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    *Hey all i have found a guild.. thanks all for your responses*

    Hey im looking for a new guild for me and a mate of mine... both been playing about 4 months now and are daily players.. both around lvl 82.. easily get 600 tickets most days. is my profile and ally code is 555-532-689

    I have 15 seven * players and more to come soon.. only 1 lvl 10 and 1 lvl 9 gear player lots of lvl 8s

    Were both from Australia only really looking for an aussie guild. Would prefer a guild doing or close to HAAT and heroic rancor..

    Dont have any chat apps but will get if required

    Feel free to message if anything else is needed

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  • TimMarshall
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    I am looking for a guild that is currently doing HAAT raids. I was #1 in my guild but they are way too weak for territory battles. I have Han Solo but would like to get him to 7*. I would like GK shards. My guild can’t complete HAAT. I participate every day and have been for the last 1 ½ years. Now that everyone has seen how difficult the Territory Battles are, I am sure I will be in high demand ;). Let me help you get more territory stars!

    Ally-Code: 562-812-773

    Galactic Power: 1,297,003

    Fleet Power: 317,741

    Discord: TimMarshall #3868

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 43

    Number of 6*: 8

    Number of 5*: 9

    Average Arena Rank: ~100-80

    Average Fleet Rank: ~100-80

    Type of Play: Dolphin

    Time-zone: MST

    *EDIT* I have had a ton of responses. I will sift through them all. Please message me with what is your Guild GP is. How many stars your guild have so far in TB. How many Han Solo raid shards would I get. I only have him at 5* so I need a ton more. Currently I am getting 10 per raid. A guild that keeps anyone with a 7 star Han stay out of the top 10 spots would be ideal.
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  • LokDawg23
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    Found a spot. Thanks you everyone for the interest. Lots of great communities out there.
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  • costahd
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    costahd wrote: »

    Experienced player
    Level 75 / fast growing
    7* characters: 19
    Galactic Power 627,711
    Galactic Power (Characters) 352,412
    Galactic Power (Ships) 275,299
    Player type: PvP/dolphin
    Arena: top 1 - 5

    Daily player and 600 tickets
    This is my main account in terms of focus

    - active guild and almost full
    Will be a plus (optional): Time zone UTC or GMT, GMT +1, GMT +2

    I am the owner of so we can discuss a collaboration to grow your alliance, training, recruiting and many more

    Line ID: costahd
    Discord ID: costahd#5845

    Thank you so much for all the messages and kind words!

    I have found a home.

    May the Force be with you!
  • FloatingBrick
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    Thanks to all that reached out and took the time to talk!

    Level 85
    Daily player
    Looking for solid guild
    PVP top 100
    Line ID floatingbrick

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  • Klamook
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    Found a guild.

    Thanks for all the invitations. Seems to be a great community.
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  • RedneckJedi
    Ally Code: 867-879-756
    Galactic Power646,405
    Galactic Power (Characters)365,629
    Galactic Power (Ships)280,776
    PVE Battles Won16,351
    PVE Hard Battles Won2,572
    Galactic War Battles Won1,181
    Arena Battles Won333
    Guild Currency Earned71,305
    Raids Won65
    Ship Battles Won67
    Collection Score15.64
     Characters 81
     7* Characters 18
    6* Characters 5 Gear 12 0 Gear 11 0 Gear 10 3 Gear 9 1 Gear 8 14
  • Vastion_Cread
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    Please see more recent post.
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  • jworthy33
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    looking to join an active HAAT raiding guild. I prefer to join a guild that starts their raids between 6pm (PST) and 9pm (PST).

    I am highly active. Check out my roster ally #849-994-352.

    I currently have discord and line. username: Mova Lipost

    guild found thanks for the offers.
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  • Tricky_Palmera_11
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    Hi fellas,

    I am looking for a guild that is strong and can compete in these new TB and especially get GK shards (my current guild is too weak). I play daily and end to get the daily 600 by default every day and complete all daily tasks. I put some time into the game and would like to progress, although I don´t take it super seriously.

    I have a good rebel team since I use it in the arena, so have Leia, R2, Biggs, Wedge, ST Han, etc in gear XI and Lando, Ackbar etc in gear X.

    Galactic power: 1,5M
    Ally-Code: 966-587-484
    Third party chat app id:Tricky (#1354 in Discord)
    Link to
    (I have 11 toons on gear XI and another 14 in gear X)

    Player Level: 85

    Average Arena Rank: 45/60

    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: BST (UK)
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  • I'm a level 85 FTP player who logs in every day. I have 35 7* toons and am currently looking to join a guild that provides advice and guidance.

    My profile is:

    Im currently in a guild so Message me here or in the game if you can help.

    Ally code: 115-879-591
  • MyEwok8yourJawa
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    Looking for a new guild after the Territory Battle finishes.
    I've been with the same guild since they were introduced, but almost all members have stopped playing. So ready to move on.

    I'm looking to join an active guild that either does both raids heroic or is building up to do so. I play everyday, but may not always get 600 guild points due to work schedule. I'm not interested in chat apps. I can read the guild chat everyday.

    Level 85 player
    Have all but 8 characters
    Galactic Power 1.9 million
    Hoth Scout 7 star level 85
    Hoth Soldier 73/85 to reach 6 star level 75
    Captain Han 75/80 to unlock
    6 or 7 zeta

    Thank you for all of the invites, but I have found a guild.
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  • shadoDark
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    Ally-Code: 278-325-351
    Third party chat app id: shadodark#2331
    Link to

    Player Level: 79
    Number of 7*: 8
    Number of 6*: 7
    Number of 5*: 16
    Average Arena Rank: 1
    Type of Play: Dolphin/Whale
    Time-zone: EST (GMT -4)

    New player (2 months now), but very active. 600/day easy. Squad & ship arena #1-2 @ payout. Would probably bring along my bud who is in exact same boat.

    Looking for HAAT guild willing to support strong new potential. With TB, understand that this is more difficult so wanted to reach out to see what was out there. Considering move as current guild is restructured and not doing HAAT in my current sub-guild.

    TY FOR ALL the offers. Response was awesome. Found a landing spot but appreciate all the new friends.
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  • Shaddo
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    Game name : Shaddo. Found one . Thank you

    Ally Code : 251-923-366

    Looking for very active guild . Looking to do up to level 60 raids . Focusing on light side .
    Level 60 ; 17 characters averaging level 55
    20 characters averaging level 45
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  • I am Vastion Cread

    Looking for a Heroic AAT guild to finish farming my General Kenobi.
    I can pull my weight in all four tiers of H AAT.

    Check me out at:

    **Update to OG Post**

    I have several guild members who are also looking to move guilds with me. We are only interested in a guild that is farming HAAT. We are hoping to find one that doesn't require a presence in Line or Discord. We are casual players as well as seasoned. We know what is expected out of a guild member. (Daily contribution, following of raid rules, ect...)

    Check out the other members below:

    Send me a DM for ally code and Line.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  • DDC_i_SC
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    A "dolphin" looking for a guild.

    Registered in Jan 2017. 3 zetas for now. "Collection score" ~41. 54 7*. 11 not activated toons.
    TB: GP >1.55M (ships ~600K); HRS 7* both (G8+ & G9+), CLS 7* (G11+), CHS 30/65 (active farm, G6+); Phoenix 7* G8, R1 4..5*; current run: >15M contributed, 60 units platooned, 99 waves won.
    Tickets: 580 a day in avg (600 with a good guild reset time).
    Arenas: Squad - #3..16, Fleet - #1..2
    In-game specialties: ships counsilor, librarian, rules keeper.
    Timezone: EST+7 [GMT+3] (thus can announce the closest future :). The most active play hours: 2pm - 6pm EST.

    English. Whatsup / Discord (preferable) / Line. Strict rules for raids.
    GP - 80M+, active leader and TB officer.
    HAAT, hPit - both preferrably 0 dmg for 12+ hours, ideally with top 10 rotation.
    Friendly - talks, donations, advises etc.
    Important - the guild reset should be between 11pm and 9am EST (3am - 1pm GMT).
  • Player level 85
    Tyreal#0676 Dolphin looking for serious territory guild.with Galactic power over or near 100 M.
    Or more simply put 39 stars in TB result for the one we are in now, or expected for the next one.

    Galactic Power at 1.765 M ( can easily increase if I equip mods as most are unmodded)
    Raid times Around 9 - 11:30 PM - Amsterdam EU time preferred
    aslong as it is not in 6 PM - 8:00 PM Or 12 at night to 10 AM since i would not be able to play

    28.000 to 30.000 tickets consistent
    Please do not message me if you are not in my requirments.
    Currently completing hard node farming:
    39/85 Hoth Rebel Soldier
    77/100 Finn
    23/100 Nihilus
    13/100 General Veers
    77/85 Plo kloon
    39/50 baze
    22/85 shore trooper.

    25/65 Capt Han solo
    (only night sister acolyte, geonosian spy, kit fisto, sith trooper, director krennic, Gar Saxon, Imperial Super Commander left for cantina farming.)
    (lobot, urorrrrr'r, magnaguard for Hard node farming.)
  • Der_Lex
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    We've found a good guild, but thanks to everyone for the responses and invites!
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  • Hi there. I'm looking for a new guild. The guild I was in leader went to another guild and the new leader is afk. Here's my info.

    Ally-Code: 611-211-845
    Third party chat app id: discord: PulpPlease #5650
    Link to
    Player Level: 64
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: 4
    Average Arena Rank: 4755
    Type of Play: F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale idk....I spend a little money every now and then.
    Time-zone: GMT -5

    I just need a guild that is around my level so that I can participate, I play the game every day.
  • thebraverobot
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    Thanks all for your kind interest and especially those who have reached out to me and taken the time to answer my questions.

    I'm currently in the process of deciding from a handful of guilds who have shown interest and will be deciding between them, so I'll be no longer fielding any more offers at this time.

    Again, I really appreciate your time and good luck to everyone.


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  • cheeseloaf1
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    Looking for HAAT. Stuck on a kid account so can't chat in-game, but have discord (cheeseloaf#6220).
    Always 600/600. Would prefer rancor with 24/hr zero rule.
    Level 85, hold around rank 30 on an old shard. 59 7* chars, 19 G11. Good ships and all that jazz.
    Ally Code 345-446-359
    GP: 1.56M

    EDIT: Got one, thanks all for the offers.
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  • Hey all, looking to step up a little in game and make it to both heroic raids. I am an active player.
    Ally-Code: 391-264-888
    Third party chat app id: Jak#6388 (Discord)
    Link to
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 20
    Number of 6*: 14
    Number of 5*: lots?
    Average Arena Rank: 100
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST

  • Hi,
    looking for a better guild for TB. totally crazy about the game, so i am very active on Line or Discord and can reliably follow every rule.

    The guild i am looking for should be extremely well-organized, filled with nerds like me, be mainly european-based and have at least 80 million gp.

  • Worst_Idea_Ever
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    TwanSolo | Legion | Find me on Discord: WorstIdeaEver#4048
  • Hi
    Lvl 85 searching a guild with aat and rancor heroic. Having a profile. How don I post, create the link ?
    Ally code 688-172-742.
    Best time GMT+1 German, French or English
    Greetings Jabberwooky
  • GuyfromSyracuse
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  • ....

    Gah, get back to us when you 7* that Paploo....good luck with your search!
  • Scottgreen
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    I have found a home thank you ALL for the responses

    1.79m GP no cls but ready for next time!!
    Chs 40/65 g8
    HR scout 7* g8
    HE soldier 6* 40/100 g8
    Full R1 7 * team g10 and 9
    Full 7* Pheonix team g9 and 10
    Average Arena is 50
    I use Discord id Scott#1228
    Line id scottgreen2

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  • Yolcuberserk
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    Thanks, I have found one.
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  • Thx for all offers. Found a guild ;-)
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