Active Guilds Looking For Players - September 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



  • Come grow with the Falcons! Independent, 186m GP [GeoTB 20* & WAT shards] seeks 5+ players

    Steevo's Falcons WANTS you! We are a fun-loving and organized competitive/casual guild that focuses on developing and winning together. We have 5+ openings for like-minded players!

    *Daily players who enjoy the game
    *Full participation in TBs
    *If you join a TW, full participation
    *600 energy/day (excluding vacations or scheduled absences)
    *Must use Discord. You don’t have to chat but you need to stay informed and we have great resources there (bots, guides, etc)
    *2.0-2.5mil GP at a minimum, depending on actual roster
    *Willing to build GeoTB toons (Geos, Sep, Sep Droid) *Average arena rank below 500, preferably 200
    *Have an account on

    Guild information:
    *Payout reset 830pm EST.
    *186m GP, 3.79m avg GP
    *GeoTB 20 stars (and climbing) and earning WAT shards All raids run as frequently as possible
    *hPit - simmed
    *hAAT & hSTR raid times rotated for all schedules and time zones

    About us: Steevo’s Falcons is an established, stable, independent guild competing together since 2016. We are largely based in the US with some representation in the EU and Brazil. The leadership team is involved and coordinated and many of us have been playing since launch. It’s a friendly, mature, easy-going bunch who grow together.

    Come have fun with us! Contact me here or directly on Discord shuppie#6359 if you are interested or have questions, I will take a look at your roster to make sure we are a good match for each other and then we can do an invite.
  • Ewokin And Ewollin

    Looking For 1M+ Players

    Sitting at 108M GP.

    GEO TB 9*

    LS/DS TB 32*


    HPIT (sim)


    STR T6 **Looking for HEROIC ready players.

    We use LINE app for our main communications, but we also have a DISCORD server with all the bots.

    LINE: seisdose612

    DISCORD: SeisDose#8949

  • Ewoks Fit in Blenders
    Current GP 151 maxing at 170+
    Looking for 8 guild members (min 2.5M GP) to join us. We currently stomp all over hSTR We’re serious about participation but also a fun community and have tons of advice to give for both personal and guild play. For the cherry on top, donations are regularly filled.
    • Pit/Tank: 6:00 PM EST launch
    • STR: 7:00 PM EST launch
    • Wait period for all raids
    • Pit raid is on sim
    Territory stats
    • Hoth LS TB: 43 stars
    • Hoth DS TB: 46 stars
    • Geonosis DS TB: 16 stars
    • At max guild membership these numbers should each go up by 1.
    At a 60/40 TW win record.Joining is optional but participation is mandatory if you do.
    Guild Member expectations
    Join discord server
    • Join discord server
    • hSTR ready
    • Regularly contribute 600 raid tickets
    • Participation in all guild activities. We know everyone has their favorites and less than favorites but for the good of the guild please be ready to help out across the board.

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