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    Have joined a guild. Thank you for all who responded
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  • Hi,

    Ally-Code: 114-939-728

    Third party chat app - will get if needed
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 21
    Number of 6*: 8
    Number of 5*: 6
    Average Arena Rank: 200-400
    Average Fleet Rank: 100-200

    Ideal Time-zone: GMT

    Ideally, I would like to find a UK based Heroic Rancor & HAAT guild that is preparing for BT, but wouldn't turn down a guild outside of the UK as my previous guild wasn't based in the UK. I would like the guild to be extremely active and talkative as my previous guild was stagnant and offered zero guidance when i first joined.

    I play every day, complete every activity, and have done so for months.

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    Found one, thanks!

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    found Guild
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  • Ally code 168-871-733
    Level 85
    I have line app but will get other if needed
    Im looking for a guild that is active does both heroic raids as i really want general kenobi
    Squad arena 300-400
    Fleet arena 600-700 due to not really being that interested before but i am building a stronger team
    Im on GMT
    55 7* toons
    7 6* toons
    I have got strong toons but looking for a bit of direction to become stronger as i really like to help as much as i can
  • Hi thanks found a guild
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    Found One
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    Blaster for Show, Lightsaber for a Pro
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    Howdy all

    Ally-Code: 479-399-297
    Third party chat app id: Discord (LordBane#5612)
    Link to
    Player Level: 40
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: almost 1 (Boba, probably by tonight - Lando will follow in a couple of days)
    Average Arena Rank: 1 (only made level 28 on Monday B) )
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: preferably play during GMT daytime

    Ambitious new (but reading a lot on forums/reddit/guides) F2P player, poised to rise quickly through the levels (5-6 refreshes per day, as long as arena rank permits) and therefore seeking for active guild to get raiding soon.

    Found one, thanks for the offers!
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    Many offers. Looking through them now. Thank you.
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    Found one
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    Found Guild, Thanks everyone!
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    ***Found a new guild, thank you all for the considerations!***

    Looking for a US guild, preferrably CST but not required.

    Have been doing HPIT and NAAT, would like to move to a guild doing HAAT for Kenobi shards.
    I do not use Line, Discord, or any other 3rd party chat app and do not want to.

    Level 85
    7* - 80 characters
    Gear level 11 - 12 characters, most 7*
    Gear level 10 - 22 characters, most 7*

    I have Commander Luke Skywalker at Level 85, 7*, gear 11 since the day he came out.
    I should be able to get 7* Thrawn at next event (have him at Level 85, 5*, Gear 11 now).

    In my guild's last heroic raid attempt I got 1.8 Million total. Beginning of August 2017.

    PM me here with your guild info and ally code and we can see if we are a good fit.
    If we are, I will ally request you and you can invite me to join.

    Thank you for your consideration!
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for all the offers i have now found a guild.
  • 152-922-675 me and two other players seeking HAAT guild all level 85 and the other two people are stronger than me. We are active all day every day and we are active in chat and discord. Looking for aggressive guild.
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  • BobaOneKanobi
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    Newly returning H-AAT exp player looking for guild to finish up General Kenobi and get ready for territory battles. Message if interested!

    Third party chat app id: Have discord, can use whatever.
    Link to
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*:31
    Number of 6*:8
    Average Arena Rank: 254
    Type of Play: P2P

    Guild found, thanks all!
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    Found a guild! Thanks
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    Found a guild. Thanks for the msgs
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    Found a guild. Thanks for the interest.
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    Thank you for the overwhelming amount of responses. I am digging through all messages and I'm sure one of these guilds will be a match.
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  • MPH
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    Very active lvl 72 player looking for a great guild to grow with, looking for a HAAT guild to get going on GK shards. Rank 6 arena, rank 30ish fleet
    Ally code: 447-595-531
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    Thanks for all the replies!
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  • Hi guys!

    Looking for a guild that's very active (wanting to get general kenobi & Han). I am still under a year's experience, but I play every day of the week. Last guild wasn't pushing my limits and I noticed that I had surpassed many members.

    Ally-Code: 453-616-547

    Third party chat app id: Discord. I will give if needed.

    Player Level: 83

    Number of 7*: 19

    Number of 6*: 3

    Number of 5*: 6

    Average Squad Arena Rank: 600-650

    Average Fleet Arena Rank: 50

    Type of Play: Dolphin
    (still working on profile)

    Time-zone: EST
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    Found guild ty all for your interest and help.
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    thanks found a guild. For all those looking for new recruits, please read their posts carefully and only send them invites if you are a proper fit. cheers
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  • I'm looking for a guild of night owls in EST time zone. I'm 85, I play daily. I have a few decent teams but, I could become much better in a guild on the same schedule.
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    EDIT: Already found a guild - thank you all for the overwhelming response! :smiley:

    Ally-Code: 549-587-634
    Third party chat app id: Discord: Lantador#5702 (Can use any other chat/comm as needed for coordination)
    Link to
    Player Level: 68
    Number of 7*: 5
    Average Arena Rank: Top 10.
    Type of Play: Spent some cash to get a good start, but mostly F2P.
    Time-zone: GMT (European).

    I played since August 4th, so I'm rather new to the game, but learning fast. I read forums, reddit watch YouTubers/twitch etc. quite a bit, so I've got a decent grasp of the game already, and even though there is some serious whaling going on on my arena shard, I'm still able to pull top 10, and I hope to keep it that way, not least by finding a good and active guild.

    I'm communicative, friendly, and able to read and understand instructions and take advice from more experienced players. I'm patient, and able to follow long-term plans, either laid out by myself, or guild leadership.

    My goals in the game are "simple": Be a part of a good guild, and develop good squads/chars (as needed by the guild) for HAAT/territorial battles/other future content, and to be able to consistently do well in the arena.

    Obviously I would like to join a guild already doing HAAT and be one of the first on my arena shard to get my hands on the fabled General Kenobi, supposedly best tank in the game, but, given me being newb, thats probably not an option, so I'm interested in a guild of ambitious players with the goal of developing squads and characters to do well in the endgame as soon as possible.

    I prefer to join a guild doing activities during the european (GMT'ish) timezone evenings.

    I am of course able to pull 600 raid tickets without failing on a daily basis, so I'm really not intersted in joining a guild doing less than like 25k daily raid tickets (my current random guild is quite slacky unfortunately).

    Hit me up on discord or PM me here for further info, I'll be happy to answer any questions and/or sell my (mothers) soul for a good guild.

    Thank you. <3
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