SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


  • Why can’t teams stay on defense anymore. And bring back zeta Barris. Also where’s the ships. That’s all i understand you all have busy life’s too. Hope you’re having a good day.
  • I'll get straight to the question.

    Apple has announced that drop rates be disclosed for apps that offer loot boxes or similar mechanisms. Many companies have followed suit, since not abiding by Apple's rule may result in expulsion of their games from the App Store. Will this happen for SWGoH? If so, when will it be? And if not, what is the reason for not doing so?
  • In my opinion arena is the most toxic part of the game: it forces us to play at a set time every day if we want to be competitive, it's ridiculously difficult to select battles, and to make it worse we may not even be able to play if someone else is engaging us. After playing this game for 2.5 years, can I have a new daily challenge instead of this arena?? Would love a tournament/ELO style system with set number of fights instead. It could be reserved for players whose accounts are 1+ year old or something, if you like. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Hey CG, thanks for this opportunity. I have a few small questions, but my self selected, priority one is....
    Why can we not change/edit/move Defense squads in TW during the setup phase?

    *****my other questions were*****
    Why is challenge gear still in raid reward boxes?

    Why is there no way for an adult to take over a minor account and get the ability to read in game chat?

    Can guild leaders get in game messaging to individual players?

    Can Officers get the ability to change in game chat banner?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    I would like to add a few things:

    1) I want to iterate that we as players really don't want to be mad at developers with any regularity. Many of us are very heavily invested in this game in terms of mindshare, time, and in some cases money as well. We blow up from time to time because history has proven it's the only way to affect change from our end. Well reasoned criticism of the game or certain features appears to fall on deaf ears. What would the developers be willing to do to engage a more long term way for players to affect change about the least enjoyable parts of the game?

    2) I've been here since the beginning, and in the last year I feel the games monetization strategy has taken a sharp turn towards trying to strongarm us into spending (i.e. paywalled toons immediately appearing in platoons, JTR being a mandatory spend for most players, etc.). I personally feel that you should be enticing us to spend instead of trying to force the blood out of the stone. Would you be willing to share what the overall monetization strategy is supposed to be?
  • When you create big, end game content, like the TB and especially the new raids, are you designing them for guilds to be able to complete in the far off future, or relatively soon after some theory crafting.

    This latest raid is a good example. There's plenty of guilds with almost maxed out rosters. Look at Team Instinct for example. They really can't get stronger than they currently are, yet they can't easily do the raid, it takes work and planning.

    I get wanting a challenging experience for everyone, but with such a strong character locked behind this barrier, how are other players to compete in a near future?

    My real question: As you increase the bar for top guilds to meet, you make the climb that much more arduous for lower guilds, and with specific characters like Treya locked behind them, players become disadvantaged. Is this an intentional design decision?
  • When is ship hardware coming? It's said "Hardware abilities coming soon!" for over a year now
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    Are there any plans to update Platoons in phases 4-6 of Territory Battles? Having characters that are not even available in the first phase of the farming cadence there has been an extremely frustrating pain point for TB as a whole. It costs a lot to get a recently released toon to 6 or 7 stars, and if you do invest in one, the last thing you want to do is just park them into a platoon. It doesn't make people who spend on the game feel good about their investment. Those that do not spend on the game, it makes them feel like they'll never achieve the content.
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    I’m not sure how you are responding to the overwhelming responses? I have yet to see anyone answer a question or are these answers coming in the form of a private message?

    Either way I have very little that I would like answered but list as follows:

    1. Sith raid rewards are not worth the time(challenge gear is useless to any guild completing high end content with the exception of carbanti mrk 3)
    2. Will we be seeing some improvements in ththe ships, there has been nothing done with them for over a year.
    3. MOD MANAGEMENT with all the features of the game we need to move mods around according to the designated event. This is something that the game has needed since the inception of mods.

    The rest is not really important looking forward to hearing from you
  • @CG_Carrie


    When is General Grievous, Bounty Hunters, and Jedi getting a rework? Also are you guys done with the new Star Wars movies, what I mean by that is are we going to get more First Order/Resistance Characters in the game (Ex: Snoke, Husk, etc.)? Do you guys ever plan on bringing back any of the Hard to Farm characters to the GE Store (Ex: Baze, Sabine, Shore, Sith Trooper, etc.)? Are ships ever gonna get updated with hardware and/or new ships and capital ships? Lastly are the other shops ever gonna rotate?


  • Why was the JTR event brought back early, was it just to make money because no Legendary event has came back so fast. So the ones that haven't been playing the game long enough or couldn't buy all the packs are going to have to wait a lot longer to get JTR and fall more behind. Your creating a game of have and have nots, I know you would prefer not to have that, but that it what is happening and people just see it as to hard to keep up and will give up. You need a range of players to keep this game popular a if you exclude some the rest will get bored and leave
  • Can I ask about the interaction with Nihilus Lead with massive damage attacks such as Nihilus's Annihilate and Savage Opress's Overpower? It doesn't seem to apply lifesteal, if this is WAI, what is the reason behind this?
  • I would like to see less territorry wars and double the rewards. With the new sith raid, player burnout is becomming more evident than ever, and p6 is the hardest phase directly followed by a territorry war. This has become too much and the event rate is unsustainable for even the most avid player. Tw feels like a burden now more than being a fun event.
  • Why do you continue to add challenge gear as raid rewards? The community has repeatedly asked for challenge gear to be removed from rewards and this has been ignored.
  • us ewok players need some love wicket when?
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    Hello producers, I don't really have any questions that I can think of off the top of my head other than this, are we ever going to get an option to open multiple Bronzium cards? Just 8 at a time would work since it's the same amount as the mega packs and those work fine.

    Also, could we get a faction tag for Rogue One characters since they're required for LSTB?

    And, this one is just personal and self-indulgent, just putting it out there that with the show Rebels ending, we're missing main/recurring characters such as Kallus, Azadi, Hondo, Old Man Rex, Pryce, and others I can't think of off the top of my head. We're also missing key TLJ characters such as Hux, Paige Tico with her bomber, Snoke, his guards, the Finalizer, and DJ. When can we expect some of them to come to the game? Or will they be a surprise like the vets were?

    I guess I had more questions than I thought, and those were only the ones that came to mind right now.

    Edit: I guess with the one question to answer thing, I'll go with the faction tag request. But seriously, look at the characters. I'd be willing to pay for packs for Kallus and Hux. ;)
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  • Why was there an increase in the number of teams required for TW? This should only be for the top tier guilds (160m GP). Please consider lowering it. It is not fun to sit and stare at each other's meta teams during TW.
  • Are you planning on having more people test content before it comes out? I think a lot of the problems that arise in this game are because things are not fully tested before they are released. I look at a company like Rockstar who constantly have to push back release dates on games or content. The thing is, when the content does come out, its usually good to go or at least not drastically messed up.
  • Why do you guys continue adding challenge gear for heroic raid rewards?

    Why can’t we get at least a week’s notice prior to legendary events instead of 2 days? This made me contemplate whether it is worth it for me to spend any more money on the game or even play it anymore if that’s how things are. My shard is barely 4 months old and there’s so much to farm already. Why not give us a little heads up?
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    Currently there are so many characters that grant bonus turn meter that it creates an insane amount of "coin flips" to decide who goes next due to multiple characters being at 100% turn meter. Has there been any thought put into finding a solution for this? Perhaps if multiple characters are at 100% turn meter, the fastest character goes next?

    Phase 6 of DSTB requires four separate full Empire platoons to be filled, while also requiring at least 10 Empire characters to be used in the combat mission and special mission. This seems unreasonable, is there any chance of changing this?

    Director Krennic's unique ability only caps out at level 7. Seeing as he already has a zeta upgrade on his leader ability, and that there have been multiple mini Empire passes since his release, it leads me to believe the level 8 upgrade on Krennic's unique is simply forgotten. Is this the case?

    One final question: Are you aware that Coruscant Underworld Police is canonically apart of the Empire as well?
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    Can we get rid of useless challenge gear from raid rewards and everywhere else other than challenges?
    Can we get Stun Guns (the one we need with Carbanti's that isn't in challenge gear) in the guild shop (not GET shop)?
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    As a person who has literally invested thousands of real dollars into this game, I would like to know how many folks there are actually invested in this game with their own money and I mean thousands not just a few hundred.. do they play and devote the time and grind to fully understand the player frustrations? One of those frustrations is having not enough separation between the P2P and F2P player in the game.. So when will there be a cap increase?***

    Thank you for your time..
  • Clones with helmets, c’mon... :D
  • You and your team are doing a fantastic job as always. Thank you!
    what an ugly thing to say... does this mean we're not friends anymore?
  • One major issue with premium characters is that they don't perform as expected. Part of this is based on a general lack of transparency with stat interactions making a character look better on paper.
    Another big factor however, is that the premium character's perform differently during their introductory events than they do in the rest of the game. We've been told they're given "invisible buffs" to simulate mods, but that's all, and doesn't explain the extent of the difference.
    Are marquee character's given extra stat boosts to make them over-perform during the introductory events?
    Can we be shown "invisible buffs" so we can more accurately judge the real performance of a marquee character?
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    Why did you think it was appropriate to give an hour's notice for a live Q&A? This is yet another sign that CG/EA are out of touch and don't really care what any of us think as the game suffers.

    Related note: EAs support is absolutely horrible. Boiler plate responses with no real follow-up and dead end messages to legitimate feedback are horrible ways to build customer satisfaction.

    Needless to say, I'm at my wit's end with this game and it's not the games fault.
  • Hello,

    Can I ask why we are doing this discussion right now? Midnight on the east coast seems kind of strange time to be having a discussion but whatever. Let’s get to it.

    Erik Larsen as the Player Lifecycle Producer, can you give us some insight to where we are in the life cycle? It seems to me we are in the declining stage as many players are feeling burnout from too much content being released.

    As players it seems like we are on a forced march. Either we need participate in every guild activity or be removed from the guild. This combined with being forced to log on and do activates at certain times is causing player burnout. I would love to not have my arena when I am trying to make dinner and spend time with my family.

    I appreciate the QL updates that you have given us in the past there are so many more QL that the game desperately needs. I would have any of these over the new raid.

    Mod management

    Being able to pick my arena payout

    Having more a long break in between TW and TB (from the management side of the guild it is hard to move players in and out within an hour).

    Having the ability to collect all my energy for the day at one time instead of having to log on when you tell me I need to log on.

    Sticking to Character release cadence. Also, how about throwing some f2p characters in the game, I can’t remember when the last time an f2p character was released, was it the JE?

    A beta testing program, we play tested rancor, we play tested AAT, we play tested TB and TW and now we are playing testing the Sith raid. If a beta testing program could we get a better quality control program.

    I know some of the members of our guild system would love to play with their family members. However, currently this is impossible to do this as some members with under developed rosters hurt a guild trying to obtain the best rewards. What makes a game great is being able to play with your friends. I feel you guys have really missed the mark on this.

    Anyways, looking forwards to hearing from you. Thank you for taking time to listen.
  • Today in Dark Side Territory battles a single battle took me 40 minutes or so to get through. As a mobile game i don’t expect this sort of time investment for a single battle in any game mode. Is there anything being worked on to address this?
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    First of all I would like to say thank you for having this Q&A with us, I know that I personally have a lot of questions that I feel the community would like to have answered, but I have felt like my words would go unnoticed if I asked any of them here before. I have edited my post as I see that I was only supposed to ask one question. Most of my other questions were addressed already so I will choose this one to ask you.

    Q: Can you add crystal payouts to the fleet arena for all ranks, instead of just the top 20? The squad arena has this in place since the beginning and I feel that should be mirrored in the fleet arena.

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions!
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