefit for somebody except for EA/CG that will have probably the secret hope that people will buy more vault to compensate the lack of gear drop in the rewards.

    The only raid that had valuable rewards was the SIth raid, you broke this. Repair it, give us what we had before and all will be good. Simple, easy and fair. It's not that hard.
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  • I hope beyond hope that every game maker takes a good look at the social media giant sitting on Capitol Hill defending his company’s practice with its users. That could very easily become another company explaining business practice to the House Ways and Means or Senate oversight. This will just make Apple want to put more emphasis on game apps and their business model they do business with.
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    swgohfan29 wrote: »
    what were the sample sizes for new boxes per rank?

    Doesn't matter. All ranks get the same box, just different amounts of currency
  • I dont unterstand why @cg_carrie is writing so much and saying nothing. How about telling the Truth? Like: “The Rewards were lowered because they were to good?“ To Talk about an “improvement“ or “Update“ is simply not telling the Truth.
    The new Rewards are simply very Bad compared to before nerfing the Rewards.
    Thats the Truth.
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    1 hour and post still alive. That's a record

    There's a reason for this...
  • We just finished a sith raid.
    Members are not happy...
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    We are starting an Heroic later today.
    Guess what's the excitement level among us ?

    Yesterday a beautiful purple mod showed up in the store. Unfortunately I'm lacking ships currency.
    Usually I would push and burn some crystals to get it.
    Guess what ? No more credit card for you CG.
    What's the point if everything I do gets nerfed or rendered useless afterwards ?
  • Is it so hard to say, "We were wrong."?

    Try it.
  • Facts correct? Check. I understand EXACTLY what happened with the rewards and I'm saying it is not a big deal. We still get high level gear and more currency. I don't see problem, but I'm enjoying the popcorn as I watch the show
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    This is a great analysis, however there are some things worth mentioning:
    1) ppl don't usually screenshot their reward if it's "just average"; only when it's really bad or really good. So you have a bias here that you can't really correct for without more data.
    2) You don't have enough data points to be statistically significant even disregarding the bias (not saying the difference isn't significant in your sample, but that your sample isn't a significant representation of the population).

    That said, it is great to see a stab at quantifying the change, and I fully support the effort.
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    DonBongo92 wrote: »
    And again you only talk about the Heroic Sith Raid while most of the player base is suffering the much worse rewards in T5 and T6! Please pay attention to that! I know these players dont spend that much on the game individually but in general they probably do! So please talk about the awful rewards in T5 and T6!

    Get the screenshots up and show them? If everyone is suffering cause of the changes they should be showing them how bad they’ve made it.
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