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    All quiet from the brass today, must be waiting for orders from EA on how to proceed
  • @Nikoms565 - you expressed everything I felt especially with regards to guilds.
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    Hats off for kicking a hornets nest here CG, pretty impressive.

    Almost like you were actively trying to find a reason to nerf Nightsisters.

    The more concerning thing about all of the changes made in the last year is that they all lack long-term thinking.

    1) Nerfing ships (Ships 2.0) and characters (NS/Traya) that people spend/spent money on is a way to DIScourage spending, not encourage it. At least not in players with any degree of self control. Why would they spend money for an advantage that can and has been taken away at any time and repeatedly?

    2) The HSith Raid Reward rework - which is EXTREMELY top heavy, when combined with the pathetic rewards of the other tiers, undercuts and destabilizes the entire guild structure of the game. Strong players in strong guilds finishing outside of the top 10 in HSith guild are being forced to seek weaker guilds so they can get the always-needed g12+ drops that are only strong in the top 10 - that's 80% of HSith members. And that will only increase as more and more guilds become Heroic capable. There are some people who only play the game anymore BECAUSE of their guilds. You start threatening those, and you are asking for trouble.

    3) The complete lack of honest, open and consistent communication coupled with a complete disregard for player experience and player feedback. There are at least 2 threads that were opened by CG team members that have gone (literally) for MONTHS without a single response from anyone from CG or EA (and no, warnings to follow forum guidelines don't count as "communication").

    For the past 12 months, the above have gotten noticeably and tangibly worse. I'm not sure who is making all of the decisions related to the above - but whoever it (or they) are, they are doing so at the risk of the long term health of the game. And, judging by the number of players quitting, dropping their ratings and stopping our spending altogether, it's not exactly doing wonders for the short-term either.

    I've said it before and, as much as it bothers me, I'll say it again. There was a time in this game's history when, despite it's flaws and setbacks, there was at least a sense that the development team and the players were working together to build a great game. About a year ago that feeling disappeared and instead we have the 3 points above. It's frustrating, disappointing, and honestly, a little sad. There was a time when I thought I would play this game for years - the sadness is the realization that I am likely much closer to the end of that timeline than the beginning.

    I think many are feeling this way. More so with this nerf to ns. Kind of takes the rug out from under you. Farm gear and mod a team that does well has the potential to be nerfed.

    As always guilds and the people in them are keeping people here. Along with the love for Star Wars.

    IMHO - there were so many missed opportunities along the way. Let fleet energy count towards 600 and increase hard nodes to 8.
    Mostly everyone loved the 8 attempts on hard nodes.
    Those are just little changes that could go a long way.

    Communication, man. Always a missed opportunity. I’m sure Crumb is busy but the post just have the connotation of being disingenuous.

    The Sith raid - as others have said and quoted - it def has the feel from the devs that it “has to work.”

    Carrie said she has a plan for 3 years. Is this part of it? Improved communication takes time - but it also has to start. You can’t scale it back to almost nothing and then start there as an improvement.

    There must be several disconnects among all levels of this game. We really feel it here on the player side.

    TLDR- help us help you.
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    Their intention was not to fix the loop as Traya can be used to loop in multiple places.

    Intention was to get many more people getting many many groups for the hsr raid.
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    Why use finger nail clippers to perform a simple change when a hand grenade can take off the same hang nail?

    Well played. :D
    I have a mental list of people that "if I could make up a guild just to have fun/cool people to talk to" you're on. Along with guys like Leef, pac0naut, Kyno, scuba and TVF (we need someone to stir the pot ;)) to round out the top 5 or so.

    There's others too - I don't want to leave anyone out, but there are definitely more.

    Will I get an invite :smiley:
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