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  • noidlefttotake
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  • MrMajestyk99
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    Ally Code: 382-313-729

    No 3rd party chat but familiar with Line. Will get it.

    Level 85

    7* - 41

    Arena Rank - 200 to 300

    Fleet Rank - 100 to 150

    Type of Play - F2P

    Timezone - EST

    Found a Guild. Thanks everyone!
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  • chekin2311
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    Found guild, thanks
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  • TonyVisor
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    All set, thanks!
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    Hey guys. I am currently in a guild that was very close to finishing haat. However fell short, ever since the guild has fallen apart. Lots of players left and the leader and some of the officers have gone inactive. So a group of us are looking to merge with a guild or community of guilds that are capable of doing HAAT. or at least close to it. Mostly 85, some have 20+ g11, multiple zetas, and very active group of guys. Pm me please. We are l9oking to move very soon.

    Update : we found a home. Thank you to everyone who messaged me
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    Found one, thank you
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  • Theellis83
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    no longer looking
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  • Looking for a serious guild for beginners.

    Lvl 76 300 in Arena, 20 in fleet, F2P
    600 Points daily

    West coast time zone

    Ally code: 686-447-436

    Discord: 3lGanad0r
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    Found Guild. Thanks everyone!
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  • icygrip
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    level 85
    level 83
    level 82

    i dont have a for the level 82 having trouble getting his collection to sync once i get it figure

    out i will update but there on par with us gear and collection

    looking for active guild

    two of us are active ever day one of us active most days

    two of us est time zone and one is central

    we have found a guild thank you to everyone one who responed

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  • BroDameron0
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    Edit... guild found.
    Thank you all for your consideration!
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  • Want to join HAAT Guild and cst time zone
    Ally-Code: 281-532-342
    Discord app id: RedArrow#1855
    Link to
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*:74
    Number of 6*: 9
    Galactic Power :1,912,152
    Collection Score:56.27
    Time-zone: Central US
  • FaRule_DaGalexy91
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    Edit: found a home. Thanks

    Lv 40 alt looking for a t4/t5 pit guild. Generally get 600/600 but its an alt so most of my movement is in small window.

    Top 300 arena
    Have LINE and Discord
    Experianced and knowledgeable(my main runs a HAAT guild.)

    Messege me on LINE for fastest reply
    LINE ID: evar91
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    "May the Schwartz be with you", Yogurt

    Guild: -FTB- Reign Of Fate
  • we have found a guild thank you everyone that responded
  • Hi everyone . Currently in a top ranked guild but have noticed when it comes to the phases of TB , they aren't it taking seriously, and I am.

    What I bring to the table.

    Never miss my 600

    Top ten rank in a Arena shard from November 2015

    Top 15 rank in Fleet Arena

    Ready for all special missions of Territory Battles ( have CLS with two zetas at gear 11, have a full 7 star R1 team with Zeta Jyn, have a full 7 star Phoenix team, have HR Scout at 7 star, and will have HR Soldier at 5 star by the start of TB even if I have to buy the Mega Rebel Packs he is currently at 4 star , and have a complete fleet of 7 star ships)

    I am however, looking for a guild that has at least 40 CLS and has everyone at least working towards 5 star HR Soldier.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Ryan16
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  • I´m looking for a guild.with Haat heroic, Follow my profile:
  • Dilk
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    Lvl 85 f2p looking got a guild that's doing haat. Not satisfied with my current guilds progression. Need a guild that is gearing up for TB.

    Galactic power: 1.2 million
    Several geared 7* characters
    I have geared my CLS to gear 11 in prep for TB
    Have discord as well
    ID: 287-217-716

    Pending guild. Thanks for the interest!
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  • TVF
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    Currently in a guild that isn't very active, looking for a more active guild but still fairly casual (I work full time + family keeps me busy). I contribute 600 tickets every day and my share of gear when possible. Located in MST time zone. I don't use an outside chat, can do so if necessary as long as it isn't too difficult or time consuming. Will adhere to 24 hour raid rules if desired.


    Will leave current guild once new guild is ready for me.


    EDIT: Got several offers, no more needed. Thanks.
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    The CGDF is recruiting. Say hi in our Discord!
  • Eagl97
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    Found a guild thanks
  • Legendaries
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    I'm good.
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  • DMSirJames
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    Thanks for all the responses. Joining a group.
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  • Looking for a new guild doing the hatt and getting ready for the territory battle. I am a pretty active player and get the 600 daily.
    Third party chat app id: don't use one
    I have between 15-20 level 10 or 11 characters. Zader, zavage,ZQGJ,ZR2D2 are my only Zetas
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*:about 50
    Number of 6*:about 10
    Number of 5*:about 10
    Average Arena Rank:Arena 180-220, Ships 90-110
    Type of Play: F2P
  • Found a guild. Thanks
  • Looking for a new home, level 85, 60% f2p, have not missed a 600 but twice since I started playing. Arena rank #106, Fleet rank #26
    110 characters, 17 7* with 7 more ready to promote.
    Currently working on prepping for TB, but need a home to do that. Looking for HAAT level.
    Ally code: 162-249-675. Add me, and let's blow some stuff up!
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    Guild found thanks!!!!

    Hi I am a lvl 85 everyday player who donates as much as possible! I am looking for a professional guild capable of daily HAAT who is also preparing for territory battles! I am capable of spending 600 energy a day everyday as long as reset is after 9pm CST due to work and responsibilities!
    My info:

    Gear lvl/11-11
    Gear lvl/10-9
    Gear lvl/9-7
    Gear lvl/8-18

    Lvl85 characters-41

    Ally code:491-117-893
    Player ID for
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  • DruDown420619
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    Deleted post
  • Dirt_McGirt
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    Found one--thanks to all who reached out.

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  • AussieMan
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    *Found a guild. Thank you for all the offers!!*

    Looking for new Guild as current guild has become less active and there are really only 2 of us that take down the raids.
    Im an everyday player, started playing late last year, I always get 600 and looking for a guild doing or moving towards Heroic raids and preparing for territory battles

    Ally-Code: 257-931-863
    Down to use 3rd party chat if needed

    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 24
    Number of 6*: 6
    Number of 5*: 10

    1 g11, 6 g10, 1 g9, 28 g8
    And only got zader with no other zetas

    Average Arena Rank: 101-200 (every now and then I make it to 51-100) (Sith team)
    Fleet Rank: 100-200 (also sometimes crack the top 100)
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Western Australia


    *Found a guild. Thank you for all the offers!!*
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