SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


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    I’d like to understand the team’s philosphy on gear better. For example, why does mk 8 biotech implant salvage drop in buckets from challenges (more than you could ever use), yet it also drops from raid rewards. There are 25 examples of this sort of thing that seem to just cause frustration.

    I understand that gear can’t just rain from the sky, but it feels like there are no brainer changes that would help a lot. So what is the teams philosophy on deciding how drops are determined, bottlenecks, etc.?

    Random other questions:

    Why is the sim ticket reward 150 from fleet arena? Who could ever possibly need that many?

    What’s the philosphy on characters being harder to farm than others? For example, shoretrooper is much harder to farm than most characters. He’s been in the game over a year. Is there a cadence at work here or is he so good that he will stay hard to get? That’s one example of many (nihilus, baze, etc.).

    Can you explain why the gear rewards for sith raid seem incongruous with the effort? They seem also copied from rancor which is trivially easy now. A 100M guild might take two days of resets to do t4 only to get 15-20 g8-9 salvage. Gear is gear, but the effort doesn’t seem to map to the rewards.
  • Are there any plans to establish, or any behind the scenes info that you can share with us, regarding event scheduling? The short notice on important events frustrates many players, and only leaves us confused as to what we can expect. The two most notable examples being leaving legendary characters out of the monthly schedule and no fixed credit heist schedule. Thank you for doing this, I think it's a huge step in the right direction!
  • QOL:
    Why does it still take 20 minutes of refreshing the screen in order to make the jump from 19 to 13 in Fleet or Character Arena? This has got to be one of the most annoying parts of the game. Why can’t we just simply scroll over to the opponent we want in a couple of seconds?
  • I have heard from my guild the forums have been getting a lot of heat and its more anger rather than controlled. I first wanna say thank you so much for adding Kreia or under her sith name Darth traya to the game. She is my favorite character due to how fleshed out she is. I was hoping you could give us a little insight on what goes on there. Iv heard horror stories about game designing and even to the point games take away from your real life. I want you to know I appreciate the work you have done. And I am hoping to see more characters I love like Shaak ti in time. You do not have to say too much or anything that could get you in trouble. I just wanna know if you can give us insight on why these patches have problems that come with them.
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    If the Tank Takedown and Pit raids are "old content", could you please provide some of the rationale for adjusting the Expose mechanics in those raids instead of only adjusting Expose in the Sith Triumvirate Raid?

    There was a general understanding that the need for an adjustment to Expose was to maintain the integrity of Sith Triumvirate Raid and yet it seems like a poor use of resources to make further adjustments in old raids, with proven methods requiring a variety of characters, when the concerns surrounding Expose mainly affect the Sith Triumvirate Raid.

    Any response would be most appreciated. Cheers!
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    Is it possible to have a cadence applied to legendary events? Even if it was a single day every year we knew a particular legendary event would occur. You could obviously run additional unannounced dates, but players could long term plan for at least a singular date. Maybe would give both the developers and the player base what they want.

    Mod management. When can we expect it, and is there a reason it hasn't been engaged yet?
  • Love your thoughts on the data cards and how you view their dynamic with players going forward. I know many players were were caught off guard by the timing of the latest JTR release. The fact that the Veterans weren’t brought back as data cards has people confused on why even release those during the original release but not now?
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  • Hi. Are there going to be changes in the types of rewards we receive in the events. They have been the same worthless ones we get in the daily challenges that we all have thousands of. How about giving us the option of choosing our rewards. I might actually use crystals to refresh an event tier. Finally when will new toons be rotated into the different shops? Thanks!
  • First of all apreciate this, is their anything in the works for bounty hunters their missions are a pain in tb other questions i had were asked.
  • I was very frustrated with the missing Tarkin ship pack. I don't complain about anything but it really rubs me the wrong way that they didn't fix that but nerf toons due to the raid quickly.
  • Please remove challenge gear from raid rewards. You know that this is useless yet you keep placing them in loot tables.
  • Any word on what to do with excess gear? The daily challenges continue to give us a ton of gear that is pretty much useless now for anyone whos been playing for awhile now. I know a ton of people have 3k+ of certain gear parts. I could upgrade all my characters and still have way more than I need.

    We also have a ton of sim tickets that is just gaining daily. Im up to 9k

    Also some of the raids are giving us gear from these daily challenges which is very anticlimatic to do well in a raid and then get gear we dont even need.
  • The STR is truly end game content for those who have been level 85 for a year or more. It's really frustrating to spend a huge amount of time on the raid to only pull challenge gear or other pieces that we don't need. I hope you'll consider updating the reward table for STR. Thank you for listening :)
  • WHERE'S MY GENERAL GRIEVOUS REWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plz tell me :)
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    Simple question: when are we getting more ships and anything else to do with them?
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    We all need to ask questions about the challenge gear that still given out in raids as rewards. The statement that “just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean other people don’t“ How old is little to no water, because anyone that is able to complete either the HAAT or the Herioc Sith Raid Would never ever need any challenge gear ever again. Anybody that can take down those raids already has a majority of maxed characters, or close to it. I understand CG wants to optimize their sales and have people buy the gear they need, but at this point challenge gear in any of these heroic raids is insulting. Will this EVER be addressed or continue to be ignored? Thanks
  • Hi, Carrie, Eric, and Nick, I'm actually curious about this: what happened to @CG_Kozispoon ? Haven't seen her in a while, her "Community Manager" tag has been removed, and I noticed an ad for a new community manager.
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    It is disheartening when so many of us have invested time and/or money into mastering the game and we find innovative solutions to problems like Sith Triumvirate Raid Squads, only to have them taken away because it disrupts the “spirit” of the raid. We spend so much time in the game and Discord, only to have to spend more time in the game.
    How is the amount of time spent in the game being addressed?
  • Was the goal of the new Sith raid aimed only to appease ultra whale guilds? Because at anything less than heroic tier 7 the raid is pretty much unfun and not worth any guild wanting to finish especially because of the junk rewards. Why not release new gear levels or mods whatever at the same time in order for us to actually have a chance at this?
  • One of the reasons the community feels ignored is how raid rewards are handled. The Sith Triumviate Raid is highlighting this even more - the investment is not worth the rewards. Aside from the numbers themselves being ridiculously low, there's also the issue of getting something useful. The community has suggested multiple viable ways to solve this issue, but nothing has been done. The standard response is that "the gear is useful to other people". This may be true for lower tiers, but anyone running Heroic AAT (or eventually, HSTR) wont need gear available from challenges, or generally, gear that's obsolete at higher levels.

    Why hasn't this been adressed?

    Why are we, the players, investing a massive amount of time into a raid for rewards that we don't need?
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    Are ships ever going to be balanced? It seems like every match is determined by whose tie fighter goes first and if rng is on your side or not. Is hardware ever coming? Ship omegas?
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    Thank you for this opportunity, it shows your commitment to the Community and this game.

    There currently is no in-game chat for none guildmates, can we expect to see an expansion of in-game chat to include global, shard, and regional sections?

    Will cross-platform branch out to Windows?

    Can you elaborate on a better mod management system in progress, if any?

    There currently is no in-game chat for none guildmates, can we expect to see an expansion if in-game chat to include global, shard, and regional sections?

    For Hero's Journey events going forward, can we get double drops on character requirement nodes as part if the package?

    As you can guess by my name, this forum account was open pre-Yoda. Are we going to be able to change our names in the future? I ask because I have requested this before in an email to support, and received no response.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Still waiting on that edit forum profile setting so I can change my name...
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    My first question is about gear rewards in raids but also other challenges. Currently rarely used gear that already appears in challenges or gear that barely any character uses appear over proportional as rewards, basically turning the reward into a non-reward. Is this WAI or what is the reason behind this? I have heard that newer players need different gear but that is a very short term view as just by the design of your toons some gear is proportionally used. So in the mid- and long term every player is short of the same gear. On side note the new g12 gear looks more balanced, which is a good start!

    My second question is about the practice of adding new toons into territory battle platoons upon release. First I think this is not a motivating tactic to make territory battles platoons a moving target that can not be achieved. Second it is really demotivating that when your guild officers ask to put you have your shiny new 7* toon into a platoon, while you actually want to use it. Is this current mechanism a motivating design in your opinion?

    Thanks for you rtime to do this QA!
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    Thanks for this Q&A opportunity. I've been playing the game for more than two years and I've enjoyed the game. That said, I can understand why the community has expressed some frustration with CG. Here are my questions:

    1. The 21-day crystal booster pack was removed from the store months ago. At the time, it was said that that pack was going to be evaluated and that something was going to replace it, but nothing has filled that crystal void.
    2. Dark Side Territory Battles' platoons are challenging when so many Platoons require Empire units and there is an Empire combat mission in that Territory. Why is Empire not treated the same as Phoenix and Rogue One in Light Side Territory Battles? Also, why no combat or special mission for Night Sisters?

    Thanks again for taking the time tonight to respond to the community's questions!
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    I am compiling everything into one big post to show the frustration I have had to deal with for the past week. Everything can be found in this thread.

    Posted March 14, 2018:
    "I am writing to express my frustration with the lack of clarity over this feature.
    As a 2-year veteran player and one of the founders of a 5-guild alliance, I am disappointed that EA and CG have done little to support me in recovering my main account. The ambiguity over "link a device" has led me to deleting my 3M+ GP main account and overwriting it with an inferior <1M GP alt account.
    It has been 4 days since the incident and neither company has done anything to support my needs besides claiming that my case has been "escalated" with the "specialist team." I have spent hundreds of dollars on the account and my guild officers, guildmates, and I are not pleased at how the situation is being handled. Please help before things spiral out of control @CG_Kozispoon. Thank you for listening."

    Posted March 17, 2018:
    "@CG_Kozispoon @Vampire_X
    I have tried calling. Here are my call logs with time stamps.
    03/10 17:43 Call EA to request account recovery after my main acct was overwritten by alt acct. Rep says issue will be resolved within 24-48 hours and my case has been “escalated” to Specialist Team.
    03/12 16:45 Call EA again after nearly 48 hours of waiting. New rep states the case is “escalated” again and to wait another 24 hours.
    03/13 18:09 Call EA again and the case has not been resolved yet. They put a “note” to ensure the case is high priority. Case is still being “escalated.”
    03/15 13:12 Call EA again to check progress. Rep says it’s still “escalated” and Specialist Team is on it. Rep asks that I don’t call and wait for an email. Otherwise, my repeated calls may push me back on waitlist queue.
    03/17 12:13 New rep tells me that the 1st rep never escalated my case. It was the 2nd rep who did. Rep cannot promise a time when it will be resolved and told me to be patient and basically not to call for the same reason as the previous call."


  • Like people have asked before having mod management is it in the near future? I feel like having an external source to manage mods would be for the convience for the average player? Now I understand the convience of territory wars and battles but expense of buying shards why was it increased why don't we see characters like nihilus and or a vairety of game changers in the game cycling through the store. Is there any way to cycle characters through the galactic store instead of having the same characters people rarely use in there?
  • We have all heard the rumors of a needed QoL that should be addressed…. Mod Management, this has been something that would improve the lives of all players, high or low level, are we ever going to see this?
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    Why is there still challenge gear in heroic raids? I would wager that the majority of those completing heroic tier raids do not need challenge gear and it is a waste when the time and effort, I feel, warrants gear I don't have over 2000 of and most likely others.
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  • As for another question. Are more Jedi and Bounty hunters planned. As said above Id love seeing the beauty Shaak ti coming but also hunters like Boosk and 4-Lom. Everytime I see a new character is coming it brings so much joy to me. Its obvious you guys hold a world that is a fragile one. When I saw "Hatred is a fragile alliance at best" in the new raid announcement you guys made me go nuts with that reference. Especially the scene that comes with it... Please do not stop bringing so much love to this game. Thank you for bringing it to us too
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    Mod management. Plain and simple. More than ever CG requires us to use more and more of our rosters and the ability to move or exchange is medieval and cruel. Please help and address this critical issue.
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