Chewie Legendary Event Difficulty [MERGE]


  • Vice_torn wrote: »
    You do realize the next legendary will require chewie....

    Which is exactly why I said for them to learn from this...ergo make changes.
  • There is no precedent whatsoever for legendaries requiring maxed toons. If you saw a pattern of g9 and g10 requirements and concluded, “well, everything else was easy g10, so obviously the next one will need g12+ with arena mods”, good for you.
  • Ain’t that the truth^ feel like an **** wasting all my money on bossk and he died before even getting a turn
  • Ultra
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    Its not that hard at all

    I was able to clear the first 6 tiers with my eyes closed with ok mods without any effort

    T7 isn't that hard.

    I just don't have a 7* Bossk or else I would be able to auto it.
  • I did it with zeta bossk lead plus Cad Bane, Boba, Dengar, Greedo. Greedo and CB are G11, the rest G12.

    I needed like 30 tries but eventually it worked.
  • Gorem
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    ctyc123 wrote: »
    Gorem wrote: »
    The thing is, Chewy at seven star seems to be assuming you have the best mods in game, the best paid for BH in game and also have been farming the HERIOC sith raid for so long you have your Best BH in G12.5

    Who thought this was a good idea. xD

    The business development team of course. The financial year is ending and the company hasn't met its target.

    Open your wallets, you minions!!!

    Yeah but, You can't whale G12.5 gear hard, you also can't really whale the mods you would require, can only whale the toons up, and even then that's pointless cause having them at seven star does nothing.

    So, you can't even whale this because you need the best of the best, lol.

    What's the mythic version gonna be like, require G14?
  • JohnAran
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    Got 6* with Bossk g11, boba and greedo g10, zam g9, ig88 g8. Don’t have the 7* chars to try 7* yet, which i wouldn’t get anyway i guess. Mods +60 to +110 speed.
    Most of tries i lost 2 chars on the opening barrage. When i got the rng right i just spammed aoe for regen and prayed.
    Kill order r2 rolo lando chewie han (not saying that’s what you should do just what i did^^).
    Looks almost impossible without Bossk lead.
  • DarkSouls
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    Boba with g12, died before even getting a turn (yes they killed him 2 times) :smiley: (on tier VII)
  • Dawnofdeadeye
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    T6 ridiculous. Can’t imagine t7. My whole team destroyed with barely a turn. We can’t even do heroic yet so g12+ out of the question. Running 3 at base g12 and fett at g12+3 with greedo like g11. Speed mods, etc. they are too fast and get too many assists. This either takes new bh’s or a maxed out g12+ team. Which we won’t get for a while. Guess it’s 5* chewy here and no need to waste more time gearing this time around.
  • Tier 7 kills 2 of my Bounty Hunters before my 281 speed Boba Fett gets his first attack lol.
  • CHFC22
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    This is just the type of post that motivates people to do what you constructively suggest that should do. Everything about it just screams positivity and happiness with an indefatigable joie de vivre threaded throughout.


    Would read again.
  • DonnieAndFrank
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    Did 7* tier on the 2nd try. Bossk is indeed g12+3.
    zzBossk (L), Cad, zGreedo, Dengar, zBoba. All G12 (+3/+1), 3 of them with arena mods, 2 of them with ok mods.

    Edit: not much rng as others said. Just used dengar AOE for recover and with stealth is safe.
    Bossk soak up the damage.
    >:)So what? I want Krell!
  • Ravens1113 wrote: »
    Vice_torn wrote: »
    You do realize the next legendary will require chewie....

    Which is exactly why I said for them to learn from this...ergo make changes.

    You can't teach old dog new tricks.
    I think they might need to hire new game developers who know how to make combat events instead of just preloading TM on NPCs and letting them go 20-30 times before you get a move.
  • i got 7* thrawn with a 60k phoenix squad... it was very difficult

    i lost about 15 times on tier V with a 81k bounty hunters with some of the best mods i have. half of my attempts i lost a character before i got a turn. oh all my gear lvls are between g10-g11

    i see guys posting about having g12 toons with zetas still cant beat the event.

    requirements for the event should not be a PERFECT bounty hunter squad. tone down difficultly guys
  • Ravens1113 wrote: »
    That’s not how legendaries have worked in the past. People would be able to unlock at 5* no problem. The challenge came in the 7* fights. That’s where the difficulty should be. Requiring multiple zetas, G12+, god mods and the new BH isn’t the right way. But call me old school i guess.

    No, some people could unlock at 5* no problem in the past. Many couldn't. Same as this time. I can't get him this time, as even with a 2.8m gp I've only focused on the original bounty hunters, and only recently. I'm not surprised that this event requires characters who have been in the game years to be g11 & zetas as where would the challenge be if anyone who had been playing the game for a year or so would effectively get him by default.
  • AleSahnDroh_1979
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    Impossible & ridiculous! What's the point if G11-G12 toons die after 1-2 attacks?
    In tier V, so I didn't unlock him!

    Edit: I unlocked him ate the end but after 30 tries.... Luck (the infamous RNG) was veeeeeeery important. If R2 stealths everybody, it's the end.
    If this does not happen, try to execute Chube and then kill him, then ROLO, then Han (again very much luck...) etc...
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  • Tier 7 is rediculous, 274 speed on boba and the enemies still go first, kill 2 of my chars off the bat, and finish the last 3 the next go around
  • When TB came out, it was made very clear that CG wanted all factions to be relevant. I saw CG’s interest in that being the case, but also thought it was fun to add some relevance to troopers and Phoenix and Rogue One, etc...

    But instead of, “you may need any faction at any time” the new standard is, “you may need any faction completely maxed at any time”.

    I’ve been feeling good about this game. My guild is doing well, I’ve gotten to use the meta team in arena for longer than I ever had before, and I’ve been excited tidying up BHs for Chewie and starting to grind Old Republic hoping for Revan. That excitement just got drained out of me.

    I feel like they took the Vets experience from JTR and quadrupled down on it. Don’t just panic farm toons, don’t just swap mods, but have full gear, full omegas, and some zetas to unlock a toon.

    This is called work and when I do it, money flows in the other direction.

    So, that’s the new standard, friends. If you ever, ever, ever again want to ask, “what gear level do you think we’ll need?”, don’t waste your breath. The answer is clear that full EVERYTHING is now a requirement that has precedent.
  • The event in terrible and impossible.
    I at least expected to unlock him!? (Boba g12, Ig88 g11, Greedo, Zam, and Cad Bane g9)
  • Legendaries come round every 4 months?
    That’s not enough time though get Bossk from 3* to 7* I think....?
    But I could get:
    Boba, Dengar, Greedo, Zam and either IG88/Cad to G12/11 by then.
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