Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    EDIT: Found a guild :-)

    Couple (5.2m and 4.2m GP) looking for a guild which is active. We play daily and participate in all guild activities.

    I'm working on General Anakin and then JKL and on to Jabba.

    Wife is working on Master Luke and then on to Jabba as well.

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  • Hey everybody i am a new player level 30 and i am looking for a guild where i can put my hard work in to help me and the guild members daily , getting the tickets ready each day is not a problem for me i want to be somewhere where i can participate and get currency please help me
    126 257 494
  • Have found a great guild thank you
  • Jeffe
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    started fresh account, lvl 30
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  • NNabokov
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    Found a guild! Thanks forum!
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    Guild found
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  • Hi, I'm returning player after a few years out. I just brought the hdb and I'm sitting at around 660k gp. I'm looking for a uk based guild to help as I don't know what to form now etc. I have discord but don't really use it much but I ll check I when I can. Been playing daily since I've returned
  • Negator69
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    Hi all,

    after a Break i am back high motivated with one Account at 2.7 GP. I do 600 Tickets every day and participate in all events. Willling to learn and to help if i can. Looking for a Guild with 22000 Tickets+ and kraytraid and RotE. I hope to find a new home in an active guild.

    Found a guild.Thanks vor your messages.
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  • clhs
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  • Hellow! New to this game. Level 46.

    Looking for a guild to start Tier 1 guild raids.

  • Hello, Im 4 days in and looking for an active guild, Im active all day and will do what's required :)
  • Hello. I am fed up with my current guild. We have decent GP (340M), but are top heavy. We rarely win TW and perform purely at TB, largely because of weak participation.
    Looking for a guild at the opposite extreme - that does well with TW and TB, with strong leadership and strategy guidance.
    About me:
    8.5M GP, 5 GL's including Jabba (5/12 ultimates so far)
    Executor and Profundity (6* and 4*, respectively)
    Close to Grand Inquisitor. Just upping the relics a bit (stuck on Tier 4). And then on to getting Reva ready.
  • I started playing less than 2 weeks ago. My brother has been playing for many years and has 9M GP. He got me into the game. His guild has a high GP requirement so he suggested I post here. After playing daily for a week I purchased the Hyperdrive pack to help me get started. I will be playing daily and would prefer a guild that uses Discord. Thank you for your consideration.

    Ally-Code: 551-871-699
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 715k
    Player Level: 85
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: PDT (GMT -7)
  • Hornist
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    guild found <3
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  • ZackAttack
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    Guild found
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  • GOHwatcher
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    Temporary guild found while I keep looking
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  • Obiyaddanobi
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  • Induiloth
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    Edit: Thanks for all the responses, found a guild.
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  • Hey, I'm just looking for an active guild that consistently does raids, idrc how good anyone is in it as long as you do raids as often as possible. Thanks!

    Ally-Code: 669-382-722
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 305k
    Character/Ship GP: 204k / 101k
    Player Level: 75
    Number of 7*: 5 (have shards for 7)
    Number of 6*: 6
    Number of 5*: 2 (have shards for 3)
    Average Arena Rank: ~800-900 (~300-400 in FA)
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CST
  • Hey, I'm looking to join my first guild. Looking for an active one, casual (can't play 18h per day), mature to improve my roster and grow together. French guild more than welcome.

    Ally-Code: 661-861-341
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 895k
    Character/Ship GP: 560k / 335k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 10 (more pretty soon)
    Grand arena : Carbonite 4
    Type of Play: F2P Casual Opti
    Time-zone: Europe

    On my way to unlock CLS and Padme
  • ~3, 4M player looking to change guild.

    Ally-code: 446-853-122

    My page:

    I started to play around 5 years ago, but went inactive when the first GL's dropped. Started again last November and have no intention of stopping again :)

    Currently with a strong guild that I am grateful for, but I came to dislike the climate (Rough language, short fuses, negativity, tryharding for example) over the last weeks and looking to upgrade to friendlier people.
    Have no problem to work with a guild that offers less ressources as I much prefer a good environment.

    Timezone: Germany, Europe (also fluent in english, italian), would just prefer a guild from Europe for timing reasons in TB and so on.

    Expecting regular Raids and TB, because it helps everyone.

    Feel free to contact me ingame. I use Discord, but I would prefer to give you my Discord data only after inital talks. Get to know me, before you take me out on a date haha :)

    Current aims:

    - Unlocking SLKR Ultimate
    - Gearing up Padme team
    - Unlocking Executor
    - Unlocking Jedi Knight Luke
    - Leveling Finalizer to compete for Top 100 Fleet Arena spots

    In the future:

    - Unlocking second GL (probably Rey or Luke)
  • Hey all.

    New player looking for a laidback social guild in which to grow.

    Find my details below.

    Code: 948-212-663
    Level: 46
    TZ: AEST

    Feel free to message me in-game.
  • SavageS3NTINEL
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    Guild found
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  • New player started bout less den week followin some 2023 guides for jabba rush jus need a guild currently in one with 6 people im very active get 600 daily ticks aday..tryin do pit raids n geos raid

    Link to
    Galactic Power:53,230
    Character/Ship GP:47,098/6,132
    Player Level:45
    Number of 7*:
    Number of 6*:
    Number of 5*:1
    Average Arena Rank:5032
    Type of Play: (F2P,
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  • balko888
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    Already found. thanks
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  • Returning Vet looking for a guild. Just randomly joined one first day back but you know... I want better.

    I played religiously until 2019. - that's my setup. 5.2m GP but no GL.

    UK based so ideally a European timezone. Love Discord, chatting, super active etc etc. Might need some guidance on the newness but yeah. Excited to be back!
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