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    nfidel2k wrote: »
    Valace212 wrote: »
    So is this the new normal, missing raid rewards and no resolution. No one in my guild received rewards on the 30th and we aren't the only guild that has had this happen in the past week.

    People are telling me to just let it go, is it just acceptance now for screw ups like this?

    Since a mod has responded multiple times to you, I’m going to be blunt. No one here can fix your problem. You’ve posted it, a bug report was created, and if you want an update go check there.

    Posting over and over again won’t make anything happen faster.

    Yea an I figured a comment in the "megathread" because those are always helpfull, wouldn't be chucked into the archive circular file 10 minutes after I posted it.

    Funny how when I bring this up elsewhere people tell me not to even bother, because we will never see those rewards.

    That is just really really sad.

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