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    Hi team,

    Just 2 fast questions:

    1) Can you give extra details on how the Shard Shop will work?
    -Will I be able to get extra shards for the chronium exclusive characters I have unlocked? Also for the ones I hven't yet?

    2) Are you planning an special way to get Vader shards, like maybe a monthly event?

    Thanks for taking our feedback to improve this game :wink:
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    A lot of good questions have been asked. I'll just reask my top 2 so they can get bumped in the answer priority.

    1. Dodge/Deflection - how exactly do these stats work? Is it your intention that we can not see their values?
    2. Potency/Tenacity - can you give greater details for these stats?

    - Pilot
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    Will you be fixing the "bug" in ds/ls battles and cantina where negative effects like stuns and dot stay when you move onto the next battle, but buffs are removed e.g dodge up, advantage, crit up. It's kinda annoying when my droids stay stunned when fighting jawas but cant keep their buffs.
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    Will you be able to answer all of our questions?
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    I'm not going to ask about Poe/QGJ nerfs, because we already know they're coming. My questions are:

    1) When should we expect a fix for the Arena rank sniping from 14-11 to 5-2?

    2) Is work being done on a game mode that doesn't require energy and can be played at will?

    3) Is there a timeline for the next major content patch?

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    Is the shard exchange going to cost gems?
    Is there a daily limit or refresh timer on the shard exchange?
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    Are you guys gonna fix FOTP? His STR bug and 3x attack needs reworking.
  • J7000
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    Man I'm always down for criticism for bad decisions, but the truth is that CG does NOT have to create a way to trade in useless shards. So why would you attack them for doing so? Long term this is a good decision for them and us, but short term this could actually lower their profits, again short-term. So I'm personally happy to see them to do something that will satisfy their existing customers and something that shows long-term commitment to customers and the game. Thanks again to the devs for doing this.
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    With fives ability to call an ally to assist if one of my characters is stunned sometimes that ends up being the one chosen resulting in no extra attack occurring is this supposed to be the case ?
  • ckl
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    Ease wrote: »
    pls a detailed explanation of how speed and leader skills work in arena.

    I second this. "allies" is confusing as I find that class boosts sometimes works on more people than I thought.
  • ckl
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    Could you explain intelligence and how the modifier works on toons with no special attack abilities such as daka. Intelligence based characters seem like they have a low damage output overall and I don't understand where the stat becomes a benefit.
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    What do you want from the forum? What do you pay the most attention to and what do you ignore because it's a waste of your time? What don't you want in the forum?

    How can we do our best to help you make this game better?
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    tjbear wrote: »
    Are you going to be nerfing anyone in the upcoming update in February? If so/not tell us your thoughts on why! Just curious since so many noobs asking to nerf Poe.. Honestly there are so many babies complaining about lots of different people about they are so op.. but they just work well in certain synergies. Personally i hope you don't nerf anyone because as of right now I think you guys have done a really good job on character balances and the different synergies so many different characters have!

    'But they just work well in certain synergies.....' Yeah because like in the movies (and the lore) Poe and Geonosian Soldier do have great synergy, they are like best friends, Poe acctually hates his resistance comrades in battle, he prefers to hang out with his Geonosian best buddy. Really good synergy development indeed...... In the current meta everbody teams up Poe with Geonosian instead of e.g. Resistance Trooper, now tell me where you see the synergy?

    Matter of fact: There are no real synergies between factions, strong solo characters are better than any team/faction synergy. Which in my opinion is wrong.

    As for the question: Will the development team be making any effort in increasing the buffs for team synergies? Currently there are hardly any synergy teams, because its not worthwhile. Most seen are Droid Synergies, and some Rebel and some Nightsister, but it is like 1 or 2 % of the entire Arena roster. Making it easier to create and harvest certain teams will be nice too, but I think that will be just a matter of time.

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    1) Will the available character shard shipments ever change / will more characters be added? i.e. maybe some day we'll be farming Darth Maul in GW instead of the same old same old Luminara and Plasma

    2) clan wars / guild wars? could these possibly make use of entire team rosters, similar to galactic war but now with a clan-worth of characters

    3) are unnamed characters like Hoth Rebel Scout supposed to be god awful in comparison to heir famous counterparts like Han and Kylo Ren?

    4) monthly events / limited time events

    5) will chromium pack exclusives ever become farmable (Leia, QGJ, Maul, Etc)

    6) could the squad cantina shipments be made easier to get? squad cantina characters are currently muuuuch harder to farm than anyone in GW/squad arena

    7) this isn't a question but please for the love of god make grievous a droid and not something stupid like a scoundrel (muh droid synergy)

    8) how are galactic war opponents chosen?
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    Is there a timeline for possible future updates? Not specific dates but say an update every 2/3
    Months etc
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    Poor EA_Jesse... a lot of worms you just open up xD

    OT: I'm pretty happy with your game. So no question.

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    1.Developers thinking about any VIP system for those people who purchased crystals or packs?
    2.Why dont make more light side and dark side packs for us? Maybe with exclusive charascters (like Obi,Leia,etc) and can rotated those packs give chance for everyone get exclusive characters. I think for fair price people will buy them week by week.
    3.What about selling purple items/parts in shipment?
    4. In keycard battles tier2 battles give us less credit and only same training driods like tier 1 for same energy.
    5. We need more healers to Dark Side
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    I'd like to know
    1.How to calculate the critical rating?
    2.How much damage reduced by armor?

    It is OK to assume both the attacker and the defender are at the same level.
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    Do you plan to improve the AI or more specifically recognizing the antihealing debuff or focused targeting?

    An update and acknowledgement n when bugs are known and fixed would be great too. Thanks
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    Are there any plans to answer any of the questions in this thread?

    Does the Indian group that developed this game have plans to fix any of the bugs?

    When they do fix the bugs, CG/EA have to pay them additional compensation? Or do they do the work for free?

    How many additional level increases will there be before one single bug gets fixed?
  • Barrok
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    What does Anakins leader ability do? It increases offense, but what is offense? Is that an increase to your physical damage stat? Or does it increase all damage you do by a certain %?
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    Thanks for the questions everyone! I'll start working with the team to get as many of these answered as we can.

    Thread is now locked, a new one will be created once the answers are ready.
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