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    Hello ,
    No need to write a paragraph, I believe you already know how wrong this move is . At the end I want my 3 zetas and G12+ that I used in NS , refunded-returned ? Do it as you like most ...
  • Its stupid to ask for a blanket reward for something you didnt grind because someone you knew ground it. Id rather take one for the team and end up wasting a month of farming than help anyone get a leg up for free.
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    Are you kidding me? All the time, crystals, gear and ZETA investments on the nightsisters. I want it all back. 2600 crystals is nowhere close to enough compensation.

    Just because of a loophole (Which is their fault, not the community's) that only people with a 7 star Traya can exploit. This only hurts us people still trying to beat the raid and is a very very dishonest and unfair move.
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    I only zeta'ed Old Daka for that, now what? :/
  • Seriously, this is just a punch in the face of every NS Player. I used NS as my first Squad, bought Toon (Talzin) and Gear for real money to be able to compete with them in arena, with the intention to have a team, that works in arena AND Sith Raid. Obviously it will still work (at least till the Zombie change hits), but will never be worth the money, since now I could just have used the Phoenix Emperor way like everyone else. Lesson learned: Never spend any money to an EA-related company. So now I'll move to full F2P or even quit. Good Job.
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    I wouldn't have zeta'd Old Daka but for the Sith Raid. . How can we be expected to wisely spend zeta mats (the most valuable material, and most difficult to obtain) if the parameters of their use are suddenly changed :/
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    Completely unfair. We spend a lot of time looking for rational techniques that should work in this absurd raid and never work. Sudenly we find a tricky one that makes use of one charachter with 2 Z and other well spent charachters, but you consider this “unintended use” and nerf it. Do you know anything of RPG? Please, change your mind
  • Definitely, I've been gearing NS for a couple months, then they pull the rug out from under me at the last minute. What's really upsetting is that they rolled this out with a 24-hour turnaround. There have been bugs persisting in TB and various parts of the game for multiple months, nerfing a faction that's working as you intended it to should not be your highest priority.
  • @DEVs: be generous and send 26 Omegas and 40 Zetas to everyone (for the inconvenience) and let´s move on everybody.

    To everyone else: we are discussing a 7* Traya RAID team only some players have, many top guilds will 7* her in the next few weeks. It won´t change anything for them as P3/P4 easily got cleared before. It will only change max dmg output by some players that wasn´t even needed before. And i am pretty sure each HSTR guild has some sort of agreements anyways / the ones who could potentially get 1st each raid also step back a little bit so others get top rewards and max Traya shards. NS will still be best team vs DN in Phase 4. NS will still be a good team for TB and TW, also ok in Arena. Phase 4 DN only has 12 million hit points, so on average your guild needs 6 NS teams dealing 2 million dmg/each. Or 4 teams dealing 3 million dmg /each. Where is the problem? We even cleared Phase 4 DN before - with a few NS teams + throwing tons of other teams like Zauls, Wiggs, Kylos against him in the early HSTR days. If your guild does not have a few NS teams / and if this means you are not ready for Heroic, then please keep in mind there are many veteran guilds/players and tons of mercs being able to help you and your guild clearing this raid. Heroic tier of STR is still meant to be end-game content for guilds and players with many g12 chars and not content for players who recently unlocked JTR and only have a few g12 chars. Be an organized guild, get on discord, join the right servers, ask for merc help and let mercs help you until your guild is ready for it. Benefits you, benefits the mercs.

    PS: agree on bad reward structure for all tiers tho, also time investment for beating non heroic tiers can´t be WAI, Devs. Non heroic guilds just auto the same teams each day against a wall of Hit Points for 5,6,7 days (mainly JTR) - absolutely losing interest in this raid - with teams being useless in most Phases once they go Heroic.
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    Are you at CG freaking insane? To nerf the absolute pain phase after so many Trayas got unlocked? Do you understand how much farming people putted inside this phase?

    You have been incompetent to recognise that people really disliked the mechanic of this raid especially in phase 1, phase 3 (full rng on swords) and phase 4 while nihilus is up. Instead of fixing this garbage you now come and want even more groups from the guilds already behind? Are you kidding us?
  • XKurareX
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    #VotefornewDev @CG
    create fun stuff (ships 2.0 and sithraid are not in this category), test stuff, dont **** customers after the paid hundreds for getting teams together from behind...thank you in advance

    Such pitiful POS devs. So.... where's the refund?

    How bouh dat?!

    Ps. The hate isn't directed towards you.
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    DarkLord7 wrote: »
    Bane1492 wrote: »
    I have 2 characters with both of the G12+ pieces, and I'm actually losing more than before I added it.

    Has anyone else who added G12+ seen a change one way or the other?

    One thing CG doesn't seem to realize, or want to admit, small stat changes like this aren't game changers. G12+ is the hardest to get yet, and the changes are so small they're insignificant. All the stats for these should be doubled.

    All I can say is if you think 12 extra speed is insignificant, you're a terrible player and it's a wonder you entered a HSTR guild. 12 speed for someone already over +120 on mods is the cutting edge that determines arena battles. For those of us without g12+ and Traya, believe me, it is more than noticeable. Some characters get almost +30% max health from it, and +12 speed? You must be as blind as Chirrut to call that insignificant.

    My Nest is 309 speed. She was already the fastest. The extra boost in stats didn't help me.
  • why should players pay for DEVs mistakes? They had to test the raid better. First - exposes, second - STHan, than bonds, its nerf after nerf after nerf, and it wont stop, as i see. WHy? why do we have to pay for your mistakes?
  • It is hopeless, €A hasn't any interest in solving problems.(By nerfing Traya for Raid, like Thrawn. Or increase the max heath from Acolyte)

    They do everything to make money, if there are bugs and exploits for mechaniks (because of not testing the game/updates properly) they create ways to further get what they want. - - > Money
    But they don't see, that they only get more players who quit playing...
    Once this game was awesome, to bad €A is the publisher...
  • Bane1492
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    Such pitiful POS devs. So.... where's the refund?

    You could always contact Google Play or itunes and see what they say if you spent real money on this team and now it's being nerfed. Technically I don't think there's anything they can do since the devs reserve the right to make changes to the game regardless of money spent. It's worth a shot. Maybe the BBB would have a problem with how the game is being operated?

    And as we've seen in the past, what we say here doesn't mean squat. Look at all the outrage that continues over only ranks 10 and above being able to get a full G12 gear piece in heroic sith raid now after the gear nerf, and they kept the nerf in place. I don't believe we even got another response on the issue.

    Why should this be any different. This is what we're dealing with. Incompetent companies out for your last cent and any input on their tactics here is basically a waste of time other than blowing off steam. It needs to be taken to another level.
  • I invested a lot of gear and 4 zetas in this team and now it underperforms dramatically. I get that the infinite loop needed to get fixed but the way you fixed it and incidentally break the way another team (NS) works is outrageous. To set the bonds cap at 20 is ridiculous. I really hope you reconsider that decision or at least compensate the resources wasted because of that fix.
  • I'm not so far from heroic STR, but with this nerf again, we wont able to do p4 "easy"... Many of us invested in nightsisters, so we can do it well, but from now we cant.On my part i would had invested into Talzin, but not the other nightsisters. And not to say the costs of geting almost the right mods for them. For a normal player geting this characters to g12 and g12 gears on them it isnt easy. I had used this gears, zetas, credit, and other stuff much beter on others.

    On my part i wouldn't be angry with removing Acolyte from STR just as Han from TB until her kit is reworked.

    Next thing is zombie... A low gear zombie is the basic of all nightsister teams in all aspects of the game, so with some nerf to her would mean to rework all nightsisters.

    (the cos tor my nightsister: 2 zetas, 50 omegas, 35 mil credit and the gears and i wont say anything about the time)

    It's true, that I use nightsisters in TW, but i could use there other teams what I like more.
  • XKurareX
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    Make boss immune to TM reduce - voila gets a turn as they get 5% each hit.
    Remove Isolate all effects except 25% crit chance, thats more than enough already.
    Bonds of Weakness should do damage each time Traya gets a turn - voila no StHan infinite loop also...OMG i solved it :p :p :p

    My recommendation for CG:
    Get beta tester like McMole & co and listen to them
  • 1) 6 mois pour monter les NS
    2)4 zêtas pour ces NS
    3) gears, gears, gears un maximum de gears G11, G12 etc...
    4) le temps que l on prend pour les NS et laisser d autres Teams en attente
    Et Aujourd hui la réponse c est , voilà vos NS au dessus de 20 stacks n ont plus aucune efficacité
    Je trouve votre réponse un peut facile pour solutionner VOS problemes
    Il aurait été acceptable , juste acceptable que l on puisse aller à 40 stacks pour pouvoir profiter de cette team et garder un minimum de fun avec les NS , nous devions faire un test ce dimanche en héroïque mais votre décision fait que nous savons qu aujourd’hui que nous ne réussirons pas , énormément de joueurs dans ma guilde sont déçu , ils ont investi dans cette Team , je suis tellement déçu après 2 années de jeu que je pense réellement arrêter ce jeu qui m a beaucoup amusé , les gens dans ma guide sont géniaux mais voila , trop c est trop , le problème c est traya pas les NS .
    Vous fixez les règles et vous les changez quand bon vous semble à votre manière sans tenir compte de l investissement que certains ont fait pendant plusieurs mois
    Merci pour rien chers développeurs.
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