The Road Ahead: 11/09/2018 [MEGA]


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    @CG_Carrie Will the Clone Wars era/Prequel era ever receive the help it needs? I'm hoping for some new toons or reworks for them. They need help.
    Would love to do it. It’s all just a function of time, and some strategizing. But we can’t announce future content so all I can say is that sounds like a great idea.
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  • This feels like a Q&A session, thanks @CG_Carrie and CG_SBCrumb for your contribution. I am looking forward to the new content.
    We’ve been talking about doing another Q&A too, just need to run it through the proper channels first.
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  • CG_Carrie thank you for this. I really like what I am seeing here in this Road Ahead. Hopefully it means we will finally see C3PO hit the game!

    But I need to ask, if we are looking at the Clone Wars content Reworks as a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Phantom Menace which for those wondering is June 3, 2019? I have long been an advocate for Padme and more clones coming to the game, and I would love nothing more than being able to have Padme in my squad with Anakin, Kenobi, 3PO and R2. I think the game needs her.

    If she doesn’t come to the game, Capital Games, you’re breaking my heart!
  • You mean Best Serendary Lifestyle
  • HKFactory
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    Personally,I would have preferred more clone wars era content, but I suppose more old republic and (as long as they are empire and not more non C-3PO rebels because there are already so many) original trilogy characters will suffice.
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    Can you please explain why grevious still hasn’t gotten a rework? Or the separatists overall? We don’t need meta defining faction passes but cmon...make those characters have synergy and make Grevious a DPS terror as he should be.
    Often when a faction you want to see get reworked (Galactic Jedi, Separatists, etc) haven’t gotten a rework, it’s a function of available time. Some of the bigger factions need a little more open road for us to do new requested characters/reworks/events/etc. Doesnt mean we don’t want to or don’t plan to, just that we have too much to do and not enough time.
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  • Staw Wars Galaxy of Dodges and Wallet Warriors.
  • @CG_Carrie are we getting any clone wars content this month besides double drops?
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    Thank you for posting the direction of the game in the future. Not sure how it’s going to pan out as TW still mixes guilds with GS11 and 4 zeta against guilds full with GS12 and multiple zeta as “fair”.
  • @CG_Carrie are we getting any other clone wars content besides double drops this month???Maybe can you give us a hint of what's coming this month?
  • I hope there is more unspoken Clone Wars content coming before they go back to KotOR and OT. This Road Ahead post was a big let down for me. Grand Arena does sound cool but that on a positive note.
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    Hey...another arena....No offense, but unfortunately it still depends on who spends the most money, who is the best player... :p
    Money makes the world go round. But sorry if the moderate payers are not so enthusiastic about that.
  • Jedi Alek and Meetra to have OR jedi team, then red side.

    Give Visas Marr OR, Jedi tags
  • My question with the time zone change is, can we make it at a half hour time slot; for example 5:30 PM EST?
  • @CG_Carrie Thank you for responding to my Clone Wars/Prequel question. I know you guys are probably very busy and have limits you have to work within. But I hope you guys are able to revitalize those era characters, my guild and I have been looking forward to that for a long time. Looking forward to when it finally happens.
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    I've got to say I'm kind of let down by the lack of CW content for the 10th Anniversary.

    I'll be glad for more kotor characters but I would still rather have more CW content personally.

    Guess I'll just keep farming for OR characters and hope that something changes 5 years from now when CW hits its 15th anniversary.
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  • I'm not even on twitter and I had seen that...there is a larger discussion about GG that includes a GG pic and ahnald and more comments about a possible rework...but I don't know how to use twitter. Maybe someone else can post the whole thing?
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    Why does many people want a rework for an android that was more dead than alive and that really got punked big time by Obi Wan?? GG rework really?? So glad the devs aren't wasting time on GG and instead working on adding much more meaningful toons that endured much more than a hacking android who ultimately died by a simple blaster shot....
    The ONLY thing that's kinda cool about GG is he can wield four lightsabers. But I find much lack of interest in a non-force sensitive person wielding a lightsaber. And honestly if it weren't for Hollywood, Obi Wan could've pulled GGs body panels off his organs with the force very easily and the battle would've ended when Obi Wan forced blasted the Manga guards into the side of GGs head. So let's be real here guys; if you're a real fan of the lore GG=LAME CHAR
    Also, it may not be cannon now but I read somewhere in the past that a non-force sensitive person could not even properly wield a lightsaber(Han on Hoth only used it as a tool to save Luke which was the will of the Force) and would most likely cut off their own legs and one of their own arms in one fell swoop..
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