SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


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    QUALITY OF LIFE for officers and members related to stats for TW and TB.

    Can we get more detailed break down on combat and deployment and attacks made for fleet and squad separately. Currently they are lumped together as one combat total and deployment total. It would help everybody see who is missing their combat attacks for squad or fleet separately. And also see who deployed what amount fleet or squad. And who has undeployed fleet or squad left. Same thing for TW. Can we get a break down on who attacked with their fleet or squad. And those who failed. Currently there is no way for officers or members to tell if somebody participated in tw attacks unless they earned points. For example a member made 4 attacks at a team but didn't get the final kill and somebody snipe the kill. That member got no banner points. Need a way for us to tell somebody participated. Those banners earned should also be sorted by fleet or squad. ? And can we get a list of members who didn't register to join during the preview phase. It's quite annoying to have to figure out who didn't join tw. Maybe a list of people who joined and - - for those who didn't.

    For tb - Can we get prohibit and focus tools for platoons slots.?
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    It's really important to know when RJT does appear again. Many people talked about May the 4th.
    It would help people to get those vets cleared before JTR appears again and not like EA does within this week of surprising all the players about JTR's surprised return
  • Are there any plans for an intra-guild sandbox pvp mode? Many of us would love to test out our teams against our guildmates but its impossible. A free/zero rewards sandbox pvp mode limited to only your guild would be a lot of fun..
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    Why aren’t you all enjoying the holiday and doing this during normal working hours instead? ;)
  • Hi Devs

    1) Are there any plans to add more characters to GW/Arena shop?

    2) For TB, there are many occasions when newly released unfarmable characters are needed for Platoon missions. Will this be addressed?

    3) Will there be a Lost/Win log for arena teams and also a replay function for arena? Like Star Wars Commander.

    4) For ship arena, will you also be including crystal rewards for ranks after > 20?

    5) Will there also be a gear exchange shop? Many of us have thousands of gear salvage but the blueprints are the ones that's needed to craft.

    6) As this is a mobile game, why does the new Sith Raid need to be so difficult? I believe I speak for the majority when we say that we play a mobile game to pass the time for minutes each time.

    7) Will salvage requirements be reduced? For example from 50 pieces of a gear to perhaps 30 or 25.

    Thank you.
  • Thank you for making the time to take questions, especially on a weekend night.

    First I'll briefly echo one of the questions above; is there a path to mod management being developed? Even something limited like a "favorites"sets would be great.

    What I'm most interested though, is the development of fleet gameplay; are there any current plans to add more ships, hardware, raids, or thoughts on fostering diversity in the meta? Ships are one of my favorite aspects of the Star Wars universe and I would love to spend more time and resources on that aspect.

    Thanks again for recognizing that the forums had become unproductive and taking steps to reach out.

  • i am just frustrated with the recent announcements prior to the raid mechanics being changed and how the developers want us to theory craft after some smart players devised a way to compete on the new raid with a character everyone has access too, My guild has seen pretty deep rosters to test but with all the restrictions within the raid, most characters unique abilities are useless. Expose gave hope, it was then cut in half. It appears that the only viable team is led by a legendary character that if the release cadence was followed, would not be available for a few more months so she and her counterpart were pushed up for a second chance early. Sorry, to waste you time, not really a question in there, just voicing some of your occasional ones spending players frustration with changing game mechanics after players rediscover a character has a purpose again.
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  • Hello there

    I got only 3 simple question here=)

    1.Why there are so many mistake in the Tradition and Simplified Chinese version?

    This kind of translation mistake not only mislead player to identify the character placement,
    it also appear in ability explaination which confuse Non mother-tongue player.
    I have no idea is this happened in other language version, yet this is the very basically thing
    that should tackle before any patch note or character setting tunning
    cuz even though you tuned a character perfectly, a wrong description would ruin it.

    2.When will the Chimera arena switch back to Fleet arena?

    I truly miss the day I began my fleet arena trip with Home one
    Then some spilt to Executix or Endurance
    And many kind of Squad and meta we come through.

    But after Chimera's presence,it make Fleet arena became Chimera arena
    No matter you deal with this by nerf it or show us some First Order capital ship or anything new
    plz don't forget Fleet arena.

    3.May the array be with you OR Galaxy of array?

    We all know that design a new hero is hard.
    But compared with it ,it's easier to design what items a hero need right?
    Just stop lazy design like the phoenix or Resistance
    most of what they need is the same
    and full of Mk 3 Carbanti Sensor Array Salvage or Mk5 stun gun
    Could we just have a flexible or meanful item that make player fell better?

    Thx for your responding =)
  • When are ship hardware abilities and ship omegas coming to the game? Ship omegas have been unobtainable by F2P players and needed for ships for a while and "Hardware abilities coming soon!" has been there for about a year.
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    I’m leader of a top guild that has completed 3 Sith heroic raids all without the sth cheese. this question has come up a lot in the last couple weeks. Why should we spend to get premium players put out all the effort gearing .When if CG thinks there doing to well a couple months later they will just nerf it. Example pre update jtr resistance top scores in heroic Sith raid did 6 per damage post update only doing around 4 to 5 percent. Top guild Krakken rosters are being used. What we seen shows jtr was great in raid but that’s what she was advertised as when released now she’s just good definitely not OP. How can we trust CG when something like this happens . We want to trust you too love this game most of us played since game launch. There’s so many other issues in game that should have been addressed before expose damage was even considered. Challenge gear in raid rewards all raid rewards should have carbantis in them a example of rewards upgrade. I have more but keeping this short. Main concern is lack of trust of game we love so much.
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    Nvm...lol. I see they are answered at the front.
  • First of all thank you for taking time from your weekend to do this, it's very much appreciated.

    Question: Ships at this point feel like an afterthought in this game. Arena has got to the point that everyone has the best ships and it's just RNG for who wins. Do you have plans to overhaul this aspect of the game? Is there a timeline in place for this that you could share?

    Thanks again:
  • As I'm sure I may be echoing some questions/concerns, I'll be as concise and to the point as possible on a couple high points:

    Mod Management Doesn't have to become amazing overnight, but little changes over time would go a long way in alleviating the slog of preparing for guild events adequately. A "remove all" button and scrapping the associated credit costs of removal would be tremendous in the short run. Any plans that you can share?

    Stacking Tenacity in STR This disproportionately affects so many characters/factions, including ones that you recently introduced as well as those that currently have bonuses in the raid. I'm all for everything but stacking tenacity. So my question is: Thoughts on raid(s) polish/updating as an ongoing process? I imagine it would be much easier to tune a new tier of an old raid with updated rewards than it would be to ground up an entire new one, and it would keep key content relevant for longer, as well.

    RNG Marquee Packs/other rewards The W.H.O. is now recognizing video gaming addiction as a mental illness, and rightfully so. My concerns lie with game features that closely resemble gambling. Question: Have developers considered fine tuning some of these features to allow for a more predictable and satisfactory player experience? Perhaps even some small compromise like adding other items of value to marquee crystal packs to make them more appealing to a wider range of players??

    Omega Crunch Pretty hard to develop new characters, which can discourage their early acquisition. I am staring at a G12 Visas that I can't use until probably May, because I just got JTR and already maxed out Sion. The zeta flow is fine, but the omega crunch is real. Can we please get more consistent availability of this precious material or some way to acquire then at least a little more quickly?

    Fleet Arena This mode feels very neglected. Lot of room for much needed additions that could breath life into the game. Any plans to expound on them in a way that is fun? My concern is that new ship content will come with a heavy handed panic farm or time sink.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all these :smile:
  • Can you please clarify exactly how much guild GP constitutes needing more squads with the increase in squads for higher GP guilds that was implemented to stop ties?
  • How about creating a monthly subscription service that rewarded subscribers with increased drop rates, etc. ?
  • Will there be more ways to get zetas outside Territory Wars ship Challenge and Ship Store
    being that it seems every new character requires one and it takes a long time to farm them

    Will you add more hard to get gear to challenges

    And is there any way to change the rewards in assault battles so you don't get the extra shards of characters you have 7bstar and get the ones that you need that are not 7 star.
  • Hi there! I have a big question about raids. Why can't raid rewards be equally shared across all guild members like TB and TW? I know that it was placed originally to prevent leechers from doing nothing and then getting rewards, but TB and TW have been equal rewards for quite some time. I believe that now we would be better off having equal rewards for all guild events and letting guild leaders and officers deal with members who aren't contributing.
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    Thanks for having this Q&A. I know you said lvl cap raise and 7* mods are not “near term” but eventually... with that in mind, do those 7* mod plans have a mechanism to upgrade or increase *’s for our current mods. I’ve been playing since launch and I have every toon with a full 5* set, If your plan is to have the community re-farm 7* mods for all 145+ toons I will won’t be playing anymore. Are the developers aware of the potential negative effect of having 2.5 years of work and roster progress completely negated by introduction of 7* mods without the ability to upgrade/increase our current ones?
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    Hi, thanks for the Q&A, this is a great way to communicate with the forums.

    1. Is there any plans to expand upon ships anytime soon, small or big plans? I really want to be able to do more with this side of the game.

    2. What is that hollowed out box in the Cantina that looks like it could be a Shipments/Store section? Any plans? :wink:

    3. Can we have the 'What's Ahead' back in update notes, it was entertaining to see peoples speculation.

    4. Why does Imperial Probe Droid literally end itself only to deal very little damage in the Sith Raid? His death can't be for nothing :disappointed:
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    I don’t want to dig through and see if any of the big questions I have have already been asked. So I’m assuming a lot of the burning questions we as a community have have been and gonna try to ask something original:

    Do you have any notable limitations on characters you can introduce in the game? Like and characters Disney has said are off limits etc. And on the same token, is this game technically considered canon according to Disney’s new canon reboot rules? Like for example, if we were to get a character that hasn’t yet been seen in the new canon, Malgus, Bane, etc., would they then be considered to exist according to canon?

    I was having this discussion the other day in a chat and my guess was that since the in-game story is technically us playing with holograms on a holotable that they aren’t really physical, flesh and blood characters in the SW universe. So following that line of reasoning you could argue that anything goes character wise right? Hopefully?
  • It may be difficult to program, but given that people move timezones, for example, men and women of the military, it would be great to change your timezone of arena, etc. The alternative, that a gamer must play arena at 1am just seems so unjust only because we moved. Can we please have this option?

    Again, thanks for all you do. You guys are great.
    what an ugly thing to say... does this mean we're not friends anymore?
  • Is it true that major QOL (time-saving/ convenience) updates are intended to occur annually? Or could we see another one this year?

    My guild has 127m GP and is fairly serious but we are having difficulty getting our members to do 5 attacks per day in the Sith raid (we're doing T6) as well as TBs/ TWs, etc. I feel that the forums/ Reddit are largely dominated by very dedicated players with lots of free time, but that the playerbase at large is really struggling with the time requirements for the game (if they want to be competitive to any degree).
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    @CG_Carrie I have to ask you this:

    First Question:
    - Will there be more characters shards available at the Arena Store/ Cantina Store/ GW Store, since there hasn't been an update for a long time concerning this matter, and I do remember that developers talked about having Wicket and Talzin more accessible in a near future by the time the SIth Raid came out.

    Second Question:
    - Will there be a an new level cap soon and an upgrade for ships hardware ?

    Third Question:
    - Will you create a Raid but this time more directed to ships ? So instead of winning character's shards, maybe ship's shards ?

    Best Regards
  • Can we please get some increased transparency on the formula for defensive requirements in Territory Wars?

    I understand the intent of the change to allow the TI’s of the world with 160m GP to demand more on defense to reduce the number of matches that double full clear and go to tiebreakers.

    Down where my guild hangs in the ~100m band, this was not an issue. Most of our players can pretty consistently Field one great arena team, 2 pretty okay ones, and one not so great one each. The 4 squads lineup worked pretty perfectly for stretching rosters thin, while still leaving us with enough gas to actually engage our opponents on offense. Combined with the way the patch note was originally written, being required to set out 5-6 squads each in that first TW post patch, even with a relatively even and unbroken matchup, was a rude shock. The resulting TW was the most boring and unfun matchup this side of the subsequent war where we were outmatched by 38 million galactic power. Neither team could crack the others front defense as both had had to deploy everything on D.

    Now for the question: as a guild leader, this is especially frustrating, because I find myself unable to plan for future TW’s and set expectations for my guild. I understand that the matchmaking algorithm is kept somewhat secrentk avoid it being gamed, but we really need some transparency as to what will be expected of us on defense from week to week going forward. It is not fun to spend 96 to 144 hours out of every month *yelling at my friends* because suddenly the rules of the game have changed to become less fun for them but we need to adapt to them to win. Please. Help me set some clear expectations by setting some clear expectations for us.
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    Are there any plans to add new characters to GW, Cantina Or Arena shipments?
  • Ariben
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    Concerning raid gear, would it be possible to allow the only challenge gear to possibly show up be mk iii carbantis and mk vi hypo syringes? Every other piece of challenge gear as raid loot is a punch to the gut.
  • Are there any plans to shuffle the challenge reward gear and remove the completely useless ones from raid rewards? There has been communication in the past that challenge gear would never change “because new players need it” yet math has been done on several of these where people have over 5000 of these items and if they were to equip every single possible unit that requires it, they would still have thousands left over. Yet these same items frequently drop from raids which essentially is a non-reward as they will NEVER be of use. If someone is far enough to be completing heroic raids they likely fall into the category of never needing these items ever again.
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    I'll go ahead and throw this out there;
    I see a LOT of mention of raid rewards. What would be so bad about letting us actually choose the rewards instead of the slot machine bull...

    Any possibility of a change to where we open the loot box to an interface (much like shipments or stores) which has all the possible rewards for the particular box we win, and we get to choose which gear we get?

    The amounts of course would still be limited, as they currently are, based on placement (or the "level" of the loot box)
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    When releasing characters in marquee events, as a community we are expecting that character to be showcased maxed out and how they are suppose to and are intended to be playable in the game. When Visas assists multiple times in that event, I expect her to assist multiple times in other game modes. The community makes their purchasing decisions based on this only to have the character changed (bug fix, reword description, nerf, etc). I know I'd rather have a finished product rather then have something rushed just to get new content into the game.

    We can't say the "R" word here but you surely can understand the frustration of making a purchase only to find out that you bought an entirety different product. No car manufacturer will sell you a car and then two days later come and take the sunroof, the radio and paneling out after you've taken it home because they changed their minds.
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