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  • 3pourr2
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    Hmmm poll feedback thread for ga feedback instead of ga mega thread
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    The thread you linked for feed back is closed, but... I like the idea of having 1-2 squad buffs in effect at all times, but they change out monthly, which is sort of how it was before.
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    if I have to choose I prefer a tw with bonus, but made with judgment: not useless characters that become gods from day to night.But above all, no banning characters.If you really want to remove something remove the Grand Arena.Too long and 3v3 mode is horrible .Many of the synergies of the characters are lost and with them the fun of playing.
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    Normal TW everytime. No uber bonus, no bannings.
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    Vanilla TW twice a month and a themed TW twice a month would be my vote
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    Neoh3ll wrote: »
    if I have to choose I prefer a tw with bonus, but made with judgment: not useless characters that become gods from day to night.But above all, no banning characters.If you really want to remove something remove the Grand Arena.Too long and 3v3 mode is horrible .Many of the synergies of the characters are lost and with them the fun of playing.

    Then please don't join if it's no fun. It's my favorite game mode, and I like 3v3 the best. To each his own, but I think the majority of people I've spoken to like GA.
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    If I’m normally getting 4 TW per month, I would prefer 3 “vanilla” and one “fun bonuses” but no more character bans please!
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    I’d prefer all vanilla Territory Wars. 1 having bonuses every month wouldn’t be bad especially if they weren’t god bonuses but more subtle.
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    No more character bans please. I can't take the remodding. Small bonuses are good but clones shouldn't be able to one shot 3 toons on my JTR squad with a single AOE attack doing 150K damage.

    The only fun thing was Jawas because it was hysterical to watch.
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    The "banned" character Tws are not fun. I understand why they were introduced, but I've found more people to be annoyed by them than enjoyed them.
    The Bonus TW however are extremely fun. Guild chat really came alive during that tw.
    I would like to see "vanilla" tw at least once or twice a month. Rest should be varying "bonus" TWs with absolutely NO banned character TWs ever, EVER again. Goodbye and THANK YOU!!
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    I would vote for 3 'vanilla' TWs each month and 1 bonus. Never ban characters from TW again.
  • Gannon
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    Limit random experiments to grand arena.

    Tw doesn't have to be "vanilla" but don't ever ban anything and only use bonuses that have been tested and don't include insane infinite loops..

    The original buffs to scoundrels, hunters, first order, and resistance were mild enough to barely notice. The mace windu buff was really fun, but didn't break the game. Recent trooper and clone buff were good also.
    the ewok or jawa buffs were way too much. Dial it back a bit.. Infinite loops are bad, remember?
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    Clearly Community wants more experimental tws and always ban and make uneffective best setups. Thanx for your feedback guys. Really, why you ask if you dont listen what players say?
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    95% vanilla
    5% Spice
  • arbster
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    Maximum of one "fun" TW per month. Fewer, if possible...
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    (60%vanilla/40%bonuses) - 1 per 2 months experiment
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    no vanilla, no bans... 100% fun TWs please
    i like it to play against the unflexible guilds who set their defense the same every time, no matter which boni is effective
  • Skorf26
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    Mostly vanilla.

    My idea would be once every two months or even each month have faction bonuses... like clones vs genosians or jawas vs tuskens etc two opposing sides that’d get the bonuses in the TW rather than having many faction bonuses at once.

    But in those factions, also pick a unit and give that unit a rework. It doesn’t have to be a meta changing rework but something that will give under powered units a boost.

    Example would be clone vs genosians...
    1) for clones maybe Cody gets chosen and maybe he gets a unique where he goes stealth if another clone crits or instead he gets a new unique where he gets stat bumps for every clone ally...
    2) genosians maybe add a 5th genosian character that every person gets access to with the same stats for the TW (like in events where you have a character in your squad) and the winning team gets 30 shards.... community given 50 shards to unlock the character after the TW instead of a marquee
    3) or a poggle rework, leader ability add defense bonuses with offense and/or add an omega to his unique where he gains more evasion that stacks every time he evades... RNG dependant character then, he evades a ton and gains TM each time. May give more of a use to critical avoidance mods or accuracy mods to hit him

    -it’d be the place to introduce smaller reworks and make some of the older toons not meta defining but stronger and maybe viable fully geared in TW or GA... grievous can get his rework and I know one youtuber who would love it.

    -could also put 10 toons out there and have a poll who people most would want a rework done for out of those 10, get the community involved that way. I think the response with that would be a lot better than it was in limiting characters.
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    I for one like "vanilla" territory wars regularly. maybe a bonus to a faction from time to time is ok, but I hated the "community-style" territory wars. i think it was an awful idea, please, no more nonsense!
  • JDK82
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    My vote is clearly:

    Just normal "vanilla" tws 4x a month.

    Ga can be run smoothly besides tb as well 2-3x a month
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    Vanilla and buffed char tws are yet the best.
    The algorithm should take care about equal matches and not the outsourcing of meta toons.
    No more banned tws please
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    A clear and real fight between two guilds. No banned toons or special buffed toons
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    How about this for a change up, have the front 2 nodes be 3 v 3 and then the rest 5 v5. Make people think about which groups to split up.
  • Fringilla_Vigo
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    If you wask me - I assume they will keep coming in pairs. And if it is so - the best option is to have one "vanilla" TW and one that will come with a twist. Then we have one equal ground and one TW for fun.

    But I really don't mind any schedule and any form of TW - bans included (Yes, I had also fun with that one. Seriously. Sue me, if you wish).

    In all fairnes though - I think that as long as we have same rules in place for both of the guilds, I am happy.
    I'm ready to fight and prepare strategy for my guild (which I am responsible for). No matter what.
    Adopt, adapt & Improve...

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    I would prefer regular TW
    If the community votes to spice it up sometimes, make it twice in row so we can learn and act differently according to the bonuses.
    Oh and : No ban what so ever.
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    3 x vanilla. 1 x spice.

    And for GA: please take out fleet gp while matchmaking when there is no fleet involved...
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    TVF wrote: »
    TVF wrote: »
    TVF wrote: »
    Guys, at this point something to remember is the CG Devs have put their necks out on this one. We need to keep that in mind. As much as I am not a fan (to put it mildly), it's here, we have no choice but to avoid it or deal with it.

    There are people asking for CG employees to get fired. Too late to light the torches and then think the mob won't burn the house down.

    The overreactions are hilarious though.

    Glad we amuse you. You seem to delight in all this. Sad really.

    What's sad is how many people want a bunch of strangers' livelihoods ruined just because they can't use Revan or Traya for one day.

    No, what's sad is you refuse to pick a side of the fence and stay there. Love us or loathe us, but spare us your indecision.

    Is this parody? Because it makes no sense.

    Calling for CG employees to be fired over this is ridiculous. Anyone who doesn't think so has lost all sense of perspective.

    This forum is in a bad place when this post had no likes until just now.

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    49 pages here, 61 in the previous mega [MEGA].
    So far, the team can't understand the Vanilla version is the one whe wanted from the start. If you wish to fresh up the TB you just have to randomly extract some faction and or character that will have a boost (like Mace Windu one).

    The ban pool is outrageous after several among us had their REAL MONEY spent on unlocking characters. It is like I pay for my car 20k and have to keep it in garage.

    I hope you're not that crazy to make paying players to run away from you.
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    Didn't think TW with special rules worked well personally. I prefer the vanilla TW.

    Not overly impressed with Grand Arena either. So far the match process has grouped me in teams who far out rank my squad but because they are a similar GP I am supposed to be able to compete.

    Why don't we select our teams before we are matched, and the matched based upon our team stats?
    This is the Way
  • Gorem
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    Oh sweet, we getting a normal fun TW next time :D yay
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