Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • 217th Legion is an active guild wishing to maximize TW/TB/HSTR performance.

    Beyond just being a guild, we are a community and maintain a very relaxed and fun social environment for our members.

    49/50 Members
    124,000,000 Galactic Power
    Running all Heroic Raids (including Sith Triumvirate) multiple times a week
    Raid times are between 12 and 2 AM UTC (7 PM to 9 PM EST).
    37-39 Stars on Territory Battles
    Coordinated Territory Wars (won 7 in a row)
    Gladly welcome international members

    Rules & Requirements:
    Level 85
    High-geared HSTR P3 teams (JTR, Nightsisters, and/or C3P0)
    Mandatory Discord
    Cannot be inactive unless communicated to officers
    Cannot be named “Mol Eliza”
    Must be able to get along with others and be part of a community (in other words, be a cool person)
    Must also have a good sense of humor
    Must register with SWGOH.GG
    Must contribute banners if signed up for Territory Wars

    DM me on Discord at Elizabeth Mol#0981
    SWGOH.GG Profile:
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    CANADIAN RAIDING CO - We are an active guild looking for an active player - we center around doing as much 6*+ raiding as possible, along with territory wars.

    Our GGP is about 30 M. There are no minimum requirements, we are growing and will continue to expand.

    We have 24 hour join periods in the Heroic Pit and Tank Raids. Start time for these 2 raids is usually on Fridays. We run weekly Tier V Sith raids, looking for a couple of new members to help us beat it faster and raid more often.

    We are a friendly and helpful group but will remove you if you are never active.

    If you are interested in joining us, please send me a note in game chat - my ID is xXDarth CanuckXx
    & Ally Code is 436-349-373

    Thanks for the interest - Hope to see you in the Game!
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  • We are looking to expand our guild. We just branched off from another guild. 20 of us. We were doing Heroic Pit raid 2-3 times per week. Heroic Tank raid 2 times per week. We were working doing Tier VI on the Sith Raid. We are newly formed as in only 48 hours old and we are eager to get back to where we were. So come join us. We have a guild first mentality with aspirations of getting to farm Traya in the Sith Raid.

    Guild Name: Hondos Elite Pirates (looking for 20 Active players to join)
    Contact Guild Leader: Dustin (Lucky21smith) Ally Code 655-942-991
    Chat: Line App
    Raid times: 7PM CST
    Raids: Pit=heroic, Tank=heroic, Sith were doing tier VI, being a new guild starting with tier V.
    Territory Battles-25-30 stars on average will get more when we are at capacity
    Territory War- Over 50% win percentage
    Requirements for Guild: 1. Participate 2. Communicate Get your daily tickets, participate in events, grow your squads, and if your going to be offline for more than a day let an officer know.
    Minimum requirement: Level 60. We would like level 85 and 750K GP but we like to grow our members and will help you grow.

    We look forward to having you Join our Guild.
    Greeedo's Galactic Uprising

    >participation in Heroic sith raid (0 is ok unless we ask for damage), TB (play the special missions, deploy phase 3-6 and play missions),TW (can go all defense or all offense, or a bit of both)
    >try to get close to 600 tickets
    42* in LS TB.
    43* in DS
    TW (I show 46 wins)
    Raid times: 8pm EST
    We like to have a good time, and help develop players to reach their potential.

    DM (discord: armyofone#3163) you if you would like to check us out. A link to your profile in the DM is a plus.
  • poester_107.jpg?width=328&height=479

    Hot Damnerons

    107M+ GP


    The Hot Damnerons are social, team-players who help each other improve. Our strong organization means we punch above our weight in TB (40 stars in both LS and DSTBs) and TW (haven't lost since before November 2018). We also have a busy Discord server with channels for help and tips, strategy, theorycrafting, and (of course) memes and general nonsense.

    We have HSTR on farm.

    If you're keen to progress (and for Traya) but aren't ready for an ultra-demanding guild, drop me a DM.

    We have:

    - All Heroics on farm

    - A strong bot-assisted planning system for TBs and TW. (Plus ROLO/IPD shards.)

    - Very knowledgeable players always willing to help (or debate!)

    - Our independence! We are not part of an alliance, and instead work together as a cohesive unit.

    We are looking for players who:

    - Are active and get 600 tix wherever possible

    - Have at least 1.4M GP but allowances can be made for HSTR ready squad(s)

    - Have at least 1 HSTR ready team

    - Contribute fully to guild activities in game (or let us know when you can't)

    - Are on/willing to join (for our bots)

    - Communicative on Discord for coordination

    Feel free to pm me or contact me on discord xiaosufei#0513 for more info
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    We are recruiting for 3 guilds part of the Endor Alliance which is consistently growing.
    Currently over 100 members all in contact through a group chat on SWGOH – WE DON’T DO DISCORD. Just a quick run through of the guilds below
    Endor Academy – Was created to facilitate growing players to ensure they get the support they need to maximise growth. They are consistently growing ready to be moved to a Heroic guild when ready.
    Endor Dragons – Is the 1st Guild Hanster (Leader) Created and is currently thriving. Guild has shot up from 40 Mil to 70 plus in just a few months and is still going strong.
    Endor Vipers – Recently to created to compete with the Dragons for those looking for a new challenge on building a guild from scratch – we only have 10 members but are sitting at 17 Mil GP and already Haat ready. I’ve personally gone to the Vipers as I believe we can create a strong and organised guild given our current line-up.
    • We have only a few rules. Stay active and Have fun! Contribute to guilds raid tickets by following instructions given. We have a 7 day inactivity rule.
    • Guild activity Reset Time 17:30 UK – Raid launch time 8 p.m UK
    • Raids are launched automatically some with a 24-hour join period
    •Stick to the TW power levels we put on the banners! E.g 80k + front lines etc
    •Must have access to chat (No Minors) as it creates issues with communication

    We would love to get more like minded people on board with us to help grow both guilds and become part of the Endor family
    The Rollin clones (Officer)

  • DgtM6Qi.jpg

    Hello there,

    we are an EU based Guild "Cloud City Insurgeny" and looking for one active player.

    We have:
    • 150M GP -> roughly 3.0M GP average ->
    • 49/50 Members
    • 28k+ tickets daily
    • 5-6 raids per week
    • 2-3x HPIT, 2x HAAT (0 dmg/24 hours)
    • We are a fully heroic HSTR
    • Raid Times: 20:00 CET (UTC+1)
    • Guild Refresh: 18:30 CET (UTC+1)
    • 41☆ TB LS / 44☆ TB DS
    • A very structured TW tactic that made us wins many times in a row

    About us:

    We are a 3+ year old and independent guild, looking for active players. Due to being together for such a long time we developed a good routine for most of the game modes. We are a chill, yet fairly competitive guild with a core of experienced players. We are seeking to replace some players that quit the game.

    We are people from all around Europe and we all speak english in chat. Our guild originally came from norway but we have started recruiting more international players in the past to have a better growth potential.

    So we welcome people from all around the world and wish to make the experience of playing the game as positive as possible for everyone.

    The guild is democratic, and officers and leaders can be voted in and out of office. You can be sure, that we have very active members, officers and guild lead. So someone will always be able to give you a quick response to any questions you might have.

    We are "hungry" and love what we achieve, but we also respect Real Life and we are not robots. Just let us know, if you are on vacation etc.

    We want/require:
    • ~ 2.2+ million GP (although each case will be looked at individually, so that number may vary)
    • ACTIVE
    • Daily 600 tickets is not required, but it should always be your goal
    • HSTR Teams developed / in development (P3 teams would be great!)
    • Discord is mandatory; we discuss lots of tactics there, have smalltalk a.s.o.
    • account is mandatory
    • Able to contribute regularly to raids, TB, TW
    • Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
    • Most important: You enjoy the game and have fun in our guild

    What you get:
    • Regular supply of ROLO and IPD shards
    • Huge bunches of credits, shipment shards and ability materials cause of Raids, TW & TB
    • Help in any matter of the game
    • A group of long experienced people to play with
    • Fun talks with our people about anything on discord
    • Successful TW's
    • Traya shards !!

    If this all sounds to your liking, please come and visit us at our Discord server:

    You can also contact me directly:

  • Mutiners without fears

    1 space....low turnover of players

    118mil gp

    H raids 7.30pm uk time

    T6 sith opens as soon as we have tickets

    No 600 ticket rule but be as active as possible

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • hyme
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    Currently have 1 spot open
    Contact us in-game or online
    Currently 85 mil GP
    Hyme 273-481-216
  •  Krypton Jedis is an active guild with 34/50 slots filled.
    We enjoy a solid community and active discord, as well as relaxed, yet competitive game play.
    About us

    GP: 63,465,330
    Territory Wars: 48 wins
    Territory battles: 22-28 stars
    HAAT/hRancor – 2 to 3 times a week.  24 hour check in.  Raids run alternately 10AM EST/ 10PM EST
    STR – running tier 6 1-2 time a week.  Looking to build up membership to tackle heroic.
    All time zones/countries are welcome
    Joining requirements and other rules
    Discord strongly encouraged:
    1.5 million GP
    No more than 14 days inactivity without contacting officers
    Cannot be name “Mol Eliza”
    Must contribute to all Territory Wars/Battles.  Officers need to be notified if you cannot
    Must register with SWGOH.GG
    Good sense of humor and willing to help out other with game play
    DM me on Discord or ally with me in game
    Ally code : 383-547-659 (Kalel)
    Discord : Kalel#3008

    Guild: Clones in Tights
    GP: 71 Mil

    Check out Clones In Tights! We are a relaxed guild who are looking to increase our Territory Battles and Territory Wars involvement. We are an extremely supportive group with gear donation and ally requests to help lower players clear harder nodes.

    Guild Reset: 8:30 EST
    LSTB: 25 Stars
    DSTB: 26 Stars

    Rancor Pit and AAT: Heroic only. Alternating starts at 9 pm EST, and 9 am EST (Evening and morning)
    Sith Triumvirate: Tier 6

    New Member Requirements: Level 65 and above, no GP requirement

    Guild rules: Active every 5 days, active in TB/TW and STR. If you have the raid character at 7*, don't take top 3 in relevant raid.

    If you're interested, have any questions, or would like an invite, send us a discord DM:

    Or stop by our discord and have a chat.
  • Rogue1 - 147MM GP guild looking for a motivated 2-3 million GP player! Guild payout at 8:30pm EST / 12:30am UTC.

    Tired of being in a guild with strict rules? Tired of being the only one who does anything in your guild? Tired of not getting all those cool, shiny prizes from TW or TB? Give Rogue1 a look! We're a guild made of members who want to enjoy playing this game while not breaking our backs trying to get the most out of it. We have people soloing the Rancor in minutes. We get those sweet, sweet GK shards in about 2 hours. We've been farming hSTR so those Traya shards are rolling in. We have 50 wins in TW. We're farming ROLO and IPD in TB. What more could you want? Maybe you're on the fence. How about some guild rules?
    • Raid tickets - You don't have to come up with 600 tickets per day although we love to see it.
    • Raid rules - We have a 24 hour join period and then you can raid to your heart's content! Our only stipulation is that hPit solos must wait 15 minutes after the hPit opens before posting damage to allow other guildies their chance to get in on the Pit since it ends so quickly.
    • Join our Discord server - Discord is an amazing tool to get everybody on the same page for TW, TB, raids, etc. We theorycraft and help others with their arena teams. Heck...we even talk about whatever comes into our heads because sometimes it just feels nice to sit back and relax.
    • profile - TB and TW can be a massive undertaking so it's nice to know that we can see you have that 7* Ugnaught for platoons. We can even help you out with your arena team or if you want to theorycraft with us.
    • Inactivity - Going on vacation? Real-life issues? Invasive surgery? No problem! Just let us know so we can take your inactivity into account. Otherwise, we'll think you left us.
    • Contributions - Do your best! Not all of us are 3MM GP and we get it. Guilds are built on teamwork and we can't do it alone so give us all you got!
    • Rogue actions - We give out orders in TB and TW to give a general direction. You know you could take that team out in TW or TB. That's cool. You know your roster better than we do so we won't penalize you for it.

    Still on the fence? Feel free to contact me on the forums or Discord @Fettman85#2323!

  • Tenth Legion
    Guild GP: 71,626,909

    We are a fully active guild and looking for two new recruits to come and be a part of a strong, growing, and very supportive guild. We communicate in guild chat, discord, and are dedicated to completing all dailies as well as participating in TB’s, TW’s, and Raids. There are no requirements to joining the Tenth Legion we just asked that you play the game participate regularly in guild events and contribute as much as the rest of us. If you can’t participate in guild activities, raids, TW, etc. we ask that you let an officer know ASAP.

    Heroic AAT

    Heroic PIT

    5* and 6* Sith raid

    7 day inactive kick / All must participate in guild chat/discord/dailies.

    All time zones/countries are welcome

    If interested in joining a proactive guild and growing community contact me in SWGOH or on Discord

    Ally Code: 431-784-454 (Gutterpunk)

    Discord Tag: Spicy#0376

    Guild Discord:

  • Jedidax
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    The world's greatest ELITE FREE-TO-PLAY guild is in search of a player who loves playing the game
    and the camaraderie that comes with being in a great guild!

    PLEASE NOTE: We are only accepting applicants with a Galactic Power OVER 3.0M.

    600 daily coins plus event participation will get you FREE TRAYA SHARDS and advice from
    83 guild mates who attained Jedi Knight Revan COMPLETELY F2P!!!!

    Join our guild and become a better player!

    The Inglorious Blasters are looking for a new member!

    We have two branches. One for USA time zones and one for EU time zones.

    We are the WORLD'S FIRST free-to-play guild to complete
    the Heroic Rancor, Heroic Tank and the Heroic Sith!

    We have Traya shards on farm!
    YOU could have Traya shards on farm just by joining and participating.

    Our free-to-play guild is so strong that we have to hold back
    Heroic Sith Raid damage to ensure that all of our members get rewards!

    Our #1 rule is to get your 600 tickets daily.

    USE and ABUSE our council elders to make yourself the top of your arena shards!
    We are here to help!

    If you fit our requirements, click the link! Right now!

    Inglorious Blasters Discord Link:
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    Legends of Old is a very social, totally independent, and growing guild that takes progression very seriously. We are currently looking for dedicated players with developed rosters capable of contributing to territory battles, and all heroic raids. We have in our guild several over 2m GP.

    Here at Legends of Old we seek to find the balance between casual and serious gaming. We expect all of our members to play daily in all guild activities, but realize that SWGOH is just a game and that Real Life takes priority. We have no strict ticket requirements, will never tell our members which characters to grind or play(although we do give recommendations to brand new players), we give gear very freely and are free from any alliances. We are currently not in Territory Wars, however, with more people we can be sure to do some damage. Our last Dark Side Territory Battle we achieved 12*, and 12* on Light. We run HSTR, AAT and Heroic Rancor raids all starting at 10:00 PM Central time. We do not have a discord chat and don't require it, we do have a active in game chat. We track player contributions to make sure all our members are pulling their weight and advancing in power as the guild grows.

    Leave your current stagnant guild for greener pastures, or take a step down from your stressful and intense Elite guild while still earning fantastic rewards. Contact me with your profile via the forms or drop me a message here.

    Thank you and may the force be with all of you.
  • Nabucco
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    Yes !!!
    We are going to do our first HSTR attempt tonight at 21.00 UK time but we would like to start with a full roster. Right now we have one last open spot so we are looking for YOU !!

    We are an active UK based guild, and as said, looking a daily teamplayer.
    Our guildname: Echo Base Squadron

    Currently we have 49 players and 107mil GP.
    Last TB: 33 stars

    What we are looking for:
    - Level 85 (minimum required to join)
    - Over 2 Mil GP
    - Have JTR, CLS, Revan or a strong NS team
    - Follow guildrules
    - Follow teamorders
    - Real teamplayers
    - Active participation in all guild events and sith raids
    - Collect 600 daily tokens every day

    We do we offer you:
    - Regular HPIT and HAAT Raids with a 24 hour join period, starting at 21.00 UK time
    - A spot in our first ever HSTR attempt
    - Players that will help each other with advice and donations
    - Two advisers (independent from the guild) who not only help plot out guild strategy but also advise players on team and mod setups
    - An active Discord server
    - Weekly warning and cleanups on players including:
    - > Players that didn't participate in guild events
    - > Didn't follow guildrules
    - > Don't collect their 600 tokens (we have an minimum of 500 tokens each day)

    Take a look at our swgoh profile:

    We are invite only, so drop me a line on Discord if you want to know more about our guild, guildrules or simply want to join. Discord and a swgoh-profile are mandatory to join.

    Discord: nabucco#0893
    My allycode is: 693-852-446

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    Legends of Light
    115M GP at 45/50, EST time zone

    Close to HSTR completion. Need few more RJT/Jedi/NS teams for final HSTR push. Last one ended with 5% of P2 left.

    Active, but no hard tix requirement, great group to gear up with. Booting for inactivity. Recruiting individuals or small group up to 5 persons. 2M GP preferred, but daily player welcome.

    TW 50+ wins, double zetas. TB 30++ stars.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server. MTFBWY!

  • WFkheQ2.jpg

    Greetings holotable heroes! We are a very friendly guild looking to recruit some new members. We should have a good fit for players wanting to excel in all areas of the game. The section below is a snippet of our guild with a quick overview of rules and a summary of what our guild can offer you.



    DeathByTheDozen is a friendly goal oriented guild looking to expand a little bit and gear up so we can increase our star level in TB. We are looking for players that are around 2.5M GP or higher, are wanting to play TB/TW/HSTR daily and have a solid HSTR squad base. Lately our focus has been TB and TW optimization; marquee and meta characters will really help out in that regard. If you have a really focused roster but are below 2.5M GP Don't Worry! We value participation and engagement over pure GP or skill. Though we consider ourselves easygoing, we do have a few things we require. Primarily, we require you to join and use Discord. Secondly, we value event participation. Daily activity in TB and TW are required.


    We have a 24 hour raid join period. Our raids start at our refresh time which is 5:30 pm CST.

    • 135M GP
    • Fully Heroic - Traya shards twice a week
    • 40+⭐️ LSTB /42+⭐️ DSTB
    • Discord participation and registration required
    • 600 Raid tickets a day


    Please contact me here or on discord so we can get you invited.

    Discord ID
    • Nosirrahdrof#0363 - DeathByTheDozen
  • Legacy Troopers

    Are a new guild looking for players with any GP who dont want the hassle of all the rules imposed by guilds like.....
    must have discord- why when there is guild chat and PM facilities
    Must get 600 tickets- why we all have a life outside of a game that comes first
    Must be active daily-once again we all have a life and cannot always get on

    We are looking for any type of member casual players upto serious players we have a home for you all
    We have a strong experienced leadership that's always willing to help
    We will be running raids so even the lowest level can gain rewards (depending on average player level high end raids will be available)
    We plan to run the guild with the aim of leveling you guys and the guild together making it a more enjoyable experience so you dont feel rushed to get 7☆ characters for the sake of it build your strongest teams in your own time with no pressure from the guild
    Take part in all we have to offer from raids to wars and watch as we progress as a group
    Building the guild from the ground up and knowing you had a hand in that

    So if you are looking for a guild that's friendly, active and understands you have a life then look no further Legacy Troopers is the home your looking for

    If you have any questions about the guild PM me on here or get in touch in game My ally code is 141-233-762

    Hope I see you in guild chat soon

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    Ultim4te Warriors

    80 mil GP

    We are a friendly guild that is looking for: +1M GP players, who are active and participate on guild events.

    Regular HPIT and HAAT Raids with a 24 hour join period

    Currently in Sith Raid tier VI, and building HSTR teams

    SWGOH.GG register is Mandatory
    Discord is HIGHLY recommended

    If you are interested, contact me through PM

    Come and grow your roster with us
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  • Marqves
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    Looking for 3 community active EU players - HSITH/HAAT/HPIT/TRAYA/IPD/ROLO/KENOBI/SOLO

    PTA SWH is an established European guild. We are fully heroic and reached a moment that we are only looking for TB & TW focused players. We do not want to change our mentality, so we are looking for 3 like minded players, who are community active and can embrace a project where work and commitment are needed. We have a solid group of 47 players, that aren't the highest on GP, but are very focused on the game and that will welcome and support you.

    -We are 108M GP with 47 players
    -HSITH (2xweek), HAAT (2xweek) and HPIT (3x week)
    -Discord to communicate (mandatory)
    -27K raid tickets produced daily
    -3 Spot to fill (needs to be 1,5 M GP+)
    -39 Stars in TB's
    -We won the last 11 TW's

    We have Kenobi Shards, Solo SHards, Rolo Shards and IPD shards

    5 reason why you should join us instead of an even bigger guild?

    1. We are against strict set of rules. We embrace the KISS strategy (Keep it simple, stupid). So we just have two rules. Punishments are soft & easily avoideable, and we try to make polls about all major decisions regarding guild progression.

    2 .Leadership has been playing together for 2,5 years. Very stable.

    3 .Doing 600 is not even a rule, if you enjoy the game and embrace the guild spirit you will do them almost all the time.

    4 .We have discord and you need to have it too. It's not mandatory to chat all days, but you need to check from time to time what is happening, especially on TB and TW days.

    5.We are all like minded and have the same objective. We are not recruiting guildhoppers, we have a long history with the same players and we want to continue on building this group and not have a brief experience. If your objective is to rank 1st on HSITH only and not grow as a group, please don't contact. Sending your is important, but explaining what brought you to us is what will give you that spot.

    · Raid info:

    Raid at 8 PM GMT / 9 PM CET

    Direct message me here or on discord at Marqves#1287

    Sons of Anakin is looking for 1 active player to join our great guild after the current TB

    GP: 160 million
    LSTB: 42 Stars
    DSTB: 45 Stars
    Guild Reset/Raids: 4:30PM UTC / 11:30 AM EST
    HSTR on Farm

    600 Raid Tickets Daily
    Discord and
    2.5 million GP
    Active Participation

    To inquire join our Discord:
    Or Send an in-game message to: 467-391-464
    May the force be with you!
    **The Aluminum Falcon
    GP - 166 million**

    Hello there!

    We are looking for a few new members

    We have all Heroics on farm and our goals now are to
    a) make our Heroic STR runs go more quickly
    b) keep improving our TB scores
    c) improve our TW wins

    A little about us:
    LSTB - 45 stars when 50/50 guild members
    DSTB - 46 stars when 50/50 guild members

    Raid times:
    6pmCST - HSTR (FFA, goes down in about 2 hours)
    7pmCST - HPIT (one team, wait 20 minutes to post solo)
    8pmCST - HAAT (FFA, goes down in about 30-45 minutes)
    All raid are 24hr join period/0 damage

    What we are looking for in a guildmate
    - someone experienced in the HSTR or who has the teams ready and is looking to move up to an HSTR guild
    - someone who can do their 600 consistently
    - someone who has the required toons to do DS and LS territory battles and can go 4/4 or 6/6 past phase 5
    - someone who can run both offense and defense and be an active participant in TWs
    - someone who has a sense of humor. We are a bunch of goofballs who enjoy the game (even while griping about it)

    If this sounds like you then by all means message me here or on discord CHO YANG#5784
  • ezgif-2-26b2a08efe33.gif

    **Shades of the Fallen**
    An all-heroic guild has 2 spots open!

    We are seeking friendly, active players to fill a few open spots in our guild.

    Our main guild (NightShades) is 126m GP and has all 3 heroic raids on farm. We earn on average between 37-40 stars in territory battles and can earn more once we fill our empty spots. We have a very good territory war record as well.

    Raid times are 6-9pm eastern time depending on raid. We complete heroic sith raid in about 8-12 hours from when it's launched. It's on a 4-5 day rotation. We also occasionally launch sith raid in the morning to give people in other time zones a better shot at phase 1 and 2.

    To join our main guild we have the following requirements:
    * Be active (500+ tickets daily.)
    * Discord app required.
    * Be at least 2.5m GP.
    * Have at least 1 useful heroic sith raid ready team (jtr, revan, NS, etc.)
    * Participate in all wars and territory battles.

    Don't meet those requirements? We also have an active feeder guild (TheFallenKingdom) you can join and work hard in, to move up to our main guild!

    Here's what a we have to offer you:
    * Friendship and mentorship.
    * An active discord with knowledgeable staff.
    * 37 stars on average in light side TB, 40 in dark side TB.
    * 85% territory war win rate.
    * Guild exclusive strategy guides.
    * Those sweet traya shards.

    Interested? Come chat with us on our discord:
    * Interested recruits only. Poachers will be shot on sight. Some terms and conditions may apply. Limited 1 month warranty at 5.99% interest rate.

    You can also message me in game with my ally code:
  • 889nivtsq0l21.png

    84M GP Guild

    HPit (3x /week), HAAT (2x /week) at 8PM est
    HSTR Once a Week
    30 Stars in LS and DS TB

    1.5M GP with JTR and/or Chexmix and/or Deathstorm HSTR Squads
    600 Tickets Daily

    Discord is Mandatory. Message on Discord if interested
    Discord Link:
  • poester_115.jpg

    Hot Damnerons

    115M+ GP


    The Hot Damnerons are social, team-players who help each other improve. Our strong organization means we punch above our weight in TB (40 stars in both LS and DSTBs) and TW (haven't lost since before November 2018). We also have a busy Discord server with channels for help and tips, strategy, theorycrafting, and (of course) memes and general nonsense.

    We have HSTR on farm. Ideally, we want players with strong p3 and/or p4 teams (e.g. Nightsisters)

    If you're keen to progress (and for Traya) but aren't ready for an ultra-demanding guild, drop me a DM.

    We have:

    - All Heroics on farm (24 hr join)

    - A strong bot-assisted planning system for TBs and TW. (Plus ROLO/IPD shards.)

    - Very knowledgeable players always willing to help (or debate!)

    - Our independence! We are not part of an alliance, and instead work together as a cohesive unit.

    We are looking for players who:

    - Are active and get 600 tix wherever possible

    - Have at least 1.8M GP but allowances can be made for HSTR ready squad(s)

    - Have at least 1 HSTR ready team

    - Contribute fully to guild activities in game (or let us know when you can't)

    - Are on/willing to join (for our bots)

    - Communicative on Discord for coordination

    Feel free to pm me or contact me on discord xiaosufei#0513 for more info
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    Hello holotable heroes! Order Guardians - a top tier guild, member of the Inner Sanctum Alliance, is looking for fun-loving and easy-going but also goal oriented players to join its ranks. There are currently 2 vacant positions. Our guild's GP is 109m at the moment and we are quickly progressing. The guild's official time zone is UTC+2(or GMT+2 in other words), but we have international members in different time zones.
    What do we offer:
    - friendly atmosphere
    - regular launch of all of the heroic raids
    - guidelines for farming and zeta priorities
    - members progress tracking and support in every stage of their development
    - 33* in DSTB/30* in LSTB (IPD and ROLO shards)
    - consistent wins in TW
    - active Discord channel
    - part of the bigger Inner Sanctum Alliance community;
    The potential candidates should meet the following requirements:
    - minimum 1.5m GP
    - 600 raid tickets daily
    - actively participate in guild events and raids
    - Discord account
    - account;
    We tolerate inactivity without explanation for 5 days, then we kick out. If you are interested in joining our guild or you have questions feel free to pm me here or contact me on Discord: Leonine#9147
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