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  • XKurareX
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    Nymleth wrote: »
    They just wanted and excuse to nerf the nightsisters.

    Traya gave it.


    exactly this
  • Pa_lin
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    So how do I get my wasted zetas back?
  • XKurareX
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    Pa_lin wrote: »
    So how do I get my wasted zetas back?

    Not at all. No refund. Find another combo which works, than we will nerf it once you farmed it with your $$ :p
  • Just want to support the community, outrage is very well justified in this case. You cant nerf something you previously told is working as intended. People made great effort, spend time and money, rare resources like zetas to grind NS team.
    I beg you, dont do this, revert the changes you made, find another way to prevent soloing of phases.
    Very dissapointmented fan of this game.
  • Tautas
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    Nightsisters got nerf...... will you compensate 4 zetas i put on nightsisters?

    Seriuosly, guys, after this one l will stop buying crystals.
  • jedilord
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    CG ... what´s the problem with you guys, your company and your decisions?

    CG the last half year you don´t have done something that players like... really nothing... not a small thing... and now you are nerfing zombie, and some other mechanics... nobody likes CG and nobody likes the employees in that non-testing, nerfing company...

    the best you can do for the healt of the game is to go away, and never come back CG!
  • Mano
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    Garmaddon wrote: »
    Just used my nightsisters on the Sith raid my old Daka zeta is now completely useless thanks CG. They may as well completely take the zeta away from her now it's that useless. I feel that anybody that has put a zeta on Daka should be compensated

    I Had her Zetad just a day back..Did not even get to see that team potential...Pretty much S **** s.
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    Not sure how long this post will stay before it will be deleted, so just briefly - I do agree that teams with infinite loops doing almost 50 mil dmg (on auto, this early in brand new raid) are not the way to go and need to be nerfed some way. However destroying the effort of ALL non Sith heroic guilds in a blink of an eye is simply unacceptable. 7* Traya guilds DO NOT CARE about this nerf, it wont touch them at all, this huge nerf will just put all non heroic guilds miles back. In other words, CG/EA made the already worst and most frustrating event they ever created (non heroic sith raid) even worse, without any warning/discussion with players before the change. I just tested my NS team in P4, was usually doing 3,5 - 4 mil dmg, now i can barely hit 2 mil. That 20 stacks limit needs to be changed, it should be 40-50 at least to make NS rly usable again.
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  • spent a lot of money building up my NS's and also put 4 zetas on my NS's to help my guild in the HSith Raid, instead of putting the zeta's on my Sith team.

    Kindly refund me the 4 zeta's and close to 23,000 crystals that i spent on gearing my Nightsisters team as you lot have made them totally useless.

    I will wait for my refund until i spend anymore money on your game.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Bane1492
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    I honestly see no other logical reason for this change. Even people with highly geared zombie get decent damage currently. There are a few other instances in this game where adding additional gear or ability materials can be detrimental in some aspect.

    Leave it alone. It is what it is.
  • XKurareX
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    I will try and do the work of the developers before they will chase away even more people from the game.

    So the main problem is a game should not have any infinite loops.

    1. Bosses should be immune to turn meter reduction (no rancor type loop)
    2. Traya's Bond of weakness will do damage only at her turn (no sthan/ns loop)
    3. Remove the resist and speed system (must look at exposes and test them)
    4. Reduce HP pool to reflect changes (must be tested)

    Expose has huge problems with endless loops as it is basically an infinite loop by itself. This should be tested. I guess it all comes down to the mathematic system you are using.

    If you would not simply add always your %tm but base it on the %leftover to 1000 you would always need a part of speed to fill it up and no loop would happen. So the other team would gain tm and attack at some point and no g9 zfinn could solo a g12 traya team...something to consider too.
  • This f*%#%*g sucks
  • Well my P4 T5 score has more than halved. Not sure how that equates to T7.

    One of the biggest issues is having to much more carefully manage cleansing, as above 20 all TM gain disappears. Having to cleanse at 15-20 to manage that right as there is no wriggle room.
  • That will be the final straw for me, im not in a HSIT guild so am unaffected by the Treya Nerf (i do agree that the behaviour needs to be nerfed), but i have been gearing and obtaining JTR, GMY and NS teams for a loooong time just for HSIT, nothing else just trying to prepare for the horrible raid that you have created and refuse to acknowledge any feedback on.

    After that amount of effort and in conjunction with your policy of not adding characters to stores, over utilisation of single hardnode locations the paper NS nerf will be the final straw, the second that zombie gets nerfed will be the moment i uninstall.

    Im already seeing others in our guild Discord channel saying, they have had enough, if you was going to nerf Zombie you should have done it months ago before most people built a farming stratagy around them

  • Give assajj lead a bonus ability like thrawn that instantly kills and revives an ally of your choice, grant a small amount of TM by doing so to compensate the "wasted" turn. That way you could still use the paper Zombie mechanic and gearing Zombie would actually make Sense. Change daka zeta to "whenever someone uses this ability she gets what she got before". This wouldn't undo the whole nerf but it would leave people with something interesting to play with for their effort on this team.
  • Waqui
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    One of the fun things about STR was all those mechanics in phase 4. There was so much to keep an eye out for. So much to optimize. One thing was trying to stack bonds as high as possible without loosing control of the healing/TM train. It was risky. It was a challenge. It was fun.

    Now we all will just automaticaly clean bonds at 20 stacks. Where's the challenge in that? Where's the fun?
  • I can’t even explain how **** I am about this. My guild is literally mid heroic raid, looking like we could beat it for the first time. I’m the sith raid coach for my team and have been counting on 5 of our NS teams being able to clear out nihilis in p4 and now it looks like it could be another 2 months until we could clear this heroic raid again.
    I’ve also been dropping about $250-$300 per month building various teams for this raid... 5 months after launch you take a mechanic away from us that was crucial to beating the raid? I may just quit, and I can guarantee you never see another dime from me.
  • 'outperform most teams'

    Well that just begs the question...
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  • Am I the only person that has noticed,no matter what team you run, where you have Vaders ship, the AI, will always go for vaders ship first. WAI?
  • Can’t agree more with the comments in here. The impact of this is that is will be much more difficult to clear the heroic sith raid, which has insane rewards. Translation, only the whaliest guilds will be able to clear it now. So guess who gets to dominate arena even more, as well as soak up all the g12+ gear? I’m a whale (in a non whale guild) who is about to quit
  • Can i please have all the zetas, gear, crystals and hard work back that i put on the NS.
    I was planning on whaling out on Bastile but my wallet thanks you for pulling this stunt.
    Nerfing a whole team that works and is not exploiting anything other then under geared zombie just because someone who has a 7 star traya can cheese the raid. How about that you die if you have more then 100 stacks. Problem solved for the cheese team.
  • Girder
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    And the nerf is bugged so nothing heals at all past 20 stacks anymore.
    Yes ladies, the hotfix is bugged. Now hold that up against the in-house testing they did that said NS still performs well.
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