Community Update - 7/1/2016


What happened this week?

Some additional notes:
  • We have looked at all of the reports surrounding Geonosian Spy and are doing some additional testing at the Game Studio. We’ll have additional details to share on this character next week once we’ve had some more time to deep dive into all of your feedback.
  • There are some players who did not receive their 800 Crystals back after they had purchased Scanners from Guild Shipments for 2205 Crystals. This was due to them purchasing them in the window when we were rolling out the change to the price, and also if their Shipments had not refreshed yet. We are looking at the best way to get these players their Crystals back if they fell into this category. We should have an answer on how we’re going to handle this on Tuesday next week.
  • We’re continuing to work on Teebo and stealth in general. There are some bugs that we are aware of and are working on a fix for them, but these require some client work which takes additional time to implement. Once we have the fix and a client update ready to go we’ll let the community know.

What’s coming next week?
On Monday, July 4, we will be launching the next Assault Battle. These events are aimed at near-max level players (>=75). You may have already played the initial one, "Military Might". This one will have the following criteria:
  • Unlocks at level 75
  • Two tiers
    • o Tier 1 is tuned for level 78+, G7+, this is the "hard" difficulty
    • o Tier 2 is tuned for level 81 (doable at 80), G9+, this is the "very hard" difficulty, unlocks when tier 1 is completed
  • Requires Empire or Droid characters. No star requirements.
  • Event Power: "Defend" - Gain 70% damage resistance for one turn and heal 15% of max hp.
  • First time complete is 1 million credits, 10 Ewok Elder & Scout shards, 5 Chirpa & Teebo shards.
  • Repeat completion will award ~50k credits, Ewok shards and salvage (similar to Military Might).
  • Achievement awards 10 Vader shards and 5000 ally coins. Complete tier 1 to earn the achievement.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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