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  • Sincerely, if the grand arena will pair based on gp through out the future matchmaking with only a small fraction of battles being ship oriented, only the character gp should be used in the matchmaking. Its punishing players that invested into ships and pilots.
  • ^^^ ditto
    I’ve always had a higher proportion in ships than others in my guild. So I know I’m in trouble when I’m well matched to my opponent by total GP
    1. His toons 1.88M V my 1.76M
    2. GW wins gives an idea of experience: his 8860 wins V my 7090
    3. Titles indicate his #1 in haat, me not in top 10
    4. 29 G12 V my 19
    “Uphill” is an understatement
  • Hmmmmm, my fleet is basically half my gp...
    .. No ships allowed here....
    Im sure its going to be a tremendeous fun event..

    If you read the summary that was posted it says they’ll be adding ships. This is “season 0”. Basically a trial run.
  • Well, I for one like the matte anthracite finish on the Grand Arena table. That's all I can say until I hit level 85 :)
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    Also food for thought for whomever it may concern: Ship GP is over inflated as a value in general. In TW, ship battles only account for 1/5 of the entire event. Yet it accounts for about 1/2 of a players GP (mods on pilots, ship abilities, etc). Using total GP for matchmaking in TW and Grand Arena in its own right is a huge problem of this whole system. Consider GP matchmaking as the two factors that they are: Ship and Toon GPs. Make them both separate matching factors, not one bundled.

    Worse offer, consider reworking ship GP over inflation. If its taken care of, the matching in TW and GA would be alot closer if values of ship GP factors (mods, abilities, pilot gear) are not sky high as they are now. So that players who are invested in fleet arena are not punished during TW and GA(where ships play 1/5 or 1/3 of the whole event while accounting for roughly 1/2 of a players GP). Its getting painfully obvious that ship GP is the problem to the matchmaking complaints of PvP events. Oh and also, that would come with a rework of ship aspect of TB.
    Or just get rid of crew power GP all together, and adjust TB ship sectors' scores required for stars.
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    Ultra wrote: »
    No_Try wrote: »
    As far as I understood it W/L won't be in an all times use, just in your ladder pairings.
    Yep. That's what I understood too. The algorithm won't account for ongoing win/loss record for Grand Arena for improved matchmaking. It'll just look at the total GP

    Is there some post from CG stating GP is the only matchmaking factor? Or is it just a commonly accepted assumption within the community?

    Crumb directly answered my question on it saying that it purely depends on GP. Somewhere in the first few pages of the update thread.
  • Ha ha ha! I already lost mine. Derp... I confidently put my pre-built Resistance team into defense, only to realize that the game had defaulted to the pre-built HAAT teams instead of Territory War teams... So I've deployed BB-8 without Jedi Rey and now I'm just going to focus on beating one team with an under-strength General Kenobi team for quest progress.

    That'll teach me to pay more attention next time!
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »

    Your group of 8 will be based on GP and then who you face (after the first round) is determined by your win/loss record within that group. For example, everyone in your group has around 1mil GP but you lose your first round, you will then mostly go up against other players who lost their first round.
  • The guy I'm paired with has almost a million more GP than me... and also has G12 Revan and Traya. I was really looking forward to the Grand Arena, but this doesn't really look like "similar GP and characters" to me.
  • I'm curious how this plays out.......I have a very deep roster, but not a lot of G12. My opponent has 42 G12 vs. my 19, but we have nearly identical GP. I'm not sure this is going to end well.....
  • DadKev wrote: »
    This has potential, all I ask is that it isn't made for the whales like everything else.. I love this game and have been playing for about 2 years but **** you really spoil those whales, sure they spend money and you need money but still, things like the revan event aren't cool at all

    Well when the whales keep the devs employed why wouldn't things benefit them? There is no harm in not being the top dog. Play and have fun. It feels good to work hard to get a toon. I dont complain about not getting a toon I did not work or pay for. Sheesh.

    Lol you don't keep the Devs employed. That just naive to think that. They made enough the first year to pay the Devs salary for 20 years, keep the servers running for 20 years, office supplies for 20 years and anything else actually related to running a business.

    Now you guys pay for their jet skis, boats, vacations and etc. So please WHALES STOP with the we keep the lights on ****. Maybe if this was a start up game you could say that. This isn't so you aren't paying for crap but them to have a good time now. So when you say that remark you really make yourself sound fairly of the lower intelligent class.

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    @CG_SBCrumb As you ask feedback, scale the rewards with GP brackets. I am at 4.024M GP, and i will just remove all my mods from G8 toons to keep being at 3.9999M GP for the next events otherwise.
  • I have not read all of the posts to this thread, but my only concerns are: (understanding this is Season 0 - or a beta test of it on live)
    1) All our GP is taken into account and we are matched with similar GP and arena wins - this includes fleet gp which is currently unused.
    I'm sitting at 2,687,826 gp vs my opponent 2,688,077. At first glance it's pretty fair. He has nearly double my squad arena victories (I often only battle 1-3 times a day). However the disparity is in our squad inventory GP.

    I sit at:
    1,494,303 squad GP,
    10 g12, 11 g11, and 8, g10 characters.

    My opponents sits at:
    1,754,547 squad GP
    32 g12, 17, g11, and 7, g10

    It feels like I am going to get crushed here, no contest. Mods might help me out as I tend to have higher speed on many of my characters, but I don't have a super top heavy spread, I have more of a bell curve with the peak at g8 (38 characters). This puts me at a huge disadvantage.

    As time goes on I hope there are more calculations that go into matching players. As there are many factors and ways to play the game (f2p, p2p, focused farming, gearing based on character preference (favorites like Embo and crew members) vs gearing what's best for TW's and now GA.

    Anyway, that's my few concerns.
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    Neo2551 wrote: »
    @CG_SBCrumb As you ask feedback, scale the rewards with GP brackets. I am at 4.024M GP, and i will just remove all my mods from G8 toons to keep being at 3.9999M GP for the next events otherwise.

    Are you also going to not gear up existing characters unlock the marquees and skip new legendaries? Asking for a friend
  • Personally I just hit 4 mil gp and my opponent is the same. Our gearing priorities are polar opposites. Looks like I’m getting crushed to be honest. I really don’t care if I win or lose however the straight gp vs gp isn’t in my humble opinion a good way to match up. I’ve been playing since launch and fanboy farmed until I learned focus. I’m not sure what a better way of matchmaking would be or entail just saying that I see this game mode really making some really happy and most really angry. Just my two cents. Thanks guys good luck.
  • I think this could be a very enjoyable game mode. I really like that it isn’t all about having one meta squad but several good teams and you really have to think strategically about what teams to set for def and what teams to keep for attacks. Yes it depends a lot on matchmaking algorithms but as long as it is a reasonably fair match up it will be great fun!
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    When I saw last night who is my opponent in the Grand Arena, I can confirm that this is not based on GP, since my GP is just little above 2,1 million, while my opponent is just a little below 4 mils.
    Who doesn't believe, check for yourself

    Him: hvurovtxwl71.png

    Me: fudjmza30frg.png

  • That sir is the only hope I have for this mode. Just praying it’s not a **** show like tournaments were
  • Well get your rag tag teams together and overthrow the empire lol. Jk good luck my friend
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    Loool Rip fren.
    That raid and token difference should be heavily considered as well if this event was a "true test of skill".
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    I’m excited for this mode but it’s not the “ultimate test of skill” if you can look up your opponent before setting defense and counter their line up. I don’t know if someone has posted about this yet, but it should stay anonymous until the day of attacking so that players don’t know what they are facing and have to find a balance for defense / offense and use some kind of strategy instead of knowing that they have won before the fight has even begun.

    People being able to look at their opponents will just discourage them from being involved if they know they are going to get crushed.

    In summary, if you want this to be successful, hide name of opponent until attack day.

    Edit: maybe it’s just the format for the practice session but if it’s the same for the legit season and you can see your “random opponent” then it’s not random is it
  • I’ll go one further. Hide everybody’s name and profile until the end of the battle day. that way we can see whom we’ve battled and how we all did
  • Next day same criteria applies
  • So if I win on first attempt, it scores 45 banners
    “you’ll earn 100,000 Credits for each battle you win on offense”
    Is this a new currency with a new store?
  • That I don’t know. It’s a new event we’ll all have to find out what the actual rewards are
  • We need the ability to change defensive teams after they have been set
  • Is that really going to make a difference? Our opponents would have the same ability.
  • Not trying to start anything just honestly asking
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    Rag_Scrag wrote: »
    So if I win on first attempt, it scores 45 banners
    “you’ll earn 100,000 Credits for each battle you win on offense”
    Is this a new currency with a new store?

    Same credits you level characters abd mods with
  • I really think this should be a wake up call for a lot of people when it comes to mods, character farming, and gear. If you’re facing someone with the same gp as you but they have way better mods, better teams, more g12 characters or whatever the case, it’s basically telling you that you haven’t been playing this game correctly. Take it as a chance to refocus your efforts.

    If your opponent has 100 more 10+ secondary speed mods, I guess it’s time to focus on mods, right? If your opponent’s GP is focused on a relatively few all g12 meta quality squads you can’t defeat, I guess it’s time to stop spreading out and focus solely on one thing at a time, right? If your opponent has traya and g12+ gear and you don’t, I guess it’s time to find a new guild, right?

    To some extent the matchmaking has really revealed the differences between a focused roster and a bloated roster. Which of the two categories do you fit into? Be honest. If you’re here griping it’s probably the bloated roster category. Stop blaming CG for that and for giving you an opponent with the same gp but better roster. They aren’t to blame for that. Instead, take this opportunity to change how you play the game and how you use your resources going forward.
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