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  • Please fix matchmaking sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. When we lose it always because matchmaking aka sandbagging. When we win it's always because we are the better guild and have better teams.

    Clearly matchmaking is broken because we have developed our rosters a lot and deserve to always win.

    Who's with me?
  • This system is so incredibly broken. Sandbagging is so common this node should be called Star Wars Galaxy Of Sandbagging.
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    We always get these kind of matchups. Can’t remember the last time we had a decent matchup.
  • Ally
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    Date of TW: 14/01/19
    Your Guild’s GP: 132m
    Opposing team’s GP:: 171m
    # of my guild members who joined: 42
    # of opposing guild members who joined:30

    DMs 5 Vs 12
    Darth Revans 9 Vs 28
    JKRs 28 vs 39

    We dont have much chance.
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  • 4 territory wars in a row against guilds with only 46/48 members joining. No chance.

    This is disgusting and CG as usual ignoring the player base.
  • 6 TW with 35 to 40 players joining in my guild. Los them all, your issues are not related to having a couple more people then the other guild. Your issue is the same as my guild. Just not that good at pvp, way too much bad GP, not enough high end meta GP.

    The gap between each guilds top end meta GP is what makes a TW a mismatch.
  • Gonzolo
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    Date of TW: 12/28/19
    Your Guild’s GP: 208m
    Opposing team’s GP: 225m
    # of my guild members who joined: 46
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 39
    We had no chance here, they full cleared us in about 4 hours

    Date of TW: 1/13/20
    Your Guild’s GP: 213m
    Opposing team’s GP: 238m
    # of my guild members who joined: 49
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 43
    We haven't played this one but I'm expecting a similar result as noted above

    It seems like an easy fix on sandbagging should be that the first step of matchmaking compare number of people signed up before any further data is considered. This is two of last four where we have had an egregious mismatch.
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