Mythic Event [MERGE]



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    PGisReal wrote: »
    Go figure they’d do it on a weekend, too, so there’s nothing to be done about it. I am NOT happy.

    What would it take to get everyone to leave a negatives review in the play store/app store and then go a week without playing?

    You should lead that charge, mate...

    ...see you in a week!
    - R.I.P. Carrie Fisher -
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    Finally did it with Zinn 9, Rey 9, Poe 8, BB8 8, and R2 11.

    It did take dozens of tries, but once I caught a break with RNG the expose cycle kicked in and the day was mine.

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    Disclaimer: I think event difficulty is great...wouldn't mind an even more difficult tier that I can't complete yet. Nice job developers!

    Again, folks, this is end game content. Most players are not supposed to be able to complete it. Geez, it's like complaining why you can't play in the NBA when you can play high school basketball. Maybe it's not the school or the coach, but your skill level? And in the game, maybe its not the developers fault, but your just not geared/modded enough yet?

    I have no Jawas and no can't participate in those events at I blame the developers? NO!!!

    Some people would only be happy if all top difficulty level events can be completed by them. If it can't be completed by them, its developers/EA/RNG (you pick) fault. If I can't complete the event, there must be a problem in the event...

    I think the worst event for RNG for me was Thrawn. But i'm sure if my gear level and mods were even higher, it would be easier. Sure, if you are undergeared/modded it may take 100 tries for RNG to go in your favor...but you don't NEED RNG to be in your favor if you have all G12 strong mods on your characters. I just didn't so took me like 20 tries. I was just happy that my underpowered team could do it with RNG! I don't blame the developers for the design.

    All the complainers sound like children...and at best teens. Please grow up.
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    I needed several attempts, but I survived the onslaugth. All of my five guys deep in the red, then Poe moves, done.

    And it was painful, but muuuch better than thrawn, where you have to fight 7 kittens and a sabretooth eats you in wave 8.
    Banthas want to eat me, but I eat back!
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    I loved this event. Completed both times with g9 zfinn g10 poe g8 pilot g9 trooper and g6 bb8. Rng based for sure but once they spread the damage around with rng expose chain began
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