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  • 1 Vanilla TW per months, 3 with bonuses. NO bans pretty please. And ignore posts about GA - the system is great, although rewards could be upped a bit
  • 1 every 2 months
  • How about this for a change up, have the front 2 nodes be 3 v 3 and then the rest 5 v5. Make people think about which groups to split up.
  • Vanilla TW max once per month, maybe once every 6 weeks. TW specials also max once per month.
    2 TW of any format are enough along with GA+Arena considering PvP are plays I don't wanna skip.
    Concerning 3v3 GA:
    Albeit interesting, this mode really exhausts me. I'm spending literally hours to setup 3v3 squads for D&O. I'm one of the guys that went wide with roster because of TB in the past. Even with new matchmaking I'm always the one with lowest #G12 chars, easily down by 10+. 5v5 doesn't take that much time for me because lack of speculation and full team synergies.
    So 3v3 GA even though fun from perspective of couple of battles, results in my case in 3 evenings of planning D and 3 evenings of playing O, each consisting of 10 (no fleet) battles.

    I don't like TW that much but quick comparison: setting 5+1 D full teams takes ~5 minutes and then 5+1 regular attacks ~ 30 minutes (+10m trash cleanup). Or you hit a wall and mathematically forfeit.

    Not sure if anyone else has this feeling, it's my observation. 3v3 GA is taking too much of my time compared to other PvP battles ( 5v5 GA, TW and Arenas).
  • My vote is...
    per month:
    3 vanilla
    1 tw with bonuses
    No banning

    If you wanted to spice it up past the bonuses I would be ok with trying a 3v3 TW. I still like mostly vanilla but it would be fun to see how that would shake out in comparison to the bonus based TW.

  • 1 month Vanilla, 1 month buffs (so you can adapt a little)
    No OP buffs for whole factions, more decent, or more like CloneNovember for single chars.

    no bans at all.

    new map with an unlockable backdoor mechanic.
    Circle of Sin. 2 Teams. This is the way!
  • Please add some new bracket and also rewards.
    140 - 160
    160 - 180
    200 - 220

  • new map with an unlockable backdoor mechanic.

    That is the stuff dreams are made of!

    I'm a mediocre player in a mediocre guild and really enjoy this mediocre good experience. And its a really bad experience to be matched with another mediocre guild that has a super whale that uses golden Revan/Han teams to Solo us with a deadlock block.
  • 3xTom
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    Well all the buffs you did so far were clearly over the top and felt untested.

    If that stays the case, 4 vanilla please.
    Its was good mode before, only the latest changes made it unpleasant.

    Dont get me wrong, nothing against buffing a faction for a tw, I just doubt that they ever do "reasonable" buffs

  • I prefer 1 vanilla the rest with changing bonuses.
    However faction buffs are fine but they should be more modest than what was done in the last TW. putting a super buff on a handful of otherwise weak underused toons is a lot of fun (ie Mace since everyone had him but nobody used him).

    Would also like to see a TW where the ships get moved to a front position to make them more interesting.
  • 3xTom wrote: »
    Well all the buffs you did so far were clearly over the top and felt WERE CLEARLY untested.

    In game name: Lucas Gregory FORMER PLAYER - - - -"Whale blah grump poooop." - Ouchie

    In game guild: TNR Uprising
    I beat the REAL T7 Yoda (not the nerfed one) and did so before mods were there to help
    *This space left intentionally blank*
  • If this feedback was ACTUALLY listened to I might offer my choice. Most of us that have posted indicated how much we disliked the ban idea. Don't ask for feedback and ignore hundreds of pages of it.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
  • I'll post my feedback here, but before I do, I would like to point out one thing:

    Why did Crumb ask for feedback in an already closed thread?

    Crumb asked in this thread:

    for feedback to be posted in this thread:

    He made that post yesterday. Hard to give feedback where requested without some forum mod assistance.

    So, now my actual feedback:

    I prefer the vanilla Territory War. That said, I don't particularly mind the occasional change to the rules. My opinion: make one TW a month have a rule variant. I much preferred the random buffing of underutilized characters over the banning of characters. Having to figure out who to use in my First Order team when FOO is missing hurts my head.



  • I love all TW iterations. I love buffs. I love bans. I love using toons that I otherwise would not use.
  • I would prefer 3 vanilla tw per month, and 1 tw with buffs to certain characters or teams. But absolutely no bans of any kind. It really hurts peoples enthusiasm for the game when we work so hard to farm and gear certain characters. It has been made very clear already that the majority of players are against banning any characters.
  • "Vanilla" TW 3 times per month, with special BONUSES occuring 1 time per month. No more banning, that was awful.
  • @CG_SBCrumb ... My thoughts on TW are as follows: 1. Stick to 2 TW weeks per month; 2. For one of those weeks, make the TW a "vanilla" event, without any kind of buffs; 3. For the other week, add 2-3 decent buffs for individual characters or 2 decent faction buffs, one light side crew and one dark side crew, or place a ban on a maximum of 3 characters and do it randomly (maybe pick the characters out of a hat or something like that), with at least 10 days advanced notice.

    Now, as for "decent buffs," what I mean by this is fairly simple. For individual characters, maybe go with an extra 50% of offense, or 25% more damage on a special ability, or gaining 75% turn meter on a critical hit – that's decent. Maybe add a stun that's immune to cleansing for 2 turns on a critical hit for a character which doesn't already have a stun mechanic. For a faction buff, maybe add a cleanse of all debuffs on a critical hit, or a gain of 20% tenacity when a character stuns an opposing team member, or a 30% potency gain for all team members when an opposing individual is killed off. Something along those lines, nothing crazy but challenging for an opponent to get around. And give them one or two of the buffs, not a slew of them.

    Faction buffs which allow an entire team to just continue shooting down an opponent without stoppage is ridiculous. A buff that allows taunting tanks 10 revives is utterly stupid. Giving an individual character the ability to wreck an entire G11-12 squad because his hits are 1000% damage is nonsense. A couple of decent buffs is enough.
  • My vote is to keep the only gamemode I’m super into the same as how it was when it drew me in. I say 4 ‘vanilla’ a month. The most reasonable course in my mind would be 3 vanilla, 1 bonus. I’d wager to say most that want bonuses all the time don’t even care about TW, so keep it true for the hardcore players and maybe toss in 1 bonus war that everybody can act like they want, but probably won’t have any extra participation in anyway
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    no ban no buffs, anytime only vanilla. or that every guild can decide for itself what it wants. whether vanilla, ban or buffs. before each TW
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    @CG_SBCrumb I think this is the place for the vanilla TW feedback. The thread you linked in your post is closed so that’s a bummer. So I would say the best cadence is every other month. That will reduce the burden of moving mods. So one month you adjust mods for vanilla, next month you adjust mods for bonuses, and repeat. Shifting more frequently would be a pain for mods. Shifting less frequently would leave those who don’t like the bonuses upset.
  • Vanilla, as much as possible, or every tw
  • @CG_SBCrumb I would like to see new bonuses every month. basically 4 TWs. that gives lots of time to have fun with the bonuses and flex some rosters. at the same time not getting stale like the original bonuses were. I think the Mace/Dooku/Grevious/CUP bonuses were the right amount of time.
  • The bonuses are interesting, but I have 2 concerns: the time gap between the bonus announcement with the start of the exotic tw and the bonuses changing between tw in the same TW single session.

    I don’t mind bonuses to the tw. They can be quite interesting. It’s fun to use shelved factions/heroes. However, a great deal of tw strategy is planning defense and offense. This is a big deal due to modding and the time and effort this takes. When we do exotic TW, can we get a decent advanced notice. To me, decent is 2 days prior to the start of lock phase.

    Additionally, since we do invest a lot of time in modding and planning for the exotic tw, I request that the bonus(es) persists for the duration of the tw session ie both TW matches in one session. This allows us to plan for the week rather than make additional mod swaps and scratch build a new tw plan with just a 24hr notice.

    I’d be fine with bonuses if we had these to better prepare for the TW. If these are unreasonable, I’d rather we keep vanilla tw.

  • As someone who does much of the TW strategy for a guild a would highly prefer NO banning toons. Instead create 5 different TW maps like Jakuu with different bonuses for different teams on each. Make it a rotation of all of them. Then leaders can decide what they want their guild to focus on and CG gets what they want too, toons like Jawas would get geared. I’m never going to gear a toon for a one-time bonus but if it’s a rotation I will. Then guilds can be reasonable in expecting members to work on some of those teams but not gear up rand crap, CUP, for one or two TW
  • Anything as long as there are ships. I don't know why people are so upset by banned characters but OK with there being an entire game mode removed from a whole-roster PvP competition.
  • 2 vanilla a month
    2 with bonuses a month
    0 with banned toons

    Maybe a tw with 3V3?
    Looking for 1 member with 3.5m+ GP roster to help in GEO TB; we are 185m guild who are 70-6 in TW.
  • I would prefer rotating faction/character bonuses for every TW. Vanilla wars are just plain boring in my opinion.
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