[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


  • shb
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    `This will require 2591 crystals per day. 36274 crystals total`
    I've purchased packs and cr in the past to get Hero's and legendaries. But the timing on here is pretty much making this decision super easy for me. Spending money will not make it easier or help me in any way. So i just won't.

    And for context I started saving CR when The Old republic characters were announced.
    I purchased shipments with the almost 8k cr i saved up and have been farming them since the day they landed on the holo table..
  • You should have waited a few more weeks. You didn't give everyone who didn't already invest a bunch of cash in these toons nearly enough time to farm them up to make those new packs remotely tempting. (I have been farming them hard since they went on nodes and have 2 at 6* 2 almost 6 star and Mission at 0/85.

    I am sure you just ticked off 90+% of the player base.

    I would love to see the statistics on how many quit the game in the next few weeks lol
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    Can we get some more whales who don't feel they have gotten enough value for the $1000s they have spent on the game make some more snarky remarks and give us screenshots of their full slate of 7* g12 OR toons? Because that's what I really want right now... completely tone-deaf, entitled (insert preferred expletive here) showing off how much money they spent and how it makes them better than everyone who's not too happy atm. At least the first guy to do it, (wont name them, but a Screenshot lasts forever) had the good sense to delete his post... or it got taken off by a mod.

    That said, we don't know the start date... but its likely soon and yeah, its disproportionately providing value to the whales, even the ones that have no class... but I can guarantee there will be at least one f2p player who gets Revan... my OR toons are all 5* and I have 84k crystals banked for just such an occasion... so, yeah... gg getting your toons ready by spending all the money... I'm doing it for $0... I'm soooo classy.

    Couldn't resist the urge to brag yourself aye? lmao

    Well, yeah... hence pointing out how classy I am... but also I'm bragging about getting it done through self-control and resource management, not buying my way to victory... and to preempt all the posts saying no f2p player will get it first time around... there will be at least one.
  • I am slowly farming their stars and I am going to be ready for the second or third time. I think if there was a pack to get them all to 7* I would 100% buy it, but they are all f2p farmable and most of them are in two locations as well as shipments. I think its better this way and we all knew from ages ago they would be needed for an event.
  • We don't know when he is coming out, it very possibly could be in December. Most likely not, but have a little hope

    The first post says Oct 18
  • Can someone please confirm or deny this? When I read the post it seems (to me at least) there will be no unlocking Revan unless all of my Old Republic is at 7*... If this is the case I'm not even sure I could whale to get him (6.5*, 5*, 3.5*, 4.25*, 4.25*- is where all my toons OR toons sit)
  • Ultra
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    Are we getting double drops?
  • Atleast were got our 1 week warning this time
  • Is anyone actually surprised at this? I mean this has pretty much been the pattern since launch.
  • AA86
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    Looks like this event is big spenders only.... would be a good gesture if we got them in stores to be more realistic....
  • Thats pure insanity. No one unless bought for 1000 euro/dollars will be able to get that in time even he got top spots in arena. I am sorry, but thats just crap.

    Those 50 shards no one will need, as basically no one will get zaalbar to 50/100 in time...unless refreshed 4 times per day. Or bought the pack at start out of the blue for 300...

    Puh i am not sure what to think about this at all. I thought you will give another month time, but thats just pure insanity. I am not amused about this at all. And I do spend a lot for this game, but thats just ripping off...
  • Well, there goes my enthusiasm. Doubt I'll spend money on this one.
  • This is a big Eff you to the majority of your player base. Can’t say I’m surprised but def disappointed.
  • We don't know when he is coming out, it very possibly could be in December. Most likely not, but have a little hope

    The first post says Oct 18

    Yeah I see it now. Thanks. Going to be rough. Hope there are so.e double or bonus drops. Otherwise, not happening even with packs for most.
  • Aplus
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    Look. What’s been said has been said. The playerbase is unhappy to say the least. This is tiring, rage-inducing and DISAPPOINTING. A fan-favourite character, reduced to a panic farming goalpost.

    Zaalbar, T3 and Mission have been farmable since 9/26/2018. That is 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS since they have been farmable. Assuming a 3* character for everyone after doing the marquees, a total of 280*3= 840 shards needed to be farmed, not to mention the previous two characters bastilla and jolee barely farmable for a month.

    What you are asking is that we give an COLOSSAL amount of money, to an unjustified behaviour. Never mind the two weeks notice, never mind the communication. This is utter disrespect for the community. This is PAINFUL to watch, a laughing stock.

    It wasn’t that we didn’t have available alternatives. Put them in the arena store. The cantina store. The galatic war store. The ship arena store. The guild event tokens store. Heck even the guild store with the new scoundrel like han and competing with the much needed raid gear. But no, you insist on putting them in hard energy nodes and ship battles, with excuses that we need those “shard currency” for whatever gear. Heck why not put the new characters in the shard store then? I dont mind cashing in 100 7* character shards for 20 Jolee shards! Stop looking for excuses.

    This is so disappointing and poorly handled that I think it’s truly a waste, because if you look past this business practice you can see the passion of the devs in designing the characters, every animation and attention to details, but now it’s all drowned out in cries of anger and protests. I think this once again calls for a true “hero’s journey”, where one must seek true redemption and forgiveness from the deeply wounded playerbase, fan base, and content creators who have long shown our support.
  • CG. if any of you read this. im just letting you know that your methods are absolutely disgrace.
    this is one of your worst decisions ever, and lot of players will leave the game.
    i really hope NO ONE will buy the packs and no one will spend money on this game. i know its the "last quarter" and you have expectations to meet, but you are making this beautiful thing into a chore more than a game. no one is enjoying this.
    shame on you.

    They won't get as many pack sales as previous events for the simple reason that those of us who were dolphins and would have bought packs haven't had enough time to farm most of these characters to a point where packs would make a difference. Serious mistiming/poor placement of toons for farming.
  • same... second or third time maybe.
  • Better like that. EA are losing a ton of money on this one by dangling the carrot too far in front of the horse
  • MuCuS
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    2nd time around is fine for me . Noway I’m panic farming this . Plus I would rather focus on leveling my arena team for the next couple weeks.

    It’s easier if you digest the fact ...nobody needs this the first time around :)
  • I think this is a fair ask. The packs go on sale later today. Could we please get a kit reveal for Revan so we can make an educated decision on whether or not to go all in for an event starting in 8 days? Time is critical right now. Please reveal the kit for Revan.
  • Monel
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    Usually happens this way, no big deal. Just dont lose focus between now and then, it's easy to do.
  • It says in the post by the developer that the event will require 7* characters for the event starting October 18th, for all those who say we don’t know when it will be.
  • I'm on the side of relief personally. Even if I wanted to (and I don't, after the pitiful first half of this year) spend on this and go after the packs, it wouldn't put me in a place I could farm the rest in 2 weeks.

    Do I want Revann, sure. Was this a toon, like Bossk, I would have been willing to spend for, yes. Are the devs giving me a reasonable chance to get him if I did, not even. But I guess they know what they're doing.

    I don't get it, without a remote chance, I'm going to just get him for free. I don't see how CG makes money of me or the many long time players in my boat. **Shrugs**
  • The post has been updated, that’s why people didn’t know the start date
  • Wow, announced event will be on the 18th, complete slap in the face. Huge disappointment for a character that has been so highly wanted by the community. PR disaster here.
  • MuCuS
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    What’s going to be funny is seeing all the required toons needing to be g12
  • Nauros
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    This feels like an incredible misdirection and deception on CGs part.

    If memory serves, the Solo toons were released and node-assigned first. Following history it was logical to expect that they'd be utilized first, especially given cryptic hints not so long ago.

    To completely deviate from this (yeah yeah, assumption I know what that makes me) right as folks are wrapping up their Solo shard counts and swerve right into this when most folks are not going to be close to finished is completely underhanded.

    And it's not even trying to hide from the moneygrab that we all know it is.

    I'll be missing the 7* for the first time, for one of these types events. As a launch player, that disappoints me that it took this long...but as a logical player, I saw it coming a mile away and just reinforces my decision to stop giving them money.

    They clearly don't value the player who was giving it to them.

    On the plus side, we can now finish our Solo characters without worrying about OR.
  • The event will probably come back in three months. Introducing it now lets people know what it is and they can try a phase or 2. Only a true mongo-whale will be able to get through it this time. This is good. But we all now have a road ahead if we want to get Revan the next time or the time after that. Hardly anyone will be way ahead of anyone else here at this moment.
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