SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


  • Will we be ever see any more ship PvE available? Or even hardware abilities?
  • We ever going to see jango, Jabba and his crew, c3po, admiral piett, etc etc? Like toons that are iconic to Star Wars as opposed to random Sith Lords from a video game that came out over a decade ago?
  • Other than KotOR characters, which are very much appreciated, are there any plans to or at least would you be open to bringing in more Legends continuity characters? I imagine characters like Kyle Katarn or Mara Jade would be fan favorites.
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    Thanks for doing this over the weekend!
    **Preferred question** 1. Is Jedi Luke on his way?

    2. Will there be a ship based raid?
  • Rather than add to my previous post, I’ll ask here. I apologize for posting twice in this thread, but it’s an important one - since all guidlmasters watchdog the raids so closely.

    Would you consider publicly posting the health/DMG pool of all current raids, by tier and phase? Perhaps a stickied thread that could be updated should they change?

    Thanks again.

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  • Do you have any plans to make phase 4 of the sith raid fun?
  • Can we ever expect older toons to get moved to easier farms, like Lobot for instance. A shuffle of characters around to the old shops would be very welcome. Places like the GW shop have just been neglected.
  • Any plans on fixing the random 100% TM of which random toon goes first? Like maybe the toon who reached 100% first or the one with 100% and fastest speed? Not just a roll of the dice
  • Distribution of gear

    Any plans to diversify gear requirements? Carbantis, cuffs, and stun guns are the disproportionately limiting components in gear leveling. This also affects the value of raid rewards substantially. At this point, its a substantial bottleneck in collection progression.
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    1. Challenge gear in raids is my question. I know the devs play games, some MMOs. Imagine farming a raid and 90% of the time getting the same gear you can get from vendors. It would be ok if 80-90% of the time it was raid gear, and 10-20% of the time it was challenge gear. Right now it feels like it's 80% challenge gear in this game.

    Please keep this in mind please?

    2. Please add an auto join feature for raids. Older raids like Rancor are easy to beat, and people who "accidently" auto the whole raid make half the guild lose out on the rewards. Which is not the intention of the officers and guild leaders. Sooner, rather than later, the tank will be able to be beaten easy on auto, and auto join will fix this whole troubling issue.

    Please keep this in mind too?

    3. Can you please add a count for the number of Sabine's Darksaber Strike icon?

    4. Please add a zeta to Chopper. Please?

    5. Marvel strike force is a game similar to swgoh. Their stores are free to refresh the first time, then 50 "crystals" to refresh after that (until the next timer), can you please add this feature?
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  • My guild is a strong small to mid sized guild. The amount of health the raid bosses in conjunction with the amount of damage even very good rosters can is very frustrating to everyone. Can we see a bigger reduction in health for the bosses in T6 and lower? Also how about an update for the long awaited ship hardware and ship omega material, when can we expect to see it?
  • I know characters are rebalanced when level increases take effect. I thought the palp and vader reworks were masterfully executed. Could you rework other older tunes alongside new releases please? Mininmum effort, maximum returns as far as pleasing all the players. If you look back, I think the reworks were highly apprecied in forum comments compared to the raid. Offering a toon to fit in with the reworks like Sion benefits you and us. Thank you.
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    Are there any plans to remove challenge gear from raids? Why do you have them as a reward?
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    Can you make it easier to pick a fight against a desired rank in arena(s) that isn't refreshing the screen over and over? (Like a scrollbar for example).

    Currently it is tedious to find the highest possible rank from certain spots (like targetting 19th from 26th) because of how random it is to get the desired rank to show which can get frustrating and also makes the player waste time, and reducing time spent seemed to be something you guys were working on.
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    A sort of weird question, but regarding the unlocking music with some characters...

    Is it possible to have more music relating specifically to those character? It would be nice to have some more unique music for each character, for example any variation of leia has Princess Leia's theme or Lukes classic tattooine theme tune for him... Is this at all in the realm of possibility?

    If you did add more unique music for each character it would be nice to have it play when you go onto your roster and click on a character to change mods, add gear, level up etc.
  • Sabine's Darksaber Strike states:

    Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict the Armor Shred unique effect for the rest of the battle. Armor Shred isn't a debuff, and it can't be Resisted or Dispelled. In addition, its effects stack, but are halved against units with the Fearsome Foe ability. (Armor Shred: -50% Defense per stack, can't be Dispelled, not a debuff)

    Currently there's no way of knowing how many stacks are applied, and lately it's been a recurring theme among youtube content creators, some players including myself believe it's not working as intended.

    Is the ability bugged?

    It would be nice for clarity's sake to at least add a little counter just like the one any other buff or debuff gets when repeated.
  • Hi all! We're taking a quick break. Keep your questions coming! We'll answer your top question tonight and get to the others in the coming weeks. :smile:
  • Is there a timeframe on when mother t and wicket will get a node?
  • CG_Carrie wrote: »
    Taking a quick 5 minute break. If you haven't self-selected ONE question, please do so at this time so we can get to as many people as possible.

    Also we are reviewing Raid rewards, but are not ready to share any changes there.
    So the most asked question still has no answer
  • First thanks for taking time to rebuild trust. Can we expect a ship based raid any time soon?
  • Idk if this is still live but what gives with the increased teams needed throughout in TW when this wasn't communicated in that manner?
  • How do you justify the cost of heroes in the game? With the drop rates being so low, why not be honest and just sell each new hero at $300 for 7 stars and $700 for 7 stars gear 12, because that is how much they cost. To make those heroes part of the platoons you are making it very clear all you want is money, as much money as you can bleed out of players as possible. In the Platoons right now you have Mother Talzin, Nightsister Zombie and Spirit, First Order Executioner, Sion, Sith Maruader, to have then at this point in the game you want gamers to invest $1800 on them alone not to mention the Veterans needed to RJT. With no advanced warning you put out RJT like the event was some last minute second thought, but the only intent behind is was to maximize your profits.
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    I think they are only answering the questions posted in the actual thread they made for the Q&A right now. But I can tell you that if they were to do a ship raid, we would need more capital ships and regular ships in order to complete such a task if it is to be at all similar to our current character raids. If I were you I would still ask a question in the thread in hopes of the devs answering it though, as I too would very much like to know if any ship content is in the works at all right now.
  • Can we get Tournaments back?
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    The tank raid broke apart many guilds as higher go players left for better guilds. TB and TW had the same result but to a smaller rate. It is inevitable that the Sith raid will do the same thing. Does CG not see guild structure as an important part of the game that keeps players coming back? If guild structure is important, why are goals of new content built with the concept of breaking guilds apart and making people need to leave their current guild to progress in content?
  • Any chance of getting any Zeta(s) for Light Side Capital Ships? It's unfair that both Dark Side Capital Ships have 2 Zetas Each.
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    Rumor is that Disney is ending it's contract with EA for star wars content game. How is this going to specifically play into the future of swgoh?
  • Would it be possible to give players the ability to change their payout time in Squad Arena? I am rarely able to play in the hour before payout and if I could move the time that would be great. I’d even pay 200 crystals tone able to switch times.
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  • I have, over the last couple of weeks, brought for the first time in the over two years of playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes concerns about the latest content release and subsequent changes made to it. Sadly my concerns were never addressed and I was encouraged to just post about it in the forum, so I guess here I am. With the recent rollout of the new raid I decided to, like so many people, spend quite a bit of money on crystals to prepare only to have that content change somewhat substantially for a variety of reasons. I understand that bugs happen, and I have always been graceful and patient when encountering them. While many people have understandably interpreted the nerf of expose and Stormtrooper Han in the Sith raid as simply EA making the content more difficult to force people to spend money, I have readily defended the developers across multiple platforms- namely Reddit and Discord. Even now I stand by the developers— it’s unreasonable to expect a flawless new raid from day one, mistakes and bugs happen when rolling out something as massive as a new raid. All things considered, y’all have done a fantastic job and I applaud you. Thank you for your hard work and the dedication you have shown to Star Wars and this mobile game.

    When the new content launched, I spent hours pouring over the new details of the raid, testing out in game the new characters, and watching videos put out by the EA sponsored gamechangers, I decided to to spend my hard earned money in support of the game. After spending roughly $250 and using up far more than that in long saved crystals, I learned that the mechanics of both the raid and the newly released characters would be changing (the characters due to a bug, and the raid because people were beating it too easily). I went to customer service and explained that had I known the mechanics would change so substantially I would never have spent crystals the way I had. I felt, and still feel, that the crystals I had spent in good faith to prepare for the newly released content that was changed should be returned to me at least in part. My issue lies with the complete lack of respect and and concern I received from your customer service staff when voicing these concerns. I was repeatedly told there was nothing they could do and to just post about it on the forums. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the rep I worked with told me that my case didn’t merit getting his supervisor involved and that I should just post on the forums. As an alliance leader in a top ten guild who has spent well over ten thousand dollars on this game and has never requested so much as a cent back, the least I hoped for was some sort of apology or explanation of why I was not due any form or restitution. Mind you I didn’t, and don’t, even want finanacial reimbursement. I just wanted the crystals back that I had wasted based on the product released. I love this game and want to support it in any way that I can, even in the midst of the countless vague and confusing emails I received from the customer support staff (who mind you never actually did connect me to a supervisor). All the while they encouraged me to post in the forums, which in light of the responses given by RyDiggs today seems more like some cruel joke than ever. At this point, I can’t imagine anyone getting in contact with me to address my concerns or make any form of restitution, but I figured I might as well try.

    All of that said, regardless of the lack of customer support care I have received over the past weeks, I want to thank the developers for all of their hard work and the commitment they have shown to making the game challenging and fun. I wish you all the absolute best. Y’all have an incredibly difficult job, and there are a lot of **** out there just want to complain. Thank you and have a pleasant evening
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