"Well, somebody has to save our skins" - Princess Leia

It has come to my attention that a SWGoH player, "thegeneral", has spent the past few years chasing an inspiring in-game goal; to gold-wreath and Zeta every female character in the game. This past week she achieved her goal!

This is the type of thing I love to hear, and I know General Leia Organa would be proud.

It’s such a great reminder that while we all play the game for different reasons - be it personal glory, to deeper connect with the Star Wars universe, to be there for our guild mates, to be the best of the best, or to build something meaningful to our values - we are part of a wonderful community of players brought together by a shared love of the game. I’m honored to be part of such an amazing assembly of passionate players.

Keep crushing it, SWGoH fam. Y’all are simply the best!


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    Ultra wrote: »
    Can she get a custom title like Bastila on the bench?

    Would be cool if y’all did that

    We are discussing this! Definitely want to do something special.

    Can you share what else has been discussed? I’ve heard you can have an alternate character skin only available for certain players so General Leia skin over Princess Leia skin might be cool (like JMLuke’s T2 event)
  • Glad to see the priorities at CG are locked in today!
  • Jaybee wrote: »
    Glad to see the priorities at CG are locked in today!

    Care to elaborate?
  • Yeah, god forbid fixing the LSTB bug took precedence.
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    Jaybee wrote: »
    Jaybee wrote: »
    Glad to see the priorities at CG are locked in today!

    Care to elaborate?

    I think he's referring to the elephant in the others threads...

    Actually, I was referring to the radio silence from CG about LS TB Phase 4 and how it was virtually unplayable all day yesterday and this morning. But now that you mention it. I'd love someone to publicly speak or at least acknowledge the KAM shard thread.

    That would be great. I'd love some communication about those 2 things! @CG_Doja_Fett

    Not to get too far off topic but I was referring to TB, not just the P4 thing

    But anyway would be cool to get some toon skins and not necessarily 4 versions of the same toon for hitting certain in game milestones
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    I know he opened the flood gates, but lets try to keep this on topic. Thanks.
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    I’m counting this as a Monday morsel! A new tradition is BORN! Can’t wait for next Monday Doja!
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    Cg should honour her (assumption) by bringing Endor trooper Leia to the game as a collectable character. 😀

    Or let them choose the next marquee character added to the game.
  • Hmmm if talking abt upgrades for ladies... Can I make a suggestion for a toon?

    Can you guys do something for Phasma? Know she is one of the newest addt
    Ition but her kit has fallen so far behind... Maybe an upgrade to her would be good?

    Plus she is a good toon to Zeta and have in the early game :)
  • My goal is to get all the GR g13. Also congrats on making your goal
  • Send her some crystals until that title is ready
  • I do think it’s quite the feat that CG can determine who has what zetas, but can’t figure out who has what KAM shards that shouldn’t. Just sayin’...

    On another note, I do appreciate Doja making this thread for the player who accomplished the zeta feat. Pretty cool, and something we’ve been terribly missing here (like Carrie). Yes B.ring B.ack C.arrie was a legit thing. We all loved her, and hope we will love you as deeply and equally.
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    I’m working on all the characters whose only facial hair is a mustache. After that I think I’ll move on to all the characters that have quotation marks in their name. Please don’t add any GLs to either of these categories any time soon.

    A noble goal! But don't discourage CG from bringing out GL Tosche Station Biggs ;) Been waiting for him since GLs were first announced :)

    And congrats "thegeneral"! Thanks for sharing this Doja :)
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